HTC Salsa – smart device with Facebook integration

The Latest HTC handsetAfter delivering numerous successful gadgets to the market with amazing functionality HTC has now come up with its new and latest inventions.The HTC Salsa Deals is the latest member of this family that will launch very recently in the market and will surely be a very huge hit by breaking all of the previous records of this giant brand. The device is popularly being known as these days as the Facebook phone as for the very first time this renowned rand is bringing up its smart device featuring Facebook. Now, social networking will not at all be a very big deal. You can stay in touch with all of your loved one in a single touch.

Along with HTC Salsa, this brand is introducing HTC ChaCha too. Both of these devices are focusing on the same feature and hence are getting popular as Facebook smartphones.Apart from these Mobile World Congress has recently announced that six more new handsets will be launched along with these two. But these two gadgets have been dedicated to Facebook and hence possesses Fecebook buttons for easy navigation and smart functioning. You can chat, message and can stay in touch with your friends and family with the help of this a[plication. The messages and the chat details are integrated within the device and will appear as a separate e-mail or text messages in the inbox apart from the regular conversations.The HTC mobile phone Deals is embedded with all other high end features such as high resolution camera that can allow you to click every single moment of your life. The device will ship on the Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 that is the latest version providing you with the best functionality. You can navigate and can use the handset with an ease.

The device will be at your nearest store very soon . Till then you can keep an eye on the online portals where you can get the recent updates about the gadget.Information about the deals or about the pre-orders can also be noticed here. As soon as it launches all of the service providers will come up with their best deals so that maximum number of users can own this one of the most efficient mobile phone of this era. Get more information about Latest mobile phones : HTC mobile phones

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