Sizzle Media Help local charity raise £50,000

As well as businesses, UK charities are also reeling from the impact of the economic downturn over the last two years as a direct result of the lack of money people have available to donate.

Recent figures paint a gloomy outlook as the UK’s top 500 charities witnessed a fall in income since the start of the recession. According to research published in June 2010, organisations saw a drop in income of between 1.1 percent and 70%, a real loss of around £200 million.

Sizzle Media, Manchester’s fastest growing web design Manchester agency took the decision to continue their policy of business donations, but where hard cash was lacking, Sizzle Media donated their time and skills. Having previously help raise over £75,000 for the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake appeal including chartering supply flights to hard hit regions, Sizzle Media have helped The News Children’s Hospital Appeal in Manchester after being invited by Theo Paphitis to donate services. Sizzle Media designed and conducted an email marketing campaign keeping donors up to date on the charities developments..

More recently Sizzle Media donated their creative marketing services to the Five Stars Scanner Appeal helping to promote their summer fundraiser to get one step closer in finding the final £250,000 needed to buy the £1m MRI scanner for The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The night was a star studded event with guests bidding on items such as Centre Court Wimbledon tickets, Man United memorabilia as well as a meet and greet with members of Take That. Raising around £50k, entertainment on the night come from Rose Royce lead singer Gwen Dickey, Britain’s Got Talent boy band finalists Reconnected, TV star John Thomson, and X Factor favourite Chico .

Sizzle designed and delivered a high impact email newsletter campaign through their in-house marketing platform; targeting businesses across the Northwest encouraging them to donate directly to the Five Stars appeal and to book a table at the event.

Nicola Smith wrote a personal letter of Thanks to Sizzle Media for their support “Your support means a lot to the Five Stars Appeal and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Because of your help we are one step closer to buying the MRI scanner in place at the hospital helping to save lives”. The new MRI scanner is no doubt be an invaluable piece of equipment that will save lives and as the Fives Stars Scanner Appeal say “Helping little people have a better chance of becoming big people”.

Aftab Ali, Sizzle Media’s creative director said “Everyone at Sizzle Media are very pleased and very proud to have been part of the fundraising effort and encourage other businesses to help charities continue their good work by donating their skills where finances may be lacking ”.

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Free Webinar Helps Caregivers Find Care Homes for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

USA: November 12, 2010 – Families and caregivers of seniors with Alzheimer’s or other dementias are invited to a free webinar to be held on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010 (PST). The topic of the free webinar is, “How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Facility for Seniors with Alzheimer’s or Other Dementias”. Interested persons must sign up for the limited spaces available for the webinar by visiting

The Webinar presenter will be David Wylie of ALZCARE Insights (link — In 2005 Wylie founded Alzheimer’s Care Home Referral Service. Prior to this he founded Residential Care Placement Services in 1995 and worked with the Alzheimer’s Association in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1988-94.

No longer directly involved in helping caregivers with placement Wylie said, “For many family members and caregivers this is one of the hardest and most painful decisions they will ever make. It is made worse by simply not knowing what the care home options are or what to base their choice of an assisted living facility on. I hope this webinar will help a few people through a very tough time.”

Topics to be addressed during the webinar include:

* How do I know when it is time to make the move to a care home?
* What is the difference between assisted living facilities, care homes and skilled nursing facilities?
* How do I find out where these care homes and assisted living facilities are?
* Is there anyone who can help me with the process of searching for the right care home?
* How much does assisted living cost and is there any financial help available?
* What do I tell my loved one about the move into a care home?
* What should I be looking for when I visit care homes?

For more information about this webinar please visit

Contact Details:

David Wylie
276 Kingsbury Square
Suite 104
P O Box 10498
Zephyr Cove, NV. 89448
Phone: 877-345-5233
Fax: 877-329-2592

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With the drastic growth of geo-targeting and personal search, making proper optimizing for this can be very fruitful. In case you want to drive in a good and high quality of traffic to your local business from multiple on line sources then search engine optimization local search marketing service is an apt solution.

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Relax and Enjoy in One of the top 15 Slovenian Spa Resorts- the Heart of Europe’s Spa Quality

Thousands of people flock to Slovenia each year for ski holidays, but thousands more look for hotel Slovenia locations in search of the natural health resorts that Slovenia is known for.  Slovenia terme is well developed and across the country are dozens of relaxing thermal spas, soothing natural health resorts, and rejuvenating wellness centres that can help ward off the winter blues.

From hotel Slovenia offerings to Slovenia terme centres wellness experts across the country are well versed in centuries of tradition that back solid experience to help create healthier bodies and minds. There are 15 certified natural spa resorts scattered throughout the country that serve as excellent places to receive rejuvenating mind and spirit treatments.  Based on the practice of modern medicine and holistic principles, a few days in the water spas or at a Slovenia therme and you will fell more rested and relaxed then you likely have in years.

The natural spas use thermalism traditions, climatology, balneology, and thalassotherapy to help treat illness and repair the spirit of the human body.  Even those that do not feel ill can benefit from the natural uplift offered at spas and any hotel Slovenia.

In addition to the natural spas which have sprung up around the thermal springs, there are also a great deal of services designed to attract guests to thermal centres.  Across the country there are many different Slovenia terme centres designed to cater to every need.  For example, Terme Snovik is one of the first eco-friendly tourists thermal spring centres for those that are concerned their carbon footprint will staying low.  There are also many more thermes that offer specialized services and group catering.

Prekmurje’s Terme Banovci is a great place to find Pannonian spas that all offer family friendly services so that the entire family can benefit from a relaxing spa holiday.  On the other hand, conference groups often head to Terme Maribor, which easily accommodates them with five different connected Slovenia hotel buildings and a special medical spa all centre on conference areas.

On the other hand, for the complete healthy and environmentally conservative holiday experience, Terme Snovik offers an eco-safe Slovenia terme experience complete with organic food and healthy eating at all meals.  Outside of these specialized perks, almost all of the thermal spas offer wellness activities, pools, sports, recreation, and wonderful accommodation options.

Why visiting Bled Slovenia is high on the list of European tourists? Clearly, a Treasure Among lake Holidays

Every year thousands of European tourists choose Bled Slovenia as their holiday destination due to the scenic lakes, mountains, and great ski slopes.  As an archipelago, Bled is a charming island of serenity that sits in the middle of the breathtaking Alpine valley.

During the 19th century a Swiss hydropathist found that the thermal waters and great climate combined help improve the general wellness of people and helped increase their mental well being.  Due to this fact, a great amount of health spas and thermal spas have made Bled Slovenia an attractive location.

Bled Slovenia, along with Lkubljana Slovenia, is known as one of the most beautiful, scenic, and breathtaking health spa locations in the Europe.  This is due to the fact that the town sits around the gentle calming lake of Bled and is surrounded by mountainside that offers great challenges and sporting activities.  Many people head to Bled, Slovenia today to enjoy the relaxation, tranquillity, and inspiration that the quiet town offers, as well as the many activities from mountain trails to lake trails to boating to the exploring the great mountain top castle.

There are also many more outdoor activities for those who want to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the island including fishing, hunting, premier golf courses, walking tails, and of course the amazing ski pistes which are in very close proximity to the city centre.  Each of these activities is conveniently located near the Bled Slovenia town centre and can be enjoyed easily.  During the evening there is also a great deal of après ski activities to partake in and even a casino on the island for those who want to try out their luck while on holiday.

Nearby is also Ljubljana Slovenia, which is the capital of the country and equally breathtaking.  Considerably small and charming for the capital city, Lubnljana Slovenia offers a unique Baroque Old Town that is a great deal of fun to explore and many wonderful Art Nouveau mansions that compliment the mountainside view wonderfully.  Complete with a castle on the hill top, the capital city offers a great deal of its own health spas, activities, and of course plenty of first rate accommodation that is charming and warm making it perfect for groups, families, or those in search of a romantic getaway.

Why Ski resorts in Slovenia are Great Alternative for Exceptional Ski Holidays?

When many Britons think about ski holidays they automatically start looking at France and Austria, however, there are many exceptional ski resorts in Slovenia that are also worth checking out.  The truth is that while ski holidays in Slovenia may not be the first thing that you think about, they are a great alternative due to the fact that the prices are reasonable and the location offers scenic beauty and great snow cover comparative to any other well known ski location in Europe.  In fact, some would say that Slovenia even offers better pricing and much more picturesque slopes than its rivals.

Ski resorts in Slovenia extend across the Alps offering great hills that enjoy excellent snow cover and of course snow cannons in the case that the winter is mild.  One of the best reasons to check out the Slovenian pistes is due to the fact that they are located in the lowlands allowing for direct access to and from the resort areas.  Therefore, they offer great accessibility with ski-in urban centres that are equipped with some of the most modern cable lift systems in the nation.

Despite modern advances, most ski resorts in Slovenia are smaller in size allowing for a more personalized experience with much less crowds.  This means that you can spend less time in queue for ski lifts and more time out on the slopes actually enjoying ski holidays in Slovenia.

Many people who travel to Slovenia to ski for the holidays comment that it is refreshing to take a holiday where there is no fighting over the slopes, ski lifts, or crowded resort areas during après ski hours.  In fact, the low key atmosphere allows holiday goers to relax and enjoy themselves free to wonder and play as they please.

If this is not enough to sway you towards looking into ski holidays in Slovenia, the country itself may lure you in with its stunning sights and amazing features.  From the scenic Lake Bled to the urban cities and picturesque ski resort cabins, it does not get much quainter than Slovenia ski villages.

With plenty of small town village shops to explore, an amazing away of nature parks, and even caverns waiting to be explored, there is plenty to explore both on and off the slopes during any ski holidays in Slovenia.  Plus, given the location of Slovenia the cuisine is a mix between European delicacies and Mediterranean delights making it a thrill to splurge on while on holiday.

The Sweaty Palms Program

Wolverhampton, UK, 11.11.10 – The Sweaty Palms Program guarantees that you will get rid of sweaty palms fast and start enjoying life more. The proven 3-step system is surgery free. Many people have sweaty palms because of hyperhydrosis.Primary hyperhydrosis is by over active sweat glands in the nervous system. Secondary hyperhydrosis is by underlying condition like diabetes or thyroid. The most popular treatment to stop sweaty palm is the proven 3-step system. It is done by expensive machines without pain. The proven 3-step system is low cost and risk free.

The Sweaty palms program is completely natural safe and extremely effective without any side effects. Sweaty palm has severe problems that affect a patient’s everyday routine work. It’s hard to use computer, touch screen phones, paper writing and even driving because of over sweaty palm. It begins in childhood and become severe in their adult stage. By doing the sweaty palms program you will get self confidence and never be afraid of a hand shake ever again.

Though sweating is the natural way our body regulate the temperature and its essential to facilitate the healthy physiological functioning excessive of that can make people uncomfortable. A condition that causes perspiration greater than the physiological needs of the body is said to be hyperhydrosis. It occurs mainly in four areas of the body that are face, feet, hands, and armpits. Palmer hyperhydrosis is caused by nervousness or emotional distress. The Sweating amount varies depends on the atmosphere and many patients feel their hands cold and clammy.

Excessive sweating in the armpits is said to be Axillary Hyperhydrosis. This condition makes people embarrassing because of wet marks in the shirts. If there excessive sweating in the feet the condition is said to be Plantar Hyperhydrosis. Patients with Palmer and plantar hyperhydrosis should avoid driving because it can create lack of control of the vehicle due to sweating. The sweaty palm program is easy to follow process that you can quickly and easily eliminate your excess sweat problem for ever.

About provides information about the proven 3-step system offered by the Sweaty Palms Program. It is one of the most popular websites in UK. Detailed information about how to control the sweat palm can be obtained from this website.

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69 Penleigh Gardens
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ResellersPanel Adds a New Hosting Data Center

Pionen Data CenterThe new facility located in Stockholm, Sweden, used to be a nuclear fallout shelter.

ResellersPanel, the reseller web hosting trailblazer, announces that it has expanded its data center network by adding Pionen – a Stockholm-based top-class facility operated by Bahnhof, one of Sweden’s largest ISPs. So far, the clients under ResellersPanel’s automated reseller hosting program have been able to choose between Peer1’s facility in Fremont, California, and the BlueSquare data center located in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

The new Swedish facility has a very interesting history. It used to be a nuclear bunker during the Cold War era. Designed to serve as a fallout shelter and located inside a solid granite cave, 30 meters below the ground surface, it is said to be able to survive even a hydrogen bomb hit.

The whole facility is powered by two German Maybach submarine diesel engines, which can produce a power output of 1.5 megawatts. Its interior includes waterfalls, a greenhouse-like Network Operations Center, a glass-encircled conference room suspended above a collocation hall. A triple redundancy Internet backbone access is guaranteed by both fiber optics and extra copper lines.

All clients under ResellersPanel’s turnkey reseller program having shared hosting accounts can set the new Swedish facility as a default data center choice for their online stores from their Reseller Control Panel. Customers who have elected to choose a Virtual Private Server package instead will soon be able to take advantage of the Stockholm-located data center as well.

“Prompted by the huge popularity that our United Kingdom data center located 25 miles outside central London has gained among our European customers, we’ve decided to open the doors of still another renowned European data center for them in an attempt to better meet their growing needs,” said Nick Blaskov, CFO of ResellersPanel.

“The cluster technology that we’ll be shortly employing,” he continued, “reduces the load on a given server by distributing requests made to it to other servers, thus ensuring faster data access.” Mr. Blaskov concluded that “ResellersPanel’s portfolio of offered services will soon include a brand new data center option for clients located in yet another continent”.

Watch a video version of the story.

About ResellersPanel

ResellersPanel is the first company to offer a completely free, fully-automated turnkey reseller hosting program, which has helped more than 100 000 resellers create web hosting companies of their own and sell shared hosting accounts, dedicated, semi-dedicated and Virtual Private Servers, domain names and SSL certificates, without having to purchase them beforehand. Beside the free program, ResellersPanel also offers a cPanel reseller hosting program.

For more information, please contact ResellersPanel at:

LiquidNet US LLC
1500 N University Drive, Suite 115
Coral Springs, FL 33071

+1-800-574-0902 Toll Free
+1-510-870-0646 United States
+44-20-7993-2673 United Kingdom
+61-2-8014-8213 Australia

Contact Name: Ross Todoroff

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Interested In Knowing More About Free Online Games

Laurel, MD USA – 12 Nov 2010 – is an online portal that offers free online games for people of all the ages. This website has thousands of online games which are available for free.

Those who are on long vacations or leave can become bored in a matter of minutes doing nothing. After all how many times can one go to the shopping mall or go for a long drive. There are interesting things which an individual can do at home. All one needs is a computer system with internet connection. Individuals who are interested in gaming will be glad to know that there are many websites, which offer free flash games.

All one needs to do is to just register on the website and it is done. The individual can get access to some of the best flash games for free. These free games can give an individual the satisfaction he or she needs. These days it is quite a common sight to see both young and old playing computer games. Sure, there are many website that offer free games, but they may charge a once life time pay for membership and may not have an extensive collection.

When individuals have a world of games around them, where is the question of sitting idle? All they need to do is search for their favorite games and start playing. not only has thousands of games for individuals to play, but also has a forum where users can meet like minded individuals and share thoughts with each other. This way an individual gets to make friends from world over.

The beauty of these online games is that once an individual crosses a particular level, he/she gets access to the latest weapons to fight the enemy. There are also interesting games for kids.

About was created by professionals who like to share online games with others for free. This is an interesting concept. This online portal is a largest source of free online games which consists of funny games, flash games, arcade games, dress-up games, and internet games, shooting games, sport games, education and more. However, the best part of this online portal is that, it also consists of forums, and blogs where like minded individuals can join and share information with each other. Individuals get to know that latest happenings in the gaming world. This online portal is meant for one and all. So, hurry up and join for free now.

If you liked the above article and want more information on free online games, then feel free to contact James Ronaldo on 301-452-4547 or email James at

Contact Details:
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James Ronaldo
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Website Name : Free Online Games

Discover a Unique Holiday

Singapore – 12/11/10 – offers fabulous discounts on hotel accommodations for visitors who want to holiday in Hua Hin. This seaside resort town which is 200 Kilometers south of Bangkok has gained immense popularity among holidaymakers with its clean beaches and number of natural and man-made wonders. Hua Hin is closely connected to the Thai Royal Family and it has that regal touch to it with its several palaces that have become major tourist attractions. There is always something to do for visitors to this town which can entertain them through the day and night. A visit to Hua Hin Railways Station which is the most beautiful railway station in Thailand that was formerly a Royal Pavilion will make visitors staying in Hua Hin hotels understand this town’s affiliation with the Royal Family. Wang Klai Kang Won Palace means ‘Far from Worries’ is the official residence of His Majesty the King of Thailand.

Apart from sunbathing, swimming and scuba diving which are the usual activities other seaside resorts offer, Hua Hin with its specialty seafood restaurants has more to offer with golf, shopping, national parks that are rich in vegetation and wildlife. The nightly street market is a popular place for shopping and an opportunity to taste traditional food freshly cooked and witness local people’s cultures and traditions. At Pa La-u Waterfall visitors staying in hotels in Hua Hin can view the rich flora and fauna and get to see the various exotic birds that are found in Hua Hin. With a pulsating nightlife, Hua Hin throbs to the tempo of music and the magic of tropical nights in the areas of Soi Bintabaht and Soi Selakam, where many of the popular bars and pubs are located. There are several discothèques, karaoke bars and live music concerts which are popular among young tourists who wish to party all through the night.

The shallow waters and the ideal wind conditions make Hua Hin a great place for kiteboarding and kitesurfing. There are several kitesurfing and kiteboarding schools which offer courses for visitors who want to learn this adventure sport. If you are looking for souvenirs or gifts to take back home, then one of the best products of Hua Hin is the Khommaphat printed cotton which can be made into a variety of apparel and household items.  A trip to the Hua Hin Hills vineyard where you can get to taste the local Monsoon Valley Wine adds to the thrill of enjoying views of the scenic valley and is a great way to remember a holiday. Excite hotels with their deep discounts on hotel rooms is an exotic way to explore the royal treasures of Hua Hin.

About Offering their guests the passion of an exciting holiday in the City of Angels, Excite hotels displays a wide spectrum of hotel accommodations to suit business or leisure needs. With the detail of reservations for hotels with secure online booking and discounts up to 75%, the website takes the traveler to the heart of a beautiful city to rest and rejuvenate in delightful hotel accommodation rooms that range from luxury to discount to cheap accommodations, resorts and spas. Besides the convenience of modern facilities in Hua Hin accommodations, the website also opens a new dimension to give the tourist a taste of the pulse of Hua Hin with traditional cuisines and other extravaganzas to add the lingering taste of a memorable sojourn.

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