JTX Fitness Launch Range of Home Fitness Accessories

It has been a case of ‘battening down the hatches’ for health and fitness clubs in the UK over the last few years as consumers look to cut back their spending says Mintel in their latest ‘ Health and Fitness Clubs, UK’ report. While health clubs have seen business decline or stay relatively flat private health club enthusiasts have turned to training at home and public leisure centres.

With a third of the UK population now exercising at home (Mintel, Fitness In The Home) there is now a need for increased focus on safety and equipment maintenance. ‘We are increasingly aware that at this time of year the majority of our customers are now using their home gym equipment as their only means of exercise. They have often invested in a treadmill, cross trainer or vibration plate to cut out the expense of the gym and stay warm and dry when its miserable outside.’ Lloyd Martin, Owner of JTX Fitness. However, very few home fitness equipment retailers provide customers with the information and accessories to safely exercise at home and look after their machines.

With vibration plates proving increasingly popular for home use, away from the eyes of trained professionals in gyms, it has become very important for fitness retailers to provide detailed workout instructions. JTX Fitness have launched their accessories range for treadmills and vibrations plates with home workouts and equipment maintenance in mind. ‘We know there are a lot of people simply standing on a vibration plate. Although this may be helping to tone their legs, dynamic exercises like squats or press ups are much more effective. The JTX Fitness accessories range includes a DVD and Poster to help de-mystify home vibration training for people who have not attended a vibration training class run by a trained professional. ‘We always recommend trying a range of different vibration plates at the gym and in high street salons so that so that our customers understand the different vibration styles and how best to work out on them. But this DVD and poster provides a cost effective option and great reminder for those who have stopped going to the gym’ said JTX Fitness owner Lloyd Martin. The poster and DVD provide an introduction to carrying out these exercises safely and a great full body workout. The fitness retailer has also provided a few tips from the DVD at their website so that all beginner vibration plate trainers can get started with their workouts in a safe way.

The JTX Fitness accessories range also includes products for use with treadmills. The Treadmill Lubricant, £10 which will last regular treadmill users at least a year will greatly extend the life of any treadmill. Most retailers do not provide their customers with this simple kit and many customers are unaware that they are damaging their machines by not lubricating them.

JTX’s top selling accessory since the launch of the range has been the Treadmill Floor Protection Mats, with customers eager to protect their carpet or wood floor. The clever thing about these mats is that they come in two parts, allowing the mat at the foot of the treadmill to be packed away when our folding treadmills are packed away after a workout. Made from 100% Active Foam the mats will ensure the 88kg weight of the treadmill and added force caused by running is cushioned before impacting on the floor. This product is suitable for both static and folding treadmills less than 900mm wide.


GeekZen Brings “Geekware” to the Masses

New e-commerce startup in South East Asia with a priority on customer happiness.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Wednesday – February 08, 2012 — GeekZen ( http://www.geekzen.com ), a company based in Malaysia dedicated to everyday tech products, today announced the launch of its newly operational website, geekzen.com that aims to make technology products accessible to everyone.

The company places the customer experience at the forefront and is designed along clean minimalist lines, providing a clean, sleek interface for the purchase of its wares backing it with a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

Currently, GeekZen sells items such as the ultra-thin Gelaskins films that feature stunning, photo-quality artwork for personalized protection for your devices, the Boombotix line of portable speakers offering excellent sound in a fun yet rugged exterior and the iRun headsets providing tangle free and sweat resistant earphones for those on the go. The company plans to bring in more products over the coming months many of which have never been seen in Malaysia or the Southeast Asian region.

Interim CEO & Founder Nicholas Chhan commented:

“GeekZen arose as an idea to bring innovative tech products and not only just sell them but give them a personality. We feel that there’s a need in e-commerce space to go beyond e-marts that are more like a list of items in which you can buy, to a more quality experience where you discover and learn about the product from the store itself and where the products are either niche or of high quality.”

To learn more about GeekZen, contact Reuben Yap at reuben@geekzen.com, or visit the website at http://www.geekzen.com

Press & Media Contact:
Reuben Yap
GeekZen Sdn. Bhd
Jalan Dutamas 1 50480
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bird Bright UV Paints Developed to Save Birds from Oil Field Pits and Windtowers

Reel Wings Decoy Company, a leader in UV technology has developed a UV (ultra violet) paint to detract birds from oil pits and windtowers. Bird Bright UV paint is designed to “glow” in the UV spectrum in a wavelength that will flare the birds to a more attractive area.

Fargo, ND (USA), Wednesday – February 08, 2012 — Reel Wings Decoy Company Inc, a leader in UV technology as it relates to the hunting industry announced today that they are seeking an eco Friendly oil exploration company to partner with to further field test their Bird Bright UV Paints designed to detract birds from the oil pits and to further the oil companies efforts to comply with the Migratory Bird Treaty.

Reel Wings‘ President Michael Marcotte states, “Bird Bright is a revolutionary paint we have tested for over 5 years in smaller settings and we feel now is the time to partner with the State of North Dakota and an Eco Friendly Oil Exploration company that it interested in what’s in the best interest for our environment and to test Bird Bright on the current fencing around the oil pits.”

UV Paint was developed by Reel Wings Decoy Company to match the UV spectrum of feathers that birds can only see in order to apply it to decoys to attract waterfowl for the hunting industry. During development, it was discovered that modifying the UV formula by making it extremely intense can actually scare birds away instead of attracting them. By applying Bird Bright on oil waste pit fences, wind towers, and cell towers, the intensity of the UV reflection will alarm birds and flare them to other more attractive areas. Bird Bright has the ability to diminish the impact these structures have on wildlife.

If your company is interested in a potential partnership or to receive more information please contact Michael Marcotte at info@reelwings.com or call 701-885-2441.

Visit http://www.birdbright.com for more details.

Press & Media Contact:
Michael Marcotte
Reel Wings Decoy Co. Inc
62 S 27th Street
Fargo, ND 58103 USA

Outstanding Electrician in Fairfax VA Warms Up Our Christmas Holiday

The holiday season was upon us, and it was time to set up the tree and decorations. To get into the spirit, I put on some old vinyl recordings of carols. My wife, Sue, took care of the tasteful part of the decorations, placing items around the living room and hanging the ornaments on the tree, while I handled calling an electrician in Fairfax VA to take care of the outdoor Christmas lighting.

We had a tradition of calling our Fairfax electrician to hang the outdoor lighting. After all, we always had enough to do with all of our Christmas home decorating and the lighting on the tree. The outside lighting is always a small job for our electrician in Fairfax because we only hang our holiday lighting on the front roofline of our house and down the sides of the garage. We have a scarcity of outlets, and so we’ve never really invested that much in outside lighting or decorations. Sometimes I regret it, especially when I see the way our neighbor, Mr. Thompson, having such a big show of holiday lights in his front yard every year. They even have carols playing on loudspeakers; and, to top it all off, a small sled with elves that races around on a track. People cruise by our streets every year, enjoying every moment of the Thompson’s holiday lighting spectacle.

This year I guess we had too many things plugged in on one circuit, because as soon as I plugged in the tree lights, the room went dark and the carols dipped in pitch as the record slowed than stopped. “I told you that we were using too many lights,” my wife said. At least I didn’t have to see her I-told-you-so expression in the dark. Fortunately, I was able to find my way through the room thanks to the brightness of the lights coming through the windows from Thompson’s display.

“It’s not a matter of using too many lights,” I said as I found the circuit box. “This house can no longer handle the amount of electricity we demand. We need to upgrade the wiring” I told her. “It’s old and it wasn’t designed for all the gizmos we use.” Luckily for us, we knew I could count on our local electrician Fairfax VA, Certified Electrical Technologies, to solve the problem.

Shopping for Christmas gifts was last on our holiday to-do list, and we suddenly both had the same thought at the same time.we couldn’t think of a better gift for our Christmas present to each other than the peace of mind of knowing our electrical was up to date and safe. “Seriously, my wife said, let’s get an estimate and this will be our gift to each other this year.” We knew that we’d be in the best of hands with Certified Electrical Technologies, our licensed Fairfax electrician, so my wife made a note to give them a call right away. We always kept their number in our rolodex under electrician Fairfax VA, so that it was easy to find.

Based on our past years of experience, we knew that we could count on Certified Electrical Technologies. After all, they answer their phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The next day my wife called our electrician Fairfax VA, and she was able to schedule an estimate for the following day. When our Fairfax electrician came out to do the estimate, he was thorough, professional, and (as always) gave a fair quote for the electrical work we needed done. When I reviewed the estimate with Sue, we both agreed that the price was right and that we should schedule the upgrade as soon as possible.

This year we both felt an extreme sense of inner peace during the holiday season, – which was just what we had hoped for – knowing that our electrical safety issues were solved and that the electrical work was done by the most competent licensed electrician in Fairfax VA, Certified Electrical Technologies. What a gift!

If you need any electrical work in Fairfax, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Certified Electrical Technologies
10431 Lee Highway, Fairfax VA 22030
(703) 273-4200
visit our website electrician Fairfax VA

Tourist Places in Tamilnadu: Enjoy the Life

Tamilnadu is among the top most tourist destinations of India where you can get everything that makes your life joyful and happy. This state of South India with age old heritage, rich culture, outstanding architecture and a 1,000 kilometer coastline has always been a hot choice of millions of curious travelers. The beautiful green landscapes, mesmerizing Carnatic music, traditional dance forms and the interesting local life are some of the attractions of the state that will bind you here. On your trip to the state you will find a number of tourist places in Tamilnadu such as age old divine temples, historical monuments, pilgrim centre, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries and much more.

Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Rameshwaram, Kanchipuram, and Kodaikanal etc. are some of the places in the state where you get a lot to see. Tamilnadu Citiesare also very popular as each one of them has something to offer to its guests. You get to see the famous Marina beach, Kapiliswara temple, Guindy national park, Fort St. George in Chennai, the gateway to the south. The second holiest place in India, Kanchipuram, is the city of thousand temples. Famous Ekambarnatha temple, Kailasnatha temple, Varadraja temple, Kumari Amman temple, Vivekanand memorial etc. are some of the attractions of the place. The textile capital of the south, Coimbatore, has a pleasant climate and is known as the ‘Manchester of Tamilnadu’. Madurai is also counted among the popular

Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu, specially due to its pride, The Meenakshi temple, often called the heart of the town. Gandhi Museum, Tirumalai Nayak Mahal, Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam are the other places of tourist interest here.

If you want to spend some time in the lap of nature then hill stations of the state will be a right place for you to cherish the beauty of nature. Ooty, the most popular hill station of South India, welcomes you with its beautiful gardens, peaks and lakes. Kodaikanal has Pillar rocks, Lake Solar Observatory, Kurinji Andavar temple, Bryant Park and a lot more for you. If you are a little adventurous then the option of wildlife sanctuaries is also open for you. Sloth bear, elephant, Nilgiri, wild boar dog, gaur are some of the animals you get to see here.

Visiting the temples, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, water bird sanctuary and lots more are Things to do in Tamil Nadu, but apart from these you also get a unique chance to understand the culture and traditions of the state. Tamilnadu is the land of festivals. Some of the important festivals of the state are Pongal, Jalli Kattu or Bull fight, Sivarathri, Chitthirai, and Karthigal Deepam etc.
If you are also planning a trip to Tamilnadu, then gather all the necessary information about the accommodation, transportation and other necessary facilities in advance and enjoy the fullest.

Contact Us

Head Office: No5 Annai Avenue, Srirangam, Trichy, Tamil Nadu 620006, India
Phone: +91 431 4226122
Fax: +91 431 4226133
E-mail: enquiry@cholantours.com

Looking for an Ally in the Insurance Business Contact Insurance King of Rockford IL

Insurance King agents help several 1000 people save hundreds of dollars on car insurance.

Rockford, IL, February 06, 2012 – Looking for an Ally in the Insurance Business contact Insurance King of Rockford IL. Insurance King agents help several 1000 people save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Insurance King even has a mobile office that can meet you after hours to start a car insurance policy. Develop a friendly relationship with an agent that will be there for you. Insurance King agents deal with you on the frontline not hiding behind receptionists or on the golf course. Why wait to start saving on your car insurance today?

To get your free quote for car insurance, contact any Insurance King location in Rockford IL and speak to an agent. Insurance King on Alpine Rd office 815-639-0149, Insurance King on Auburn St office 815-968-5464 (KING) , Insurance King on 7th St. and for after hours mobile office 815-316-9522, or visit www.insurancekingquote.com to have an agent call you.

Dan Block
Insurance King
123 N. Alpine Rd
Rockford, IL 61107

Making Contact with an Electrician in Arlington, Virginia

My friend, Denise, has a strong interest in things paranormal, which means that we often venture into haunted houses and visit with psychics, mediums, and fortune tellers. Personally, I’m not a believer, but I keep an open mind, and we usually manage to have some fun in the process.

We scheduled an appointment with a medium in Arlington, Virginia, who’d been recommended by a friend of Denise’s. Besides Denise and me, Madame Blotsky and two other clients sat at a large, round table. The room was dimly lit, with tiny, recessed lamps in the walls emitting a faint, orange glow.

Madame Blotsky began by telling us that consultations were usually private but, due to an unforeseen death in her family, she had to see us all at once. The two clients thanked her for allowing them to see her, as they both had urgent psychic-type needs. I had to wonder about the “unforeseen death.” You would think that a psychic would be better informed about such events occurring.

One of the clients was concerned about visitations in her dreams from a family member who was recently deceased. As Madame Blotsky concentrated, the wall lights grew brighter, then dimmed, off and on, as if the room were breathing. The lights stabilized and the large piece of crystal before her lit with a white-green glow. I was wondering when the last time was that she had an Arlington electrician check out the electrical system.

The relative, Madame Blotsky explained, was concerned about a new romantic relationship the client was involved in. She wasn’t saying that the guy was no good, just warning her to be careful, and that she didn’t want her to be hurt. The client got pretty emotional about this, and we understood why private appointments were preferred. Madame Blotksy didn’t seem to be at all concerned about her lighting dimming on and off, and I’m sure the thought of calling an electrician in Arlington was the last thing on her mind.

Next up was a young man who was looking for a “large amount” of money lost somewhere in his house. He didn’t provide any details, which was fine by me. Let her work for the money, right? Again, the lights brightened and dimmed, died, and the crystal glowed. Still, no indication from the Madame that she would be getting onto the Internet and searching for electrician Arlington VA to find a local Arlington electrician to take care of her electrical problems.

“I see a sofa,” she said, looking into the crystal. “A green sofa. Does this mean anything to you?”

“The sofa!” the man exclaimed. “I donated that sofa to a charity two weeks ago. It was old, I hated it. I’ve got to get it back!” He almost knocked over his chair as he left.

“And you, young man?” she asked. “What do you wish to know?”

“I only have one question,” I said.

“Yes?” she asked.

“My question is: Have you heard of Certified Electrical Technologies?”

She squinted, trying to understand.

“Certified Electrical Technologies are licensed electricians in Arlington, Virginia. I ask because I think you may have some electrical problems.”


“The lighting seems to ebb and flow. That’s not a good sign. It could be due to electric surges.”

“The lights dim because of the psychic energy I am harnessing,” she said defensively.

“That may well be, but you should play it safe and schedule an electrical safety assessment. There’s no charge at all for this service. Whether it’s home electrical rewiring, electrical upgrades, electrical circuits, interior lighting, surge protectors or whole house surge protectors, they’ll check it out and make sure everything’s safe.”

“And it’s free, this electrical safety assessment?”

“Sure. After all, people come to you for answers, right? For residential electrical concerns, you should consult Certified Electrical Technologies, an experienced electrician in Arlington, Virginia. And their work is guaranteed.”

The crystal beamed brighter than ever. She looked into it, and then back to me, and smiled. “The spirits have spoken. I will contact Certified Electrical Technologies today.”

If you need any electrical work in Arlington, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Certified Electrical Technologies
1001 N Fillmore St, Arlington VA 22201
visit our website http://www.certifiedelectricaltechnologies.com/electrician-arlington-va/

Electrical Safety Issues – Finding an Electrician in Bethesda, Maryland

Denise and I only had a short time to find housing after our landlord informed us that he’d sold the house we were renting. We managed to find a very modest rental home in the Bethesda, Maryland that was available right away and was located conveniently from both our job sites.

Another factor in choosing this rental was cost. Housing in the Bethesda, Maryland area is very expensive. We lucked out in finding something relatively cheap, but sometimes, as they say, you get what you pay for.

Denise searched for locations and did the initial walk-through and signing, so I didn’t see the house until we began moving in our belongings. A few things caught my eye immediately. There was a scarcity of electrical outlets, for one thing. Incredibly, there was no GFCI outlet near the bathroom sink, so I would have to charge my razor to use the bathroom mirror. Most glaring of all was the kitchen. The oven was plugged into an extension cord that ran through the counter cupboards and into an outlet across the room. Pretty shoddy electrical work, I thought. I really hoped the owner was planning on calling a licensed Bethesda electrician to do some work before we moved in.

Well, the landlord never called an electrician in Bethesda before we moved in, so we made the best of these and other shortcomings, and settled in to our new abode. I tried to remember to charge my razor, and Denise had to reorient her cooking process, unplugging one appliance to use another. The ceiling fan and bath fans didn’t work properly, but we just dealt with it.

By the way, all of these electrical issues were brought to the attention of our landlord. However, he was a lawyer, and his rental units were just a side income he’d cultivated. We usually dealt with his wife, who was a nice lady, but informed us that they just couldn’t afford any electrical renovations at that time.

One night things came to a head when Denise got out of bed because she thought she smelled smoke. Blurry-eyed, we traced a faint burning smell to a kitchen wall. It smelled like plastic smoldering. Afraid that we had a slow-burning electrical fire in the wall, we dialed 911 and a fire truck was dispatched. The fireman told us to keep the circuit off until a electrician in Bethesda, Certified Electrical Technologies, could inspect it the next day.

We contacted the landlord the next day, and he was genuinely concerned about our situation, but he left it up to us to help in resolving the problem. He asked us to contact an electrician in Bethesda, Maryland and provide him with an electrical bid. He would take it from there.

We researched electrician Bethesda MD on the internet, we found Certified Electrical Technologies on the first page, and since they did such a great job when they came out, we decided to call them again. We discovered, too, that they’ve been in business since 1979, and had licensed electrical representation throughout Maryland and Virginia. They had a very good reputation, had several favorable comments from satisfied customers, and provided free electrical bids. When we called, they understood the urgency of the situation and arranged an electrical service call almost immediately.

Jim, the Bethesda electrician from the Certified Electrical Technologies office in Bethesda, Maryland, performed a thorough electrical safety assessment. He traced the wiring and informed us that the circuit not only included the kitchen and half the living room outlets, but also the power for the garage and outside lights. He recommended a full home electrical rewiring job. In addition to the electrical rewiring, he also noted the need for having additional electrical outlets installed, including one for the bathroom sink area.

The landlord was as good as his word and paid for the electrical rewiring. I don’t have to worry about charging my razor or hooking it up to an extension cord when I forget, and Denise can run more than one appliance at a time when she’s cooking. Our quality of life has been improved been greatly improved, thanks to Certified Electrical Technologies.

If you need any electrical work in Bethesda, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Certified Electrical Technologies
4938 Hampden Ln, Bethesda , MD 20814
visit our website electrician Bethesda MD

Electrical Safety Tips – Ask Your San Diego Electrician

Electricity powers the world we live in. We use it to power our refrigerator, wash our clothes, clean our dishes, and light our homes and much more. With its increased use, however, there is also an important level of safety to maintain. Any electrician in San Diego CA will surely have a few stories of electricity gone wrong, and it’s up to you to make sure you don’t end up as one. By following just a few rules and guidelines, you can greatly increase the safety of yourself and your home against an electrical mishap.
Be Aware
One of the best ways to stay safe around electricity is to be aware of what is around you. If you are outside, always look above you to see if there are any power lines, especially if you are climbing or doing work up high. Be especially careful of using any electricity when near water. This can be very dangerous, so make sure you do not use any electrical items too close to a water source. For additional awareness, just be familiar with the way things are supposed to work. If you begin to experience unusual outages or brownouts, you should contact a licensed electrician San Diego CA, such as CLD Electric, to perform an electrical safety assessment.
Install Electrical Protection
There are several devices that protect your home and electrical system that will give you some added safety and peace of mind. Many homeowners glance over these, but your local electrician San Diego CA, CLD Electric, installs this type of system every day. One of the most common upgrades is the installation of GFI electrical outlets. In fact, these outlets are now required in most states as part of the electrical code. GFI outlets help to protect your electrical system in areas near water, such as the bathroom. If, for example, you are using your hair dryer and accidentally drop it into the sink, your GFI outlet will cut power to the outlet so that you are not injured.
Another great way to add additional electrical safety to a home is with whole house surge protectors. This installation, which can be part of an electrical panel upgrade, adds a surge protection unit directly to the main electrical panel of your home. Under normal circumstances, the electricity flows through the surge protector as if nothing was there. In the event of a power surge, a whole house surge protector will act as a barrier, thereby stopping the dangerous levels of electricity from entering your home and damaging your electronics. This helps increase the lifespan of your appliances, while reducing the risks of electrical fire and other electrical emergencies. CLD Electric, your local electrician in San Diego, can install a whole house surge protector in your home or business. To find their website, you can do a quick web search for electrician San Diego CA.
Don’t Skip Important Electrical Upgrades
Whether it means having your ceiling fans replaced, outlets replaced, or a complete home rewiring, electrical upgrades are crucial to the safety of your home. This is especially true if you live in or buy an older home. Because electrical technologies were not nearly as advanced as they are today, many older homes are not anywhere near to today’s electrical codes. Your wiring may be old, worn out or improperly insulated. As a result, there could be many easily fixed fire hazards right within your walls.
If you have any doubt about the safety of your electrical system, don’t hesitate to call an San Diego electrician from San Diego to do some electrical troubleshooting and a quick electrical safety survey. After a quick look around, they will be able to tell you if there are any necessary changes or upgrades. If any work is needed, CLD Electric, a very knowledgeable San Diego electrician, will happily provide you with a project summary and electrical estimate for the work required to make your electrical system as safe as possible.

If you need any electrical work in San Diego, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

CLD Electric
1666 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 638-0228
visit our website electrician in San Diego CA

A Big Remodel Project for a Germantown Electrician

I paid a visit to my friend Jeremiah in January. We hadn’t seen each other in months. Jeremiah is a construction worker and works long hours throughout the summer, often seven days a week. In the winter, he usually has more time on his hands, but he’d recently bought a house – a fixer-upper, he said – outside of Germantown, Maryland, and he was busier than ever fixing it up.

The wooden steps wobbled as I made my way to the porch. Some of the planks on the porch were rotted and all needed painting. I pressed the doorbell several times, but there was no response, so I knocked and Jeremiah soon appeared at the door. I thought to myself: I bet Jeremiah could use an experienced electrician in Germantown to fix that doorbell.

“Does your doorbell work?” I asked.

“It’s on my list. Pretty far down, actually; number seventy-three, I believe. Come on in and I’ll give you the tour.” I noticed that he had to push his shoulder into the door and pull up on the knob to fit the door into place.

“This is the living room. It’s a little bare, but eventually I’ll sand and stain the floor. Isn’t that chandelier pretty? I wouldn’t walk under it, if I were you. It’s just hanging by wires. That’s number thirty-two on the list.” Again, the thought of him needing a licensed Germantown electrician came to my mind.

“I’m going to make this the laundry area,” he said, pointing out a small pantry area off the kitchen. “Have to run some wiring in there, though. Half the outlets in the kitchen don’t work. The ones that do are kind of spotty. Probably have to redo all of them.” Okay, I thought to myself, I’m going to tell him about Certified Electrical Technologies, a very knowledgeable electrician Germantown MD.

“And how high on the list is that?” I asked.

“Pretty high. Say, do you want some coffee? I’ve got a full pot ready to go.”

“Sure. Coffee sounds good.” He flipped a switch and the pot began wheezing..

“Okay, I saved the best for last,” he announced. We walked down the hall and stood at a door. “This is the home theatre room.” The door swung open to reveal a bare, narrow room. “Now, you have to use your imagination. Picture a 60’foot big screen TV, lots of components, including an awesome surround-sound system; I’m thinking a couple hundred watts. What do you think?”

“Dude, I hate to point out the obvious, but this room only has one outlet.”

“Yeah, I know. I may have to run some more extension cords.”

Suddenly, a smoke detector began chirping in the kitchen. You could smell smoke coming from the coffee pot outlet. Jeremiah disabled the smoke detector and unplugged the pot.

“Wow. The wire is hotter than the coffee!” he laughed.

“Alright, my friend, you asked me what I thought, and I’ll tell you. You need a good electrician. I know an electrical contractor right here in Germantown, Maryland: Certified Electrical Technologies. I don’t have their phone number with me right now, but you can do a search on your laptop for electrician Germantown MD, and they’ll be on the first page of Google.

“I know that you’re a Renaissance Man when it comes to plumbing, masonry, etc., but you want an expert when it comes to electrical work. Certified Electrical Technologies has been in business since 1979. They guarantee their work, and they’ll give you a free estimate. Like I say, they’re a licensed Germantown electrician, and they’re electrical contracting company is right here in Germantown, Maryland. What do you say?”

“I suppose you’re right. It would be a shame to put all that work into fixing up the place and then lose it all in a fire. I guess a man has to know his limitations.”

“Good man. If you can salvage any of that coffee, I’ll take some now. Then show me again how you’re going to set up that home theatre room after your new Germantown electrician helps you out with all those new outlets.” “One coffee coming up!” he beamed, as if a burden had been lifted. Sometimes a little help from a friend is all you need.

If you need any electrical work in Germantown, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Certified Electrical Technologies
13017 Wisteria Dr., Germantown, MD 20874
visit our website certifiedelectricaltechnologies.com/electrician-germantown-md