AJJ Records Artist Alyssa Allyson “This Little Thing Called Love”

Since so many of her fans are young and seeking that love in their lives it’s no wonder why the song This Little Thing Called Love is one of her fan favorites being downloaded on iTunes.

Orange, CA, February 16, 2012 — Since Alyssa Allyson ( http://www.alyssaallyson.com ) released her EP album on September 11, 2011, the song This Little Thing Called Love has become her fans favorite and most downloaded song. Her song is most popular with the teens that are seeking that love in their lives or that first love in their lives. Take a listen for yourself for FREE on her Facebook page at Facebook.com/AlyssaAllyson.

Don’t forget to LIKE the page so you can get updates on her new material and listen to her music. You can also view her current material and obtain more information at AlyssaAllyson.com.

Expect more from this young artist in the upcoming months as her next video of the song Take it Easy is currently underway.

Press & Media Contact:
Vicky Alcaraz
AJJ Records
Orange, CA – USA

International ‘Moodoff Day’ to Raise Awareness of Smartphone Addiction

In an effort to stop the growing dependence on smart technology, a Sydney-based nonprofit is encouraging people around the world to avoid using smartphones for a few hours on February 26.

Sydney, Australia, February 16, 2012 — In an effort to stop the growing dependence on smart technology, a Sydney-based nonprofit is encouraging people around the world to avoid using smartphones for a few hours on February 26. The organization is urging adults and teenagers to spend from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. that day without using their smartphone.

The unique campaign is already receiving support from people in more than a dozen countries including the UK, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and the United States.

Well-known Australian parenting author Amanda Cox was one of the first to pledge her support for the cause, saying, “I realized I had a problem when I responded to a joke my husband told me with ‘LOL’ instead of laughing”.

“Moodoff Day” is calling on smartphone users to get involved and pledge their support for the cause via their Facebook page and not use their smartphones for five hours on the last Sunday of February.

This is an opportune time to increase awareness of the issue, as people can participate as one of their resolutions for the first part of the year, according to campaign organizer Tapas Senapati. “If you want, you can extend the time until noon, but just don’t browse as soon as you get up from bed without having tea/breakfast or spending time with your family,” he said.

That means no early-morning texting, emailing, Web surfing or getting Facebook and Twitter updates. Instead, Senapati is asking people to donate their time to themselves and their family. They can enjoy a leisurely breakfast, share a conversation or go for a nice walk together-without the distractions of smartphone technology.

While individuals can engage in the “breakfast before browsing” campaign at home with their family, groups can also participate. Schools and universities can encourage students to join the campaign, and organizations can generate awareness among their employees. Officially, the initiative is appropriately named Moodoff Day because of the effect it will likely have on participants. Tapas explained, “When we ask somebody to stop browsing or checking their smartphone for a few minutes, it will probably turn their mood off.”

Smart phones are a ubiquitous part of modern society, with iPhones, Blackberry devices and Android phones becoming increasingly-popular devices at home and work. Moodoff Day is designed to stimulate much-needed awareness about the potential for and dangers of excessive smartphone use, including addiction. Cell phone addicts have the urge to pull out their phone while having a conversation with others, constantly glance at their phone’s screen, or feel anxious if they’re not online for an extended time. A disproportionate amount of smartphone use can also cause a variety of health-related problems, such as trigger finger (tendinitis), cell phone elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome), and wrist and neck pain. In addition, 1.6 million accidents are caused each year by people talking and texting on their phone while driving.

The risk from constant smartphone use is significant among mobile workers, many of whom are required to respond to work-related emails when they’re away from the office. Teenagers are also heavily attached to their smartphones. According to a recent survey by independent communication regulator Ofcom, one out of every three teenagers is likely to use their smartphones during mealtimes, and one in every five is likely to do so during a film or play-and even while using the bathroom.

Senapati was also motivated to launch Moodoff Day for personal reasons. He created the awareness campaign after realizing that he and his wife had become addicted to their smartphones and were interacting less frequently. He feels that reducing smartphone use can have a positive impact on families, as well as the entire community. “We’re not against smartphones, but we want people to use them carefully and not be addicted to them,” he said. “If I can only save one life by this awareness campaign, then I think it will be well worth it.”

For more information about Moodoff Day, please visit http://www.moodoffday.org or http://www.facebook.com/MoodoffDay.

Press & Media Contact:
Tapas Senapati, Event Organizer
Sydney, Australia
+61-402 754 764

Mods4cars Offers Video in Motion Unlock for Mercedes Benz Models

The aftermarket video in motion unlocking device called SmartTV is available for virtually all Mercedes Benz vehicles with Comand navigation and entertainment system. It allows the passenger to enjoy TV and DVD playback while the vehicle is moving. The unlocker can be activated or deactivated conveniently and on the fly with the steering wheel buttons.

Las Vegas, NV, February 16, 2012 — The video in motion unlocker module SmartTV offered by aftermarket automotive electronics specialist Mods4cars is now available for many Mercedes Benz models. The module enables unrestricted TV and DVD video playback on the navigation monitor while the car is moving and thereby gives the passenger(s) the full entertainment experience. As an example, the passenger(s) may now watch DVD movies during long road trips.

“With the SmartTV product we succeeded in delivering a clever and professional video unlocker solution to all Mercedes-Benz drivers.” says PR manager Sven Tornow. One big advantage over other solutions is the possibility to enable and disable the video unlock on the fly via the steering wheel buttons, another advantage is that this is a permanent solution: a hardware module that directly interfaces with the entertainment system. “This means the unlock stays functional after software updates done by dealers during repair or routine maintenance visits.” Sven Tornow concludes.

The module comes equipped with a standard USB port for easy and convenient firmware updates. Updates are made available by Mods4cars online, free of charge and for the life of the product.

The SmartTV module is compatible with: C-Class, E-Class, CL-Class, CLS-Class, S-Class, ML-Class, GL-Class, GLK-Class, R-Class, SLK Roadster, SL Roaster, CLK-Class and Mercedes-Benz Vito.

Other SmartTV modules are available for: Bentley, BMW, Skoda and Volkswagen.

The SmartTV module is designed and manufactured by Mods4cars ( http://www.mods4cars.com ). The automotive aftermarket electronics specialist located in Las Vegas, Nevada has been offering the SmartTOP convertible top controller for 10 years. Designed as a hardware module that connects directly to the vehicle’s data bus system, these modules allow one-touch opening and closing the top while driving, as well as full control over top and windows from the factory remote key fob.

SmartTOP convertible top modules are available for: Alfa, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Infiniti, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Volkswagen and Volvo.

The SmartTV video in motion enabler for Mercedes Benz is available for 149 Euros + tax.

A demonstration of the module in action can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc2Wg3hBHMM

Further details and purchasing information: http://www.mods4cars.com

About Mods4cars:
Mods4cars was founded in 2002 with the idea to add a highly demanded feature to the otherwise almost perfect Porsche Boxster: Comfort One-Touch roof operation while driving at slow speeds. The resulting product offered not only that, but also allowed quick and easy installation by just swapping out a relay box, thus leaving no traces and no permanent changes on the vehicle. The first SmartTOP roof controller was born.

The success of their first products in Germany and Europe prompted them in late 2004 to move operations to the USA, to be able to serve the American market as well as all other English speaking countries such as Australia, UK and South Africa from one central location. Their business has grown to a full-fledged international corporation with an office in Las Vegas and a full line of innovative products as well as distributors and installation partners all over the globe.

Being highly specialized in the development and distribution of aftermarket roof- and comfort controllers since 2002 allows them to offer an unsurpassed level of competence and product quality. Their main goal is optimization of each individual product to a maximum in compatibility, usability and intuitive operation. They put greatest effort into development and quality checks of all their products to achieve this goal and meet all expectations of their customers.

The extraordinary success of their products is also based on the great communication with their customers, which usually already starts for each new product during the development and prototyping phase.

Press & Media Contact:
Anja Lehmann
Mods4cars LLC
1350 E. Flamingo Rd #3100
Las Vegas, NV 89119 – USA

Affordable Naples SEO Services To Develop Your Online Business

If you are simply entering the internet marketing world for the first time, you could have come across the time period SEO. This abbreviation means, Search Engine Optimization, which is a key essential skill any internet marketer should not less than understand. Studying the talents involved with Naples SEO can be time consuming, yet they may serve you nicely in the future. You should take SEO very severely, as it will present you how severe you might be, about making money online. To be able to make cash on-line, you have to have site visitors, and one of the most used types of visitors is from the search engine results. So, if you’re concentrating on a selected keyword, after which someone types into Google your chosen key phrase, you’d like your website to be high in those outcomes proper? You’ll be able to solely do that if your web site is optimized for SEO purposes.

Once you have learnt all the fundamentals of SEO, and understand what it takes to carry out all the tasks wanted, for example back-linking, article advertising and marketing and so on, you’ll quickly realise it does take a while to carry out all the required tasks with a view to achieve high rankings, especially in case you are up towards an excessive competition. The most effective factor to do in this scenario is to have a look at some specialists within the SEO Naples Florida subject, and see what they’ll offer to assist you on this SEO quest.

After you might have mastered the skill units that make up the basic principles of SEO, along with understanding what is required in finishing up every single one of the jobs obligatory, comparable to article advertising, not point out creating articles and getting the correct of backlinks to your web site to mention only a few, you’ll very quickly discover out first hand, how much time it takes to do every job yourself with the intention to achieve excessive search engine rankings, notably if you have a high stage of competitors in your area of business. In this type of situation, the neatest plan of action is to search for trade experts in the subject of SEO to search out out precisely what they will give you in your pursuit of the SEO supremacy that can allow your web site to achieve the advantage over your competition. That is where it could grow to be difficult, so caution is required in any other case your SEO optimization project can turn into a really expensive one. Many individuals, together with newcomers to internet marketing can’t afford the value some SEO specialists cost for their services. Thankfully, there are highly certified Naples SEO consultants which have set their prices at an inexpensive level. Obviously this is beneficial for anyone that can’t afford the highly priced companies, so it’s wise to benefit from this without delay.

Offering full SEO packages that match the vast majority of budgets, each package deal offering targeted website traffic as well as useful outcomes is what GGG Marketing does best. This is a firm whose mission assertion is to offer high quality SEO Providers at an reasonably priced price. Not surprisingly because of this, a growing number of web site house owners are seeing the wonderful potential from the SEO outcomes being introduced in, by utilizing the companies of GGG Marketing. A definite indication of excellent business observe is that they’re passionate about and stay up to their mission assertion, in serving to you together with your search engine optimization. They supply their customers with a free consultation, where they go in and analyze your key phrases and web site and from that present their suggestions to assist make your online business venture better. Serving to clients, without asking for something in return in itself, says tons about this firm and makes them critically worthwhile trying into.

With all that GGG Marketing and are offering, it’s attainable you are not fairly certain about sure companies otherwise you’d prefer to ask them yourself exactly why the providers they’re providing will profit you, or which explicit bundle or service shall be greatest and benefit you the most. To get the answers to your questions, it is so simple as sending and email along with your inquiry to their crew of industry experts, who will reply rapidly and professionally, providing you with the opportunity to judge their response and assist you to make a professional collection of the SEO providers which can be proper for you. GGG Marketing uphold their mission assertion of providing high quality search engine advertising and marketing companies at an affordable price, these are easy, but effective principles that work every time with Naples SEO.

If your looking for a reputable firm for Naples SEO, please phone the number below:

GGG Marketing LLC
775 8th St. SE Naples, FL 34117
(239) 206-1205

From Profitably Incorporating Botox to Social Media Marketing, the IAPAM’s March 5 Aesthetic Practice Start-Up Workshop Offers it All

From Botox ® training for physicians to marketing your aesthetic medicine business, the IAPAM offers the industry’s most comprehensive workshops for physicians. The IAPAM’s Aesthetic Practice Start Up Workshop is the only medical spa business program highlighting the latest information on social media marketing and is taught by an actual medspa owner who knows the facts. The IAPAM announces the March 5th, 2012 date for its next Aesthetic Practice Start Up Business Workshop.

Las Vegas, Nevada (February 16, 2011) — Both business and clinical training (Botox ® training, laser training, hCG training, etc.) are the best foundation upon which a successful medical spa can be launched. The IAPAM (http://www.iapam.com) offers a choice of educational programs which give physicians a thorough knowledge of the business of building a medspa, and of the latest technologies and clinical advances required to grow that business.

By attending the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Practice Start Up Workshop (http://www.iapam.com/bootcamp.html), as well as the IAPAM’s hCG Training ( http://www.hcgtraining.com) and the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox ® Training (http://www.aestheticmedicinesymposium.com/botoxtraining), physicians will avoid many of the common pitfalls of the aesthetic industry. The programs are taught by experts and physicians who own and operate hCG Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetic Medicine practices, so attendees are learning from a faculty who have practical experience.

Attendees at the Aesthetic Practice Start Up Workshop leave with a business plan for their specific aesthetic medicine practice, including:

1. Financing Options.
2. Target Demographics for your Procedures.
3. Developing a menu of Treatments and Pricing Strategy.
4. Establishing Aesthetic Practice Protocols for your staff (examples included on CD).
5. Creating an effective Marketing Plan, including incorporating low-cost internet marketing strategies (SEO web sites and press releases) and the latest social media marketing strategies (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace etc.).
6. Finding the Right Location.
7. Staffing (job descriptions included on CD).
8. Federal and State legal and regulatory issues.
9. How to Read Financials.

Another valuable training offering by the IAPAM, is the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox ® Training. The March 3-4, 2012 Symposium, the Friday March 2, 2012 hCG Training and the Monday, March 5, 2012 Aesthetic Practice Start Up Workshop offer new medspa managers, owner-physicians, and key staff involved with an aesthetic medicine practice, all the tools to ensure their business is profitable, customizable and sustainable.

For additional information and to register for the March 5th Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop, the March 2nd hCG Training for Physicians, or the March 3-4 Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botox ® Training, please contact the IAPAM at 1-800-219-5108 ext. 704 or info@theiapam.com.

Botox is a trademark of Allergan, Inc.

About the IAPAM: The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine
The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine is a voluntary association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession. The goal of the association is to offer education, ethical standards, credentialing, and member benefits. IAPAM membership is open to all licensed medical doctors (MDs), dentists (DDSs/DMDs) doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs), physicians assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs). The IAPAM offers aesthetic medicine and hCG medical weight management programs, including: Botox ® training, medical aesthetic training, laser training, physician hCG training, and aesthetic practice business training. Additional information about the association can be accessed through the IAPAM’s website (http://www.iapam.com) or by contacting:

Jeff Russell, Executive-Director
International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)
1-800-219-5108 x704

Experts Connection Webinar Helps Recruiters Unlock LinkedIn to Find the Ideal Candidate

Recruiting Expert Jim Durbin Shares Secrets of Social Media Success for Job Search in “LinkedIn: Basic Training for Recruiting”.

NOVATO, Calif. (February 15, 2011) — Social media has become a mainstream tool for recruiters, especially LinkedIn, but many search professionals only have a rudimentary understanding of how to best use LinkedIn to identify and qualify the right job candidates. Drawing from his expertise as a social media headhunter, Jim Durbin will explain the core principles of using social media for recruiting in an Experts Connection (http://www.experts-connection.com) webinar entitled, “LinkedIn: Basic Training for Recruiting.” This recruiters’ webinar for novice and intermediate social media users is scheduled for Thursday, February 23, from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. ET, (1:00 – 2:30 p.m. PT), and is sponsored by NETSHARE® (http://www.netshare.com).

Recruiters are increasingly relying on the crowdsourcing and reach of social media platforms to uncover the most talented professionals, and LinkedIn has become their first online stop when seeking out candidates. LinkedIn now has more than 110 million professional profiles, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, which makes it a perfect resource for recruiters. Some companies are filling 25 percent of their open reqs using LinkedIn, and one company is filling 60 percent.

In this webinar, Jim will offer practical, step-by-step instruction explaining how to get the most from LinkedIn. Drawing from his experience training Human Resources departments for Fortune 500 companies, Jim will offer hands-on instruction into the best strategies for getting fast candidate search results from LinkedIn, including what a profile should contain what to look for, and how recruiters are shortening time-to-fill using LinkedIn.

Jim will provide point-by-point instruction that will apply to both independent and corporate recruiters, including:
– How to build your own social network to improve your time-to-fill;
– Connection strategies for novice recruiters;
– How to create a profile that gets the right candidates to ask YOU for a connection;
– Three ways to craft social media messages that generate the right response;
– Search skills that work both within LinkedIn and on other social media platforms; and
– How to find candidates outside your network of visible connections.

“Those executives looking for new career opportunities or who are simply trying to expand their sphere of professional influence are on LinkedIn, which makes it the most powerful online destination for recruiters,” said Katherine Simmons, CEO of NETSHARE and host of the Experts Connection webinars. “However, LinkedIn has become so expansive that it has become harder to navigate. It takes skill to identify those professionals with the ideal skillset to meet your recruiting needs. Through his experience with social media and human resources, Jim has become a master at using LinkedIn to find the right candidates, and this webinar will certainly offer new tips and techniques for every recruiting professional.”

The cost of the Experts Connection seminar is $100, and access is provided via web and telephone. A web archive also is available for registrants. For more information, visit the Experts Connection online at http://www.experts-connection.com.

About James Durbin:
Jim Durbin is a retained search headhunter and trainer specializing in social media. As a blogger and business owner, Jim is an expert and frequent speaker on such topics as online employment, recruiting blogs, and using social media in the hiring process. His prior experience includes account management for a national staffing firm where he was a top performer. He is a graduate of Washington and Lee University and lives in Dallas.

NETSHARE (http://www.netshare.com) is a confidential, membership based organization dedicated to providing executives across all disciplines and industries with quality $100K plus job lists. NETSHARE also offers networking opportunities and a community of peers for the exchange of strategic information related to job search, professional development and best practices. NETSHARE has been recognized by Fortune and Forbes magazines as the best online destination for executive positions.

Annette DiSano
(415) 883-1700

Tom Woolf
Woolf Media & Marketing
(415) 259-5638

Free Online training for Xango distributors at Nonrecruitable.com

Xango is growing right now for distributors using a FREE online training system called Nonrecruitable.com.

Rockford, IL, February 15, 2012 – Free online training for Xango distributors at Nonrecruitable.com Learning how building a Xango sales team just became easier!

A lot of people think that Xango is saturated, because of all the people that are already drinking Xango. The fact of the matter is that Xango is wide open. The reason why people feel that way is because of the lack of training that is readily available to the sales force. Xango is growing right now for distributors using a FREE online training system called Nonrecruitable.com. One of the ways www.nonrecruitable.com does this is by the 30 day coaching video system. Each and every Xango rep that requests the FREE training at www.nonrecruitable.com will have access to the 30 days to be on track to earn 6 figures in Xango. What this system does is promotes duplication within your team.

Nonrecruitable.com also helps you understand how to overcome objections, retail, recruit, inspire negative team mates, and help you stay motivated while you are chasing your Xango dreams. Xango leaders experiencing the best results are the leaders that have shared the FREE training system with the rest of their team mates.

Learn how to be a XANGO leader at www.nonrecruitable.com NOW

To contact co-founder Dan Block visit www.nonrecruitable.com/danblock or danblock317@gmail.com www.facebook.com/danblocks

Dan Block
123 N. Alpine Rd
Rockford, IL 61107

Free Online training for Organo Gold distributors at Nonrecruitable.com

The FREE training site Nonrecruitable.com will teach you how to retail, recruit, overcome objections plus much much more!

Rockford, IL, February 15, 2012 – Free online training for Organo Gold distributors at Nonrecruitable.com

Is Organo Gold really paying people to drink healthy coffee?

It sounds simple enough… You already drink coffee and you know several other people that do as well, so why not cash in on the Organo Gold coffee opportunity. So are you making what you imagined you would be making in Organo Gold by now? Are you having problems recruiting and retailing? www.Nonrecruitable.com has developed a FREE training system that is already helping Organo Gold reps build their businesses. The FREE training site Nonrecruitable.com will teach you how to retail, recruit, overcome objections plus much much more!!! The Organo Gold reps taking advantage of nonrecruitable.com the most are utilizing the site to train their team mates. The only way to get duplication is to have the best trained team. The www.nonrecruitable.com format is a series of 3 minute videos covering several different topics like motivating your sales team and handling 3-way calls etc… If you want to start turning your efforts into dollars you have to start building Organo Gold correctly. nonrecruitable.com even did a 30 day series to get you and your team mates in Organo Gold on track to earn 6 figures.

Sip on your morning coffee and login to www.nonrecruitable.com and brighten your future in Organo Gold!

Free online training for Organo Gold distributors at www.nonrecruitable.com. To contact co-founder Dan Block visit www.nonrecruitable.com/danblock or danblock317@gmail.com www.facebook.com/danblocks

Dan Block
123 N. Alpine Rd
Rockford, IL 61107

Long Island Authors to Hold Vineyard Book Fair

More than 20 of Long Island’s best authors will be at Martha Clara Vineyards on Sunday, April 22 from noon until 4 PM.

Riverhead, NY, February 15, 2012 — Long Island Authors’ Group http://www.longislandauthorsgroup.org, will have an array of authors whose works include fiction and non-fiction Adult, Young Adult, and Children’s Books at Martha Clara Vineyards in Riverhead, Long Island, NY.

Admission to the book signing event is free and open to the public. It will feature live entertainment by “Hart & Soul”. Everyone who attends the book fair will be eligible to enter a free drawing for an Amazon Kindle e-Reader, courtesy of the Long Island Authors’ Group.

“Martha Clara Vineyards has been the perfect venue to host our annual book fair. What a great way to spend the afternoon, sipping on wine, meeting new and exciting authors, and relaxing with a really good book,” said LIAG’s president Kerriann Flanagan-Brosky. “Our authors consist of commercially published, small press published and self-published. They bring a unique diversity to the world of literature, and we’re happy to showcase them there.”

Authors attending include: Loraine Alderman, PhD, Kerriann Flanagan-Brosky, Yvonne Capitelli, J.P. Cardone, Ian Fydell, Tom Gahan, Gloria Golden, Christine Guardiann, Philip Keith, C.P. Knadle, Meg Harper-Lawrence, Sandy Lanton, Suzanne Litrel, Dorothy McPartland, Matt Pasca, Holly Patrone, Grace Protano, Linda Reid-Bryce, Jeff Rimland, Jim Roth, Richard Scheinberg.

The Long Island Authors Group is a not-for-profit corporation, 501c pending.

WHO: Long Island Authors Group.
WHAT: Book Fair, book signings, entertainment, wine tasting, free drawing for an Amazon Kindle.
WHEN: Sunday, April 22, noon – 4 PM
WHERE: Martha Clara Vineyard, 6025 Sound Avenue, Riverhead NY 11901
WHY: The public is invited to meet and chat with authors from across Long Island.

More info about LIAG: http://www.longislandauthorsgroup.org.

Media Contact:
Dorothy McPartland
Long Island Authors Group