Tamera Nielsen Receives Expert Author Status for Healthcare Management, Lupus Seizure Research Articles

US 11th November 2010th_Tamera Nielsen, Business Development Consultant-turned-Writer and Life-Altering Trauma Consultant has received Expert Author Status on Ezine Articles for her most recent work on healthcare management, pain management, seizures, lupus, fibromyalgia, medication management, patient advocacy, and much more. Tamera’s first book, “Perspectives: Words on Hope, Truth, and Integrity” benefits The Lupus Foundation of America to help research this incurable disease.

Lupus is still one of the most difficult, incurable diseases to date. More prevalent than AIDS, Sickle Cell Anemia, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cystic Fibrosis combined, Systemic Lupus can kill if left untreated. Even under treatment, this disease still takes lives. Her first set of articles on Ezine cover healthcare and health-related topics and offer practical, yet atypical advice on how to deal with health challenges – both for caregivers and patients alike.

Tamera’s articles apply to, and offer insight for, persons facing traumatic adversity, cancer, disability, lupus, seizures, fibromyalgia, cancer, chronic pain, life-threatening disease, abuse, surgery, sports injuries, and much more. Her ability to impart uplifting insight into daily living has garnered the attention and accolades from people facing daily adversity or deadly diseases – worldwide via Ezine Articles and her social media outreach. Tamera has survived physical and emotional trauma, including life-threatening diseases, near-death experiences, domestic and childhood abuse, numerous surgeries (for a birth defect, Lupus complications, and a severe sports injury); prevailed over thousands of medical tests to diagnose uncontrolled seizures and <a href=http://www.tameranielsen.com>Lupus</a>, disability, and more. “Sharing my personal stories is one of the scariest endeavors I’ve ever faced. But in order to get this vital information out to help others live healthier, more rewarding lives, I realize I must share some of my personal experience,” says Nielsen.

Initial reviews from readers include caretakers, patient advocates, healthcare professionals, patients, life coaches, and entrepreneurs. “As a nurse, mother, and daughter, I agree with you that we all need an advocate to navigate this increasingly complex world of health and illness care. Although I have been a nurse for over 3O yrs, and been a client and provider in wide variety of health systems in 3 different continents, I am still challenged every time I accompany a family member or a client on journey into the system. A good advocate needs to have positive energy, compassion, sensitivity and persistence – all of which you possess. I am very excited that you are delving into this field. Any one will be lucky to have you in their corner!” ~ Kathy Brandenburg, R.N. For further information, specials on ordering “Perspectives,” or a complimentary consultation, contact the author at tamera@opinmarketing.com or visit: <a href=http://www.tameranielsen.com>www.tameranielsen.com</a>

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