Terminally Single Love Seekers Suffer on Valentines Day

Singles Can find out if they are at risk of being Terminally Single with America’s most innovative Love Expert & Author, Susan Bradley’s free online video’s and webinars from Valentines Day through Sadie Hawkins Day.

Carmel, CA, USA – February 14, 2012 — America’s most loved Relationship Expert teaches singles how to Fall in Love avoid being a TS’er (Terminally Single)

Susan Bradley, relationship expert and award winning author of How to be Irresistible to the Opposite S*x rescues singles just before Singles Awareness Day. Want to know if you are at risk of being one of the nations TERMINALLY SINGLE? Find out if you are a TS’er with her online guide: found at http://www.MyDramaFreeRelationship.com.

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Top FIVE qualities of the Terminally Single:
1. TOO INEXPERIENCED: You don’t date much, have only been in love once or twice, have never been in a serious long term relationship and still keep thinking it’s going to happen “one day.”
2. TOO SMART: Super intelligent, logical, rational people think that flirting is beneath them. They worry they won’t be taken seriously.
3. TOO CHOOSY: These singles always say: I’m just too selective. On the surfact this seems like a rational excuse but the real reason is that they’re just plain afraid to be disappointed again. No one seems to measures up to their lofty unrealistic standards.
4. TOO PC: Singles who are too politically correct come across like dull door mats. They never seem to spark loves flames.
5. TOO RISK ADVERSE: Risk Adverse singles, worry too much about every detail in dating and relating. They have pesky belief systems that work overtime to protect them from getting hurt again so they never quite make their move.

Too many singles think that when the “time is right”, someone will magically appear. This is a very dangerous mind set. Bradley can successfully teach shy singles how to flirt and how to go for their love goals, but if they never change their old belief system that negatively impacts their love action plan, they will end up terminally single.

Bradley says that the #1 reason singles avoid love is fear of negative relationship drama. She advises singles to avoid dating people with:

D: Divorce Drama- If the divorce proceedings are rocky, you will be impacted.
R: Re-probates -people with DUI’s or excessive run-ins with the law.
A: Anger/Abuse Issues (Watch for the little red flags that show up.)
M: Money issues (perpetual ones) and people who are still Married or in a relationship.
A: Active Addiction Issues: Avoid people who are actively in recovery or still in denial and not doing anything about their addiction.

Instead of falling into the DRAMA trap, singles should seek to Partner & Prosper in Love. Life is filled with a certain amount of unavoidable drama but no single should invite more into their life. Healthy singles make healthy prosperous couples but they do need to take a NO DRAMA approach to choosing the best soul mate.

Seek to Partner and Prosper: not Date and Divorce. Bradley says that: In today’s world it is critically important for singles to be 100% more aware of their choices in love and seek professional help from a love coach. No more dating people with “potential.” Make yourself ready and then raise the bar. Singles still looking to partner and procreate need to get more serious before their window of opportunity eludes them. Those who are looking for love and take the time to Break Through their Love and Abundance Barriers (sneaky underlying fears that keep love at bay) will find love. Love seekers that keep letting their fears stop them, won’t. Singles are not equipped to eliminate these fears on their own.

Bradley will help the Terminally Single avoid negative drama and find a Partner and Prosper with her ground-breaking FREE webinars found online beginning Valentines Day and ending on Sadie Hawkins day (Feb 29th).

RETRIEVE YOUR FREE admission to any one of 3 LovingUnversity Webinars by:Posting a comment on her LOVE BLOG AT http://vsta.pr/xWriwd or “Like” her Facebook GuidetoFlirting page and gain immediate access to a FREE series of FB Webinars designed to give you the top ten keys to avoiding DRAMA and falling in love with yourself, your life, and your Soulmate.
Topics Include: 1. Are you Terminally Single?(tm) 2. How to Find Drama Free Love 3. How to Flirt & Not Look Like you are in Heat

Susan Bradley RN is a veteran relationship expert and the award winning author of How to be Irresistible to the Opposite S*x and Irresistible Prescriptions for Love. Her ebook: How to Flirt and Not Look Like you are in Heat is found at http://www.GuideToFlirting.com
She is the founder of Loving University: Get Your PHD in Love
She’s been featured on Discovery Channel, CNN, & various morning talk shows in five countries. She will be releasing a new book: I Know Why You’re Still Single…and so do you. in the fall of 2012
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