Drum Storm: A Maintenance Free Two-Way Drum Pump

Charlotte, NC, USA – Feb 9, 2012– To provide a sustainable solution to stalling and wear problems associated with electrically powered vacuums, STREAMTEK™ has introduced the Drum Storm. This compressed-air powered reversible drum pump does not comprise a motor or impellers or moving parts. These very attributes make it a safer and more efficient alternative to electrically powered vacuums.

Over the last few years, STREAMTEK’s compressed air-operated products have been focused on meeting the challenges of a new economy. The introduction of the reversible drum pump is an extension of the same endeavor.

The Drum Storm demonstrates superior performance in operations such as sucking up liquid spills, oil, coolant, wastewater, sludge, hydraulic oil and many other liquids. It also eliminates dependence on electricity as it is powered by compressed air. The drum pump starts working at the turn of a knob and can clear up spills in as less as 2 minutes. It is designed in a manner that enables it to be attached to just about any closed head drum. It also comes with an in-built safety feature that eliminates the chances of overfilling or spilling. The only care that needs to be taken is that the Drum Storm must be used on a drum that is in good condition and has a wall thickness of at least 1.5mm.

STREAMTEK™ is confident that this innovative product will prove to be a much-needed alternative to industries seeking energy efficient and cost-effective solutions. It is designed to suit the needs of myriad industry verticals. The pump system comprises a stainless steel construction that endows it with a longer shelf life. The entire apparatus is designed for easy and quick installation and mobility making it apt for use in emergencies as well. Besides, the addition of a safety shut-off ensures that no spillage takes place. Taking the utility value of the Drum Storm a step ahead, customers can also request for customized drum pumps to meet exacting specifications.

Ever since its inception, STREAMTEK™ has been among the leaders in providing compressed air-operated products. Their products such as the air curtain and static eliminator range have been in use in various parts of the globe and the drum pump is set to join this trusted league.


STREAMTEK, www.stream-tek.com, brings to the table over 15 years in manufacturing compressed air-operated products. Our product line includes Vortex Tubes & applied product utilizing Vortex Tubes, Air Knives/Air Knife, Air Conveyors, Air Amplifiers/Air Movers, air-operated vacuums and ionizing products for static elimination. By encouraging our customers to purchase directly from us, we have been able to offer significant cost benefits. Our entire product range carries an unmatched 6 year warranty against failure.


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