The Vincent Hayes Project’s “Reclamation” CD Snags #6 Spot on B.B. King’s Bluesville on XM Radio

East Lansing, Michigan – November 21, 2010 – The Vincent Hayes Project snags the Number Six Spot on B.B. King’s Bluesville Channel 74 on Sirius/XM Radio after making its Capital City debut performance at Reno’s East Sports Bar in East Lansing just two weeks ago. Returning to East Lansing where the band recorded their debut CD, “Reclamation” at the Grammy winning producer/engineer Glenn Brown Studios, the Vincent Hayes Project is rapidly claiming attention from some of the most influential names in the Blues Music industry. In the October-November 2010 issue of Big City Blues Magazine, Gary von Tersch refers to Vince Hayes as “Michigan-based blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter extraordinaire.” von Tersch’s review of “Reclamation” reads, “Few musicians these days can sustain that aura of inner moodiness that is at the core of the blues for ten minutes on even one album cut – here Hayes does it twice.

Aided immeasurably by [Doc] Yankee’s piano, the slow-burning, long-ashed “I’ve Got A Right To Change My Mind” contains some brilliant, cliché-free lyrics and one of Hayes’ most soulful (a la Ray Charles or B.B. King) vocals along with some inspired, persuasively pensive guitar work that might even cause Clapton to raise an eyebrow in appreciation while the even longer “Some Kind Of Fool” has an organ backdrop, some deep-soul charged lyrics and a series of guitar passages that slowly and smoothly build the song’s intensity far into the red zone.” Blues lovers and professionals in the industry are welcoming “Reclamation” as is made evident in comment from B.B. King’s Bluesville, Sirius/XM D.J., Pat St. John’s comment of the band’s debut CD.

“I’m digging these tunes of yours! Everything I’ve heard from it is a winner. It’s a smoker!” says St. John. “Reclamation is a thoroughly modern blues album, but not a stale blues-rock album. The results speak for themselves: Alves [Dave Alves on bass and vocals] and Hugley [Donnie Hugley on percussion] form an air-tight unit that backs Hayes with a loose, funky groove, and Hayes proves to be a dexterous axe man whose charisma and love for the music shine strong throughout the disc,” says Living Blues Magazine October 2010. “Reclamation” is available on CDbaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, CDMojo, Amazon, Reverbnation, North61 Records the Vincent Hayes Project’s Record Label, and Amazon. About The Vincent Hayes Project Formed in 2004, the Vincent Hayes Project continues to perform for and impress blues lovers, recording artists, and industry professionals worldwide. Members include: Vincent Hayes, Guitar and Lead Vocals; Dave Alves, Bass and vocals; Donnie Hugley, percussion; Christian Van Antwerpen and Doc Yankee sharing keyboard duties.

Contact Details: Tamera Nielsen
Publicist/Booking Agent Vincent Hayes Project 2843 East Grand River #103 East Lansing MI 48823 USA
Phone: 941.894.2898

Christmas Money Saving Tips from

The festive season is fast-approaching and while kids are getting giddier by the day, Christmas can often bring a sense of sheer consternation for adults across the UK.

The pressure of playing Santa Claus often means that parents spend far more than they can afford to, in order to keep their children happy and entertained.

A 2009 survey showed that 77% of parents were willing to incur debt to fund their festive spending, during what is already an expensive time of year. Research showed that the average family forks out almost £40 a day on keeping boredom at bay from their children during the Christmas break.

Along with splashing out on toys and gadgets, parents are most likely to keep children entertained by spending on additional activities such as going to the cinema or going out for meals.

And so we thought now is the time for a bit of money saving advice, just in time for Christmas! With six weeks to go, our message to you is… relax! Although organisation might be your forte, research shows that buying presents before December could cost you around DOUBLE than getting them closer to Christmas.

This is down to the fierce price wars in which retailers slash their prices in order to entice all of the Christmas shoppers. According to the comparison website mySupermarket, prices for puddings and chocolates are far higher now than they usually have been in the December of previous years.

Johnny Steel, a spokesman for the website, said: “It’s good to be super-organised ahead of Christmas but often it’s worth holding back on buying your treats until December.

“As early as September we’ve been teased with mince pies, Christmas puddings and sweets in supermarkets tempting us to stock up in advance.

“But as the research shows, on average prices will drop in the coming months.”

According to CreditAction statistics, average consumer borrowing via credit cards, motor and retail finance deals, overdrafts and unsecured personal loans has risen to £4,433 per average UK adult at the end of September 2010. As great as Christmas is, do you really want to be putting that burden on yourself?

Incredibly, it is estimated that almost a third (31%) of personal insolvency procedures and debt management programmes that occurred in March 2010 were triggered by overspending during the festive season.

So our message to you is, as ever, spend within your means! And Merry Christmas.


We are a national company providing free debt advice, where you can be sure of getting honest and confidential advice about your debts.

It is our policy not to charge for any debt advice or IVA guidance we offer, we aim to ensure that the appropriate debt solution is advised.

We advise over 1,000 clients a month on where or how to get assistance. A fee is only charged if the appropriate solution we recommend for your circumstances is handled by ourselves. We will inform you what the fee is for and details of all the work we will carry out on your behalf, this will be done before we commence any work.

We will also review the solution recommended to make sure that if your circumstances change that the appropriate advice is offered. We feel it is essential that you have a free choice for yourself in determining whether we are or aren’t the company you choose to work with in resolving your debt problems. Any costs incurred are paid over a period of time.

Be fair to yourself and be fair to your creditors and get advice from R&R Financial Solutions.

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Modern Furniture For Home

If it’s bedroom furnishings you’re in the market for, we’re confident you’ll find the ideal contemporary furniture that is nothing short of inspirational. Platform beds, nightstands, dressers, complete bedroom sets and even mattresses by the biggest names in the industry can all be found at Modern Furniture for Home. If it’s a daybed or futon you need for your guest room or a toddler bed or bunk beds for your child’s room, it’s all here.

Don’t forget your dining room. It too requires the latest in contemporary furniture offerings. We have many bar tables, bar stools and dining room sets, not to mention beautifully designed curios and buffets. Many of our dining room tables are ultra modern, sleek and streamlined and merge hardwoods and glass tops; others are constructed of wood with any number of finishes – the choice is yours. Finally, because we know how important it is to provide an easy transition from your indoor living area to your outdoor patio and pool space, we have many of the latest styles of outdoor patio sets, outdoor chaise lounges, outdoor bar sets and even hammocks, benches and umbrellas. It’s just one more reason Modern Furniture for home is your one source for lovely contemporary furniture.

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London, UK, 21.11.10 – Proofreading software is used to check your misspelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes automatically when you’re writing English documents. This software is easy to use for any correction in your text. It gives you quick feedback when you click it. It also easily transforms your simple English document into professional one. Every day you are sending many messages, document and e-mails to your business related persons, friends, etc. So with your poor English writing you may miss any job offers. You can write accurate and professional English using Proofreading software.

By writing with Proofreading software you can impressed by others and they will think you us a professional and intelligent writer. Software for Proofreading is useful to Business man, English teachers, professional writers, college students, copywriters, translators and others who wish to upgrade their English writing level. The benefits of Software Proofreading are you can achieve your goal easily by communicating others with rich English, you can improve your writing knowledge and you can save your valuable money and time.

Proofreading software is mainly helpful for the people who use writing as main job whether at home or in office. It analysis the sentences for correct punctuations and transform you’re writing more rich. It locates and fixes whatever errors might be seen in your document and gives suggestion to change it. By using this software you can easily improve your self confidence in your writing skills. It change the way of English writing forever and enables you to sharpen your talents in writing.

This software suggest you context based synonyms related to your document. It simplifies the writing for writers in order to make long document. Installing and using Proofreading software is extremely easy. For installing Proofreading software you need internet connection and it works on Microsoft OS and Mac OS. You can get proofreading software in online.

About provides information about the Proofreading software and its benefit. It is one of the most popular websites in UK. Detailed information about the installation and using the Proofreading software can be obtained from this website.

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Funding For Booklet Distribution Enables Students To Gain Tools For Controlling Difficult Emotions

With the help of a generous spiritual foundation from New York City, Dee Cohen, a licensed social worker, has been given the opportunity to distribute several hundred of her stress reduction booklets titled, “How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations” around South Florida to schools, youth centers and other settings. These booklets incorporate tips from psychology, meditation, yoga and other techniques to help manage anger and negative emotions which are often a very destructive force in people’s lives.

Cohen is a licensed social worker as well as a certified yoga teacher, helping those who have problems with stress in their lives to overcome and transcend these issues. Her stress reduction tips consist of a number of breathing techniques, mental exercises to increase gratitude and physical stretches to stop the body from tightening. She has been practicing as a social worker for over twenty five years as well as continues to train and teach yoga. According to Dee Cohen, “If a child can learn from an early age that there are ways to dissipate daily frustrations and tensions, someone can have a new perspective and not carry anger and depressed feelings when faced with a challenging situation.”

Dee Cohen is making an effort to spread the word when it comes to helping children and young adults deal with emotional problems that affect their everyday lives. Because of the funds she has been given, she hopes that students will be able to have opportunities to review the tips and incorporate them in settings at school, family and under peer pressure.

The more donations that are received, the wider this message can be spread to different areas of the state, including counties which are particularly in need of reading materials and support for troubled youth. Organizations and individuals that would like to have a hand in making a difference in this way are encouraged to contact Dee Cohen at her website . Schools and centers that can benefit from this booklet distribution are also requested to reach Ms. Cohen.

Dee Cohen notes, “Kids enjoy breathing exercises and learn very quickly how to apply healthy techniques that can reduce responses such as anger, sadness and discouragement.They have fun with yoga poses and learn easily they can change their perspective.”There have been many recent reports in the local news on bullying, cutting oneself due to internal stress and poor anger management. During the past year there were at least two incidents in South Florida high schools that made headlines for students requiring hospitalizations from beatings by other students. Both organizations in need of these booklets as well as additional donors for distribution are encouraged to visit the website to contact the author for further information.

1355 W Palmetto Park Rd
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Insurance Buffs offers cheap online car insurance quotes

US 20th November 2010th _If you’re one of the many people angry over the increasing cost of auto insurance, you should be aware that Insurance Buffs offers cheap online car insurance quotes. provides quick and confidential online quotes on auto insurance. There’s no standing in line, appointments to speak with a representative, or long waits with Insurance Buffs. All transactions are conducted 100 percent online. You can apply via the form on their website and have an instant answer.

Your application, information and quote remain completely confidential and your quote will be delivered in a quick and timely manner. They also offer online quotes for life and home insurance.

Only the very wealthy can afford to purchase a new vehicle outright. For the millions of other people in need of a new vehicle, that will entail making a purchase through a bank or other lending institution. That means you’ll need full coverage insurance, which can prove to be extremely expensive. As the cost of vehicles increases, so do monthly payments. Insurance Buffs can help combat the high cost of owning a vehicle with cheap online insurance quotes.

Rates are extremely competitive, with the usual discounts, special rates and deals that are typically available for those with excellent driving records. Unlike some insurance providers, they don’t balk at insuring new or young drivers.

The site has compiled a variety of insurance-related information and articles aimed at helping customers obtain the best rates possible on their auto insurance. The site offers links where customers can discover more on women drivers, how to obtain cheap online car insurance quote quotes and news about comparison-shopping for auto insurance.

Insurance Buffs offer the quick quote you need, when you need it. There’s no waiting, and visitors can obtain a cheap online car insurance quote anytime of the day or night.

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New Weight Losing Plans That Really Work? From

Caesarea, 11.19.10 – In this modern life style, more and more people are getting obese. This is because modern life style teaches us and forces us to live with less physical activity, eat almost all processed foods and we all suffer from high levels of stress living in this modern now a days.

At the end, you will be spending more time, money and effort to fight against weight loss and trying to be healthy than you have gained. There are many weight losing plans on the market and also many scams…

Caesarea has found the most effective weight losing plans that have helped thousands of people like you and me to lose their weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The thing is that there is no such thing as the one diet fits all. But at weight losing plans dot com Caesarea has solved that problem by offering a variety of proven methods to lose weight and to live healthier.

We also asked what is one of the most helpful tips on your website that many people can benefit from right now? “I have many tips and plans for losing weight and living a healthier better life, but my favorite is you can just change 3 things you eat to see to watch the pounds fall off…”

Here are just a couple dieting plans that we found on weight losing plans dot com:

• The answer to the big question “Weight Loss Supplements – No Supplements or Yes?”
• How to get fat-burning and muscle toning results in 7 minutes
• The ripped ab secret of bodybuilders and fitness models, simple but powerful short cuts to 6 pack abs. provides basically everything you need when it comes to wanting to lose weight and living a much healthier lifestyle. Caesarea has developed a site that has the most effective and proven weight losing plans available on the market.

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Kotara, Australia – 19/11/2010 – is the new spot on the block to find and upload all those new music videos. The site is free to join and lets the users join groups, upload videos, browse videos and rate videos all in the music video world. is actually a very user friendly site that is easy to navigate around. The site design is clean and sharp. If you are looking for a new music video in a particular category, you will be able to find almost anything you are looking for.

The categories consist of: *
* Blues & Jazz
* Classical
* Country
* Dance
* Experimental
* Folk
* Hip Hop
* Jazz
* Latin
* Metal
* Pop
* Retro
* RnB
* Rock & Alternative
* Rockumentary
* World & Reggae

On the home page we found the Top rated tab that includes all the top rated media of the music videos. There is also a popular tab that features the most popular music videos that are being watched. The members section will show you all the current members and their friends.

You can also upload any new music videos you may have as it is very easy to use the upload section. You just put in your title, description, choose your category, upload to a group if you want, add your keywords. The max video size is 9gb or you can use a embed code that you may have from another site.

What else is cool you can upload a thumbnail image too if you want. Needless to say we found this site to be extremely user friendly to navigate around and to upload all are new music videos too.

So we asked the owner of Virginia Reynolds why did you create this site? “I created this site because, although there are many other video sharing sites out there, I have not seen many that are based around strictly music.”

If you are looking for new music videos and also may want to share and upload your music videos then visit to sign up for your free account today!

Virginia Reynolds and Associates
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North York Is A Very Lovely Place Because Its Neighborhood Has Everything To Offer

November 20, 2010 – North York is a very lovely place because its neighborhood has everything to offer. The residents in this urban city tends to enjoy all the convenience and thrill of living at the centre of the city, which houses expansive green space, calm residential streets and friendly community centers. It is easy to move into one of the eye-catching new condominiums or into one of the attractive house on a quiet street. The balance between urban and suburban North York provides is perfect.


Sheppard, Bayview, North York Centre and Finch Subways stops can be found in the North York location, in other words no matter the distance from where you live you will be close to the TTC. Some condominiums links directly to the subway. The location of North York is just north of Highway 401, therefore you can easily link to the entire Greater Toronto Area.

Parks and Green space

North York is surrounds the Don River and the East and West Don Parklands, making provision for recreation and also relaxation. Earl Bales, Glendora, Avondale, Blue Ridge, York Mill and Bayview Village have a variety of parkettes coupled with other great parks for your kids. An outdoor pools and baseball diamonds can be found there. Soccer fans can enjoy watching soccer at the North York Civic Soccer Fields.

Community Centers

Located at the heart of city is the Mel Lastman Square. During week days on Thursdays you can find the Farmers market and on Sunday the Summer Entertainment where there are a lot of cultural events, festivals and concerts. The North York Library and the famous Douglas Snow Aquatic Centers can be found there. You can satisfy your taste for the arts at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.


There is a place for golfing, hiking and swimming in the area, but what you do not know is that there is also a great place for skating and skiing. You will be kept busy and active through the winter at the North York Ski Centre and local ice rinks. Fitness Centers as well as the YMCA, Extreme Fitness and the newly refurbished GoodLife Fitness are available.


In North York, there is a great range in new and old condominiums, including townhouses and residential houses. Houses come at different sizes, for instances there are small family homes, medium sized homes and large single family homes.

Crime Rate is Low

The rate of homicide and robbery according to the Police District 53 is lowest in the North York condos. In June 2010, no report of cases of homicide or gun related violence for the year.

There are much more reasons why North York is wonderful place to live. But you can only get to understand more if you can come and see it for yourself.

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Company Locations: Toronto, Canada
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Payday Loan 90 can help with no-fax payday loans online

Uk 20th November 2010th _When the need arises and you need cash fast, Payday Loan 90 can help with no fax payday loans online to aid in paying for a variety of emergency-related expenses.

Payday Loan 90 specializes in quick, no fax loans and has the quickest approval times of any loan service currently available online. You can apply using the secure online form on their website at and have an answer in 90 seconds.

Payday Loan 90 doesn’t make loans, but they do match applicants with lenders willing to make unsecured, short-term loans. They work with thousands of lenders that are willing to make no fax payday loans, no credit check payday loans, payday loans and payday cash advances. They’ve done all the work of locating lenders so you don’t have to.

To qualify for a no fax payday loan online, applicants must be a legal U.S. citizen, have a steady source of income or stable job, be 18 years of ages, have a working email address and an active back account where funds will be deposited via electronic transfer.

No fax payday loans are available in amounts up to $1,500, but a lender may offer a smaller amount until you’ve established a history with them. Since applicable interest rates and fees apply, it’s a good idea not to ask for more than you really need.

If you’re approved for a payday loan, the lender will contact you to discuss interest rates, terms of the loan and repayment. You’re never under any obligation to accept a loan that is offered. If you accept the terms, the money is transferred to your back account electronically, usually within 24 hours and sometimes as soon as the same day.

You’ll be expected to repay your no fax payday loan in full on your next payday, though some lenders are willing to extend the terms. Additional interest and fees may be charged for those who choose this option. Borrowers should be aware that repayment of the loan will dramatically affect the amount of cash they have left from their next paycheck.

The money from your no fax payday loan can be used for whatever you need. The most common reasons given for requesting a payday loan include car repairs, medical bills and taxes.

You never know when a need for cash will arise that exceeds your available savings. Payday Loan 90 can help with the cash you need quickly and confidentially. The application process is easy, quick and free.

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