DIY Band Promotion Site BandPromo.Me Giving Away 1,000 Facebook Fans

November 6, 2010 – Today’s Indie bands have it good. There are more free band promo websites than ever before, all offering a sophisticated mix of music marketing tools and online services. Those choices should make CD promotion a snap. Surprisingly though, most bands don’t know where to begin.

“Bands and musicians hear the same thing over and over again – go get some fans on the web, get on Facebook, get on some music blogs. But 90% of bands really have no idea what they’re supposed to do.” says Keith Fleming, founder of BandPromo.Me. “As an Indie musician I know how challenging the process is. What I realized is that most bands don’t succeed because they don’t have a plan. They don’t understand what they’re trying to accomplish or how to get there. I decided to take what I learned as a longtime brand marketer and apply that to band marketing. The result is a detailed roadmap for Indie bands, giving them everything they need to create and execute a killer online band promotion. To celebrate our launch, we’re kick-starting the process for one lucky band and driving 1,000 new Facebook fans to their fan page. Why? Because we rock.”

The music industry continues to morph as the Internet and social networking revolutionize how music fans discover and share music. The major label monopoly is gone and with it its chokehold on music distribution. Technology has ushered in a new wave of music: “DIY distribution” — where Indie bands and musicians have all the tools they need to deliver music directly to fans worldwide on their terms and at little cost. From Facebook, with its 500 million users, to the scores of Web 2.0 sites like Bandcamp and ReverbNation, independent musicians have more online music marketing choices than ever. For all their utility though, most music sites fall short.

“What online music sites don’t offer is tactical advice on how to promote your music online”, says Fleming. “Bands are thirsty for information. They want details. They want to know where to promote and what to say. They want to know specifics like how to get more Facebook fans. Or how to advertise on Facebook. We spell everything out and we know the tactics work because we’ve tried them. All you have to do is invest your time”.

As part of its launch, BandPromo.Me will create and pay for a customized Facebook advertising campaign to drive 1,000 new fans to one winning band or musicians’ fan page. Contest details can be found at Bands can enter free and the winner will receive a customized advertising campaign that will drive 1,000 new targeted fans to the winning bands’ fan page.

“We’re super excited about this promotion.” says Fleming. “Facebook fans are key to any successful band promo. We detail on the site how to build up a successful fan page yourself, but we thought it would be fun to showcase the impact that 1,000 new fans can have on one band’s success. It’s huge. This is a prize I wish my band could win.”

Contact Details:

Keith Fleming
77 SE Rockingham St.
Portland, OR 97204
Tel: 971-409-6608

Need Car Insurance? Take the Quickest and Cheapest Route –

Cleveland, OH (November 6, 2010) If you own a car, you probably need a renewal of your car insurance. If you are going to own a car soon, you need a new car insurance. It’s not just a measure of security for you, it is also a legal requirement – in many states it is illegal to drive a car without car insurance.

Everyone’s needs are unique and finding the cheap car insurance quote that meets these needs can be daunting. It is here that Insurancebuffs step in. They offer a range of car insurance services online – a boon for those who are wary of the hassles the traditional car insurance companies make them go through.

Apart from car insurance, insurancebuffs offer a range of other insurance services including home insurance and life insurance. All their insurance services are available online. The whole process of applying is quick and easy, involving just typing a few words and clicking the mouse a few times on your PC or laptop. Your application is 100% secure and is decided online, almost instantly. Hassle free, secure and quick car insurance services are the hallmark of Insurancebuffs and you can depend on them for quality service.

Insurancebuffs have a user friendly website with no complicated site map to put you off. The home page itself displays a simple and easy to fill in online application form to get your insurance quote. Again the home page itself has separate sections for car insurance, home insurance and life insurance, as well as a link to the latest offers in all the three. What’s more, it also has a link to insurance articles that opens up a collection of extremely useful insurance articles for you educating you on all the aspects of insurance and giving you easy tips to choose the best insurance provider for you.

Often people are reluctant to switch insurance companies, thinking that since their company offered a great insurance rate last year, its rates will be unbeatable even this year. However, this is not always the case. Each insurance company has its own rating system that determines its premiums and factors in the running costs which vary from year to year. Finding specific information about insurance companies and their policy costs each year can be very difficult for those who don’t have an eye for financial detail. Even for those well-versed with finances, it can be quite time consuming. This is why Insurancebuffs is so highly recommended. It provides possibly the quickest way of finding the cheapest insurance quotes online, and its consumer services are a real pleasure to experience.

About Insurancebuffs

Insurancebuffs is a company offering a range of insurance services – car insurance, home insurance, as well as life insurance. Its services are 100% online and possibly the easiest and quickest, apart from being the cheapest. If you want to know more about it, please contact:

Rob Granger
PO BOX 838
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 888-555-9870

The Effective Treatment For Tinnitus

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia – 08/Nov/2010 – is an online portal that offers various sources and information on treatment for Tinnitus. Those who are suffering with tinnitus and cannot bear the ringing sound can gain useful information about the symptoms and treatment for Tinnitus from this website. The website also contains various articles about Tinnitus treatment.

Tinnitus is a common problem among the old people. It is a condition characterized with ringing or buzzing sound that is continuously heard in the ears. This ringing sound will be heard even in a very calm and silent place that disturbs daily activities. It is usually caused by constant exposure to loud noise. This noise damages the inner membranes of the ear permanently and produces a ringing sound in the ears. This is called as Tinnitus.

For tinnitus treatment, an individual can try natural or herbal remedies that bring a permanent cure for tinnitus. In this website, the Tinnitus Miracle provides information and guidelines for the permanent cure of Tinnitus.

Tinnitus Miracle

The Tinnitus Miracle is an e-book that consists of 250 pages about the natural cure and methods of Tinnitus treatment. This book involves 14 years of research work and the ways to eliminate Tinnitus permanently in few weeks, without the use of surgery, drugs, and does not cause any side effects.

The Tinnitus Miracle system can be used for the symptoms like tonal tinnitus, pulsatile tinnitus, muscular tinnitus, vascular tinnitus, external or middle or inner ear tinnitus, nerve pathway tinnitus, and ringing or buzzing sounds.

Tinnitus Control

The Tinnitus Control is a homeopathic medicine that provides permanent relief and solution for Tinnitus or constantly ringing ears. By spraying the Tinnitus Control two or three times under the tongue for three times a day will surely reduce the symptoms of tinnitus like ringing of the ear, buzzing sound, tension, etc. As already said Tinnitus Control is a homeopathic medicine that helps to cure quickly because the ingredients used are non-toxic, with no side effects.

About provides various useful sources and information on treatment for Tinnitus. People suffering with tinnitus and who cannot bear the ringing sound can gain useful information from this website. The Tinnitus Miracle and Tinnitus Control are very much effective in providing a relief and permanent cure for tinnitus.

Features of Tinnitus Miracle include:

• Permanent Solution for buzzing or ringing ears

• It is 100% Natural and Safe

• It eliminates tinnitus within two months

• Reduces symptoms like mild hearing loss or pain in the ear

Some of the benefits of Tinnitus Miracle are free from the feeling of anxiety, tension, and exhaustion from tinnitus in very few days; the volume or the frequency of sounds is decreased, good improvement in health conditions, etc.

The website also contains few articles like:

• 6 useful tips that help you prevent bad breath

• Type 1 diabetes treatment

• Know your back pain treatment options and put an end to your suffering

• Fighting eating disorders in sophisticated way!

If you liked the above article and want more information on Tinnitus treatment, then contact at 60128339921 or email on

Contact Details: Tinnitus Treatment
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Ph: 60128339921

Protouch gets a hat trick at Retail Systems Awards

Protouch, the UK’s leading supplier of touch screens and kiosks, has won its third consecutive Retail Systems Award.

Previously scooping awards in both 2008 and 2009 for best use of technology and EPoS innovation of the year, this year Protouch was awarded best use of technology in the hospitality and leisure sector.

They received the award in partnership with XN Leisure and Aberdeen Sports Village Leisure Centre for their ‘Virtual Receptionist’ kiosk solution during the awards ceremony held at Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s Park Lane on 28 October 2010.

“The award went to a project that is helping a company to control costs, increase profitability and efficiency while at the same time increasing the standard and quality of service,” announced the Retail Systems judges.

The 2010 judging panel included: Luke Phillips, Head of Information Systems, Kurt Geiger; Sharon Peters, Programme Manager at Retail Systems, Marks & Spencer; Hayley Meenan-Wilkin, Head of Web Operations,; and Scott Thompson, Editor for Retail Systems.

Now into its fifth year, the Awards look to recognise excellence and innovation in the field of information technology within the UK retail sector.

The ‘Virtual Receptionist’ automated the whole booking, ticketing and payment process for Aberdeen Sports Village and is now used by 80 per cent of its members.

It has leveraged Aberdeen Sports Village resources by turning receptionist staff into Customer Service Ambassadors and has greatly enhanced customer experience by increasing the speed of transactions and efficiency with which customers can now check in and make bookings.

Tom Quarry, Managing Director of Protouch is delighted by the achievement. He said: “We are very proud to have won a kiosk technology award three years in a row. This is fantastic recognition of our capability across the self service industry”.

Editor’s notes

Protouch Manufacturing Ltd was founded in 2000 and is based in Camberley, Surrey.

It is the UKs leading supplier of touch screen and kiosk systems and their success is reflected in the clients it now has such as: Cineworld, Vogels, IKEA, Kiddicare and Carnival Group UK.

It provides products for a variety of services including: payment systems, ordering, product look up and ticket printing; utilising many innovative devices like chip and pin, RFID, keyboard, Bluetooth, web cameras, printers, scanners, Wi-Fi and much more.

Protouch’s tried and tested product designs have been perfected over 10 years so that customers can now buy them off the shelf ready to be customised. Each is made to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems approved standards.

Protouch has recently expanded their brand further by opening an office in Munchen, Germany in a bid to meet the growing demands for its products and services across Europe.

For more information on kiosks visit today.

Search Engine Optimization Service

SEO Services, 11.06.2010 – Search engine optimization is technique that helps in advertising your business online to get customers. Today world is going to be online, Internet is dominating the business world, this need to have a good websites for selling your goods & services online. Research indicates that a huge amount of website visitors comes through search engines for buying products or for resources when looking for information. To have a world wide exposure of your company, you should have seo services. It is done by proper website research, marketing analysis and search engine optimization.

There are many SEO services you need to understand them. Analysis of website is the first service provided by SEO. In this service detail analysis is done in terms of quality, functionality. Your website must contain all the information needed by the visitors. SEO Services experts will check keywords that you are using appropriate or not. Another seo service is to look for search engines where you would submit your site. Another service is to study your competitor’s site and check for reasons high ranking on search engine. After studying your site and your competitor site experts will work further to increase traffic to your site. They will tell you that they will fix and reconstruct in the site to give a better output. They make sure that your visitor has a clear idea on the products and services.

Choosing an effective company is also a challenging work. A good SEO company will mention its existing clients and testimonial given by there customer also add a valuable insight. Cost is also one of the important factors. It is very important for any site to be counted in the top ten sites presented by search engine results. SEO services offering the best seo service is guaranteed first page rankings in Google and customer doesn’t pay and there is no set up fees.

The Best SEO Services would achieve your Business Objectives that are increase brand visibility in the marketplace helping you experiences an increase in traffic, leads and sales, Force high-quality traffic to your website Maximize Money Making Opportunities, Target shoppers interested in your products and Eliminate wasted advertising expenditures, Built-in audience Website and Grow your business online in less time for less money Place your business in front of the right audience at the right time. SEO services provide a comprehensive range of search engine optimization services and their SEO Rates are very competitive.

About provides information about the SEO Services and Internet Marketing Solutions. They provide guaranteed results in obtaining top 10 positioning in all major search engines. Detailed information about various SEO Services can be obtained from this website.

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Full Contact Details
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Dayton MD 21104
Phone: 410-531-8598,
Fax: 410-531-8597

The Party Season is upon Us – Celebrate with a Sekonda Party Time Watch from Watch

The Christmas party scene is now upon us and every girl wants to look their best whether it is out with friends, family occasions or the office party.

Herefordshire, UK, November 06, 2010 — The Christmas party scene is now upon us and every girl wants to look their best whether it is out with friends, family occasions or the office party.

Coming off the back of the huge success of the Sekonda Summer Time watch is the launch of the Sekonda Party Time watch. This is perfect for parties as it comes in many colour options to suit any outfit and with its sparkly bezel it really will grab attention.

Watches are an important part of any outfit and add that finishing touch. The party time watch allows you to choose from a wide range of colour options which include the strap and face. The strap is made from rubber which is comfortable on the wrist and is in keeping with the latest fashions offered; it also comes in a presentation box and is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The recommended retail price of the watch is £29.95 but is available for only £25 from leading online watch retailer Watchmad, a saving of £4.95! You can visit the website to purchase the party time watch at this low price.

Sekonda ( ) have been a trusted UK watch manufacturer since 1966 and has been the best selling watch brand in the UK for the past 19 years. Sekonda work hard to produce great looking, reliable time pieces and great prices and the party time watch is no exception.

The party time watch is not just great for parties it is also great for everyday use including work. You can look your best at anytime and the watch looks great with both formal and causal wear.

Watchmad offer a wide range of watches on their website including brands such as ICE-Watch, Emporio Armani, Breil, Calvin Klein, Police, Skagen, D&G and Guess. There is free delivery offered on all watches and prices are continually checked to ensure that you are getting the lowest possible price.

If you are looking for that perfect party accessory or gift for a loved why not check the Sekonda Party Time watch ( ) out now at Watchmad. It could also just be the ideal Christmas gift.

Press & Media Contact:
Mark Warr
3 The Maltings, Ross On Wye
Herefordshire HR9 7YB UK
01989 565526 – Looking for a Sharepoint 2010 Developer NJ?

Princeton, NJ – Sharepoint consulting services have become truly invaluable for companies as it allows them to create or improve their already existing infrastructures. The United States based Interactive Design & Solutions provides professional Sharepoint consulting services as well as Sharepoint 2010 developer NJ to clients from the US as well as from numerous other countries around the world.

Even in its basic form this software application is a very useful solution, but with the customization provided by an expert Sharepoint 2010 developer NJ it becomes a highly versatile and potent environment that allows customers to significantly improve their in-house operations as well as customer interactions.

Also, Sharepoint consulting can provide the necessary expertise to maintain the infrastructure at the highest levels of operations whilst keeping it completely secure and fast. In order to get a better understanding of the services currently available from Interactive Design & Solutions, the company presents a large number of information and resources on its website located at

About Interactive Design & Solutions:

With its main base of operations located in Princeton, NJ, Interactive Design & Solutions is one of the leading international providers of a wide array of services ranging from Sharepoint 2010 developer NJ and Sharepoint consulting to web hosting, web design, social marketing, training services and much more. The background that Interactive Design & Solutions has in Fortune 500 along with the long experience in the online sector allows it to provide its customers with the highest quality services that are designed to provide the best results for each individual customer.

For more information and details about the company and its services, please visit the website or use the contact details below:

Best Venapro Reviews before Buying Venapro Hemorrhoids Formula

Federal Way, WA, 11.06.2010 – Hemorrhoids happens to be one of the worst conditions, and those who have gone through this know how badly it can affect the normal life of a person. As this ailment grows older it tends to give painful and itchy feeling eventually leading to bleeding for the affected person. In case of this kind of diseases most of the people don’t prefer to buy some kind of medicine randomly to treat, since it is very dangerous to do in that way. There are numerous things that bother them, for instance the side effects. It’s very much important to ensure that there can’t be any threatening side effects for the medicine they use.

Today venapro is one of the most prominent and effective product for hemorrhoids treatment. Most of the ingredients in this medicine are homeopathic. Prior to the release of this product in the market, series of studies had conducted to assure the safety and effectiveness of this medicine. These tests are conducted in such a way to have a maximum benefit to its users. Generally people hide such diseases and this increases the risk of ending up some serious varieties of medicine.

For any one who wants to try this medicine it is always advisable to read some of the reviews on venapro. Large number of satisfied customers makes it possible for the new users to have reliable sites to look for Venapro reviews. Every single ingredient in this product being natural extracts of herbs it is highly recommended for a safe consumption, and is approved by FDA. Anyone who goes through the reviews will find out that, the users are even satisfied with a fast shipping of this product.


The is one of the best website where people can read venapro reviews. This website is a good option for all those who are scared for the potential side effects of this product. Since most of the people are concerned if venopro does really work for them, this website offers honest reviews from satisfied customers.

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DK Marketing
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Sighing For Your Dream Car? Come To Auto Loans Spot and Drive It Away

Thorofare, NJ (Nov 6, 2010) – A car is no longer a luxury even in many poorer countries of the world. In America, it crossed the divide and became a necessity long, long ago. However, the fact still remains that it is pretty expensive and owning one is seldom possible without going in for car loans. But with current economic slowdown, the credit score of many Americans has dipped so low they are finding it difficult to get car loan.

It is here that Auto Loans Spot steps in. It specializes in arranging car loans for people with bad credit, apart from serving the usual fair credit customers. It is the leading place on the web where you can find car loans for new as well as used cars, regardless of your credit score. It has a record of 98% approvals, from people with all credit situations, good or bad.

Auto Loans Spot offers many different programs to suit the credit and financial situation of every customer, and makes the most affordable car loans available to everyone. In fact, it gets thousands of loans approved every day and the secret of its such a great track record is its liaison with hundreds of lenders nationwide whom it makes fight with each other for its clients’ business.

Whether you have a good credit or bad, or are bankrupt, Auto Loans Spot guarantees a car loan for you. The process of applying with it is easy, confidential, secure and completely free. All you need to do is to log on to its website, click apply now, fill out the online application form and click to submit it. To make the process easier for you, it has an online loan calculator which helps you work out the possible loan amount and the monthly instalments to be paid. The Auto Loans Spot team takes over from here and reviews the application with the lenders on its data base to find the most suitable lender for you. Next, the lender calls you to discuss the terms and as soon as you are approved, you are ready to pick out your dream car.

Auto Loans Spot covers all 50 states of the country. It also has many schemes for the first time buyers who have never had any credit before. It recognizes your security concerns and puts your application on a highly secure server. And it works real fast; typically, you can expect a call from the lender within minutes to an hour. And you can be behind the wheels of your dream car the same day your application is approved.

About Auto Loans Spot

Auto Loans Spot is not a lender. It connects those seeking car loans to a suitable lender with an enviable 98% approval rate. And its services are completely free. To know more, please contact:

Jason Deberry
PO Box 363
Thorofare NJ 08086
Phone: 1-800-646-3006

Introducing – Traditional Toys At Affordable Prices

At Cottontails they are passionate about the toys they stock, and whilst they of course recognise the importance of providing a professional and efficient service.

Bishops Frome, UK, November 06, 2010 — Established in 2002, Cottontails is a small family run mail order toy shop which has become a trusted and much loved retailer of some of the finest toys in Europe. They are particularly proud to be the UK’s recommended online retailer for French toymaker Moulin Roty.

At Cottontails they are passionate about the toys they stock, and whilst they of course recognise the importance of providing a professional and efficient service, the dedicated team will also try to take the time to talk to all customers, to appreciate the lovely things they sell, and to offer a truly individual, personal and friendly shopping experience.

Their current selection of products include:

* Moulin Roty traditional toys from France
* Maileg – quirky Danish toys and nursery accessories
* Oskar And Ellen – fabric playsets from Sweden
* Le Toy Van – painted wooden play kitchens
* Ostheimer – hand made wooden animals

Cottontails ( ) is run by mother and daughter team Mary and Charlotte who love to talk to their customers and you certainly wont have to contend with an anonymous sales person or frustrating automated system when placing your order.

For baby toys and gifts that are charming, classic and chic, you need look no further than the amazing world of the online retailer that is Cottontails! ( )

From traditional toys for the little men in your life, like wooden cars and fabric toy animals all the way through to things for his bedroom and playtime environment. There is also a wealth of product ranges for the little girls, with dolls, kitchens and craft items all ready to become your child’s number one toy. Cottontails ( ) don’t just sell toys; they sell toys to be loved and cherished and help to become part of your little one’s imaginary play and learning routine.

So, if you are looking for an extra special gift for your child this year, visit or give them a ring on 01885 490832 and make sure the Christmas present for 2010 will be one to be remembered (and played with) for many years to come!

Press & Media Contact:
Charlotte Evans
Les Blanquettes, Bishops Frome WR6 5AP
01885 490832