Coming soon mobile phones – HTC & Nokia 2011 mobile phones

As always in 2011 also the mobile manufacturing companies are trying their best to earn maximum subscribers through coming soon phones which are expected to be preloaded with applications and features never experienced before.

Mobile phone a necessity to stay connected, to get entertained, to chat, to click, to download, to play game and much more. It is that part of human life which cannot be severed. This madness for mobile phones, growth in the number of mobile manufacturing companies, addition of new and latest technologies in the mobile phone has lead to cut throat competition in the market and the manufacturing companies are under constant pressure to produce something new to stay alive in this competitive market.

Innovation and technology is the formulae that are required to survive in this competitive market. In fact the mobile companies are also putting every effort by putting new features and applications in their mobile handsets.

With the launch of every new mobile phone the people starts to expect something new from other companies. The demand is high, the expectation is high and definitely people wants something beyond what they already has. Leading manufacturers like Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, LG and Motorola are the companies who set the benchmark. In 2011 also these companies are expected to do the same again. These companies will launch handsets with features and applications never introduced before.

In coming soon phones 2011 category Samsung is supposed to launch Samsung i400, Samsung P520, Samsung E500, Samsung X830 and others. Similarly Blackberry will introduce Intel micro processor with their Blackberry 8700v model. This phone that has QWERTY keyboard, USB connectivity, GPRS technology as well as Bluetooth connectivity will have application which is never experienced before. On the other hand the Samsung handsets will have features like Java MIDP 2.0, Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML and lots more.

Also the other companies are also in the pipeline to announce their New Year offerings. All these coming soon phones will be available with best mobile phone deals such as contract deals, pay as you go deals, as well as SIM free deals. Also these deals will have free gifts along with the free handset.

High on style quote and easy on pocket will be the policy of the mobile phone deals. The coming soon phones will be launched through high level promotional activity and every company will try to impress more and more subscribers through such promotional activities.

In other words the 2011 holds lots of promises and expectations from the coming soon phones.

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