Connecticut criminal defense lawyer Erin Field announces discounts for veterans and servicemen

Enfield, November 10, 2010 – Connecticut criminal defense lawyer Erin Field announces discounts for veterans and current servicemen and women of the United States Armed Forces and Coast Guard. Attorney Field has been a statewide practicing attorney for over 15 years and has extensive experience in criminal law. All calls are confidential and include a free consultation.

“Veterans are part of the reason I have the opportunity to do what I love,” says Attorney Field. “When a veteran is charged with a crime, I am honored to represent them and happy to offer a discount to my usual fee.”

Being a veteran can be a factor in how the case gets prosecuted. Other legal professionals recognize the importance of the armed forces, many of whom are prosecutors.

Some veterans do not find it easy to adjust to civilian life after they are discharged from their service. Sometimes those difficulties can lead to criminal charges. There is a lawyer in Connecticut who is eager to serve U.S. servicemen and women when this happens. Attorney Erin Field has a statewide practice and can be reached at (860) 749-8313.

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Eastern Kentucky University to Launch Online Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety

RICHMOND, KY (November 10, 2010) – Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is proud to announce the new online Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety Degree Program, with classes starting in January 2011.

EKU’s online Bachelor’s in Occupational Safety arms current safety professionals and those interested in pursuing a safety career with the skills and knowledge to succeed within this evolving industry. The program’s comprehensive curriculum provides students with a solid safety foundation including: OSHA inspections, education and training, workers compensation, and auditing.

The new EKU occupational safety program provides students with relevant, real- world learning applications, from industry-leading faculty members. EKU’s faculty members have many years of safety experience. They incorporate that experience into the courses by directly applying theories to practice. Additionally, the professors use cutting-edge teaching tactics in the courses. For example, they have incorporated videos of construction safety and OSHA inspections into coursework for online students.

“The faculty truly makes this degree program stand out. They give a strong foundation and enhance the curriculum with their industry experiences, which makes our graduates untouchable,” said Program Coordinator, Dr. Michael Schumann.

In addition to the traditional Occupational Safety Curriculum, the EKU Online Bachelor’s in Occupational Safety program offers a minor in Fire and Safety Engineering Technology, which keeps EKU students at the forefront of the safety industry and makes them more valuable candidates to employers. Due to EKU’s strong reputation, employers actively seek EKU graduates to fill safety jobs.

About Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Justice and Safety
Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Justice & Safety holds the designation of being a Program of Distinction in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and one of the foremost institutions of learning and research in the fields of justice and safety in the nation and world. The College is a nationally unique educational institution that houses degree programs and research centers devoted to all aspects of the first responder, and justice and safety communities. Eastern Kentucky University also houses a regional OSHA Training Institute (OTI) Education Center that serves the southeast region of the United States. EKU’s OTI draws upon the expertise of internationally recognized EKU faculty to develop and provide quality training. It
is a unique facility that offers customized trainings through hands-on learning and cutting edge equipment.

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Eastern Kentucky University to Launch Website for The College of Justice and Safety Online Programs

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU),, is proud to announce the launch of a new website hosting all of the online degree programs available through the College of Justice and Safety. The new website will be a resource of information for current and prospective students, as well as industry professionals. Vital information on a suite of online programs including Bachelor’s programs in Fire Protection Administration, Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology, and Occupational Safety and a Master’s program in Safety, Security and Emergency Management is presented throughout the website. Working professionals within the fire and safety industries will also benefit from the information on this website, including fire resources, safety resources, and a collection of course videos.

In conjunction with the new website, EKU will also launch social media. Check for updates and current news on:

• Twitter:
• Facebook:

Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Justice & Safety holds the designation of being a Program of Distinction in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and one of the foremost institutions of learning and research in the fields of justice and safety in the nation and world. The College is a nationally unique educational institution that houses degree programs and research centers devoted to all aspects of the first responder, and justice and safety communities. The College has extended its breadth to the online educationarena. It currently offers four undergraduate degrees online, and two graduate degrees. The master’s degree in Safety, Security and Emergency Management offers five areas of concentration. EKU is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and holds multiple rankings including being listed in the top 10 percent of America’s Colleges and Universities through Forbes Magazine, among the first-tier regional universities through US News and World Report, and in the Top 10 Online Colleges in the Nation, according to Best Colleges online rankings.

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Animated Comedy Family Guy Episodes

Moon Media, 11.11.2010 – Family Guy Episodes is a famous American Animated Television program. Family Guy and its cast have been nominated for thirteen Emmy Awards and have won 4 Emmy Awards. All the Artists are talented and believe act by artists is the most powerful way to reach the most population. The aim of the company is to bring a lot of fun, enjoyment into the family. Family Guy Episodes centers about a functional family consisting of different characters like Peter, Meg, Lois, Chris, Stewie, and their pet dog Brian. The episodes use frequent cut away gags which gives in light to American Culture.

Family Guy Episodes was created by MacFarlane after developing two predecessor animated films, The Life of Larry and Larry & Steve. MacFarlane also changed the design of the protagonist Larry and was renamed as Peter, and changed the design of Larry’s dog Steve, and developed him into Brian. Shortly after the third season of Family Guy aired in 2003, the episodes were cancelled. Latter spurted by favorable DVD sales and high ratings on syndicated reruns, the network renewed the show in 2004.

The setting for the stories is a partially fictional town in Rhode Island, based on MacFarlane’s upbringing and education. Family Guy has always been really funny, the story always made sense, and followed some character throughout. There are a decent amount of specials for this show that is why everyone likes these episodes. With specials like “On the road to” You never know what to expect, but it’s always great. The show has changed over the years, but only for the better.

Family Guy has always been one of the funniest cartoons in all viewers mind. With the Cast and Crew working on the show, viewers always know what to expect, and that’s another fantastic episode. Moon media is a new paradigm for Advertising and Entertainment, Combining vast commercial Production and creativity.

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A Discovery Trip to the Natural Wonders of Khao Lak

Singapore – 10/11/10 – Khao Lak has quickly emerged as one the favorite holiday beach destinations by global travelers to Thailand. offers travelers big discounts on comfortable hotels in Khao Lak. A trip to the Chong Fah Waterfalls would expose visitors to beautiful scenery in Khao Lak and it is a cool escape as this spot is ideal for a swim, picnic and relaxation with family and friends to spend an afternoon of relaxation and fun under the shade of the foliage found in the area. If tourists wish to have an early morning start and watch the sunrise over rugged mountains amid the thunder of cascading waters then the Lampi Waterfalls is the place to visit. This beautiful waterfall is just half-an-hour drive from Khao Lak and one can get to see the first rays of the sun coming through mist and the trees found there.

For travelers wanting to pack some adventure and fun into their holidays then an hour’s drive to north east of Khao Lak reveals one of the most beautiful Nature Parks in Thailand-Khao Sok National Park. This Nature Park is Mother Nature’s gift to Khao Lak with rare animals and varieties of plants with miles and miles of rainforest is an unforgettable holiday experience for tourists to Khao Lak. This parks offers visitors plenty of attractions and activities with its thundering waterfalls, jungle treks with adventure sports like river rafting, canoeing, boating and swimming. One can also trek though the jungles on foot or on top of an elephant and get to see the natural vegetation and wildlife found in this park.

With stunning views and limestone ridges, Cheow Lan Lake is one of the most beautiful picnic spots in Kha Lak and attracts thousands of visitors from Khao Lak hotels to come and enjoy a day admiring the natural beauty that surrounds the Cheow Lan Lake. The emerald green waters with colorful coral reef formations with shoals of brightly colored fishes swimming though the crevices is the best way to describe Surin Islands. This island is very popular for its scenic settings and a favorite diving spot for those who wish to explore the underwater treasure troves of Khao Lak. with their great discounts is an affordable way for travelers to discover the natural wonders staying in the comfort of the best hotel rooms in Khao Lak.

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CarChat24 is the premier US based provider of 24/7 fully staffed professional automotive live chat services.

CarChat24 has just announced new promotional Flat Rate pricing starting as low as only 295.00 monthly for 24/7 fully staffed live dealer chat support. This new flat rate pricing makes it much more affordable for dealers to add fully staffed live chat to their dealership website.

The Florida company is also welcoming automotive dealers from the US and Canada to try the highly beneficial performance-based dealer chat support service with a 30 day free trial. This service is specifically designed to help dealers reach a much larger conversion rate of automotive sales leads from their existing website traffic. CarChat24’s Management Team has over 40 years of automotive experience, and provides its dealers with the ability to maximize the amount of their auto sales leads from their own website.

About the company: is a Florida based company that offers 24/7 fully staffed automotive live chat services and software to automotive dealers throughout the United States and Canada. CarChat24 clients take advantage of their professional staffed dealer chat support and the high quality automotive sales leads created by the CarChat24 service.

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Enhance the Beauty with Essenza Nobile

Germany, 11.10.10 – Essenza Nobile is a total beauty care company offers services with the blend of latest technology and quality to give the luxury in beauty. With growing ecological and health awareness, modern cosmetics are available in the form of organic cosmetics, mineral cosmetics and even environmentally friendly cosmetics .Beauty cosmetic products include an extensive range of make-up cosmetics and toiletries like skin creams and lotions, perfumes, niche scents, lipsticks and lip gloss, nail varnish, toothpastes, deodorants and eye and face make-up products. There are also an exclusive variety of permanent cosmetics and cosmetic treatments available with Essenza Nobile which can be used to create permanent make-up-like effects like one could have permanent eyeliner on their eyelid by getting it tattooed onto the eyelid.

Cosmetics are used to enhance the appearance or odor of the person. Essenza Nobile offers only branded cosmetics and fragrances product. In cosmetics the most important brands are Revive, Carita, Immupure, SBT, Niance and MBR. They are specialized in variety, classic and hard to find fragrances for women, men, kids. In Fragrances the most exclusive brands are By Kilian, Creed, Amouage, Caron, Nasomatto and Xerjoff.

Essenza Nobile provides International Delivery service to Russia and worldwide. You can make purchase of Cosmetics, Wellness products and gifts. Along with regular orders they offer packaged gifts on special occasions, wedding packages, one-of-kind. Direct contacts with the best Stores in Russia and other countries and worldwide enable them to provide a wide range of Services at various prices. Essenza Nobile provides you with the delivery service to all cities in e.g. St.Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg and any city worldwide.

Ordering Cosmetics that are to be delivered to the recipient is the most popular gift. You can order any variety and any quantity. Many Customers place orders regularly so that they are always glad to grant a special discount to them. All orders are handled and shipped by professionals who guarantee the highest quality of delivery regardless of the delivery date and the duration of notice.

About provides information about the Cosmetic products and delivery services offered by Essenza Nobile. It is one of the most popular websites in Germany. Detailed information about various types of cosmetics, perfumes, fragrances can be obtained from this website.

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eGestalt Honored “Top 10 Security Companies to Watch” by SiliconIndia

eGestalt Technologies Inc., announced that SiliconIndia selected it among the “Top 10 Security Companies to Watch” in its annual si100 ranking.

Santa Clara, CA, November 10, 2010 — eGestalt Technologies Inc. ( ), a cloud computing based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of IT security and governance, risk management and compliance (IT-GRC) solutions for small to mid-size businesses including enterprises, announced that SiliconIndia selected it among the “Top 10 Security Companies to Watch” in its annual si100 ranking.

Sponsored by, a professional networking portal with 2 million members, the si100 is an annual listing of the top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians in the U.S. and cover multiple sectors of information technology including wireless, mobile, clean tech, semiconductor, software and security.

The company was recognized for SecureGRC, ( ) a patent-pending cloud-based SaaS solution that addresses all the enterprise needs around information security, compliance and risk management and provides automation and integration of policy controls to manage security and IT-GRC related issues. The combined security monitoring and IT-GRC solution provides automation and integration of policy controls in a ready-to-use framework that includes context-based inference engines, alert processing, logging and monitoring.

Of interest to channel partners is that SecureGRC reduces the total cost of ownership by as much as 10x, making it ideal for cost-conscious small and mid-size organizations. Based on SecureGRC™, for the first time the channel can now deliver low-cost, high-value compliance services to their clients that has unparalleled economics that is unprecedented in the industry.

The selected companies awarded are judged by a distinguished panel comprising accomplished Indian CEOs and CIOs of public companies, venture capitalists, analysts, founders of other VC-funded companies and the SiliconIndia editorial board.

“I am very excited to accept this recognition by the large SiliconIndia community of industry leaders,” said Anupam Sahai, co-founder and president. “This honor validates that we are making great progress and now the peers and the industry thought leaders are recognizing the hard work done by our team. SecureGRC provides what our customers have been asking for, an integrated solution for dealing with information security and compliance management using a disruptive and compelling business model.”

Available since June 2010, SecureGRC ( ) has already received several awards and recognitions, most prominently being voted as a finalist in the Breakthrough Technology Vendor category by Everything Channel’s XChange Americas.

About eGestalt Technologies Inc.
eGestalt Technologies Inc. is a world-class, innovation driven, leading provider of cloud-computing based enterprise solutions for information security and IT-GRC management. eGestalt is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has offices in US, Asia-Pacific and Middle East. The Consulting and development team of eGestalt Technologies in India was founded in 2007 by former Intel and IBM executives.

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