Perry Corporation to Acquire Friends Business Source’s Copier Division

November 18, 2010 — Perry Corporation today announced the acquisition of Findlay, Ohio based Friends Business Source (Copier Division). Barry Clark, President of Perry Corporation said, “With this acquisition Perry Corporation expands its leadership position within the office technology industry. Our Employee Owners view this growth and expansion as validation of their performance and efforts through these difficult economic times. We are growing and increasing our presence throughout northwest central Ohio, southern Michigan and western Indiana.” He also stated, “This continues are aggressive expansion strategy and we expect a seamless transition for Friends (Copier Division) clients and look forward to building new relationships.”

Perry Corporation was founded in 1965 by the late Rex Perry. As the area’s leading provider of stateof-the-art office equipment, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past ten years and now has over 180 employees. The dealership provides a wide range of copier, facsimile, and related supplies and service, and is a major supplier of Konica Minolta and Kyocera office equipment. The company also owns SMS proTECH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perry Corporation. SMS proTECH is the regions leader in networking infrastructure technology.

Friends Business Source is a national provider of Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Janitorial/Breakroom, Promotional products and Commercial Printing. For additional information about Perry Corporation, call Sam Dervisevic at 419-228-1360 or visit the Website at

Contact: Sam Dervisevic 2010 419-228-1360

Consumers are Enjoying Low Rates and Fast Approval with Missouri Car Title Loans

Can a title loan company really offer low interest rates and continue to be successful? Missouri Car Title Loans is doing it and they have been doing it for the past decade or so. The company has recently announced that they now have the ability to service every single neighborhood in the state of Missouri, giving consumers the chance to get their hands on fast cash when emergency situations arise. In order to apply for a loan, consumers simply need to visit the official site at From here, a simple two minute application will be filled out and a store manager will typically call the customer shortly thereafter.

Missouri title loans are a good way for consumers to get cash quickly when certain situations arise. With the downtrodden economy of late, consumers from all walks of life often find it difficult to make ends meet. Shorter hours often mean not enough money left over for rent or other necessities such as groceries. Those needing cash quickly can take advantage of MO title loan through Missouri Car Title Loans and have the cash that they need in a short period of time. The company has been voted as having the lowest car title loan interest rates in the state of Missouri for several years running and has been in business for more than a decade. The customer service from Missouri Car Title Loans has received numerous praises throughout the years for providing professional and helpful services to customers.

Missouri title loans are an excellent option for those who may not qualify for a bank loan. Consumers who have less than stellar credit with find it nearly impossible today to obtain a traditional loan from a bank. Missouri Car Title Loans however, does not check credit. They simply use the value of the vehicle as a determining factor in loaning money. This means that even those consumers with bad credit may be able to get the money that they need by simply using their car title for collateral.

Approval is very fast and customers will find getting their money to be very easy as well at any of the hundreds of locations throughout the state. Consumers simply find the location closest to them or wherever is most convenient. In many cases, cash can be picked up the same day as the application is filled out. Questions are referred to the corporate telephone number and customer service representatives are available to take calls at all hours.

Missouri Car Title Loans
Corporate Number: 888-250-8120

Seatronics – Worldwide Marine Technology Rental Specialists

Generous investment over the past 10 years has led to Seatronics becoming a market leader in the supply and rental of electronic marine equipment to the oil and gas industries, coastal engineering, environmental monitoring, dredging, marine renewable energy and subsea inspection companies.

While the company was founded over 30 years ago, it was the amalgamation of four small companies in 1999 to Seatronics becoming one of the biggest marine equipment rental companies in the world. With offices located around the globe, from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi, it turned over £28 million last financial year and boasts an annual capital expenditure of more than £3 million.

The steady growth and success of the company became an attractive proposition to UK based investment company, Acteon Group, which acquired Seatronics as its 14th division in July 2007.  Acteon has continued to build up the company’s equipment stock levels and invest in its bases worldwide.

Subsea equipment rental is the primary reason for the success of the company utilising the latest underwater technology supplied from quality manufacturers to the ROV companies, survey contractors and oceanographic companies. Alistair Coutts, Global Business Development Manager commented: “The products we offer are the latest technological advances in the subsea positioning, hydrographic and oceanographic survey market places. Seatronics takes pride in the fact that we have one of the youngest and largest inventories of equipment available to our clients. The latest advances in subsea equipment can be very expensive to purchase and companies sometimes find it difficult justifying the purchase of equipment for single one off projects so rental is a practical solution.”

The company has recently invested heavily in a number of additional high-value Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). While expensive, the technology allows precise X, Y, Z positioning, attitude and robustness during periods of deterioration in GPS navigation saving clients valuable vessel or Rov operation time. Additional expenditure in the latest Sonardyne 6G® long baseline (LBL) equipment, Subsea Gyrocompasses’, BlueView Technologies 2D and 3D Multibeam Sonar and the latest advances in Fibre Optic Multiplexer technology has continually been incorporated into Seatronics’ extensive rental inventory supporting both local and global construction projects.

The company also invests in its staff; with in excess of 100 employees worldwide, 59 of whom are based within Aberdeen, boast an average annual spend on training of about £50,000. While many of its engineers are recruited straight out of university some staff are recruited from the armed forces, and complete ongoing training whether it be in-house or directly with equipment manufacturers.  Mr Coutts said: “We generally put new employees through our own internal training until they reach a level of competence where we are satisfied that we can send them offshore with our rental equipment and provide the highest level of service our clients require.”

Those who are involved with the servicing and maintaining of equipment and offshore support are educated to a minimum HND or degree level in electronics or mechanical engineering.

Seatronics accredited to ISO9001:2008, take their quality assurance and health and safety issues seriously and all employees undergo full training and understanding of the company’s QA and HSE policies.


Seatronics Ltd, an Acteon company, specialises in subsea marine electronic equipment rental for a range of applications that cover navigation and positioning; environmental and geophysical surveying; inspection and construction work; ROV survey sensors; diver-led, non-destructive testing; and video inspection. Its skilled engineers provide a comprehensive service that includes equipment installation, set-up, calibration, cable moulding and data acquisition.

For more information visit:

Seatronics Group

Denmore Industrial Estate

Bridge of Don


AB23 8JW

01224 853100


Acne Treatment Expert Reveals the Good and Bad Types of Acne Treatments

November 18, 2010 – No newcomer to acne, Chloe Reid spent much of her adolescence fighting her troublesome acne and then later on the scarring that had occurred as a result of misguided and inappropriate treatments. She finally won her battle after several years and is now helping others avoid going through the same pain and trouble that she did.

According to Ms. Reid “many people seem to be blissfully unaware that popping your pimple will not be a successful acne treatment in the short run or in the long run. Unfortunately, what happens is that 95% of the time the pimple is popped prematurely which causes excessive redness and swelling and in some instanced scarring.”

However, as bad as prematurely popping the pimple is, there are even more horrible “treatments” that she has seen. “Watching some people scratching their acne, constantly touching it time after time or simply putting some rubbing alcohol on it that’s been in their cupboards for however long definitely comes under the bad and horrible category.”

When asked to provide a brief explanation of acceptable acne treatments Ms. Reid began by explaining what the majority of acne treatment products really are. “The majority of acne treatments vary from being off the shelf, over-the-counter creams, prescribed and/or surgical. Over the counter acne products are usually topical medicines that contain Benzyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. These are usually used to treat mild cases of acne where an individual is attempting to halt the progression of acne and clear up some troublesome pimples.”

“They can also be used during severe stages of acne in combination with another treatment. Dermatologists will usually recommend that the acne infected area be washed very gently with warm water, mild soap and then the topical acne treatment. When acne progresses to the moderate or severe stage, dermatologists will usually use a combination of treatments in order for maximum effectiveness in halting any further development of the skin disease.”

For those wandering what the best acne treatment according to Ms. Reid is she sums it up in two words “research and prevention.” “The best acne treatment is preventing acne from occurring in the first place by avoiding the mistakes that we have already discussed which many people make. The second is research. Once you get acne, it is imperative that you get rid of it as soon as possible and as effectively as possible. This is where research is the key. Try to find acne treatment products with good customer feedback and high overall reviews. If you have sensitive skin then obviously you would need to take that into account when looking for a treatment product.

Contact Details:

Advanced Acne Treatments
403 Kensington Road
Phone: +61433187275

AS SEEN ON ITV The UKs No 1 Home Personal Training brand Workout at home is now available in 30 locations across the UK

Since its launch at the end of September, the UKS leading home fitness trainer brand Workout at home is now offering its service in thirty locations across the UK including London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Cardiff. As the name suggests Workout at Home offers men and women of any age the opportunity to get fit, lose weight and keep healthy, all from the comfort of their own home.

Findings from a recent report showed that a staggering 46% of men and 32% of women in England are overweight*. This is a rise of over double compared to the late eighties. It is therefore essential that those at risk make a concerted effort to do something about it and avoid the serious health issues which include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases that could affect them in the future.

For a number of reasons there are many people who feel uncomfortable about exercising in busy gyms, while many others simply do not have the time to dedicate to visiting a gym on a regular basis. It is primarily for these reasons that the Workout at Home brand and its associated training system has become so popular and has now grown into the UK’s number one home fitness network. The company have also recently been featured on ITV.

Workout at Home was conceived from the need to provide a reliable, high quality home personal training service and was started three years ago in South Wales. For the past three years the company have been developing its support systems and are now offering the service nationwide.

Key to the success of the Workout at Home system lies in the company’s online support system which is totally unique in the UK fitness industry setting it apart from any other personal training service and offering an even greater support system than any gym. This online support system enables clients to stay motivated and reach their goals. Users are able to keep a food diary online, set training goals, download health assessment results and print off fitness programmes which have been specially designed for them by their personal trainer. With an exercise library of over 500 exercises there is no need to visit a gym. The system also offers lots of advice on health and nutrition. There is information on vitamins and minerals, different health conditions and a wide range of different diets, including the facility to download a number of useful E-Books.

Workout at Home insist that each of their personal trainers are highly qualified with a proven track record of achieving results.

The cost of Personal training sessions vary across the UK from £25 to £45 per session or £225 to £400 for a block of 10 sessions. The 10 session package includes Health Assessments, Registration and Access to the Online Support Facility, E-Books and the Heath Advice Service.

Workout at Home has achieved numerous accolades from satisfied customers. Kim Bevan, 50, a consultant, says: They don’t just get me to exercise; they have taken a lifestyle approach. I now exercise at least four times a week. I am eating healthily thanks to their advice and Ive lost 86 pounds. Its worth every penny.

The service is also praised by GPs Drs Simon Harris and Kim Scolding, who have used it themselves to gain the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, backing up the advice they offer practice patients. Dr Simon Harris says: I recommend the service to patients and see huge improvements in them as well.

Visit to find out more about the easier way to keep fit in the comfort of your own home. Let the gym come to you!


Wholesale Clothing Gets A New Lease Of Life

November 17, 2010 – Managed by qualified professionals Apparel Candy Inc is one of the top leaders in the Apparel industry and has recently launched their online store for all B2B suppliers and retailers;

The online store offers women’s fashions including maternity, juniors, missies and plus sizes all at 50-80% below wholesale prices. Whether you are looking for dressy, casual, formal attires or sportswear it can all be found at

From halter neck tops and skirts to jeans and sweaters has it all and with close ties to manufacturers all over the world can pass on huge discounts to the consumer on all of the latest trends and fashions.

Fashion accessories, jackets, maternity clothing, capri’s, tunic tops, dresses, t-shirts, skirts, Bermudas…. the list is endless and their user friendly interface allows consumers to browse their site with ease.

Each and every customer is provided with their own account and their one page check out makes shopping online and easier and quicker experience. Orders can be tracked, invoices can be printed for personal reference and customers can even leave product reviews on items they have purchased.

Yet another bonus of using is that there are no minimum order requirements so customers can shop freely, setting their own budgets and likings.

Free shipping is available within the continental United States for orders over $200 and qualified, Apparelcandy professionals are available online to answer any questions or queries you may have.

ApparelCandy are committed to providing customers not only the best prices on wholesale clothing and accessories but also pride themselves on grade one customer service which is evident by their high sales rate and customer volumes.

Whether you are buying 4 pieces or 4000 pieces, is your one stop online shop for the best wholesale prices online.

30% off on regular priced items – will be deducted upon checkout


More Hard Money Lending Options at Leading List of Lenders on the Web

(November 21, 2010) – The number one web site for those looking to locate hard money lenders, has recently announced a massive upgrade of its site. The upgrade is designed to assist those looking for hard money loans by providing them with the largest single source of listings for nearly every city in the United States, regardless of its size. The site intends to expand its offerings to make sure that no one needing a hard money loan ever feels the stress of not knowing where to turn.

In this current era of financial stress after the recent Banking Crisis, hard money lenders have begun to play an increasingly more important role in keeping money available for all. Since the economy is, in many parts of the world, still in shambles the importance of a loan can be more than crucial to those who need a more flexible lender to work with them in order to help them get through difficult financial times. Since coporate lenders are often not meeting the needs in many communities, hard money lenders have stepped in to provide a source of funding for both family and small business needs, keeping money flowing in these areas where options would otherwise be scarce at best.

Surviving in the world is no easy feat, and it can be utterly and completely deflating when you cannot access the help that you need. Thankfully, hard money lenders are proving to be the alternate option available for those looking for a loan but struggling to find one. While banks and other lending sources seem to be cutting back and finding any excuse to deny a loan, hard money lenders are finding ways to provide more deals, and the best benefits to those in need.

The site will now be able to serve a much broader range of customers all across the United States as a result of this expansion. An accompanying site redesign has helped it cover not only the major metro regions, but smaller cities, as well. Those looking for a solid and reputable source of hard money lenders are encouraged to visit to learn more. With just a few clicks, users can access all of the information, advice, and financial help that they are seeking out for a variety of reasons.

Formore Information Visit:

The Laser Outlet: Providing Customers Quality Laser Equipments

Jupiter, Florida, 11/17/2010: The Laser Outlet has been well known for decades in providing medical equipments especially cosmetic equipments. They are the largest service providers in South-Eastern United States in both retail and rental markets. The experience gathered over the years by Laser Outlet has helped them to offer quality services to their customers by providing quality equipments that best suits their needs. The Laser Outlet provides customers with Used Cosmetic Lasers which is a great alternative to new and costly equipments. The company is equally famous for its experience in Medical Laser repair.

Laser equipments are expensive and sophisticated. Website: Used Cosmetic Lasers are preferred by many who look for a less expensive way to get the best technology available at affordable prices. The Laser Outlet delivers high quality equipments with effective customer support. They work on the principle of providing customers with what they need rather than making profit through unreasonable deals. The Laser Outlet also buys used laser equipments from specific manufacturers depending on market conditions and the model of the equipment.

One of the services offered by The Laser Outlet is the Cosmetic Laser Repair and maintenance. They help customers to solve problems regarding many lasers, IPL, IR, RF and fractional technologies that are available in the market today. Experts diagnose the problem through phone and inform the customer about the extent of cost and time required to repair the equipment. They also provide assistance to the customers in solving minor problems by themselves instead of having to send the equipment for repair.

One of the popular services of this company, which is frequently used, is the Daily Rental model. This facilitates the customers to enjoy the advantages of cosmetic treatments without capital expenditure. The Laser Outlet constantly monitors the market for new developments in the field of laser technology to make the most modern equipments available to their customers. The customers do not have to worry about buying new equipments, repairs or maintenance as the equipments are updated with the latest technology and are always maintained in good condition.

About TheLaserOutlet
The is the official website of The Laser outlet that provides various services like cosmetic equipments, used cosmetic lasers, repair and maintenance of cosmetic equipments and more. Information about daily laser rental plans can also be obtained from this official website.

For more details visit,

The Laser Outlet
Jupiter Commerce Center
1829 Park Lane South #08
Jupiter, FL. 33458

Consumers Can Now Turn their Title into Cash Thanks to USA Car Title Loans

For several years now consumers have found it very easy to secure a car title loan. However, the amazingly high interest rates often deter many from choosing this avenue when they need fast cash. Many auto title loan companies charge such outrageous interest rates that consumers can barely afford to pay back their title loans. USA Car Title Loans however is not like other companies. This company offers the lowest interest rates of all title loan companies in the United States and has store locations in more than 2,000 locations around the nation, so securing a title loan through them is not only easy but it is very affordable.

When visiting the site at, consumers have the option of using a very fast online application form. Applying takes only about two minutes and results are virtually instantaneous. USA Car Title Loans offers the absolute lowest interest rates in the nation and can provide loan terms as long as three years. This means that consumers can take up to three years to pay back the loan, making the payments very affordable. Customer service is provided around the clock from professional and courteous agents and complete customer satisfaction is virtually guaranteed for each and every transaction.

While loan amounts will vary depending on the value of the vehicle to which the title belongs, loans typically range from $100 to more than $50,000 in some cases. Again, the actual value of the vehicle will determine the loan amount. Those interested in determining the approximate value of their vehicles can take a look at the Kelly Blue Book website and provide information such as the make and model of the vehicle in question. This is also the information that will be provided on the online application form to determine the loan amount.

Fast cash is not readily available for many consumers today. Everyone has a time in their lives when they need to access cash quickly for emergencies, vacations, education or other purposes and since banks are no longer lending to those with less than perfect credit, auto title loans are the best way to go for many consumers. USA Car Title Loans with their lower than average interest rates, payment structure and virtually instant approval makes it much easier to obtain a vehicle title loan than ever before. Those visiting the site at can gain more information about the service and fill out the fast and easy online application.

USA Car Title Loans
Corporate Number: 888-924-4600 Cornering the Market on Trailers for Sale in Major Cities Across the Nation

(November 21, 2010) – Since 1999, has been providing an avenue for trailer seekers and sellers to get together. The company offers information on a wide variety of trailers for sale. Consumers looking for new or used trailers can find exactly what they need at The company’s site offers a wide selection of trailers of all shapes and sizes from travel and horse trailers to cargo trailers and various other types.

Those looking to sell trailers can do this on the site as well. Trailer dealers can upload their trailers for sale directly onto the site for free. Individuals looking to sell trailers receive a free ad with site registration and trailers stay on the site listings until they sell. Ads allow up to six pictures for each listing and trailer ads go live every day. Posting takes only a few minutes and thousands of visitors will view the ads each month.

The company also lists information on financing trailers. Trailers from dealers that are more than $5,000 are often too expensive for individuals to purchase outright. provides information about getting the trailer appraised, comparing rates from various dealers to find the best loan options, checking credit scores and the importance of a down payment and how that payment affects the overall loan process. Those looking to finance will learn how to find a loan broker that specializes in offering trailer as well as ATV and RV loans and the benefits of using a specialist when financing a trailer.

Those looking to purchase a trailer can use the Trailer Dealers page to find dealers in or close to their area. Listings are provided for multiple dealers in each state with contact information and the physical address of each dealer. Consumers can browse trailers by type or find specific dealer inventories and used trailers and trailer parts through the classified trailer listings. The site offers the opportunity to find the specific trailer needed that also fits within each individual’s budget. has been providing information on various trailers for sale for nearly 20 years and is considered to be the leader when it comes to helping individuals and dealers to handle all of their trailer sale needs. Thousands of visitors have found the specific trailer that they needed using Findatrailer’s easy to navigate website. For more information or to begin browsing through the wide selection of trailers currently available, simply visit the official site at