Stellar Phoenix releases SQL Recovery V4

Software to repair severely damaged MS SQL server database that is now enhanced with upto 15% faster scanning engine.

Edison, NJ, February 22nd, 2012: Stellar Data Recovery a landmark for data recovery products and services today announced the release of Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery version 4; software that repairs corrupt or damaged Microsoft SQL Server database (.mdf & .ndf) files in a safe and non-destructive manner. The new version is updated with features such as upto 15% faster scanning engine, improved support for SQL Server 2008 R2, full support for NDF Files and detailed preview.

“Database corruption is one of the biggest nightmares in the life of a Database administrator that can occur due scenarios like improper shutdown of SQL Server, sudden application exit or virus attack. It not only puts the data at risk, also threatens to take a toll on businesses and revenues. Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery software is a complete solution that can deal with all possible instances of SQL Server failure and recovers the components from any damage either in .mdf or .ndf file.” said Mr. Sunil Chandna, CEO Stellar Data Recovery.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery v4 uses powerful algorithms to perform thorough scan, gives an option of selective recovery, and repairs all your SQL Server Tables, Views, User Defined Functions, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Rules and Indexes. Additionally you can try the software available in a free download version to scan the damaged SQL databases and preview all the recoverable objects. Stellar Phoenix supports MS SQL Server 2008 R2, 2008, 2008*64, 2008 Express, 2005, 2005*64, Express, 2000, 2000*64, 7.0 and mixed formats.

Pricing and Availability

Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Version 4.0 is available for immediate download and is available at a starting price point of $349.



Sophisticated VoIP Service and Provider Hosting

VoIP – the communication system, providing the transmission of voice signals over the Internet or any other IP-based networks. The signal is transmitted over a communication channel in a digital form and, as a rule, before sending the converted (compressed) in order to remove redundancy.

Voice and video calls through computer networks has become popular throughout the world since the beginning of the XXI century and is now widely used by private users and the corporate sector. The use of IP-telephony systems allows telecom operators to significantly reduce the cost of calls (especially international), and integrate telephony services with the Internet, to provide intelligent services.

VoIP technology realizes the problem and solutions that are using technology to implement PSTN will be more difficult or more expensive. Ability to transmit more than one telephone call within the high-speed telephone connection. Therefore, VoIP technology is used as a simple way to add extra phone line at home or office. Secure calls, with a standardized protocol (such as SRTP). Most of the difficulties to enable secure telephone connections to the traditional telephone lines, such as the digitization of the signal, digital signal transmission, have been solved in the framework of the technology VoIP. It is only necessary to produce a signal encryption and authentication for an existing data stream. Location independence. One need only an Internet connection to connect to your ISP VoIP. For example, call center operators with VoIP-phones can work from any office where there is available an effective fast and stable Internet connection. Available integration with other services via the Internet, including video calls, messaging and data during the conversation, audio conferencing, managing address book and receive information about available is to call other subscribers. Additional phone features – such as routing calls, pop, alternative GSM-roaming and implementation of IVR – easier and cheaper to implement and integrate. The fact that a call is in the same data network as the PC user opens the door to many new opportunities. Portability of telephone numbers (English Mobile number portability, MNP and LNP, Eng. Local Number Portability) – a service that allows its users to keep an existing phone number from one mobile operator to another. Ability to transfer phone numbers depends on the laws of the country. Challenges in IP-telephony system is considered the least cost call routing (LCR, Least Cost Routing system), which is based on the fact that checks the destination of each telephone call as soon as it is made within the network that gives the consumer the lowest price. Therefore, VoIP-solutions are also needed to manage the compatibility of mobile numbers of MNP when routing a voice call. In countries without a central database, such as the UK, it is sometimes necessary to send a request to the GSM-network on which network (which operator) owns the cell phone. Because VoIP is beginning to gain momentum in the market companies through the use of system features a minimal cost call routing, you must provide a certain level of reliability in the management of calls. One of the voip services and hostings are and


Business Accounting Software & Business Finance Software

For Business Accounting Software, We don’t recommend an one size fits all approach. Whether you’re a smaller start-up business needing your first accounting package or perhaps a large multinational corporation that needs to scale up the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities, you will need to use software to suit your needs.

We recommend Sage’s accounting solutions. They reflect our belief in locally developed products for specific local markets. As an example, Sage Pastel Evolution features an integrated Australian ERP software package solution and management tool which offers extensive functionality and add-on modules to manage all aspects of your business.

If you are finding it nearly impossible to find an integrated and holistic look at your business, it’s time to revolutionise the way that you do business with Sage Pastel Evolution.

By bringing all the areas of your operating environment together, Sage Pastel Evolution can be an ERP solution that offers the power to handle your financial circumstances plus your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Sage Pastel Evolution as being a core program is feature-rich, however the add-on modules that exist convert it into a truly revolutionary ERP software solution.

Sage Pastel Evolution Accounting and all sorts of modules inside the Evolution range are subject to an annual renewal payment. This business model will provide you with several important benefits including: updates and upgrades, first line telephonic and e-mail support. The compulsory annual renewal is payable at the anniversary date of registration of your application. It offers you reassurance that you’ll always have the backup service, support and expertise you require.

Advanced add-on modules for Sage Pastel Evolution contain:
Financial Report Writer,PO Delivery Data Manager, GL Budget Tool, Batch Journal Entry, Warehouse Transfer,GL Consolidator, Inventory Price Importer, Mail Merge, Shipment Module, Code Breaker, Debt Manager, Invoice Import,Multiple Purchase Order,Auto Purchase Order, Bank Deposit Slip, Invoice Processor and Job Costing Centre

Features of Sage Pastel:

Number of Users: 1 – 1000+ users
Number of Companies: Unlimited
Database required: MSDE (1 up to 10 users), Microsoft? SQL Database (11+ users)

Sage Pastel’s business accounting software solutions equip business people across the globe in streamlining their accounting and management processes. Being a leading developer of accounting software applications, ERP software programs and business management software solutions, Sage Pastel continues to be supporting the expansion of start-up, small, medium and big enterprises alike since 1989.

Sage Pastel is a preferred selection for many organisations. Our accounting, payroll, ERP and business solutions provide for easy and effortless daily financial management, to ensure that users will go ‘beyond accounting’ while focusing on their core business. With Sage’s philosophy and employment of continuous innovation, we guide our customers through the constantly transforming technology landscape.

Pastel Evolution – An integrated ERP software solution and management tool which supplies comprehensive functionality and add-on modules to manage all aspects of your business.

Contact Elev8 Australia today to find out how our business accounting software can revolutionise your company.

Sage – the leading provider of business accounting software and busines finance software

The Sage Group plc. The Sage Group plc is the leading global supplier of business accounting software, business finance software and related products and services, principally for small to medium-sized enterprises. Formed in 1981, Sage was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989. Sage has more than 6 million customers and also over 13,500 employees worldwide. We work in over 24 countries covering the UK, Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, India and China.

Sage Software programs are distributed in Australia by elev8 Australia. Contact us now for more information.

Sage Business Accounting Software distributed in Australia by elev8 Australia. Contact us now for more information.

Concern over changes to the personal injury claims process

The personal injury claims market has come under scrutiny recently with recommendations by Government ministers for changes to the current system. Prime Minister David Cameron has also become involved having just completed a summit with top insurance companies.

Drive to reduce costs
The Prime Minister has gone on record to state his intention to ensure a reduction in the fees paid to solicitors and in particular the fees paid in relation to small personal injury claims. This is an important element in keeping insurance premiums under control which have seen significant increases recently.

The insurance industry has welcomed the initiative stating that any reduction in the overall costs of injury claims will help to reduce premiums and that they will pass the savings on to consumers. They also committed to establishing stricter procedures for checking and vetting personal injury claims in general and whiplash and safety related claims in particular.

Counter claim
The Law Society has argued that part of the reason insurance premiums have risen so sharply is not because of legal fees but because of the actions of insurance companies. This has included the now roundly condemned practice where insurance companies were supplying accident victims’ details to personal injury claims solicitors to earn a referral fee. The Law Society also highlighted the important fact that over the period of rising premiums, insurance companies’ revenue from premiums far exceeded insurance payouts enabling them to reward their shareholders.

Right to justice
Reducing costs within the legal process and reversing any drain on the public purse are important drivers in the Government’s approach to this issue.

Concern has been raised however that the clamor for efficiency and cost reduction may affect the public’s fundamental right to access to justice regardless of their means to pay.

The no win no fee system which currently operates for injury claims was introduced to replace the old legal aid system and by all accounts functions effectively in achieving its objectives. If solicitors fees are curtailed and success fees either capped or even phased out then this could result in no win no fee solicitors cherry picking and shying away from the smaller or marginal cases.

A no win no fee arrangement basically means that the solicitor’s fee is only payable if the compensation claim is successful. Claimants therefore do not have to fund up-front fees and find ways of financing their claims.

These changes to the system could cause genuine claimants to be disadvantaged and reduce the effectiveness of the no win no fee system. It is important that no win no fee solicitors are not put in a position of having to make commercial decisions that may affect an individual’s fundamental right to justice.

Additional proposals
The second part to the Government’s proposals is to reduce the red tape and bureaucracy surrounding health and safety. The insurance industry have also been criticised on this front as many UK businesses have complained of having to go beyond minimum legal requirements in order to satisfy criteria form insurance companies to secure insurance cover.

The top insurance companies have now agreed to issues standard guidelines and operating procedures to provide a consistence approach to health and safety requirements.

There are many issues to address here and the Government must seek advice and consensus from all parties concerned to ensure an effective and practical solution to the problem.

Personal Injury Solicitors are specialists in personal injury claims and operate on a no win no fee basis. For more information on injury claims call us now on 0845 544 1794. If you found this article useful visit our website at and give us a ‘like’.

Voltage Converter: Save energy, Save Power

It takes a second to possess something, but it takes a lifetime to maintain it. Today’s world is a world of technology, nothing is possible without the use of high technology equipments, there use is no more a need but has turned into a basic necessity. Anyone can possess a computer, laptop, generator, and a T.V set, but the durability is what counts i.e. how long will they exist to function, one such device that helps these high technology instruments to work is a voltage converters. It is a device that supplies optimum amount of electrical energy to various electronic gadgets so that they function properly without being damaged due to high voltage or larger amount of power supplied to them. The most common issue faced by the users is the high cost of procuring a converter; this is the reason why people tend to buy low quality converters available at cheap rates, and soon they realize that the converter is completely damaged. In terms of a voltage converter one should always keep in mind the quality rather than the price that has to be paid at the time of procurement.

Voltage Transformer

If we talk about Voltage Transformer, it is a type of instrument that measures and protects the safety levels in high and low voltage circuits, this device is generally used with grounded appliances and also with electric and electronic appliances. Unlike the voltage converters, they can be used continuously for longer periods; they are passive devices which don’t add power. Transformers are very efficient in their working and are basically of two kinds namely Step-Up or Step-Down Transformer. Transformers are commonly used vital electronic device that are used in transmission and modification of power, voltage transformers can be used both to step up and step down the voltage. If one wants to keep the electronic devices in a proper functioning state for a longer period of time; a voltage transformer is the best option to cling to.

Step up transformer

As mentioned above voltage transformers are basically of two kinds Step-Up and Step-Down transformer, here we will discuss about the Step up Transformer, they are the majorly used voltage transformers that work to transform varying voltage to higher volumes while reducing amperage and effects of resistance and thus they are ideal in long distance power transmission. This kind of transformer does not have moving parts and works on the principle of magnetic induction. A step up transformer should always be kept in mind as it is best used in case of low electric power supply, it works to increase voltage thus it is very beneficial to buy a Step-Up transformer.

About Us

This voltage converter transformer work to supply ‘’Quality Goods at the Lowest Prices’’, it is a leading distributer of voltage regulation devices and household electrical and electronic devices. For further details please visit

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Voltage Converter Transformers


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Jet Aircraft Charter Defined with Paramount Business Jets

At a few point in our lives all the people has daydreamed about travelling about the particular planet in the extravagance of a private jet. It is actually unfortunate even so which the actual prospect of doing so seems unreasonably pricey and therefore jet aircraft charter seems unattainable for most people. Thankfully, Paramount has made it their mission in order to offer isolated charter services to because countless clients because possible from all the walks of everyday living. We believe that we offer our clients the actual many manageable and in addition valuable prices currently on the market inside the company. In addition with offering a lower fixed management fee than our competition, we provide great deals on you way empty leg flights which can lead to up to 75% off. Furthermore, should you can certainly find a rate lower than the one we all quote, we all will certainly immediately beat or match the actual price guaranteed. We happen to be committed to be able to our clients not to mention take pride in our honesty and in addition transparency inside our dealings.

Along with our low prices comes a rather high standard. We aim to provide the very best standard aircraft models and in addition amenities all the customizable in order to the requirements. Our selection of over 15,000 of the particular top private aircraft within the marketplace gives we an enormous wide array to be able to choose from whether or not we re trying to find a brief trip with a few persons or simply a luxurious business jet for a long as well as productive flight. Upon being satisfied with all the chosen aircraft model, we could as well add extra personalization with our huge selection of accessible amenities.

Whilst we all take colossal pride within the quality and variety of services we contribute to every customized journey, we feel that safety is actually and even always will be our top concern. Each one of our operators, employees, and even aircraft are generally subject to be able to the particular FAA Part 135 rules as well as regulations. We all as well ensure our own practices of protection are generally met so that we currently have the particular privilege of comfort as well as peace of mind when aboard our isolated charter flights.

We all offer both international as well as domestic isolated flight solutions not to mention we happen to be excellent that regardless of the actual type of trip we usually are planning, we all will bring your own dreams to fruition. You can choose from hundreds of favored destinations or alternatively simply call specific of our expert travel specialists now and let them recognize exactly what locations are right suited for the requirements. Our professional consultants are generally trained and also knowledgeable inside both the particular travel marketplace and also the isolated charter industry. We all offer our customer service plus support services 24/7, just about all year round with no blackout dates or exceptions. Inside an era where the actual primary method of travel can be commercial airlines and when all those airlines are generally alienating their customers with stress, hidden fees and inconveniences, we all provide an alluring alternative. Contrasting the commercial airline experience, Paramount offers we the particular chance with feel like royalty.

For further information about Paramount Business Jets and / or details regarding booking a jet aircraft charter service today please call us at +1-877-727-2538. Furthermore, we can easily equally go to us on the net and take advantage of our free isolated jet quote system.

If you are interested in more information regarding PBJ’s jet aircraft charter service solutions, click here. Offers Professional Web Design Services in India. offers creative and professional web design solutions to clients with different website requirements. The company boasts of rendering web designs that are unique and capable of fulfilling the business aims of the clients.

City, State, Date – Design of a website plays the foremost role in impressing its visitors. A flawless web design is one that has perfect looks and appeal, provides easy navigation and functionality and is search engine friendly. If the design of a website fails, the efforts of website development, search engine optimization and web marketing go in vain. is an established web design company from India with focus on designing creative and capable web designs for variety of business needs. was launched as a web design company India around 5 years ago. Over all these years, the company has gained recognition among the Indian business owners looking for innovative and result-oriented web solutions. The company boasts of having expert teams of web designers with imaginative and exclusive ideas for creating distinguished web designs. With years of experience, the company has managed to deal with the design of different types of websites.

From ecommerce website to social networking websites, the company entertains different web design needs that the business owners from different domains demand. In addition, the web design experts of the company are talented enough to work on various popular open source platforms. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Magento template design are among the top categories of open source platforms in which the company deals.

According to the people behind the company, their focus is always to understand the requirements of every client through multiple interactions. This helps the company’s web design professionals to generate the most appropriate designs that contribute towards the success of online businesses. Going further, the web designing services of the company are complemented by its web development, search engine optimization, site maintenance and web marketing services.

Visit to learn what the past clients of the web design company India have to say. The company’s website boasts of a big portfolio that it has built by serving various prestigious clients in the past 5 years. Those interested in knowing more about the web design services can contact the company representatives online and on phone.

About is a web design company based in New Delhi, India. The company has secured position among the well-known web design and development companies of the region in the past few years. With additional sets of services like SEO and web promotion, the company claims to be one-stop destination for the online business owners.

EXL Interactive
Development Center
New Delhi- 110012, INDIA
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Innovative Web Application Development Services Available with introduces innovative and success-oriented website and web application development services using powerful platforms like PHP, Java and Dot Net. The website claims to develop websites and applications that meet needs and objectives of different businesses.
City, State, Date – In the crowd of website and web application development experts, clients often seek services that are professional, innovative and capable of entertaining the needs of their businesses. PHP, Java, Dot Net and many other competent platforms can be used in this direction, only if the development team has the proficiency to use them skillfully. has come up as an IT company with expert teams of professionals and enough talent in hand to render useful web solutions for the business owners. was launched recently as a web development company to cater to the growing demand of revolutionary web designs and web applications. Apart from web designing and development, the company also deals in search engine optimization and internet marketing services. In the words of company representatives, the main aim of the company is to provide one-stop destination to the business owners who wish to take their businesses to places using internet.
PHP application development is one of the main services available with the website. The company has managed to hire PHP professionals, who have the required talent and experience to make use of the advantages that this popular platform offers. From website designing and development using PHP and MySQL to CMS customization, social networking application development and e-commerce application development, the PHP teams have creativity and skills to deliver the best.
The development experts of the company make use of other prevailing platforms like Java and Dot Net to add value to the applications. The company boasts of employing search engine optimization techniques simultaneously during the development phase to make the web solutions search engine friendly. This enables the development teams to make the web solutions truly valuable for the clients to achieve their business goals.

Visit to explore the portfolio, testimonials and reviews of the web development company. The company has an experience of working with some of the reputed business owners around the world. It is possible to contact the company representatives online and on phone to resolve the queries.

About is a web designing and development company that also deals in application development for desktops and mobiles. The company has expanded its service spectrum by including SEO and internet marketing services. Within a few months of its launch, the company managed to serve some of the well-known clients globally.

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Kitchen Design Software: Seek for a More Economic and Hassle-free Method of Constructing Your Kitchen Area

Set loose your imagination with kitchen design software and make your idea of a cooking place come true. The modern home maker can certainly grab the chance to show a long cherished desire of designing a stylish kitchen through the software. It is loaded with characteristics to shape your kitchen based on your fetish, whims and funds. Multi-functional kitchen patterns are trending and the state of the art “kitchenomic” options are in the pipeline. Deluxe is dying an all natural death in the home development tasks as individuals are at this point choosing possible choices to apply their plans, whether redesigning or constructing a kitchen at reduced costs. Kitchen economics matches the aesthetic charm and the functionality of the cooking area. With the assistance of the design software, you could have at this point a much more economic and practical technique of building your kitchen area.

Designer kitchens aren’t the sole turf of professional kitchen designers. The good news is that certain one conserves from the expense of hiring professional developers, therefore, provides you with the liberty to grow your financial budget for the precise work. The design software provides a handy and cost-saving technique to construct your home. It really is intended for the budget conscious that have the knacks for constructing. The application program enables an individual to get in touch with true building, from ground to ceiling at his or her hassle-free time. The software is set with features, easy navigational aids and the necessary resources you need to have to construct your kitchen. Organizing a themed cooking area? This package is good for you actually. The graphic designs add more zest to your building excitement.

Due to the growing costs of redesigning assignments, the market is filled with cost-efficient options in which people could possibly get useful savings in their redecorating projects. Planning your home with this software program is a large hit. Downloadable from the web or getting at a little price, you can aquire a wide selection of software that matches your requirements and spending budget. Features vary depending on the software. The free down loadable program will provide you with a basic experience of the action that the software program delivers. Though free downloads are often confined when it comes to capabilities and potential, it is designed to offer you a history into the e-designing process and a basis for assessment. Opting to purchase design software, it is possible to request a trial period to find out which one satisfy you best – again, think about your needs and spending plan.

Building your kitchen via the electronic method will allow you to understand how thrilling it is to be a kitchen designer. The artwork will give you a much better knowledge of your perfect kitchen, review every single corner and component, transform, reconstruct or refurbish additionally you get to see the final design in 3D. The alternatives seem endless. Using the built-in catalog of vendors and manufacturers, it is possible to estimate the cost of your own designed kitchen area. Your kitchen design software is an educated, outstanding, cost-efficient and revolutionary intervention for redesigning strategies. Desiring a stunning and high-class kitchen comes easy with the software that makes kitchen constructing within reach.

Check out the kitchen design software available on the market at

‘People-Minded’ Attorney named in Super Lawyers® List of 2012

Los Angeles, CA – February 20, 2012 — Los Angeles attorney Robert Mansell was just named to the Super Lawyers®list of 2012 by one of the state’s most prestigious law magazines. According to the Feb, 2012 issue of Southern California Super Lawyers® the magazine recognized him as a quality advocate in the profession: “Mansell has a proven track record of success and years of courtroom experience, but what separates him from other attorneys is the amount of time invested in each and every case.”

It was just one of the reasons listed, among many, that bestowed this great honor upon Mansell, who has always prided himself on a solid Midwestern work ethic. The Los Angeles accident lawyer has represented thousands of cases that have resulted in beneficial outcomes for his clients. He is well versed in many areas of law including: wrongful death, auto accidents, workplace injuries, negligent medical treatment, premises liability, defective products and industrial accidents. Mansell has taken personal injury cases that other Los Angeles attorneys have refused:

“I found Mr. Mansell while searching online and discovered a superb lawyer. He took a difficult case that others had turned down, got me first class medical care and a very good settlement,” said one client in a testimonial.

Mansell has handled personal injury issues likes these within his practice; serving his clients in greater Los Angeles for the last 25 years. Over that expanse of time he developed great expertise in the handling of virtually any client situation. His dedication can be heard from many of his satisfied clients like Jeffrey Willard who said:

Mansell&Mansell understands that results matter for their clients, but they also know that the client is the most important part of the relationship. The firm’s success can be attested to treating every client with respect and compassion and by clearly communicating with them through every step of the legal process. This human foundation is what sets apart Robert Mansell from the rest and is the reason for which Southern California Super Lawyers®has named him to the Super Lawyers® list of 2012.

For more Information:

Contact: Robert Mansell
Mansell&Mansell, APC
1645 N. VIne Street, Suite 306
Los Angeles, CA 90028-8805
Phone: (323) 800-0000
Fax: (323) 466-4999