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Celebrate Romance at the Hyatt Regency Monterey! Book your Wedding in August and Win Prizes!

Romance is an important part of any relationship, and being aware of romance and adding it to your relationship, even little things such as holding hands or a heartfelt note, goes a long way in keeping your relationship strong and exciting.

Salinas, CA, July 05, 2017 – Romance is an important part of any relationship, and being aware of romance and adding it to your relationship, even little things such as holding hands or a heartfelt note, goes a long way in keeping your relationship strong and exciting.

August is Romance Awareness Month and the Hyatt Regency Monterey wants to help you make your dream wedding come true with prizes and “Meet the Winemaker Experiences.” If you book your wedding from Aug. 1-Aug. 31, for your wedding date actualizing October 2017 through December 2018, you will be entered a drawing to win $500, $1,000 or $1,500 as a rebate to your final bill’s master wedding account at the Hyatt.

Each winner will also receive a “Meet the Winemaker Experience” with Josh and Julie Ruiz, owners of Twisted Roots Winery in Carmel Valley. The winemakers will attend your wedding’s menu tasting and personally pair wines with your selected menu, limited to maximum of four (4) guests including Bride and/or Groom.

The winners will be picked Sept. 5.

To book your wedding and enter the drawing, contact our wedding planner at 831.657.6540 or by email at hyattmontereycatering@hyatt.com.


Marci Bracco Cain

Chatterbox PR

Salinas, CA 93901

(831) 747-7455


Relationship Expert Says “Like Yourself – Like Your Marriage”

Speaks on Self Worth While Releasing Second Book.

Mora, MN (USA), October 22, 2014 — Lisa Cassman, a licensed counselor, author, ordained minister and speaker, says men and women need to learn how to like themselves. She says liking yourself makes all the difference in any relationship, especially marriage. She recently wrote her second relationship book, “The Light in Your Eyes,” published by Halo Publishing International. It’s a poetic journey with her husband.

“When you learn who you are, you can learn to like yourself, then you can give more in a relationship instead of taking all the time,” says Cassman. “When both a husband and spouse can learn to do this successfully they can have a happier marriage.”

Research shows that self esteem is a huge issue globally, especially in women. One study shows only 4% of women think of themselves as beautiful, while 80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty.

Cassman says these stats are a product of what’s really going on inside of woman – her self worth. She knows because she also struggled growing up with low self-esteem and self worth. That’s why she speaks and writes from her own experience through sexual abuse, and a struggling marriage that ended in divorce. Through her faith and learning to like herself, she received healing. Now she’s married to the man of her dreams.

In her self-worth seminars, Cassman gives keys to help others find out what causes low self-worth and avenues toward solutions, while also encouraging attendees to draw on their faith for healing.

“Lisa’s seminars and books weave a dynamic story of brokenness to wholeness, which helps others to do the same in their personal lives and marriages,” says Halo Publisher Lisa M. Umina.

“The Road Less Traveled… A Guide to a Positive Marriage,” was inspired while on a road trip with her husband in his semi-truck traveling along the West Coast. From her professional experience, she pours her inspirational insight and her own personal understanding of relationships into her work and guiding others through marriage. You can purchase it for $12.95

“The Light in Your Eyes,” written across the last 30 years, documents Cassman’s journey into what love means, as her husband, Steve, showed her, starting when they were hopeful teens. You can purchase it for $11.95.

You can book Cassman as a speaker or wedding officiant by visiting www.LisaCassman.net.

A Minnesota native, Lisa Cassman has more than 20 years experience counseling children and families in the church, as well as working with sexual abuse and domestic violence victims at a crisis center. She has a bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling from the Pastoral Counseling Center, which is accredited through the National Christian Counseling Association (NCCA), and is also certified to administer the Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) report, which is a personal identification/inventory. She and her husband have four children together and six grandchildren. She enjoys speaking at women’s conferences and traveling to officiate weddings.

Press & Media Contact:
Lisa M. Umina, Publisher
Halo Publishing International
1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700-176,
San Antonio, TX 78213 – USA
+1 877-705-9647

Take Your Relationship to New Depths this Valentine’s Day

Academy of Scuba Introduces New Romance Package to Spark Excitement and Adventure into Every Relationship.

Phoenix, AZ, February 06, 2014 – The Academy of Scuba today announced, for a limited time, a celebration of adventure and excitement for every relationship through its exclusive Scuba Romance Package. Always on the cutting edge of innovation and guiding thousands of people into Scuba diving, Arizona’s premier Scuba diving shop is offering a first of its kind Scuba Romance Package to help couples spend more time together and have fun. Can you think of a better Valentine’s Day Present?

The Scuba Romance Package is a comprehensive package to help couples start diving together with incredible value and savings. Included in the Scuba Romance Package is the following:

* Private Open Water Scuba Certification Lessons for Two People

* Rental Scuba Gear to use during your course

* $150 per person towards Personal Gear (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and Boots)

* Matching Shorty Wetsuits

* Underwater Communication Course – Scuba Sign Language to use Underwater

* Emergency First Response Course – Scuba First Aid and Safety

* A “Heart Shaped” Graduation Photo

* Certification Fees and More

For complete details go to www.academyofscuba.com/romance.html

If you are looking to spice up your relationship, have an amazing adventure, and spend time with your favorite dive buddy, the Academy of Scuba Romance Package is a great value and tremendous opportunity to take your relationship to “new depths”.


About The Academy of Scuba™
Academy of Scuba Inc., with multiple locations in Arizona, is a PADI Five Star IDC Training Facility, a DAN Training Center/Business Member, a DEMA Member, and a member of the Better Business Bureau. The Academy of Scuba is an industry innovator for developing, implementing, and reinforcing advanced level Scuba diver training programs. The Academy of Scuba focuses on training with an emphasis to create “great divers”. The sole purpose of the Academy of Scuba is to not just put people in the water, but to keep people in the water. The Academy of Scuba assists divers in increasing enjoyment, adventure, and safety through better education and more frequent dive experiences.

Academy of Scuba Paradise Valley – 4015 E Bell Road Suite 134 Phoenix AZ 85032
Academy of Scuba Metro Center – 8502 N Black Canyon Highway Phoenix AZ 85051

Scott Kelly
Black Dog Promotions
9920 S. Rural Rd., Ste 108
Tempe, AZ 85284

Author Perry Ritthaler Releases New eBook titled, “Quotations Inspire Love In a Relationship”

Author, Perry Ritthaler is pleased to announce the release of his new eBook, “Quotations Inspire Love In a Relationship”. Published by eBookIt.com.

Creston, BC, Canada (January 30, 2014) — “Quotations Inspire Love In A Relationship” is a quotation empowerment guide to naturally build strength within the thought process that can be focused to enhance your commitment to love with your partner; guilty by association to specific ideas naturally building more romance into your relationship.

People and animals all over the world experience love; so be courageous and fall in love. Love kindles the spirit, warms the heart and enlightens the mind while playing a hidden key role in helping you fulfill your dreams and destiny.

Love is kind of complicated, but I’ll tell you this… the second you’re willing to make yourself miserable to make someone else happy, that’s love.

Respecting all people or animals in your life naturally enhances and binds the enrichment of the experience of love created within your soul. When you experience the chemistry that creates love; never make a person or animal fall for you when you have no intention of catching them.

Love is a commitment to exclusively entwine your soul with another living creature. Your happiness has a lot to do with your honest while creating the commitment to entwining your soul unconditionally with another you have fallen in love in your life.

Make your moment special when you make love for the first time. This sharing of love and emotions and sweat are a memory you will cherish on days when you reflect on how you made love for the first time with that special person in your life. Make this a special memory you can call on when you are feeling unfulfilled or neglected in the relationship.

It takes a life time to find that special someone, but only a moment to fall in love. Make a list of the qualities you desire in your soul mate and search out that special person in the world. True Love is a friendship that can last a life time and one you take to your grave. Few things in life give a person the same happiness as falling in love with the right person.

Choose love because there is no-one more worthy of love than you. When you hear someone say “I love you” they have the power to heal the pain in your heart, light up your eyes while creating passion to make love that entwines both your souls.

Family love kindles the fire in your heart that ignites the trust in your soul to love a stranger you just met. When you entwine your life with another and create your family; with that special person you love, know in your heart the actions taken in your home will carry on in your children’s heart and mind.

Many people in the world understand love and how these emotions can shape the persons happiness and their destiny; “Quotations Inspire Love In A Relationship” is a beautiful e-book that helps reminds us of how love is created. The e-book trailer below gives you an example while sharing many love quotations that can rekindle the heart and empower that special connection with the person you love. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoRf0u_zhj0&feature=youtu.be)

If asked why I love this person I would say; It’s the sway in their hips, the thickness in their thighs. It’s the lust in their lips, the love in their eyes. It’s the softness of their skin, the silk in their hair. It’s the twist in their walk; it’s the sweetness in their talk. It’s the way I feel your love that makes me love you each and every day. That is what I would say.

Order your copy of “Quotations Inspire Love In A Relationship” and enhance the love in your relationship today. Link: https://www.ebookit.com/books/0000003554/Quotations-Inspire-Love-In-a-Relationship.html.

Media Contact:
Perry Ritthaler, Writer
Digital Mind Coach

Varsity Tutors Highlights Relationship Between Education and Income Level in New Infographic

Data Serves as a Resource for Parents and Students in Assessing the Value of College Degree

St. Louis, MO, June 04, 2013 – To help parents and students better understand the value of higher education, Varsity Tutors, a premier one-on-one private tutoring and test prep provider, today released an infographic that delves into the perceived importance and actual effects of higher education on income and career prospects. Entitled “Education vs. Income Level,” the infographic compares educational attainment to U.S. employment and salary statistics.

In 2009, 73 percent of Americans said they agreed with the statement, “In order to get ahead these days, it’s necessary to get a college degree,” compared to just 49 percent in 1978. This increasingly common perception aligns with employment and salary statistics for college-educated adults.

“Data has shown that highly educated individuals are more likely to earn higher wages throughout their lives,” said Varsity Tutors founder and CEO Chuck Cohn. “It’s important for parents and students to understand the value of a college degree when making decisions about their education and future career plans.”

The infographic features survey data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources, including these key facts:

* The unemployment rate for college graduates is well below the national average, and has been consistently lower than the rates of unemployment for individuals without a Bachelor’s degree over the past 10 years.

* In 2013, the unemployment rate for people with a Bachelor’s degree or greater was 3.7 percent, compared to 7 percent for those with some college experience or an Associate’s degree, 8.1 percent for those with a high school diploma, and 12 percent for those with less than a high school diploma.

* Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree are expected to earn $2.422 million over the course of their lives, compared to just $1.371 million for those with only a high school diploma.

The infographic also highlights differences in income among individuals with master’s and doctoral degrees, and compares wages and annual earnings across several career fields from Engineering to Social Sciences. To learn more about the impact of higher education on income, view the full infographic at http://www.varsitytutors.com/blog/education+vs+income+level+in+the+usa+infographic.

For more information about Varsity Tutors and its services, visit www.varsitytutors.com.

About Varsity Tutors:
Varsity Tutors is a premier private academic tutoring and test prep provider designed to help students at all levels of education achieve academic excellence. Varsity Tutors delivers in-home, personalized, one-on-one instruction in any subject from STEM to the humanities and customized preparation for all standardized exams, including ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT and graduate exams such as the GRE, LSAT, MCAT and GMAT. Students from elementary to graduate school are expertly matched with an exceptional tutor who is best able to address their unique needs and goals. To ensure satisfaction and safety, only the highest caliber tutors are selected to join Varsity Tutors following a rigorous screening process. Varsity Tutors currently serves 19 cities nationwide and offers a variety of tutoring packages. Students and their families interested in learning more about Varsity Tutors should visit varsitytutors.com.

Kristen Plemon
3225 East 2nd Avenue
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Security Benefit Partners With fi360

New Relationship To Provide Powerful Tools For Independent 401(k) Advisors

Topeka, Kansas, April 23, 2012 – Security Benefit Corporation, a leading provider of retirement savings and income vehicles throughout the nation, today announced it has formed a partnership with fi360, the premier organization for fiduciary education, investment analytics, support services, and industry insights for financial professionals.

With the relationship, advisors and plan sponsors will have no-cost access to fi360’s highly regarded fi360 Fiduciary Score® analysis of Security Benefit’s recently launched SecurePoint Retirement 401(k) product. SecurePoint includes the expertise of Mesirow Financial as ERISA 3(38) fiduciary in the selection, monitoring, and replacement of 401(k) plan investment alternatives.

“We’re confident that advisors will find fi360’s reports beneficial,” said Jim Mullery, President, Security Distributors. “Access to a powerful fiduciary tool like fi360 will go a long way toward helping independent investment advisors build and manage sound 401(k) businesses.”

Known for its full-circle approach to investment fiduciary education, practice management, and support, fi360 offers world-class training, tools, and resources essential for fiduciaries to effectively and successfully manage their roles and responsibilities. The firm’s designation training provides instruction towards earning the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) and Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst™ (AIFA®) professional designations.

“We see this as a mutually beneficial relationship,” said Blaine Aikin, fi360’s CEO, “and a chance for us to immediately add real value to advisors in the small- and mid-size retirement plan market.”

Additional information on SecurePoint and Security Benefit’s Corporate Retirement Programs is available at securityretirement.com.

For more information, please contact:
Michel’ Cole, Security Benefit Corporation
(785) 438-3396

Laura Parsons, CSG-PR

About Security Benefit Corporation
Founded in 1892, Security Benefit Corporation, a Guggenheim Partners Company, is a leading provider of savings and income solutions for America’s pre-and post-retirees. Security Benefit Corporation targets multiple wealth segments and channels of distribution through an independent, merit-based distribution structure. By leveraging Guggenheim’s superior general account management capabilities into highly competitive products, Security Benefit Corporation focuses on the retirement savings market providing a full range of services to independent distributors including broker/dealers, IMOs and other financial service providers. Security Benefit is indirectly controlled by Guggenheim Partners, LLC. The firm’s se2 division is an award-winning and nationally recognized provider of administrative services for the insurance and financial services industry. To learn more about Security Benefit or se2, visit www.securitybenefit.com or www.se2.com.

About Guggenheim Partners
Guggenheim Partners is a privately held global financial services firm with more than $125 billion in assets under management. The firm provides asset management, investment banking and capital markets services, insurance, institutional finance and investment advisory solutions to institutions, governments and agencies, corporations, investment advisors, family offices and individuals. Guggenheim Partners is headquartered in New York and Chicago and serves clients around the world from more than 25 offices in 10 countries. For more information, please visit www.guggenheimpartners.com.

About fi360
fi360 offers a comprehensive approach to investment fiduciary education, practice management and support that has established them as the go-to source for investment fiduciary insights. With substantiated Practices as the foundation, fi360 offers world-class fiduciary Training/Education, Tools and Resources that are essential for fiduciaries and those who provide services to fiduciaries to effectively and successfully manage their roles and responsibilities. Fi360 assists those who rely on their fiduciary education programs, professional AIF® and AIFA® designations, Web-based analytical and reporting software and resources to achieve success. For more information about fi360, please visit www.fi360.com or Twitter: @fiduciary360.

The Security Benefit SecurePoint RetirementSM 401(k) product is a Trust Account under §401 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Services are offered through Security Distributors, Inc., a subsidiary of Security Benefit Corporation.

Laura Parsons
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Denver, CO 80206

Looking for an Ally in the Insurance Business Contact Insurance King of Rockford IL

Insurance King agents help several 1000 people save hundreds of dollars on car insurance.

Rockford, IL, February 06, 2012 – Looking for an Ally in the Insurance Business contact Insurance King of Rockford IL. Insurance King agents help several 1000 people save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Insurance King even has a mobile office that can meet you after hours to start a car insurance policy. Develop a friendly relationship with an agent that will be there for you. Insurance King agents deal with you on the frontline not hiding behind receptionists or on the golf course. Why wait to start saving on your car insurance today?

To get your free quote for car insurance, contact any Insurance King location in Rockford IL and speak to an agent. Insurance King on Alpine Rd office 815-639-0149, Insurance King on Auburn St office 815-968-5464 (KING) , Insurance King on 7th St. and for after hours mobile office 815-316-9522, or visit www.insurancekingquote.com to have an agent call you.

Dan Block
Insurance King
123 N. Alpine Rd
Rockford, IL 61107

Now’s the Time to Create Your 2012 Relationship-building Plan

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions that are seldom kept, create a 2012 Relationship-building plan that will help you maximize networking benefits. Learn from business networking authority Lillian Bjorseth how and why to do it.

Lisle, IL, December 18, 2011 – Instead of making 2012 resolutions, which are often idealistic and unrealistic, create a 2012 Relationship-building Plan that will last for years,” says Lillian D. Bjorseth, president of Duoforce Enterprises, Inc., and a networking and communication skills speaker, trainer, coach and author.

“Make it practical and concrete, and it can help you achieve maximum benefits from your networking endeavors. After all, networking – whether face-to-face, online or preferably both – is still the number one way to increase sales, get a job and enhance your career success,” says Bjorseth, author of Breakthrough Networking: Building Relationships That Last.

While the plan may take you a while to create, it can, with slight modifications, serve you well as long as you are in the same business/job, according to Bjorseth. “It also will keep you from fishing for trout in a catfish pond i.e., you’ll know where to find your target market and people who can introduce you to your target market,” she says.

Bjorseth suggests you start by writing down the focus of your business or if you are in transition what you would like to do. Her experience after working with thousands of people nationwide is that most have difficulty succinctly articulating what they do. She advocates following Thomas Jefferson’s advice: “Never use two words when one will do.”

Secondly, Bjorseth recommends you determine your U.O. “Ask yourself: ‘What’s your Unique Offering? How do you do what you do differently? Why would people hire you or buy your products or services when they know five other people who supposedly do or sell the same thing?’” she says.

Bjorseth advises you to then determine your target markets and answer who, what, when, why, where, how do they buy? “This should take you an hour or more if you do it thoroughly … and think of the valuable information you now have at your fingertips!” Bjorseth adds.

Then it’s time to answer the question, “Where are you most likely to find your target market?” according to Bjorseth. “List organizations, groups and events your target markets are likely to frequent. You need to zero in on the few that are relevant to you. You don’t have time to try a dozen different groups, much less pay dues and activities’ fees,” she says.

Another helpful hint Bjorseth gives is to know where to find the organizations/events that are frequented by your markets or those who can introduce you to them. “Be creative. Check the web for local chapters of national organizations. Peruse print and online calendars of events. Also, make a list of whom you already know, divided into such categories as business; professional /civic/industrial organizations, etc.,” Bjorseth adds.

“Above all, finish the plan. A half-done one will give you half-baked results,” Bjorseth says.

Lillian D. Bjorseth
Duoforce Enterprises, Inc.
2221 Ridgewood Rd.
Lisle, IL 60532