AAA advocates investing in vintage fashion

Investing in vintage designer fashion is catching on as one of the more unusual alternative investment asset classes, according to AAA.

Boston, MA, February 09, 2012 – Investing in vintage designer fashion is catching on as one of the more unusual alternative investment asset classes, according to Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

The alternative investment advocacy group claims that people with an interest in fashion, as well as people simply with an interest in making great returns, are turning to classic couture to do so.

AAA’s claims are based on a recent CNBC interview wit William Bank-Blaney, who runs a lucrative vintage clothing retailer in London. He recommends starting with classic designer clothes from big names. He said, “If I was going to start investing in fashion, the key things I would start with would be works by the great masters.

“Ossie Clark for British design, Dior for French design, Norman Hartnell again for British design. These are pieces by iconic designers that have a worldwide appeal and audience.”

In terms of the return on investment potential, Blake-Blaney said that this is relatively strong: “Most pieces appreciate quite substantially. We are finding there is between a 10 and 20 percent year-on-year uplift in good pieces of vintage.”

Having a good eye helps in making the right choices, according to the CNBC article, which also includes interview with Kerry Taylor of Kerry Taylor Auctions. She adds that the best designer vintage garments are becoming increasingly rare, which obviously adds to their value. “There aren’t huge supplies for these things any more – they are running out,” she asserted.

Her advice to anyone thinking of investing in designer vintage was to look for designer labels, and for garments that are in great conditions and have not be altered in any way.

AAA is an advocate of investing in alternative asset classes, such as art, antiques, real estate, private equity, precious metals and forestry. “Forestry investment in particularly offers a great chance to make strong returns from a much less volatile market than equities,” stated AAA’s analysis partner, Anthony Johnson.

Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320

Drum Storm: A Maintenance Free Two-Way Drum Pump

Charlotte, NC, USA – Feb 9, 2012– To provide a sustainable solution to stalling and wear problems associated with electrically powered vacuums, STREAMTEK™ has introduced the Drum Storm. This compressed-air powered reversible drum pump does not comprise a motor or impellers or moving parts. These very attributes make it a safer and more efficient alternative to electrically powered vacuums.

Over the last few years, STREAMTEK’s compressed air-operated products have been focused on meeting the challenges of a new economy. The introduction of the reversible drum pump is an extension of the same endeavor.

The Drum Storm demonstrates superior performance in operations such as sucking up liquid spills, oil, coolant, wastewater, sludge, hydraulic oil and many other liquids. It also eliminates dependence on electricity as it is powered by compressed air. The drum pump starts working at the turn of a knob and can clear up spills in as less as 2 minutes. It is designed in a manner that enables it to be attached to just about any closed head drum. It also comes with an in-built safety feature that eliminates the chances of overfilling or spilling. The only care that needs to be taken is that the Drum Storm must be used on a drum that is in good condition and has a wall thickness of at least 1.5mm.

STREAMTEK™ is confident that this innovative product will prove to be a much-needed alternative to industries seeking energy efficient and cost-effective solutions. It is designed to suit the needs of myriad industry verticals. The pump system comprises a stainless steel construction that endows it with a longer shelf life. The entire apparatus is designed for easy and quick installation and mobility making it apt for use in emergencies as well. Besides, the addition of a safety shut-off ensures that no spillage takes place. Taking the utility value of the Drum Storm a step ahead, customers can also request for customized drum pumps to meet exacting specifications.

Ever since its inception, STREAMTEK™ has been among the leaders in providing compressed air-operated products. Their products such as the air curtain and static eliminator range have been in use in various parts of the globe and the drum pump is set to join this trusted league.


STREAMTEK,, brings to the table over 15 years in manufacturing compressed air-operated products. Our product line includes Vortex Tubes & applied product utilizing Vortex Tubes, Air Knives/Air Knife, Air Conveyors, Air Amplifiers/Air Movers, air-operated vacuums and ionizing products for static elimination. By encouraging our customers to purchase directly from us, we have been able to offer significant cost benefits. Our entire product range carries an unmatched 6 year warranty against failure.


Doug Sumner, Application Engineer

Streamtek – North Carolina Inc,

3141 Piper Lane, E-1877,

Charlotte, NC 28208, USA,


Tel: 1-888-218-6548

Kerala holidays – Filled with natural charm and loveliness

Kerala Holidays offer you the superb vacations options in different ways. This journey is filled with natural charms and loveliness which are dotted in every part of the state. Here, we will provide you some glimpses of backwater destinations which are renowned for their majestic beauty.

Kerala-Gods’ Own Country is gifted with an ample of attractions which are located in every nook and corner of the state. Here, you would be able to look for a number of allures which are famous among all the visitors around the globe. Some of the outstanding lures are magnificent temples, white sands, azures beaches, immense forts, manicured gardens, exotic flora & fauna, enchanting lakes, grand churches, cascading waterfalls, serene backwaters, beautiful houseboats, cool hill stations and many more. You will be able to search all such lures in various destinations viz. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka etc. If you want to discover all these charms of god’s of country then you can get the help of Kerala Tour Packages .

Apart from that, here we will focus your attention on the tranquil backwaters which will spellbind you a lot. Few of the backwater spots are Alappuzha backwaters, Kochi backwaters, Kumarakom backwaters, Kollam backwaters, Trivandrum backwaters, Kozhikode backwaters and lots more. Below we will discuss about some splendid Backwaters in Kerala in brief.

Alappuzha Backwaters

Alappuzha or Alleppey backwaters are renowned among all the tourists. Alleppey is also popular as “Venice of the East”. Here, you can explore so many allures like flowers, greenery, marine life, coconut trees, colorful birds etc. You can look for all such allures with the help of houseboats.

Kumarakom Backwaters

Kumarakom Backwaters are also prominent amid all. Here, you will be able to find a number of lures such as beautiful fishes, blue & green water, fringed coconut palms, tweeting birds and many more. With the help of well designed houseboats, you can discover these lures in a pleasing manner.

Kollam Backwaters

Kollam Backwaters are popular tourist destinations of god’s own country. At theses spots, you can find lots of wonderful charms which will entice you a lot. Some of the major allures are blossom flowers like lotus, lilies, greenery, chirruping birds and so on. The natural surroundings and amazing greenery will arrest your attention a lot.

About Us

Kerala backwaters houseboats are a prominent tour partner in India which is offering you great and different tour packages. This travel agency does not charge any hidden cost. For more details, you can visit the website that will assist you to explore the beautiful backwater destinations in Kerala with natural loveliness.

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WordPress Naples Web Design Acts As the Driving Energy Behind Person Friendly Sites

In the area of web development, CMS (Topic material Administration System) performs a major position in producing the job more easy for the developers. Though website customization is by no signifies a smooth cakewalk, a big selection of Open Supply tools have created the activity pretty comfortable for software program and web professionals. WordPress Naples website design service has been a driving force behind successful specialist websites. This main open provide publishing platform has been registering super progress as a consequence of its release manner back in 2003.

Using Internet has been witnessing an exceptional rise. Common persons are attending to be internet-savvy. In present a few years, the reputation of weblogs has touched even the non-technical folks. Expert weblogs are becoming also used to advertise company. The following lies the worth of a custom-made blogging internet site with person-pleasant capabilities. In addition, women and men want revolutionary applied sciences in order that even laymen can reap some nice benefits of most recent inventions. On this regard WordPress performs its vital role. Tons of of WordPress customized themes and templates are accessible on the web to customize a site with personal touch, producing it one specific of the generally employed CMS to combine on sites. As well as, WordPress site affords on the web guidance to perform on this blogging device. It tremendously helps newcomers in the IT field.

WordPress arrives with an internet template processor. The easy-to-use functions and WordPress personalized themes permit even the laymen to rearrange widgets without any info of PHP, HTML or CSS code. Nonetheless, in the era of e-studying a single can effortlessly study the simple strategies of those web publishing assets by the use of various websites at completely free of value. Enhancing PHP and HTML codes will no doubt be sure that a memorable encounter for the top users. The intensive characteristic checklist of WordPress consists of built-in hyperlink administration with a watch on analysis engine optimization for the and permalink building to enable assigning nested and many classes to content material articles.

This Open Source blogging machine additionally consists of automotive-filters and wealthy text formatting options to edit posts with expert touch. Its textual content formatting features provide many benefits and assist to convert typical rates to sensible quotes. Amongst different benefits of WordPress Naples website design, 1 can simply point out about its help for Trackback and Pingback criteria that allow to present links to different web sites, which have been linked to an submit or post. Nonetheless, one important function that separates it from different customizable CMS is its rich plugin structure that permits hundreds of 1000’s of technical contributors to boost its features previous its standard and genuine offerings.

Websites personalised with WordPress are appropriate with all the fashionable day browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE seven, IE eight, Opera and Safari. Advancement within the cell software discipline has enabled customers of BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad, Android and Window Phones to accessibility the essential offerings of this running a blog script and Open Useful resource project. Be it building individual blogs or customizing sites for Fortune 500 stage corporations, WordPress web design Naples FL service occupies a predominant placement in the IT subject.
wordpress internet design service

To learn more about Naples website design, please call the number below:

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Luci’s Phoenix Bags ‘Best Cup of Coffee’ Award

(Phoenix, AZ) 25 January 2012 – Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, which also prides itself in running the best coffee bar in Phoenix, was recently recognized for the “Best Cup of Coffee” and as being the “Best Grocery Store” during the Best of Our Valley 2012 awarding ceremonies of the Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Ken Schnitzer, owner of Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, said that he and his wife Luci were both honored to take the 81.59 per cent of the year’s vote of confidence. “We share this honor with all our customers, suppliers, and staff who have been one with us in promoting the individual’s fitness and well-being – by providing healthy options that do not compromise quality and and palatability.”

Schnitzer said that even coffee, for which customers keep returning to Luci’s, should be made to suit a person’s health – and taste – requirements. “I guess this is the reason we bagged the award in the first place: Our locally roasted organic coffee is at once tasty and beneficial to the body and spirit. Then there’s our marketplace offering items that are free of toxins, preservatives, and life-threatening artificial ingredients.”

It is worthy to mention that Luci’s Healthy Marketplace and coffee bar was born to inspire customers to embrace the lifestyle that promotes the body’s fitness and well-being. It was built at Luci’s rebirth as a breast cancer survivor. “When my wife, Luci, conquered The Big ‘C’, she and our entire family became fully aware of what lifestyle and diet could do to our health. We decided it was time we changed our eating habits into what is sound.”

“Moreover,” Schnitzer said, “we thought we should give others the opportunity of living healthy so they would not have to go through the painful and difficult times that we suffered as a family. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure – and having healthy marketplaces like Luci’s gives people a great sense of confidence in what they eat.”

According to Schnitzer, being awarded “Best Grocery Store”, was not only because of encouraging salutory conditions for physical health. “Besides the fact that all the products on our store shelves are natural and more than 75% organic, we patronize goods made of locally and regionally grown ingredients. Luci’s operates on socially responsible terms to support small and medium enterprises, family-owned businesses like ours, which altogether keep our economy healthy.”

From 6.30 in the morning to closing time in the evening, seven days a week, Luci’s Healthy Marketplace and coffee bar serves locally roasted organic coffee, iced coffee drinks, assorted tea and beverages – and its popular “All-Day Breakfast” meals. The marketplace section features grocery goodies, including meats and seafood, dairy and cheeses, snacks and entrées, wine and beer, and supplements. Non-food items include cosmetics, baby care products, pet care products, cleaning products that have tested for quality and safety.

More information may be viewed at the Luci’s Healthy Marketplace Website: .

1590 East Bethany Home Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 773-1339

Goldco Direct Announces the Release of Their 2012 Investors Kit

Providing Future Investors with Well-Rounded Insight into Precious Metals


Tarzana, CA – Goldco Direct is pleased to announce the arrival of its 2012 Investors Kit.  The precious metals industry is one which many potential investors want to get started with yet are unsure as to how the process works.  With the Goldco Direct 2012 Investors Kit, learning about precious metals is broken down simply and intelligently.  Whether you are interested in owning gold and silver or perhaps are contemplating diversifying your retirement accounts with precious metals, the 2012 Investors Kit is the perfect starting point to explore.


The Goldco Direct 2012 Investors Kit will provide clients with the necessary knowledge and insight needed in order to help them to pursue physical gold and silver with confidence.  The 2012 Investors Kit offers guidelines and information which is easy to understand and even easier to apply in the real world investment arena.  Future investors will learn why owning precious metals is important in any well diversified portfolio and how to get started with Goldco Direct.


Goldco Direct’s 2011 Investors Kit was a popular item last year and after a great year and with the helpful feedback received from Goldco Direct’s clients, the 2012 Investors Kit is even more informative and inclusive than last year’s kit.  Goldco Direct would like to thank all of the customers who offered their input and helped to make the 2012 Investors Kit the useful and informative guide which it is today.


Ezra Weisbuch, a Senior Trader at Goldco Direct, said about the 2012 Investors Kit that “it really helps my clients understand their options and the benefits involved in owning precious metals. I think the most important part about my job is making sure that my clients are making the right decision when adding gold or silver to their portfolios and our new investors kit really helps me achieve that.”


For more information on the 2012 Investors Kit and how to obtain one, please contact a Goldco Direct representative at (855) 848-GOLD.


Electrician in West Palm Beach FL with Verifiable Expertise

Everyone wants the best when seeking an electrician in West Palm Beach FL recommendation they can count on. Whether a homey cottage or a sprawling mansion, people want residential electrical work they can count on, of a quality they can depend on to be safe and long lasting. Many people feel more comfortable using a West Palm Beach electrician that has both commercial and residential experience, like Elcon Electric, Inc. This company has extensive experience in south Florida, winning awards for excellence repeatedly, and has been meeting residential and commercial electrical work needs in the region since 1989. Winning awards for their exceptional quality of work on a near annual basis since 1997, this stand out Miami West Palm Beach electrician has earned their solid reputation.

Luxury Homes Often Have Special Electrical Needs

There are many luxury homes in the West Palm Beach region, and Elcon Electric specializes in the sort of residential electrical work these homes often require. Special sea turtle lighting is one of the residential outdoor lighting projects that this company is known for, and their West Palm Beach electricians are well experienced with handling a variety of landscape lighting, both in terms of outdoor lighting planned for security and exterior lighting that is more about creating beautiful space.

When it comes to home safety, the expertise of this company is in high demand, and some of these services include whole house surge protectors, hard wired smoke detector installations, and electric generator installs, offering reliable back up in case of widespread electric service outages. They handle a full range of electrical services, such as lighting installations, new circuits, panel upgrades, rewiring and much more. Their fully licensed, insured and bonded residential West Palm Beach electricians are carefully selected and always trustworthy.

Find: Electrician West Palm Beach For Standard Residential Care That Can Be Counted On

The commercial and luxury home expertise that an Elcon Electric electrician in West Palm Beach FL has translates into habitual excellence that the average home owner can have confidence in. Elcon will never be too big to offer standard residential electrical services, no matter how many awards they win for commercial project excellence and no matter how many national corporations, like Verizon, Home Depot, and Dennys, request their electrical experience and expertise for their projects.

No matter how big or small the job, the outstanding dedication to providing the best possible customer service experience is a standard part of how this WWest Palm Beach electrician company operates. One of the most unique aspects of the Elcon Electric approach to customer service lies in the degree to which they respect their customer’s time. One of the most annoying things about waiting for any kind of service call is taking time off of work and having the service technician arrive late or not at all. With Elcon Electric, they actually guarantee on-time service calls. There’s also a lifetime guarantee on all electrical work done by this reputable electrician in West Palm Beach FL company.

There’s no other electrician in West Palm Beach FL services company that can compete with the verifiable and longstanding excellence and expertise that is standard operating procedure for Elcon Electric Incorporated. In addition to being one of the most reliable electric contracting companies for commercial and residential electric work in the region during the usual working hours, Elcon has become the first choice of many regional customers for handling electrical emergencies because they offer responsive, quick service even during night hours, and can be contacted 24 hours a day.

You can even speak with a real, live, knowledgeable and helpful human being, so there’s no need for pushing buttons and dealing with a frustrating phone tree. Give Elcon Electric a call anytime for your electrical service needs, and you’ll definitely be glad you did!

If you need any electrical work in West Palm Beach, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Elcon Electric
9089 North Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
(561) 655-5272
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Search for: Electrician Sterling to Find the Right Contractor for Your Home Interior Lighting Projects

Home remodeling projects, such as custom lighting design, can update the appearance of a house, making it more attractive and even add to its value. However, with the advice of a skilled Certified Electrical Technologies residential electrician in Sterling VA, you may even see a difference in your utility bill, if you update your home lighting with some of the more economical custom lighting design options. Economical, however, doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice style. There are some gorgeous, low-energy use options to consider, easy to incorporate into a home remodeling project.

Remodeling Offers an Excellent Opportunity for Home Rewiring

It can be all too easy to just focus on appearance when planning a home remodeling project. After all, money is tight all over these days. Remodeling, however, is the right time to consider upgrading home electrical wiring, especially if considering a custom lighting project. There are many types of energy conscious light fixtures and lighting designs to choose from, and strategic placement of lighting can also reduce energy usage, as well as enhance the overall look and feel of a room. But, home electrical rewiring can result in increased efficiency, as well. Ask a electrician Sterling VA for an estimate. You might be surprised at how affordable this type of project is.

A telephone call to a Certified Electrical Technologies a licensed electrician in Sterling VA, will get you a free over the phone estimate, as well as some advice, if you have a question or two about the electrical aspects of your home remodeling project. One of the great things about calling CET is that when you do, you’ll get a real person live on the line, instead of having to deal with the automated phone tree hassles that are all too common today. Even if you’re dialing a electrician Sterling VA phone number at night, if you call CET, you’ll get a live person. They have somebody manning the phone 24 hours a day.

Enhance Safety with Smart Lighting

A well lit home is a safe home, and talking with an interior lighting specialist can garner some excellent tips on how to increase home safety with smart lighting choices. People often associate outdoor lighting with security and safety, but don’t consider how they can strategically place indoor lighting to decrease the chance of falling down stairs and other household accidents. Planning lighting well with your local electrician Sterling VA can help keep young children or older, more fragile family members from falling at night on the way to the bathroom.

At Certified Electrical Technologies, they offer a free home safety inspection with every residential electrical job they do, making it easy to get expert advice on planning your home lighting with safety in mind. In addition to that, they also offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their electrical work. And, since they’ve been around for decades and plan to continue serving the electrical needs of the region for a good long time to come, it’s a warranty that means something.

When doing home remodeling projects that include replacing older lighting with more energy conscious, attractive, and modern interior lighting options, you can really benefit by consulting with a electrician in Sterling VA from Certified Electrical Technologies. With a long history in the area and numerous satisfied residential and commercial clients throughout the region, CET is one of the best known names in Sterling VA for quality electrical work. Each conscientious CET electrician Sterling VA is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and can be counted on for prompt and efficient service, arriving in a well stocked service van on time and ready to get the job done right.

If you need any electrical work in Sterling, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Certified Electrical Technologies
319 E Market St, Sterling VA 20175
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Insurance King of Rockford IL is Locally Owned

Insurance King is expanding to new markets in IL with the mindset to support local businesses.

Rockford, IL, February 09, 2012 – Insurance King of Rockford IL is locally owned. Insurance King is expanding to new markets in IL with the mindset to support local businesses. Inside Insurance King offices you will find business cards for customers of Insurance King.

Insurance King helps promotes other companies by referring customers back to people that do business with Insurance King. The owner of Insurance King prefers buying local and developing relationships with businesses within the community. This mindset is rare in the community today. If you own a business and are insured with Insurance King remember to bring a stack of business cards to be displayed within the Insurance King office.

To get your free quote for car insurance, contact any Insurance King location in Rockford IL and speak to an agent. Insurance King on Alpine Rd office 815-639-0149, Insurance King on Auburn St office 815-968-5464 (KING) , Insurance King on 7th St. and for after hours mobile office 815-316-9522, or visit to have an agent call you.

Dan Block
Insurance King
123 N. Alpine Rd
Rockford, IL 61107

iWonder Pro Enterprise Offers Device Surveillance and Management for Schools, Hospitals and Businesses for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Schools and businesses that issue iPad, iPhone or other iOS devices to their students or staff now have a way to control where those devices can go on the internet, monitor where they have been, and lock them down to only appropriate sites.

Life Record Technologies, creators of the consumer based iWonder Pro application to control and monitor children on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, releases the first enterprise level surveillance and control software for schools, hospitals and businesses.

“With the release of iBooks 2 featuring text book support by Apple Inc. its inevitable that schools will now start issuing iPads to students and staff as regularly as they issue text books today.”, says Michael Pike, Chief Software Architect of Life Record Technologies. “We’ve also noticed a lot of healthcare facilities deploying iPads to their staff, and our software allows all of the devices to be managed, observed and secured with ease.”

iWonder Pro Enterprise allows schools and businesses with as little as one iOS device, with up to 10,000 devices to manage them all in one place, including profiles to let certain types of users go to certain types of sites while restricting the others while using any Wifi or cellular network. iWonder Pro Enterprise is the first and only enterprise level surveillance system designed specifically for iOS.

iWonder Pro Enterprise is available now in the Apple App Store starting at $99.99.

More information can be obtained from the iWonder Pro Enterprise website at