Luci’s Phoenix Bags ‘Best Cup of Coffee’ Award

(Phoenix, AZ) 25 January 2012 – Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, which also prides itself in running the best coffee bar in Phoenix, was recently recognized for the “Best Cup of Coffee” and as being the “Best Grocery Store” during the Best of Our Valley 2012 awarding ceremonies of the Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Ken Schnitzer, owner of Luci’s Healthy Marketplace, said that he and his wife Luci were both honored to take the 81.59 per cent of the year’s vote of confidence. “We share this honor with all our customers, suppliers, and staff who have been one with us in promoting the individual’s fitness and well-being – by providing healthy options that do not compromise quality and and palatability.”

Schnitzer said that even coffee, for which customers keep returning to Luci’s, should be made to suit a person’s health – and taste – requirements. “I guess this is the reason we bagged the award in the first place: Our locally roasted organic coffee is at once tasty and beneficial to the body and spirit. Then there’s our marketplace offering items that are free of toxins, preservatives, and life-threatening artificial ingredients.”

It is worthy to mention that Luci’s Healthy Marketplace and coffee bar was born to inspire customers to embrace the lifestyle that promotes the body’s fitness and well-being. It was built at Luci’s rebirth as a breast cancer survivor. “When my wife, Luci, conquered The Big ‘C’, she and our entire family became fully aware of what lifestyle and diet could do to our health. We decided it was time we changed our eating habits into what is sound.”

“Moreover,” Schnitzer said, “we thought we should give others the opportunity of living healthy so they would not have to go through the painful and difficult times that we suffered as a family. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure – and having healthy marketplaces like Luci’s gives people a great sense of confidence in what they eat.”

According to Schnitzer, being awarded “Best Grocery Store”, was not only because of encouraging salutory conditions for physical health. “Besides the fact that all the products on our store shelves are natural and more than 75% organic, we patronize goods made of locally and regionally grown ingredients. Luci’s operates on socially responsible terms to support small and medium enterprises, family-owned businesses like ours, which altogether keep our economy healthy.”

From 6.30 in the morning to closing time in the evening, seven days a week, Luci’s Healthy Marketplace and coffee bar serves locally roasted organic coffee, iced coffee drinks, assorted tea and beverages – and its popular “All-Day Breakfast” meals. The marketplace section features grocery goodies, including meats and seafood, dairy and cheeses, snacks and entrées, wine and beer, and supplements. Non-food items include cosmetics, baby care products, pet care products, cleaning products that have tested for quality and safety.

More information may be viewed at the Luci’s Healthy Marketplace Website: .

1590 East Bethany Home Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 773-1339

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