Beta Testing Begins On A New Cloud Web Hosting Platform

Hybrid Logic Ltd announce the start of beta testing for their PaaS (platform as a service) web cluster. Hybrid Web Cluster offers standard LAMP web hosting with the redundancy, fault tolerance and scalability of the cloud.

Hybrid Logic Ltd, a United Kingdom-based company today announced the commencement of the first round of beta testing of their PaaS (platform-as-a-service) software product, Hybrid Web Cluster in partnership with CloudSigma AG of Zurich, Switzerland.

Hybrid Web Cluster is a Cloud web hosting platform designed to run over any number of real physical servers, cloud server instances or a combination of the two. Due to recent advances in file system technology (ZFS) in combination with advances made by the software developers at Hybrid Logic Ltd; it is now possible to offer standard LAMP web hosting with a revolutionary level of redundancy, fault tolerance and scalability, at a price compatible with the commodity web hosting market.

It provides the potential to generate an additional revenue stream from our existing infrastructure investment. We see this product expanding our customer base by offering a more managed approach from our core offering. ZFS is one of the key pieces of technology that enables Hybrid Web Cluster to offer near-instant data replication. This means that if any one of the nodes in your cluster goes down, some other nodes will always have a copy of every website hosted on the failed server no more than a few seconds old. The web cluster will automatically and instantly reorganise itself so that your websites never experience downtime a failed server results in a slightly slow page load for a few seconds rather than hours of downtime.

Because ZFS support is crucial to the implementation of Hybrid Web Cluster, a cloud infrastructure provider willing to support the latest version of FreeBSD was essential – ZFS support is also available in Linux and Solaris, but both options have significant drawbacks; Solaris is too far from Linux to feel comfortable for most users, and Linux’s ZFS support is currently too slow to be usable in a production environment. It was therefore essential to find a suitable cloud infrastructure provider who would support the latest version of FreeBSD The CloudSigma product with its support for FreeBSD 8.1 and ZFS provided the ideal infrastructure choice for Hybrid Web Cluster, and after talking to the friendly team at CloudSigma, a partnership agreement was reached which sees CloudSigma sponsoring the Hybrid Web Cluster beta testing programme.

Patrick Baillie CEO of CloudSigma commented Hybrid Web Cluster is an exciting product and use of our cloud. It provides the potential to generate an additional revenue stream from our existing infrastructure investment. We see this product expanding our customer base by offering a more managed approach from our core offering. The white label support and sophisticated integrated billing and accounting system gives us the flexibility we require.

Today the first round of beta testing began; 15 clusters have been provisioned and the first beta testers have each received login credentials for their very own test web cluster. Beta testers have full administrative control over their own cluster running on CloudSigma’s infrastructure – it is possible to set up real websites (including WordPress blogs), watch a live graphical visualisation of the load balancing and replication algorithms at work, pull the plug on a server and watch how the sites that are hosted on it stay live, it is also possible to generate load on individual websites and watch how the cluster’s load balancing algorithms respond. Beta testers can also explore our next-generation web hosting control panel which includes advanced ticketing and billing systems, automated domain registration, white label support and full internationalization.

If you would like to learn more about Hybrid Web Cluster, watch video demonstrations, or sign up for the next round of beta testing to try out your own web cluster, please visit

About Hybrid Web Cluster

Hybrid Web Cluster is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software product developed by Hybrid Logic Ltd, a company based in London, United Kingdom. The software provides commodity LAMP web hosting in a distributed and fault-tolerant manner across a cluster of servers. You can run a web cluster across multiple physical locations, using a mix of virtualised cloud infrastructure and physical hardware to build a true Hybrid Cloud.

About CloudSigma AG

CloudSigma AG, based in Zrich, Switzerland provides a pure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform offering high security, flexible cloud servers. Our innovative web console as well as API are designed to make cloud computing and cloud hosting straightforward. High availability redundant infrastructure is backed up by a generous Service Level Agreement that covers not only availability but also performance.

CloudSigma’s unique approach extends completely open software and networking layers to customers allowing them to run any operating system and applications they chose and to implement their own customised networking policies. CloudSigma bills by each raw resource (CPU, RAM, storage etc.) individually in a transparent, unbundled manner.

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Delivering SMS messages… FAST! Using Bulk SMS India

You have a social gathering for 500 people? You have to send them messages them personally? If this is RSVP, is snail mail the best option? If the events coming around this weekend and you only have 2 more days to inform the 500 people, how can you contact them? For event handlers, wedding coordinators and other individuals who are working with groups of people, coordinating with events and so many other things, you can take advantage of Bulk SMS India bulk SMS. This is an innovative Indian program that can help individuals and even corporations to send messages in the most accessible way possible and that is through the mobile phone.

So many people have mobile phones already so it would be very unlikely that someone in your list of partners or guests do not have a phone on their hands. This SMS software is bound to organize your communications in the best way possible. All you have to do is get the SMS software, get some credits, use the power of your already existing programs and you will surely have a fantastic and easily integrative system for your company.

Say you are a planner. You need to be in constant contact with all the partners, sponsors and all other people involved in the project. Imagine making a template for your bulk SMS. All you have to do is use the Excel file of your contacts; make specific notes for them like remaining balances and other kinds of things that you have to tell them. Then, select the numbers just like you would in an excel file. Once you have done that, you can use the SMS software to create a template message. If you need to include the notes you need for the contacts, just include the column letter of the excel file. Check the preview and you will see the personalized business messages that you have for each person. If you are happy with the results, send them and in a matter of seconds, all your messages will be sent. It is easy, breezy and fun to use! Send bulk SMS and save time, and get things done in an organized way.

As a planner, you need to be always fast, precise and organized. The best way to do that is to use the most accessible tools that you have. Bulk SMS India can provide that ease of sending messages over the mobile phone. When you have this tool, all your tasks can be integrated over one computer. Think of the time you spend just by making one template message to all your contacts. Send quick notifications as soon as possible and reach your audience as fast as you want. The great thing is that the program is also very easy to use so just use it as you are working on an excel file.

Organize your messaging system, make your life easier and use Bulk SMS India. This will make your events a real success, make amazing and professional messages sent at once to all your guests and enjoy the process!

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Vulcan High-End Motorcycle Gear Launches on

Las Vegas, NV. After years of development and testing, Vulcan fulfilled its purpose to deliver motorcycle wear that enhances the rider’s experience with higher levels of comfort and more functionality. Built for expert sport and touring riders, Vulcan motorcycle jackets and gear are vastly superior in quality and craftsmanship.. The quality and testing Vulcan jackets and gear go through is far more than other brands. Every detail down to using high strength thread, CE approved armor, and only the most premium leather or fabrics on their gear is thought of and tested. You can see the quality and craftsmanship in each jacket. It was important for Vulcan to make motorcycle wear that was more comfortable, more functional, and enhanced the riders experience. Vulcan jackets are made to last and provide superior performance, comfort, fit, and protection.

Vulcan’s High Quality Standards

Vulcan designs motorcycle gear made exclusively of high-grade leather. Vulcan’s leather is thicker, stronger, and more supple, and has a smoother surface than the leather of ordinary motorcycle gear. Tested by real bikers in real conditions, Vulcan’s ventilation system is based on the true airflow needs of motorcyclists.

Unlike other high-end motorcycle jackets, Vulcan jackets are not made in China; they designed and developed in the U.S. and Europe, and assembled in a factory in Pakistan. The factory assembling Vulcan jackets has long been making luxury $600-$900 motorcycle jackets for the European market. Because each Vulcan jacket is handcrafted, an expert assembler can only make 1-2 a day. Many assemblers only make the Vulcan brand and are dedicated to making sure each product is consistent and performs far beyond the expectations of any rider. This pride can be seen in each garment in the Vulcan line. Compared to other luxury motorcycle brands, Vulcan gear is a bargain—Vulcan motorcycle jackets sell for $199-$299 due to their special partnership with Without direct to consumer model cutting out the middle man the line would easily sell for $399-599. wanted an ultra-premium brand but didn’t want the sticker shock.

Vulcan’s Distribution

To bring its world-class products, Vulcan has partnered with and —two online motorcycle retailers that are leaders in the industry. and will offer Vulcan as their premium motorcycle brand. Vulcan is planning to extend its product lines and introduce a new premium line of motorcycle boots.

Excellent Customer Ratings

Since its introduction, the first line of Vulcan motorcycle jackets has received excellent product reviews. Motorcycle enthusiasts say that the comfort and appearance of Vulcan motorcycle jackets are “far beyond what they are used to.” Vulcan plans to enter several other markets including ultra-premium motorcycle lines and a larger line of motorcycle apparel. So far the launch of the product line has met with rave reviews from customers. They love the Vulcan line. The fit, the comfort, the protection are far beyond what they are used to. Not to mention some of the most advanced and coolest looking jackets on the market. Vulcan spends a lot time and effort to make our riders have the best riding technology but also the best looking jackets on the road. Turn some heads and stay protected with Vulcan gear.

About is a leading Motorcycle gear store, selling motorcycle parts, motorcycle jackets, helmets, motorcycle tires, boots, and motorcycle exhausts. Over 100,000 products from hundreds of top motorcycle brands like HJC Helmets, Cardo Scala], at the best prices are available at

About is the most popular online leather store selling top brands like Gaerne Boots, motorcycle exhausts like Yoshimura exhausts]; also incorporating the unique approach of manufacturing their own products. This focus on direct to consumer cost structure has enabled to bring higher quality products direct to online consumers at a fraction of the cost. The strong word of mouth and loyalty of customers has helped push them to the forefront of leading Internet Businesses and domination of several key niche market segments online.

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Nominations Invited for Requirements Engineering Workshop (December 11th 2010 at QBI Noida)

QBI Institute ( a leading training provider in Disciplines of Quality, Business Analysis & implementation with a focus on Software, Electronics and IT industry is conducting a workshop/Seminar for Requirement Engineering on 11th Dec 2010 at Noida (NCR Delhi) India. The workshop will address various requirements Engineering issues with special focus on Software, IT, Hardware and Electronics Industry. Requirements engineering is primarily a communication activity with significant consequences. Communication problems can begin early on if project participants have different ideas of exactly what “requirements” are. Requirements management is important in reducing the time and cost of system development. Requirement Engineering contains some scientific processes by which it is possible to discovering, documenting and maintaining user’s requirements very effectively. It is the first step in Software Business Analysis and has significant impact on the project success. Right Requirement Analysis results in solutions capable of meeting expectations and satisfaction of all the stake holders in both short and longer terms.

A project needs to address three levels of requirements, which come from different sources at different project stages: Business Requirement, User Requirement and Functional Requirement. Requirement Engineering Workshop from QBI Institute will focus on how Requirements Elicitation, Documentation, Validation and Management Techniques. This workshop is primarily intended for Solution Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Technical Writers who have to engage in this activity. IT, ITES, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), KPO (Knowledge Process Sourcing) professionals who have interest in Business Analysis and Requirement Management are also welcome. Further details can be obtained from or From Mr Akhil Sharma Deputy Dean, email:, Mobile No.: +91-9818783209

About QBI Institute:

QBI Institute focuses on Quality, Business Analysis and Implementation Disciplines. It is through these three specialization areas QBI wishes to achieve Business Excellence for its program participants and clients. At QBI our focus industries are Software, Hardware and Electronics and Services. The flagship program of the Institute is Certified Software Business Analyst Program which is available in both on campus and distance learning modes. The Institute follows a practitioners approach and conducts Industry workshops and seminars on a routine basis.

Copy Any Game with Game Copy Wizard

London, UK, 21.11.10 – Computer games is a game that is played in computer with simple graphics and animations. Video games are known as electronic games that interact with a user interface on video device. The personal computers and video game consoles are the electronic systems that are used to play video games. To burn video games in your system you need best game copying software.

In past, they use mod chip to copy video games in your system but it won’t copy the version of the game, it just read a game. Before choosing a game copying software to burn video games, you should consider that it won’t lose any quality and it should play just as original, it should play games in all consoles and it should be easy to use and should come with detailed instructions.

TL recommends the Game Copy Wizard as the best game copying software. Because it is easy to use and has instruction manual that is easy to follow. It comes with affordable price. The quality of the backup copies is same as original game and runs in all windows version. It works for all game consoles including Playstation 3, Xbox Games, Wii Games and even PC. Even it works for your media files such as music and movies. Game Copy Wizard helps you to play games years after your original DVD is lost, scratched or missed and gives you full control.

It is easy to learn how to copy video games from another medium. If you are using a computer, first check the medium where you want to copy the game to or from. To copy a game from a CD to hard drive then make sure that CD is cleaned properly, no finger prints or no unwanted spots on it. If you want to copy the video game from a CD or DVD to your computer, make sure there is enough space on your hard drive. If you are copying the games from another hard drive, you should notice that the hard drive has any virus infection or any damage. If you are using a console to copy video games then you use game backup device such as flash cartridge or copier.

About provides information about how to copy video games from another medium offered by TL. It is one of the most popular websites in UK. Detailed information about various steps to burn video games can be obtained from this website.

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CEO Mary Hester Principal for a Day at Chattahoochee EC

LAN Systems, a leading Atlanta IT Consulting company, CEO Mary Hester was the “Principal for a Day” at Chattahoochee Elementary School in Duluth, Georgia.

Norcross, GA, November 22, 2010 — LAN Systems, a leading Atlanta IT Consulting company, CEO Mary Hester was the “Principal for a Day” at Chattahoochee Elementary School in Duluth, Georgia. The program is a joint venture of the Gwinnett County Board of Education and the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. Its objective is to provide CEO-level business leaders a firsthand, authentic look at the operations of today’s schools and the principals who lead them. Leaders observe the rewards, challenges, and satisfaction that come with being the instructional and managerial leader of a modern public school.

Mary shadowed Mr. Jeff Lee, Principal of Chattahoochee EC, during his normal and very busy schedule. Starting by greeting students and staff, they moved to the media center for the morning television broadcast. A local school council meeting, lunch with the student council, lunch room duty, classroom visits, dismissing the students and a staff meeting completed the day.

“Nothing is more important to our future than maintaining excellent schools that provide the best in math and science education,” said Hester, “and there is no doubt that the students of Chattahoochee EC have a challenging curriculum and a dedicated staff. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge, dedication and commitment of the teaching staff. And Mr. Lee is an exceptional educator that uses his strong business acumen to run the school.”

Chattahoochee EC is in Duluth, Georgia and serves over 1100 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

About the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce:
Gwinnett County remains one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States and has led the state of Georgia in job creation for the past five years. At the center of Gwinnett’s growth and development is the Gwinnett Chamber.

As one of the largest and most successful chambers in the Southeastern United States, the Gwinnett Chamber has a finger on the pulse of the community and is able to identify and target issues of importance to businesses in the county. Within the Chamber, businesses of all sizes have a strong voice and powerful impact on important community issues. For more information, visit:

About LAN Systems:
LAN Systems provides people-focused IT solutions. As technology experts, LAN Systems helps companies make the most of their existing IT investment and choose the right solutions to fuel growth. LAN Systems is a leading provider of IT Solutions for growing businesses in the Metro Atlanta. For more information, visit:

Press & Media Contact:
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LAN Systems
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Resolving pest issues in food areas

US 22nd November 2010th _Imagine you are eating foie gras, caviar, some nice medium rare steak and some delicious wine to wash everything out, somewhere within the depths of the restaurants; little critters are having their very own feast. Restaurants and food establishments work with food all the time. Food is an organic product. We need food to live. The thing is that we are not the only ones lining up for the treats. Rats, cockroaches, ants’ flies and other kinds of pests could be lurking on the kitchen or the main restaurant hall. In a place like New York where food establishments are very massive industries, it is possible that there will be some kind of threat with the pests.

From Chinches de cama to ants, pests can show up in a restaurant kitchen that is not tidy and is not sanitary. It is the role of food places to ensure that the kitchen and the counters up to the last square inch of space from floor to ceiling are clean so that it will not attract insects and prevent them from populating the area. Food establishments would often time stock up on food. It is necessary since they need spices and other kinds of food stuff. It is important to keep them sealed and protected against any foreign intruders. This will seal the freshness and of course this will protect your investment since food prices are all raising, you would not want to waste any ingredients because of some pest loitering in your food containment units.

What if there is an infestation? What if there is something out there that is trying to eat with you and taking your food that you have worked hard to cook? In restaurants and even in regular home kitchens, when you see a pest, it is necessary to call experts as soon as possible. Getting exterminador Nueva York is necessary. Pest control is not just killing them. It is the proper detection, proper eradication and proper disposal of the pests. From the first signs of infestation from ants to rats to Chinches de cama, calling experts will help you in recognizing the problem.

Think about it. They would not be able to come in the house without a certain opening. It could be an open door that allowed rats and mice to come in. it could be a crack on the wall where ants and cockroaches move across. There is always a logical reason how they got in and that is the business of the exterminador Nueva York. They detect and find areas not only the isolated areas where you saw them. Chances are there are more of them in places adjacent to you. They could be on the garbage bin just outside your door that is full or organic matter. That is like a signal for pests to feast around your home and consequently, go inside your home for more.

For restauranteurs and food service owners, you would not want to go to the fumigador Nueva York to eradicate the problem. This only means that you have a massive infestation and you know how bad it can strip off the quality of your business and consequently, it could render you without any customers left. That is how scary the pest problem could be.

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When Moving Abroad Choose Robinsons International for Secure Storage

Are you sick of the living in the UK and pining for a place in the sun, away from the British cold weather?

Brits are increasingly deciding to follow their dreams of living abroad, releasing the equity in their property and packing up and moving.

When your home is sold you need somewhere to keep your belongings whilst you work out the purchase of your villa.

Robinsons International has an integral reputable secure storage service, as one of the UK’s leading removals and storage companies, established for over 100 years.

Robinson’s offer the whole range of storage services – and no amount is too small or too large.

The huge modern warehouses are fully managed and alarmed, making it a safe, secure, dry and clean environment. They offer easy and quick access, with labour assistance available if required, and also offer a full collection and wrapping service.

Robinson’s Head of Moving & Storage Nicki French, said: “Whatever you need to store, long-term or short-term, from a document or IT equipment to a grand piano, we’ve got room for it.

“As for costs, it all depends on how much space your goods take up and what type of storage you need, but generally people are surprised at how low the cost is,” she added.

Rest assured your possessions will be in capable hands, with maximum protection and hassle-free; and for peace of mind each facility has its’ own fully automatic fire detection and reporting systems.

All containers are stowed in the warehouse, only to be opened at your request and with a nationwide network let Robinsons save you money just in time for Christmas.

They are a leading provider of quality moving and storage services in the UK, Europe and internationally and for more information on secure storage , call 0800833638 or visit Robinsons today, at

International Sportsmen’s Exposition (ISE) Retains Black Dog Promotions for Phoenix Exposition Publicity

Black Dog Promotions announced that it has been retained by the International Sportsmen’s Expositions to manage the publicity for the Vancouver, WA-based company’s 11th annual Phoenix exposition.

Tempe, AZ, November 22, 2010 — Black Dog Promotions ( ) announced that it has been retained by the International Sportsmen’s Expositions to manage the publicity for the Vancouver, WA-based company’s 11th annual Phoenix exposition.

For 36 years, International Sportsmen’s Exposition’s (ISE) events have presented America’s premier adventure-travel, hunting, fishing, shooting-sports, boat and camping products and services to outdoor enthusiasts throughout the largest western United States markets.

Scott Kelly, CEO of Black Dog Promotions commented, “Every year ISE brings Arizona’s largest sportsman event, with tens of thousands of visitors. We are thrilled to be a part of it.”

ISE Phoenix will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale March 24-27, 2011. For complete schedules, tickets and sponsor information visit

About Black Dog Promotions:
Black Dog Promotions builds “Buzz”. They use their blend of publicity, viral marketing and social media to generate massive exposure for companies, websites, causes or events. They have a broad network of media contacts and social media connections that generate broad based exposure. Details on the company’s services can be found at

International Sportsmen’s Expositions Contact:
John Kirk

Press & Media Contact:
Scott Kelly
Black Dog Promotions
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Barbeque night to winter warmer – Frontier Stove

During the summer season, it is fun to enjoy a clear night having barbeque parties on your backyard. It is an enjoyable experience to just be with friends, see them all enjoying the night and just socializing with people. Of course, the normal fixture that you have is a massive grill where you can cook a number of barbeque pieces at once. What if you do not have that much space for it? You can still enjoy a very private and small party with friends or just your family. All you need is the Frontier Stove. This is the latest evolution in camping solutions. This is a really enjoyable piece that can make your small backyard the party place during a barbeque night or even a simple grill night.

What makes this portable Log Burner good? Well, let us start with the design of this piece. First, it was classically designed. It has an elongated shape that is flat at the bottom and on the sides and the bottom bit is concave so that more wood can sit inside the hollow structure. The device also has 4 openings. The first one is a front opening with a closure where the wood can be placed in. there are 2 openings also on the top. The last is a circular vent on a tube where the smoke can be released. The device also has a tripod stand that can be used to keep this stove stable. You can fold it once you are done using it. It also has a handle on one side for easy carrying.

Speaking of carrying, this wood burning Camping Stove is lightweight so it only adds a little bit of weight if you are traveling and bringing it someplace else. It is very easy to carry it because of the flat top and the carrying handle and the foldable legs. This makes it very portable and easy to use. There is ease of use when you have this amazing product. You will certainly love this amazing product for your home. For your barbeque night, this is the best piece to use. It is compact, easy to assemble and you just need charcoal or firewood and once you have the fire going, you can start making delicious barbecued meats. This is a really nice outdoor cooking tool. You will certainly love this tool.

This is also a multipurpose tool. If you just position this stove properly, this can also work as a heater during winter. What could be more versatile like this? Since it has a tripod stand, it will not tip down that easily because of the angular placement of this device. You can surely enjoy the heat that it exudes during the cold months. If you are looking for an easy and very versatile product, you will certainly love the Frontier Stove . This is a really good versatile stove and heater that can work indoors, outdoors and on the wilderness. It is easy to assemble, carry and store. There is nothing that can beat this really amazing product for your convenience.

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