Facebook Gets A Facelift

New York, NY 11221 November 25, 2010 – New Book by Gotham Dating Partners Inc. is hoping that people will be interested in what they have to say, more importantly, what they have to say on Facebook. The New Book, Titled Facelift, is a collection of almost Five hundred inspirational Wall post from facebook.

Aaron Fraser, C.E.O. of Gotham Dating Partners Inc, the parent company of the Niche market dating website Gothamdatingpartners.com, came up with the Idea after discovering he had a cult following on Facebook to read his inspirational Wall post.” It was a no brainer for me, says, Fraser, I knew that there was a demand for my writings so packaging it in a way that it could be sold was the next obvious stage of progression.” Facebook has afforded businesses to create markets where there was none before.

For a limited time only, members of anyone of the following websites will be given a free copy upon request. Americanidoldating.com, Gothamdatingpartners.com, wealthypeopledate.com, multimillionairedate.com, and Foxnewsdating.com. Those who wish to purchase a copy can do so by going to Lulu.com and looking up the title Facelift by Aaron Fraser. Gotham Dating Partners Inc. will be developing a brand for the facelift series that will come in 500 Wall post Volumes.

Free copies will only be made available for a limited time only and it will only be available on Lulu.com for thirty days. Hard copies will hit stores on Christmas morning.


Gotham Dating Partners Inc
Website: www.Gothamdatingpartners.com
Email: info@gothamdatingpartners.com
Phone: 347-314-3332

Gotham Dating partners Inc. is an online Social Networking Dating Company.

Get Top Training and Become the Best Radio Technician in the Industry

A person can pursue numerous careers depending on what they like, talents and skills among many other factors. When one wants a career in medicine, one can choose to study various fields under allied health careers. To become a radiology technician, one has to find a good school where they will get top notch training. To find the best institution without too much effort, one should use Radiology Technician Schools Advisor. This is the best guide that a person can use to get all the information they need on the field. It informs individuals of the admission requirements of the schools and the features to look out for in a good school. It also lets one know what to do to increase their chances of getting into the training schools.

Radiology Technician Schools Advisor gives individuals deep insight on the career path they would like to follow. This is where one gets to know the popular radiologist courses and jobs and how one can apply successfully into their school of choice. It also gives an overview of what the individual will study while in school and gives reasons as to why one should register with the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists). In addition to this, it also gives the salary range that a person should expect as a medical assistant.

Before one signs up for the course, Radiology Technician Schools Advisor gives a detailed definition of the term radiology. This helps one to understand the field more; to be sure they know what they are getting themselves into. It also helps one to understand what they will learn in their courses. Other than this, it also explains the duties and responsibilities of a radiology technician so that one can know what to expect on the job. It goes further to explain the training a person needs to become a successful technician.

About Radiology Technician Schools Advisor

Radiology Technician Schools Advisor is the trusted partner when one wants to become a successful radiology technician. It gives details on how to find the best school as well as admission requirements. One also gets to learn about what to expect in the school and the career itself, which includes things like salary range. Individuals also get more insight on the job outlook to get all the information they need before embarking on the career path. This helps an individual to make an informed decision as to whether it is the right path to follow. To get comprehensive details on the subject feel free to visit http://www.radiologytechnicianschoolsadvisor.com

James E. Saunders
4304 Heavner Avenue,

Da Bruno Italian Marbella Restaurants Retain The Lead In The Costa Del Sol Grand Prix

On the same weekend that Fernando Alonso was racing in the Formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi, the Da Bruno Costa del Sol Grand Prix team was out navigating the waters skilfully to hold onto the lead in the Costa del Sol Grand Prix.

It was exciting to watch as the boats put up a good fight, with some great match racing manoeuvres. The action built up to a climax in the last downwind leg when Juan Luis Páez, helmsman of Da Bruno, and Iñaki Castañer maintained a tough battle a few lengths from the finishing line.

The Da Bruno Marbella Restaurants Orbaneja Pepequín finished in second place, with first place being taken by winner the Servimil, Pablo Villar.

However Da Bruno Restaurants is the overall leader, thanks to two second in the boat skippered by Juan Luis Páez, which gave a fine performance. This is followed by Peninsula Petroleum’s R.C.M. Servimil Sotogrande, sailing under the CM pendant Melilla.

During the race the wind was at a rate of 2.8 miles with a wind from 230 ° (SW), ranging between 10 and 15 knots intensity. The conditions were quite favourable for the vessels in the bay of Marbella.

The Costa Del Sol Grand Prix is only one of many events that Da Bruno either participates in or supports. The range is vast and whether it is sporting, charitable or a culinary, social event you can be sure that there is something happening soon at Da Bruno.

Join us on Facebook to be in the know and enjoy special occasions with Da Bruno – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marbella-Spain/Da-Bruno-Ristorante

About Da Bruno: The Da Bruno Italian restaurants group began operating in Marbella in 1994 with the launch of Pasta Da Bruno after which followed the opening of Da Bruno Home (1999), Da Bruno Cabopino A (2001), Da Bruno Sul Mare ( 2002), Da Bruno to San Pedro (2005) and recently at Da Bruno Cabopino Take Away and Delicatessen (2008). Da Bruno was founded by Bruno and Giuseppina Filippone who continue to run the business and have brought an unmistakable personal stamp of quality traditional Italian food to their restaurants.

Da Bruno – Italian restaurants in Marbella

Media Contact Information

Name: Marta Olea
Address: Av. Ricardo Soriano, 18
CCRS20 1 Planta
Phone: +34636446179
Website: www.dabruno.com
Email: comunicacion@dabruno.com

Find The Right Certification To Get Ahead In The Medical Career

November 25, 2010 – Most of the times when an individual wants to do well in the medical career, they have to get certified to get the green light to practice and start savings peoples lives. When one wants to specialize in pharmacy, Pharmacy Technician Certification Training is the trusted partner to get all the information needed on the field. Here one gets to know the reasons why it is important to get certified. One also gets to learn about online training where there is no need to attend the traditional classes to get the proper training and become a professional pharmacy technician.

pharmacy technician certification Training goes a step further to help individuals find the right school where they will get the best education. This is where one gets to lean about the things to look out for and the features of a good school. This way, they are able to enroll in a reputable school, which increases their chances of getting high quality education as well as open up employment opportunities. Other than getting the right school, students also get a glimpse of what to expect once they sign up for the course. This helps to prepare them for the journey ahead of becoming a pharmacist.

To ensure the students are not clueless when it comes to this field, Pharmacy Technician Certification Training gives the basic facts that one needs to know to get more information on the subject. This is where an individual gets to know the right direction to take after they have graduated so that they can start enjoying their career early enough. In addition to this, one also gets the information they need on pharmacy training schools. This ensures that they get quality education that will help them boost their career. One gets a glimpse of the coursework that is involved and how they will make money while at it.

About Pharmacy Technician Certification Training

Pharmacy Technician Certification Training continues to be the best advisor for students who are willing to pursue pharmacy. It gives them all the details they need on why they should get the pharmacy technician certification and gives them tips on online training on the same. It also helps the students to find the best school where they will get high quality training as well as what to expect in the course to know what they will be studying. In addition to this, students also get to learn the basic facts about the field as well as all the details they need to know about online schools that offer the course. To find out more don’t hesitate to visit http://www.pharmacytechniciancertificationtraining.com

Regina L. Becker
4850 Wilmar Farm Road, Gaithersburg,
MD 20877,
Phone: 240-276-2785

Modern Living Room Warehouse

Living Room Warehouse has provided quality made and affordable living room furnishings since 2006. From the latest in modern sectionals to sofa and loveseat combinations, you’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for in living room furniture.

Our focus is on everything you need to create a warm and inviting living space, including occasional tables, ottomans and entertainment centers. Today’s contemporary living room furniture is versatile, durable and vibrant. Trends come and go and we work to stay current, but we also realize the value in those timeless pieces that are always in style.

Our modern sectionals include Italian leather sectional sofas and upholstered sectionals that allow you to create your own look and feel with ease. Beautiful armchairs, lounge chairs and chaise lounges are also represented, as are the latest looks in sleeper sofas and love seats that stand alone as a testament to your great taste. Whether it’s an ultra chic sectional with chrome feet or the perfect armchair for that one area in your living room that’s missing that something special, rest assured you’ll find it here.

Finally, be sure to explore the incredible possibilities an ottoman or coffee table provides. With so many choices, it’s never been easier to shop for contemporary furniture. Don’t forget those modern lamps, eclectic mirrors and wall décor that really pull your look together. Gone are the days when shopping for furniture meant you were offered just a few pre designed living room suits; it’s all about building your home furnishings around your lifestyle. You define your vision of living room furniture and we provide it – it’s that simple.


6399 Wilshire Blvd Suite 904
LA, CA 90048
Tel: 323 782 0880
Fax: 323 782 0889
Email: sales@dastores.net

Businesses – Crucial Online Visibility and Branding via BrightPointMedia.com


Darryl Remnant
Bright Point Media.com

SHEPPARTON VIC, Australia, November, 25 2010 — Given the state of the world economy and the impact it has had on entrepreneurs, many are understandably concerned about squandering their financial resources when seeking to address the necessary diverse needs for visibility, branding and the ultimate revenue of their enterprise.

Providing a refreshing change, Brightpointmedia.com understands full well their clients’ perspective and brings about an easy, affordable and service oriented experience for them. Their business is driven by principles the likes of integrity and honesty coupled with high-quality professional service; that being the basis of every project they embark on. Darryl Remnant president of lately affirmed “We do what we do because we are the best at it. Satisfying clients, and helping them explode their brand recognition, and revenue is what we have built our foundation on”

This company takes advantage of a multitude of advances in the Internet and Internet-based technologies to boost your publicity, by and large, and steer your online business to success:

Some of these services include:

• Web Site Creation –You do not need to be an expert programmer to have a website. Sit back and gain the expertise and creativity of these professionals.
• Search Engine Optimization – Don’t be overwhelmed by what it takes to acquire effective SEO. The work is done for you without difficulty.
• Press Release Creation and Distribution – Your potential customers will gain an insight into your goods and services, in addition to information about your firm or corporation.
• Article Creation and Distribution – Bring viral traffic flow to your site through proficient article marketing.
• Keyword Research – Keyword research is an important phase of your search engine optimization campaign. Targeting the wrong keyword’s results in putting valuable advertising dollars at risk and your customers may never find you.
• Logo Design – Don’t underestimate its significance. Get ample professional help.
• Google Maps and Places – The advantages of engaging in local business with Google Maps and Places are unprecedented. This allows customers to locate businesses situated in close proximity for necessary goods and service.

Another key development with BrightPointMedia is its expansionist policies creating even happier and more satisfied customers. Addressing the diverse needs of the emerging online market from around the globe, Jonathon Evans – CEO proclaims, “We are currently doing work for companies worldwide due to the demand for our services. We are now accepting clients from all countries, and look forward to all of the unique opportunities that come our way.”

For more information, visit http://www.brightpointmedia.com, email darryl@brightpointmedia.com or call 61358232482.

Woodworking4home Now Carries Over 14,000 Woodworking Plans

Woodworking is certainly a great skill and has great fun too. The benefits of woodworking don’t just end with fun. You will be able to save a huge deal of money with woodworking and making your own furniture. Now the big question is whether making furniture such an easy task to accomplish? Let’s ask the expert woodworking professionals at woodworking4home-review.net. According to Jeff Thomas of Woodworking4home, the process of making furniture is never easy but with some factors dealt with, the process is just a breeze. According to him, the woodworking plans is what matters. If you have the best woodworking plan, the process is fun, easy and money saving. “Building your own furniture is no big deal if you have the best woodworking plan. Trust me that if you not sure about the plan, then the entire process would be a mess, wasting your time, money and efforts. So the main point to note before entering into woodworking is that you should have the right plan”

When asked about the sources to get the best woodworking plans, Jeff had to say, “At woodworking4home-review.net, we strongly recommend the plans from Woodworking4home. There are many reasons why we recommend it and the main reason is that they have plans for everything. With over 14,000 woodworking pans available at Woodworking4home, you don’t have to look elsewhere. This one reason by itself is sufficient to recommend Woodworking4home.”

He added that, “All the woodworking plans of Woodworking4home are tried and tested. Only the plans that come with results such as easiness in process and low cost are included in the package. Satisfaction is very much important when it comes to woodworking and the interesting fact is that all the woodworking plans of Woodworking4home come with the finished product which would give you total satisfaction.”

Speaking on the move, Jeff said, “Now with over 14k woodworking plans what other source can you find, other than Woodworking4home. This package comes with great woodworking projects along with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are satisfied with the finished product or if you feel that the projects are not easy, you can get your money back.”

Woodworking4home is so confident about their woodworking plans and certainly they are the best around.

About Woodworking4home

Woodworking4home is the greatest resource for woodworking plans. Currently they have over 14k plans.

Loans for unemployed – Sets you free from financial boredom

If you are an unemployed and need money immediately to deal with certain urgent expenditures then you can apply for loans for unemployed. The loan lending companies has designed these loans especially for those who do not have a job. Against these loans you can get enough cash help at the earliest. With Loans For Unemployed you can rest assured to find these loans within hours of applying.

Loans for unemployed are available in both secured and unsecured form. The secured form is ideal for those who are capable of pledging anything valuable against the borrowed money. But if you are a tenant or non-homeowner the unsecured form will be ideal for you. Simply tell your needs at loans for unemployed and rest assured to get the best loan deal suiting your requirement.

It does not matter whether your credit rating is good or bad. Loans For Unemployed treats every type of borrower equally. Thus, you can enjoy an approval despite being tagged with bad credit score due to any reason such as default, arrear, insolvency, CCJs or IVA. The money approved against loans for unemployed can be used for any purpose. Lenders will never bother how you spend it.

Samuel says, “I lost my job last month and was severely running short of cash. Then one of my friends told me about loans for unemployed. I was unable to pledge anything so applied for the unsecured form of loans. I got the required cash immediately.”

Loans for unemployed are a dedicated loan arranger for those who are struggling with unemployment and related financial problems. Loans for unemployed offer loans for unemployed keeping in mind their particular monetary crisis. Loans for unemployed bring relief in the form of loans that are affordable and low cost. You can go through the various articles and news presented at loans for unemployed for your better understanding.

For more additional details about loans for unemployed visit at http://www.loansforunemployed.me.uk

For Quality Maintenance in an Offshore Company pick Offshore Formations

Do you want a firm to maintain and form an Offshore Company or trust on behalf of you, to ease the stress and make things hassle-free?

International Offshore Company Formations and Advisors were established in 1978 and their reputable BC Business Centrum Ltd has been successfully specialising in Offshore companies and trusts for over 30 years.

Satisfying thousands of clients, they have ensured their respected name in the field of work. They open a window of opportunity for you with the best advisors around, so you can put your faith, trust and confidence in them.

Based in London, their skilled and knowledgeable staff will take the time to ensure that every aspect of the process is dealt with efficiently; from the simple to the complex.

You are welcome to call Offshore Formations at any time so that you can be assured that your plan of action will be a success.

The professional team of consultants will be more than happy to assist with any enquiries that you may have, whether that be in relation to the opening of a bank account or corporate structure; all in a very easy simple phone call.

Advantages of an offshore company include asset protection against threatening creditors or an angry spouse; access to private banking in its most sophisticated form; fewer restrictions on doing business, simple administration; privacy protection and low or no tax.

Visit www.offshore-formations.co.uk today; or call +44(0)2082018998,for quality maintenance in an offshore company.

Media Contact Information

Name: BC Business Centrum Limited
Address: 788-790 Finchley Road
NW11 7TJ
Email: caroline@centrum-uk.com
Phone: 02082018998

NC Company Partnering with South Africa Company to Offer Medical Food Product Internationally

Source-Omega licenses Solal Technologies of Johannesburg, South Africa, to offer novel Vegetarian Omega-3 (SM) product with DHA and EPA from sustainable algae oil source.

Chapel Hill, NC, November 24, 2010 — Source-Omega, LLC ( http://www.source-omega.com ) is now offering private labeling of its vegetarian algae oil in international markets.

The company has licensed Solal Technologies of Johannesburg, South Africa, to offer Vegetarian Omega-3 (SM).

“Solal is an ideal business partner for Source-Omega,” said Dr. Scott Doughman, president and founder of Source-Omega. “Both companies have the same goal, offering a product that fills an important need not met with modern diets and lifestyle.”

The oil has been licensed for sale in the South African pharmaceutical market under a “medical food” label licensed to Solal under the Pure One™ brand.

“Medical food” is a relatively new category established in the 1988 amendments to the Orphan Drug Act. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that “medical foods” contain only ingredients classified as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). Algae oil omega-3, which is entirely plant-based, meets this standard, however the Pure One™ label in the U.S. and South Africa are designated Dietary Supplements and are not a drug.

Solal will offer Vegetarian Omega-3 in pharmacies, behind the counter, as recommended by physicians for management of a low omega-3 index and high triglyceride levels. It will also be offered as an anti-aging non-prescription supplement. Vegetarian Omega-3 will be available directly to patients, through retail pharmacies, physicians and health stores based in South Africa.

“We are pleased to have this relationship with Source-Omega to offer a product that is so important to maintaining health,” said Colin Levin, a vegetarian and a director of Solal. “This will be a win-win-win, for Solal, Source-Omega, and, most importantly, for our patients and customers.”

Source-Omega is also working on expanding its markets through other private labeling arrangements outside the United States.

The basis of the oil is Source-Omega’s patent-pending formula of DHA and EPA for cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive health management, offered in supplements and medical food. Pure One™ offers optimized omega-3 dosages and clinically proven triglyceride lowering benefits with documented results.

Certain omega-3 dosages have been proven effective for management of plasma lipids. As a medical food, it can fulfill the omega-3 requirements associated with DHA and EPA deficiencies in vegetarians, people who cannot eat fish, and those with special dietary needs not met by omega-3 seed sources such as flax oil. Vegetarian Omega-3(SM) is offered in a soft carrageenan capsule.

About Solal Technologies (Pty) Ltd: Located in Johannesburg, Solal Technologies works and supplies online to physicians, pharmacies and other outlets based in South Africa. Other divisions of Solal include The Compounding Pharmacy of South Africa, an Integrative Medical Center and a Health Intelligence magazine covering the science of health. For more information please visit http://www.solaltech.com

About Source-Omega, LLC:
Located in Chapel Hill North Carolina, founded in 2007, Source-Omega developed the Pure One™ Formula out of the published academic work and innovations of Scott Doughman, Ph.D., Lipid Biochemist and a former National Institutes of Health funded omega-3 researcher, previously also an American Heart Association fellow with over 12 years of lipid research experience. Since 2007, the company has rapidly grown with a focus on high triglycerides and their Omega-3 DHA Therapy™ for results oriented omega-3 dosages. The product stability, ecological sustainability, vegan and Kosher registrations and research behind Pure One™, each lend qualifications that provide value added advantages. The Pure One™ Brand and Formula are available for licensing from Source-Omega, LLC under their field of use and US patent application number 12/727,006 filed with the US Trademark and Patent Office, March 18th, 2010.

For more information please visit http://www.source-omega.com.

Press & Media Contact:
Scott D. Doughman, PhD
Source-Omega, LLC
52 Norwood Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27516 USA