Goldco Direct Announces the Release of Their 2012 Investors Kit

Providing Future Investors with Well-Rounded Insight into Precious Metals


Tarzana, CA – Goldco Direct is pleased to announce the arrival of its 2012 Investors Kit.  The precious metals industry is one which many potential investors want to get started with yet are unsure as to how the process works.  With the Goldco Direct 2012 Investors Kit, learning about precious metals is broken down simply and intelligently.  Whether you are interested in owning gold and silver or perhaps are contemplating diversifying your retirement accounts with precious metals, the 2012 Investors Kit is the perfect starting point to explore.


The Goldco Direct 2012 Investors Kit will provide clients with the necessary knowledge and insight needed in order to help them to pursue physical gold and silver with confidence.  The 2012 Investors Kit offers guidelines and information which is easy to understand and even easier to apply in the real world investment arena.  Future investors will learn why owning precious metals is important in any well diversified portfolio and how to get started with Goldco Direct.


Goldco Direct’s 2011 Investors Kit was a popular item last year and after a great year and with the helpful feedback received from Goldco Direct’s clients, the 2012 Investors Kit is even more informative and inclusive than last year’s kit.  Goldco Direct would like to thank all of the customers who offered their input and helped to make the 2012 Investors Kit the useful and informative guide which it is today.


Ezra Weisbuch, a Senior Trader at Goldco Direct, said about the 2012 Investors Kit that “it really helps my clients understand their options and the benefits involved in owning precious metals. I think the most important part about my job is making sure that my clients are making the right decision when adding gold or silver to their portfolios and our new investors kit really helps me achieve that.”


For more information on the 2012 Investors Kit and how to obtain one, please contact a Goldco Direct representative at (855) 848-GOLD.


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