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Rockford, IL, February 13, 2012 – Free online training for Gano Excel representatives at .

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Michigan Based Home & Auto Insurance Agency Averson Insurance Agency LLC

February 12, 2012 – Averson Insurance Agency-an independent home and auto insurance agency in Michigan has moved from Wayland Michigan up to Grand Rapids to better serve it’s customers. According to Jayson Lash, Averson insurance agency focuses on finding Michigan residents the best Michigan Home Insurance & Michigan auto insurance policies to fit there specific needs. Jayson says that most people want to focus only on price, but Averson Insurance Agency works hard to educate their clients’ about the importance of being properly insured. Jayson says that Averson Insurance is working harder then ever to help people understand there policy fully so that they know what they are getting. Some important points of discussion in there agency are:

Deductibles-When it comes time to file a claim for your automobile, you need to be able to afford your deductible. It is sad how many people don’t even know how much they have to pay to get there car fixed says Jayson. You need to find a policy that works for you. You need to be able to not only afford your monthly bill, but also the deductibles you have to pay if you have an accident. This isn’t always easy to do with Michigan’s insurance laws and the mandatory coverage limits imposed in Michigan. According to Jayson, finding a policy that works for you is very possible and Averson Insurance Agency takes the time to work with people and find the policy that fits there needs.

Bodily Injury Liability Limits-If you were to be the at fault party in an accident and cause someone to incure serious bodily injury you would want to be properly covered or you could lose everything you worked hard for. The other person/victim in an accident has the right to sue you for pain and suffering in Michigan. Not carrying at least high enough limits to protect your assets could cost you everything you worked for. Bodily Injury Liability in Michigan is very inexpensive and carrying higher limits is almost always necessary in order to be properly protected.

Averson insurance Agency was established in 2008 and is available locally for anyone in the Grand Rapids area. They are also available and serving all of Michigan online through phone providing not only a local Grand Rapids based insurance agency, but one of the best call center agencies available in Michigan! We don’t need to be in your neighborhood to provide you the service you deserve according to Jayson Lash. We are able to help you find the best Michigan auto insurance and Michigan home insurance policy available no matter where you live in Michigan. Visit Averson Insurance Agency at:

Contact Details:
2180 44th St Ste 203
Kentwood, Michigan, MI 49508
Phone: 616-855-4018

Apollo Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:APOL) Investor files Lawsuit against Directors and alleges Wrongdoing

A current long term investor in Apollo Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:APOL) filed a lawsuit against directors and officers of Apollo Group over alleged breaches of fiduciary duties and other current long term other current APOL stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation, Inc. at

San Diego, CA, USA (February 13, 2012) — The Shareholders Foundation announces that a lawsuit by a current long term investor in NASDAQ:APOL stock is currently pending against certain directors and officers of Apollo Group, Inc. over alleged breaches of fiduciary duties in connection with certain business practices at certain of its for-profit colleges.

Investors who are current long term investor in shares of Apollo Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: APOL), have certain options and should contact the Shareholders Foundation, Inc by email at or call +1(858) 779 – 1554.

According to the complaint the plaintiff alleges that certain Apollo Group’s officers and directors also caused Apollo Group, Inc to issue a series of allegedly materially false and misleading statements that perpetuated the illusion of Apollo Group’s purportedly strong business model and financial performance, but concealed from shareholders that Apollo Group’s enrollment and revenue growth were due to deceptive marketing practices, and falsely attributed them to the purported quality of Apollo Group’s services.

The plaintiff says in reality a large numbers of Apollo Group’s students were unsuited for its scholastic programs and eventually withdrew from school, and most of these ill-qualified students had Title IV loans that were unable to repay those loans after dropping out. The plaintiff further alleges that Apollo Group routinely attempted to enroll homeless individuals and improperly compensated its enrollment personnel.

The plaintiff alleges that while certain Apollo Group’s officers and directors were making alleged false and misleading statements, certain insiders sold over $470 million of their privately held Apollo Group shares at artificially inflated prices.

Those who purchased Apollo Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:APOL) shares and presently hold those APOL shares, have certain options and should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Media Contact:
Joelle Day
Shareholders Foundation, Inc.
3111 Camino Del Rio North
Suite 423
San Diego, CA 92108
Tel: +1-(858)-779-1554

Leased Line Pricing Website Launched by hSo:compare

MPLS network provider hSo has launched a UK-wide price comparison tool that provides a direct best market pricing for connectivity in real-time.

London, UK, February 13, 2012 — The carrier-independent MPLS network provider, hSo, has launched a new tool to help businesses pricing up their networks to budget their IT and telecoms expenditure.

A beta version of the hSo:compare website has been running for over 12 months, and has already provided thousands of quotes. With cost effective next generation access circuits, such as EFM, becoming available across the country, MPLS solutions are gaining popularity amongst companies looking to take advantage of new cloud strategies.

Replacing the traditional lengthy process of salesperson-led quotations, hSo:compare provides real-time, location-specific pricing for multiple sites. It has been developed with the company’s carrier partners and offers an all-inclusive cost of ownership, which includes the managed kit and 24/7 support for the service. It is currently the only site of its kind widely available on the Internet.

hSo:compare enables organisations across the UK and their IT consultants, to plan and budget for their network upgrade, an important part of implementing a sound cloud computing strategy. hSo’s networks are cloud-ready, which is vital for companies that safely operate multiple services between offices and cloud providers. Coupled with the scalable solutions on offer, allowing IT managers to expand or contract their networks and service as fast as they like, the communication system can evolve with the business making it effectively future-proof.

“Business users have become accustomed, as consumers in their own right, to the instant availability of pricing on the net. We believe it is time for business-class telecoms to become more transparent too”, said Avner Peleg, Director at hSo.

“Decision makers should take best pricing for granted and look at service-related factors such as access to cloud services and high levels of customer service when making decisions about such a critical element of their IT infrastructure.”

Peter Rusling, IT Director at Parity Group, who found hSo through the comparison site, had this to say: “hSo’s online quoting tool is extremely useful … it gave us a really good sense of what we were looking for.”

The tool has proven to be extremely popular with IT consultants and resellers, working on behalf of clients. Accordingly, hSo has developed a range of features to allow those users to manage their own campaigns and clients’ requirements.

Furthermore, hSo:compare has proved a hit with the UK’s tier-1 carriers; according to Jason King, Head of Wholesale Voice & Data at Virgin Media Business: “hSo’s revolutionary pricing website enables business’ of all sizes to gain access to Virgin Media Business’ nationwide fibre optic network with ease and benefit from the advantages that superfast connectivity can bring.”

hSo:compare is available at

About the company-

hSo is one of only a handful of providers to combine its own MPLS network with other Tier 1 carriers, providing an end-to-end next generation solution to its partners and customers. In addition, a substantial investment in data centre platforms allows hSo to provide managed solutions across the full spectrum of voice, data and security backed by a single technical support centre.

Media Contact:
Shirin MacDonald
Epworth House
25 City Road
London EC1Y 1AA
+44 (0) 20 7847 4500

AAA claims PPF timberland panel shows alternatives are attractive

In a move that further underlines the attractiveness of forestry investments, according to AAA, the Pension Protection Fund is establishing a dedicated panel for forestry and agricultural investments.

Boston, MA, USA, February 13, 2012 — In a move that further underlines the attractiveness of forestry investments, according to Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA), the Pension Protection Fund is establishing a dedicated panel for forestry and agricultural investments.

The fund, which is worth well over $10 billion, has issued tenders for managers to sit on the panel, which will be dedicated to making decisions about growing and selling timber and investing in agricultural land.

This is just the latest in a line of panels that have been set up to concentrate on investing in alternative asset classes, which are becoming much more attractive as the stock market remains volatile.

AAA is a supporter of timber investment and particularly investment into sustainable plantation projects in developing countries. Its analysis partner, Anthony Johnson, explained, “As well as providing investors with the peace of mind that only comes with making ethical investment choices, investing in timberland can be extremely lucrative.”

Average returns from forestry investments have easily exceeded returns from equities in the past decade or so. In addition, anyone investing in timber has the added benefit of being able to sit on their investment and watch it grow if the market is not good when it’s time to sell.

“If timber prices are low when an investor’s timber stock reaches maturity, they can simply hold onto it for as long as they wish, in order to sell it when prices recover,” added Mr Johnson.

“In the meantime,” he continued, “their trees will grow by a further eight per cent per year, adding to the value of the timber.”

Most plantation schemes, like that run by Greenwood Management in Brazil, for example, grow non-native, fast-growing species such as acacia, eucalyptus and teak, that are popular for specific purposes such as the manufacture of charcoal or in the construction of homes or for furniture making.

About Alternative Asset Analysis:
The remit of Alternative Asset Analysis is to analyse and provide news on the global performance of a wide range of alternative asset classes including, but not restricted to, commodities, real estate, forestry, foreign exchange, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital.

Media Contact:
Anthony Johnson
Alternative Asset Analysis
71 Commercial St
Boston, MA 02109-1320

Online car hire specialist helps Brits and other tourists make most of Budgets in Cork and Dublin this February

Brits and other European tourists considering a long weekend on the Emerald Isle can save money on their car hire needs thanks to the latest deals introduced by car hire website The online specialist has announced that it has sourced new offers for bargain car hire in places like Cork, Galway, Dublin and more.

Tourists have long known that Ireland’s west coast is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, and travellers flock from all over to enjoys the sights and sounds of the region. Anyone planning on visiting Cork or Galway this February can get more rental car for their budget thanks to offering the very best car hire Cork deals around – the site has deals starting from only £33 for a long weekend’s car hire*.

Another popular way to see and enjoy Ireland is to fly into the nation’s capital, collect a rental car and head out into the country from there. Bargain air fares make it easy to travel to Dublin on a budget, and the latest Ireland car hire deals from make it more affordable to get out and explore the surrounding areas.

Briony Fairbairn, spokesperson for, commented: “We work hard to give our site users the very latest and best rental deals around, and anyone travelling to Ireland this February can really save. Value for money car hire can help people to get more for their budget when taking a long weekend away.”

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Distributors of Amway Global are having Huge success with the Free training from has series of 3 minute training videos that help people overcome objections, structure their team, covers mlm/network marketing basics, marketing, duplication, retailing, and recruiting.

Rockford, IL, February 12, 2012 – Distributors of Amway Global are having huge success with the free training from .Many Amway Global distributors are using a new online free training system to build momentum in their teams. Amway Global has had a history of leaders charging Amway reps for training cd’s and live events. Now Amway Global distributors can login to and get free training from the comfort of their own homes. has series of 3 minute training videos that help people overcome objections, structure their team, covers mlm/network marketing basics, marketing, duplication, retailing, and recruiting. Also on there is a 30 day plan to building a 6 figure income in Amway Global. Amway Global distributors that are having the best results are the people that are getting other people trained at the same time.

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815-639-0149 is a must have FREE training system for Pre-paid Legal consultants

Legal representatives are utilizing the free content on

Rockford, IL, February 12, 2012 – is a must have free training system for pre-paid legal Pre-paid consultants. Legal representatives are utilizing the free content on Pre-paid legal has been around for years, but never have they had an online training system like On you will find a 30 day system to get on a 6 figure earning track with Pre-Paid Legal, among a vast assortment of other training videos ranging from objections to recruiting. All of the videos are on point under 3 minutes long so every Pre-paid legal representative can use them.

Although there are over 100 different videos all unscripted and unedited recommends that Pre-paid legal reps limit the amount of videos they watch per day to 4 videos. The purpose of the video system is to learn from repetition not to watch them all in one day. The Pre-paid legal reps enjoying the best results tell their team mates about The reason why people join mlm / network marketing companies is because they wish to earn money residually, and the only way to do that is to gain duplication. does exactly that! Not everyone can be a trainer, and usually the people that train have not had any results in the industry. The co-founders of have built teams into the thousands and are proven leaders in the industry.

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