Biotage Introduces SNAP Ultra High Performance Flash Chromatography Cartridges with Biotage HP-Sphere Silica

Biotage introduced the new Biotage® SNAP Ultra high performance flash chromatography cartridges utilizing Biotage® HP-Sphere™ spherical silica.

Uppsala, Sweden, February 14, 2012 — Biotage (STO: BIOT), a leading global supplier of solutions and technology for analytical and medicinal chemistry, introduced the new Biotage® SNAP Ultra high performance flash chromatography cartridges utilizing Biotage® HP-Sphere™ spherical silica. Biotage® SNAP Ultra is available in a wide range of sizes from 10 g – 340 g.

Biotage® HP-Sphere™ is chromatographically tested proprietary silica with 40% more surface area than previously available flash silica in the same high performance category, improving loading capacity and providing superior separation of eluting compounds. The precision engineered Biotage® SNAP Ultra cartridges combine industry leading resolving power, universal plug and play compatibility, and lower back pressures resulting in the highest performing flash chromatography cartridges available.

A researcher can load twice the amount of sample on a Biotage® SNAP Ultra cartridge than they can on an equal sized cartridge from other suppliers, enabling chemists to utilize cartridges half the size of those normally used. Using a smaller, higher surface area cartridge saves time and uses less solvent. Less solvent also means less cost per separation and less waste. And consistent with the SNAP family, a removable cap allows for simple internal sample loading for liquid and dry samples further improving purification performance.

Biotage® SNAP Ultra cartridges and Biotage® Isolera™ flash purification systems integrate seamlessly to produce better separations and pure compounds on the first attempt. Luer lock inlet and outlet ports also ensure the most reliable connection to Biotage® Isolera™ systems, and any other flash chromatography system on the market.

For further information visit or call:
In Europe: +46 18 56 57 10
In North America: (Toll Free) 1 800 446 4752
In Japan: +81 3 5627 3123
Other areas, please call: +46 18 56 57 10.


For further press information at Biotage please contact:
James Churchill
Marketing Communications
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About Biotage
Biotage offers solutions, knowledge and experience in the areas of analytical and medicinal chemistry. Customers include the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as leading academic institutes. The company is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, with offices in China, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and a worldwide network of distributors. Biotage has 272 employees with sales of 428.9 MSEK in 2010. Biotage is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Stock Exchange. Website:

Terminally Single Love Seekers Suffer on Valentines Day

Singles Can find out if they are at risk of being Terminally Single with America’s most innovative Love Expert & Author, Susan Bradley’s free online video’s and webinars from Valentines Day through Sadie Hawkins Day.

Carmel, CA, USA – February 14, 2012 — America’s most loved Relationship Expert teaches singles how to Fall in Love avoid being a TS’er (Terminally Single)

Susan Bradley, relationship expert and award winning author of How to be Irresistible to the Opposite S*x rescues singles just before Singles Awareness Day. Want to know if you are at risk of being one of the nations TERMINALLY SINGLE? Find out if you are a TS’er with her online guide: found at

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Top FIVE qualities of the Terminally Single:
1. TOO INEXPERIENCED: You don’t date much, have only been in love once or twice, have never been in a serious long term relationship and still keep thinking it’s going to happen “one day.”
2. TOO SMART: Super intelligent, logical, rational people think that flirting is beneath them. They worry they won’t be taken seriously.
3. TOO CHOOSY: These singles always say: I’m just too selective. On the surfact this seems like a rational excuse but the real reason is that they’re just plain afraid to be disappointed again. No one seems to measures up to their lofty unrealistic standards.
4. TOO PC: Singles who are too politically correct come across like dull door mats. They never seem to spark loves flames.
5. TOO RISK ADVERSE: Risk Adverse singles, worry too much about every detail in dating and relating. They have pesky belief systems that work overtime to protect them from getting hurt again so they never quite make their move.

Too many singles think that when the “time is right”, someone will magically appear. This is a very dangerous mind set. Bradley can successfully teach shy singles how to flirt and how to go for their love goals, but if they never change their old belief system that negatively impacts their love action plan, they will end up terminally single.

Bradley says that the #1 reason singles avoid love is fear of negative relationship drama. She advises singles to avoid dating people with:

D: Divorce Drama- If the divorce proceedings are rocky, you will be impacted.
R: Re-probates -people with DUI’s or excessive run-ins with the law.
A: Anger/Abuse Issues (Watch for the little red flags that show up.)
M: Money issues (perpetual ones) and people who are still Married or in a relationship.
A: Active Addiction Issues: Avoid people who are actively in recovery or still in denial and not doing anything about their addiction.

Instead of falling into the DRAMA trap, singles should seek to Partner & Prosper in Love. Life is filled with a certain amount of unavoidable drama but no single should invite more into their life. Healthy singles make healthy prosperous couples but they do need to take a NO DRAMA approach to choosing the best soul mate.

Seek to Partner and Prosper: not Date and Divorce. Bradley says that: In today’s world it is critically important for singles to be 100% more aware of their choices in love and seek professional help from a love coach. No more dating people with “potential.” Make yourself ready and then raise the bar. Singles still looking to partner and procreate need to get more serious before their window of opportunity eludes them. Those who are looking for love and take the time to Break Through their Love and Abundance Barriers (sneaky underlying fears that keep love at bay) will find love. Love seekers that keep letting their fears stop them, won’t. Singles are not equipped to eliminate these fears on their own.

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Susan Bradley RN is a veteran relationship expert and the award winning author of How to be Irresistible to the Opposite S*x and Irresistible Prescriptions for Love. Her ebook: How to Flirt and Not Look Like you are in Heat is found at
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Bradley is available for media interviews at 831-238-6111. E-Mail:

Media Contact:
Angela White
Loving University – Get Your Phd in Love
PO BOX 3836 Carmel, CA 93921-3836
Tel: 831-238-6111

A Sociopath Beside Me by Junie Moon released in Print Version now available Worldwide

A Sociopath Beside Me is the author’s personal account of living with a sociopath.

Sarasota, Florida, USA – February 14, 2012 — As an addition to the eBook version of A Sociopath Beside Me by Junie Moon, a print book has been released by First Edition Design Publishing.

A Sociopath Beside Me is a true story and the personal account of the author’s life with a sociopath. The shocking tale takes the reader on a journey inside the mind and darkness of a sociopath. Junie Moon’s personal journey leads to the discovery that a sociopath was in her midst, examines his dishonorable behaviors and the devastating circumstances he created for his many victims. Junie Moon is the author’s ghost name, which she used to hide her true identity for her personal safety.

“The mission of this book is to give the reader the needed tools to recognize the sociopath who walks among us, so that we might lessen their intrusion and avoid becoming their next unsuspecting victim,” the author said.

“After I read the book, I was able to look back in my past and realize that sociopath’s had victimized me many times. I am now well armed with the tools to avoid any future encounters with a sociopath,” said Gary Bennett at

The non-fiction 73 page softcover print version of A Sociopath Besides Me, ISBN 9781937520564, is priced at $12.99 USD. It is available through, and numerous other on-line retailers.

Media Contact:
Junie Moon
Tel: 815-830-0503

Latest Android app from UK Theatre Web uses show posters to make finding theatre tickets even easier

UK Theatre Web have released an updated version of their free Android application for smart phones featuring an experimental poster recognition service which aims to make it even easier for customers to find, compare and buy West End theatre tickets.

(United Kingdom – February 14, 2012) — Innovative what’s on listings and ticket comparison website UK Theatre Web ( have released an updated version of their free Android application for smart phones featuring an experimental poster recognition service which aims to make it even easier for customers to find, compare and buy West End theatre tickets.

The brand new feature of the app allows users to snap the poster of top West End shows using the camera on their phone so that clever technology can automatically recognise it and display show information and a “Call for Tickets” button. The poster can be photographed from a billboard, magazine or newspaper.

At present the experimental system will recognise the publicity posters of around 30 different shows and plays currently running in London’s West End including War Horse, Legally Blonde, Shrek the Musical, The Wizard of Oz and Billy Elliot.

The UKTW App, Version 1.6 of which can now be downloaded for free from the Android Market (search for UKTW), allows searching of the UKTW listings database by town, show or person providing access to extensive details including venue maps, cast and ticket information provided by the SeatChoice ticket finder service. The UKTW App is designed to provide basic listings details even if no internet connection is available by using a local copy of the key listings information that can be updated regularly. Smart phones which use the Android platform include HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Nexus.

Users of the UKTW App can read or add reviews using the system and can now, since the latest release, search the extensive UK Theatre Web archive of over 1 million records going back to the mid 1990’s.

UK Theatre Web founder Robert Iles said: “We have been providing what’s on information on-line for seventeen years but this new facility is one of the most exciting we’ve launched recently. If you’re passing a poster for a West End show and think you’d like to go and see it all you have to do is snap it with your camera phone and we’ll connect you to all the information you need. More and more people are using their smart phones to access information on the move and this free ‘app’ makes finding West End theatre tickets and information about shows even easier.”

More details about the ‘app’ can be found at


For further information please contact:

Jason at MAW Communications on 07824 818242
Gordon at MAW Communications on 01603 505845

If you would like to link to our website please use

Notes to editors:

Covering all genres and the whole of the UK, UK Theatre Web (UKTW) provides what’s on information and links to tickets, meal deals and theatre breaks from a wide range of reputable suppliers. In addition to providing links, UKTW uses the SeatChoice Ticket Finder to conduct real-time searches of price and availability for many shows.

Over thirteen million theatre tickets are sold each year in London alone with increasing numbers of people choosing to buy online. However, using search engines often returns overwhelming and confusing results.

AAA: Billionaire’s decision to invest in forestry shows ethical approach

A billionaire investor has this week opted to put much of his cash in forestry investments, in a move that has been welcomed by alternative and ethical investment advocates, AAA.

Boston, MA, USA, February 14, 2012 — A billionaire investor has this week opted to put much of his cash in forestry investments, in a move that has been welcomed by alternative and ethical investment advocates, Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

New Zealand-born and Singapore-based billionaire, Richard Chandler has decided to invest some $150 million into Tasmanian timber group Gunns, which means that he is now one of the their largest shareholders. The investment is intended to be used by the firm to finish the development of its long-awaited Bell Bay Pulp Mill. Chandler is expected to want to start influencing the business and driving growth.

Chandler claims that having an ethical influence on firms is part of the responsibility that comes with investing in them. He said, “Responsible investors will engage corporate governance issues where they encounter them, as an intrinsic and necessary component of professional investment management.”

AAA’s analysis partner, Anthony Johnson, claims Chandler is the latest in a line of influential investors to opt for an ethical approach to investing. Mr Johnson said, Investing in forestry can be an exceptionally ethical approach to making money as sustainable forestry helps communities to prosper while maintaining habitats for wildlife and adding to carbon absorption.”

Adding to the amount of forested land in a country is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of reducing carbon emissions thanks to the carbon sequestration characteristics of trees, claims AAA.

AAA supports forestry plantation investments, such as the one run by Greenwood Management in Brazil, which enables investors to buy up sections of sustainably-operated plantation land, which provide forestry products including charcoal for the steel industry.

Timber prices are expected to increase in the coming years as demand from Europe and emerging economies like China and India starts to exceed supply. Already, China is becoming one of the world’s major importers of timber and this trend is set to continue as its economy grows further.

About Alternative Asset Analysis:
The remit of Alternative Asset Analysis is to analyse and provide news on the global performance of a wide range of alternative asset classes including, but not restricted to, commodities, real estate, forestry, foreign exchange, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital.

Media Contact:
Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320

FRA says Timber demand from China could help US forestry industry

FRA has welcomed the news that the demand for timber is on the up thanks to the increasing appetite for timber in China.

Bainbridge Island, WA, February 14, 2012 – Forestry Research Associates (FRA) has welcomed the news that the demand for timber is on the up thanks to the increasing appetite for timber in China.

Figures on timber harvesting in 2011 analysed by forestry economist, Gary Lettman, showed that harvests had picked up last year with the number of board feet harvested looking better than the past few years, which have been disappointing for the US forestry industry.

West Wood Productions Association’s CEO, Kevin Binam claims that demand in 2012 is going to improve, but is still cautious. He said, “There’s not anybody out there jumping for joy, saying it’s going to be a roaring good year, but everybody expects 2012 to be a little better than 2011.”

Many mills in the US are still running at around 80 per cent capacity, up from around 70 per cent last year in many cases. Industry insiders said they will be able to ‘ramp up’ production should demand increase even further from China and other emerging markets.

Exports of logs to China totalled 1.1 billion feet, up 108 per cent in the first ten months of last year, which indicates a major improvement in demand from the country. Binam said, “That’s been a big game changer for, not all the Western [US] mills, but certainly for some.”

FRA’s analysis partner, Peter Collins, said that although the experts are remaining tight-lipped about the prospects in 2012, the increase in demand from China is great news for the industry, which has had a tough few years. He said “We expect this increase in demand to translate to higher timber prices, with investment in sustainable forestry plantations in developing countries still proving popular with Western investors.”

FRA is an analysis and research consultancy that specialises in forestry investment. It supports a range of sustainable projects in which people can invest, including Greenwood Management’s teak and eucalyptus plantations in Brazil.

Peter Collins
Forestry Research Associates
620 Vineyard Lane
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(206) 316 8394

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