Phone Systems Installer Save You Money with Video Tutorials

Lancashire-based telecommunications maintainers Abbey Telecom have built a fine reputation for themselves since forming in 1992 and are still going strong by embracing new technology that has now helped over 3000 businesses across the country.

In particular, the family-run team have adopted an integrated tutorial approach so that firms looking for telephone systems needn’t worry about the incremental cost of training to use the machines.

Some phone systems can be particularly tricky to get to grips with, especially when it comes to installing numerous extensions with independent numbers in an office environment not to mention all that staff tuition too. But with any phone system installation through, you can rest assured as they have produced videos to guide you and your users through the entire install and maintenance process.

This means you and your workforce can watch and learn repeatedly should you need to, without ever having to fork out for a trainer. These movies aren’t located on the main website but if you visit their microsite at they are available to all.

Founder of the organisation, Tony Raynor, says:

“There are a number of movie clips that comprehensively explain the functionality options of the handsets. These are viewable 24 hours a day so that you can perform desk-based research anytime.

He added: They also act as a handy on-going educational tool for when you suffer employee turnover. The frugal see these as a method of escaping the usual requirement for visiting trainers and their associated expense”.

The firm installs dozens of different types of phones, including the latest offerings from top brand Samsung all designed to provide cutting edge communication solutions to meet your business requirements.


They have national coverage (excluding Northern Ireland) and phone systems installations from the Highlands to the Channel Islands. They are superbly well known in the North having established themselves in the Northwest during the early 1990s.

Their telecoms engineers have installed phone systems for many entities from high street printing franchises and pizza delivery shops through to multiple site voice and data networks for PLC companies.

Abbey Telecom Ltd
Logic House
Ordnance Street

SEO With Article Marketing Takes a new Shape

Search engine optimization is incomplete without article submission. However, according to the current trends, many of them are ignoring article submissions as they think this SEO strategy is not good anymore. Is it the reality that article submission is not used to be the same as before? If you search for the answer to this question online, you will just find some contradictory information. This question in the minds of online marketers can be answered only by the professionals in article submission. According to the professional at articlesubmitedge, “You still cannot imagine search engine optimization without article submissions. Just because of the fact that the article directories are loaded with tons of articles doesn’t mean that there is no point in submitting new articles and getting visibility in the search engine results. Though there are millions of articles live in the article directories, a well written SEO friendly article can still get the attention of the online world.”

The sweet part of real article submission strategy is revealed now. It is the fact that not everyone can write articles that are real SEO friendly. But the professionals at articlesubmitedge are sure that a well written article will certainly get the welcome it needs.

The professional also say that there one main quality that any best article submission service should have. According to them, article marketers should not stop with article submit to the directories. They should track the article submissions and make sure that the article as made live by the mods of the article directories. Without the article going live in at least the popular article directories, what is the point in spending all your money and effort on article submissions? “Getting the articles published is what it really matter as a successful article submission service.”

“We can say that article submissions are taking a new shape rather than claiming that this old strategy is good no more. Online marketers who are ready to adopt the trend change in article submission into article marketing with getting live articles will certainly find great success as before. For those who article submit and sit idle, they are lost.”

About is the place to look for successful article submission service at affordable rates. Check out for more. – Green Office Products For Low, Low Prices

Green My Office are one of the few online office stationery retailers to offer quality recycled and eco friendly office products at affordable prices.

Gloucestershire, UK, November 15, 2010 — Green My Office ( ) are one of the few online office stationery retailers to offer quality recycled and eco friendly office products at affordable prices for both small businesses and large corporations, no orders are too big or too small when it comes to saving money on your next office stationary order at

Every office, both big and small around the UK can help to do their little bit to help the environment and reduce the amount of unwanted waste that goes to our limited landfill sites each day.

Office stationery product ( ) users can do this in the home but importantly in our offices where we spend a large part of our working week. It is so important that we do everything possible to make an impact on trying to save the planet with every possible means. is the leading online ecommerce retailer that you should be using to purchase your office stationery products. ( ) Their massive range of desktop accessories, recycled products and ethically sourced office stationery supplies include:

* Book Racks / Magazine Files
* Clipboards
* Desk Tidies
* Drawer Sets
* Letter Trays
* Perforators
* Pins/Clips/Fasteners
* Rubber Stamps
* Stamp Pads & Ink
* Staplers/Removers

The recycled office products offered by are of superb quality and comparable with what the majority of the items that you are currently using. The best thing is that the price is also comparable; no longer do you have to pay higher prices for recycled office goods.

If your looking to save money and buy products for your office ( ) that are not only reliable but also eco friendly, then there really is only place that you need to head to. All you have to do is visit the website or give them a ring on 01594 810 610.

Press & Media Contact:
Andrew Bartle
Green My Office
Coleford, Gloucestershire GL16 8RE UK
01594 810610

Da Bruno Italian Marbella Restaurants Launch The Competition – Nights Of The Senses

The Da Bruno Italian Marbella Restaurants Group is launching a new initiative called “Nights of the Senses”, which runs from 28th October 2010 until 31st March 2011. Da Bruno Sul Mare will be a temple for good Italian cheese and wine.

Da Bruno customers will enjoy a number of themed dinner nights during this initiative, which will culminate in cheese tasting and a blindfold wine tasting competition. Prizes include a trip to the Rioja Region and another to Barolo (Piamonte, Italy).

All cheese and wine lovers are extremely welcome to join these Nights of the Senses, which will be held towards the end of the months during the initiative. The dates are: 28th October 2010, 25th November 2010, 27thJanuary 2011, 24th February 2011 and 31st March 2011.

The launch night, on 28th October 2010, featured a cheese tasting of the famous brand Occelli; which has won several international awards, and the tasting included a composition of fresh, semi-cured and cured cheeses. Also a blind tasting of Italian-Spanish wines ran to test the wine knowledge of customers who participated in the contest to guess the vintage, the area, the strain or type of upbringing. This fascinating format will continue throughout the season of this great initiative.

The competition will run throughout also and each evening guests will taste five different wines, with their labels hidden, giving them the opportunity to guess the wines’ origins. The guests then fill out a form at the end of each evening, for which they will be awarded points according to the level of accuracy of their answers. Those with the most points will continue to the final.

The final will be held on 31st March 2011, when five finalists will compete for a trip to the town of Barolo, North Italy, or La Rioja, Spain.

The Nights of the Senses Initiative promises to be a highly enjoyable series of nights at Da Bruno Sul Mare. Not only is there the delight of fine wines, cheeses and food but the chance to win a wonderful prize, for the finalist who proves to have the best palate.

About Da Bruno: The Da Bruno Italian restaurants group began operating in Marbella in 1994 with the launch of Pasta Da Bruno after which followed the opening of Da Bruno Home (1999), Da Bruno Cabopino A (2001), Da Bruno Sul Mare ( 2002), Da Bruno to San Pedro (2005) and recently at Da Bruno Cabopino Take Away and Delicatessen (2008). Da Bruno was founded by Bruno and Giuseppina Filippone who continue to run the business and have brought an unmistakable personal stamp of quality traditional Italian food to their restaurants.

Contact Us:
Av. Ricardo Soriano, 18
CCRS20 1 Planta
Malaga – 29601
Tel: +34 636446179

Response Debt Advisory Solution

Texas, US, 11.16.10 – American Finasco brings the proven guide in Commercial Debt Management over twenty years of experience. They have a duo of expert negotiators who work for your agents to fulfill the ultimate in debt restructuring, debt reduction and payment plans. American Finasco helps you in Business Bankruptcy, life Debt Restructuring, Accounts payable problem and tip-off abbreviation. They provide report executive to your business who movement to resolve your delinquent debt.

Business Bankruptcy occurs when business owners have exceeded their assets and not efficacious to meet money obligations or mismanagement of capital, not able to compete in a peculiar market or of some personal issues. American Finasco provides a Debt Resolution energy to sustain owners in a business bankruptcy situation. They finest trade in owners cost of filing, in consequence that it benefit creditors since of the amount of cash secluded to distribute. They can eliminate the harassments cotton to phone calls and letters from creditors, collection agencies further attorneys, considering their plan without the padding of a vigor bankruptcy. plant a power of attorney, they contacts each creditor and advises them that they are now involved.

American Finasco manages your debt if you are opposed a vim bankruptcy and helps you to run the agility. tangible helps a business landlord to perfect on the right track also without placing more debt. It is the carry off alternative to a business bankruptcy. They have helped many companies elude business bankruptcy and they subjection also second you. Business debt restructuring is one of the best solutions to avoid bankruptcy.

Business Debt restructuring is when a company’s debts are assessed and the best reaching is found to bread creditors while the business is functioning. It can also save the hoopla money string terms of lower valid fees, filing costs and inconsistent such expenses. tangible is friendlier to business owners who have found themselves in a debt situation. American Finasco power debt restructuring is the best access to get apparent of debt, keep the creditors peppy and maintenance business running.

About provides information about keeping your business open and avoiding bankruptcy. It is one of the most popular websites supremacy US. measureless information about the energy bankruptcy and hoopla debt restructuring can be obtained from this website.

For more information visit:

Contact Details: American Finasco
Mitchell Vicknair
12818 Hwy 105 W., Suite 1A
Conroe, Texas 77304
Phone No: 877.299.9209

Prodigy vinyl siding makes your home a pleasant place to live in

Company Name: U.S Home Improvement
Locations: Peabody, Ma, USA
Contact: John Carroll
Phone: 781-858-6361

November 14, 2010 – The specialty of prodigy vinyl siding is its durability. It is the most sought after choice for modern day construction engineers and builders. It has a very interesting appearance of elegance and quality. It does not require much in maintenance costs or repairs. Its features are such that it does not split or peel off easily. Its color extends through the panel and hence it does not have to be scraped or repainted or stained for any purpose.

Vinyl siding is the most wanted among Alside designers and engineers because of its extremely beautiful appearance and very insulating properties. Prodigy Vinyl siding has gained its fame due to its main attractions like low energy bills, little to no maintenance expenses and a high warranty period. The Vinyl siding prices are extremely low and affordable making it the hot spot among engineers and constructors.

The main features of the Prodigy Vinyl siding are its rigid lock T locking feature; premium exposure widths of 5”, 6” and 7’; a very subtle and finely ground grain finish; the true form T design and the 1½ “ accurately curved insulation. All this with a lifetime warranty makes it special and most wanted.

The contemporary constructions are built with Alside vinyl siding because of its versatility and durability. We at U.S. Home Improvement have all the details that you would be looking for in Prodigy Vinyl Siding. Just log on to and read to your heart’s content what we have to offer you. The color palette for Alside Vinyl Siding and Prodigy vinyl siding is exclusive. Seek our advice on how to choose the right color for your home.

We provide you the best home improvement ideas, the latest updates and reviews and a list of experienced construction engineers who would help you do a good job of your home improvement. Just visit us at and feel the difference.

A complete transformation from a dull dreary looking home to a bright and sparkling home is the specialty of Prodigy Vinyl Siding properties. Seek help in choosing the right color for your home décor that would carefully blend with the rest of the rooms. A perfect color blend is the result of a perfect home.

Contact us at and choose from the best technicians and service staff that we have listed there. Choose the one who can give you the advice that you require about Prodigy Vinyl Siding and its magnificence that would make eyes to gaze in awe at its finish. It is a precise and well contoured finish that has a subtle and genuine feel. This gently adheres to the outer panel and provides an exceptional durability and strength that is able to overcome the wrath of Mother Nature by guarding it from energy loss. See it to believe it, visit us at and feel the difference.

Website Name: US home improvement
Website URL:
Second URL:

Superior Cloud Hosting Infrastructure provided by

New Brunswick, NJ, 11/14/2010 – Cloud hosting is a process also can be termed as Internet-based computing. In this technological process, software, shared resources and necessary information are provided to computers and other devices are provided on demand. Cloud hosting or Cloud Computing provides a new utilization, enhancement and delivery model for IT services that are stored on the Internet. It characteristically engages over-the-Internet stipulation of animatedly virtualized resources. Vmware hosting is a feature that is provided by, which is a global leader in cloud infrastructure. helps coordinating an organization’s evolution process towards cloud hosting and at the same preserving the already existing IT investments. This in turn effectively enables ample service delivery with full control. has been quite triumphant in its journey and has proven itself to be an efficient VMware hosting provider. Till date, the company has numerous partners across the globe and their customer database count is increasing monthly., which is a VMware Service Provider Partner or VSPP provides to its customers belonging to various industries features such as Managed IT Services, IaaS Cloud Hosting and Virtualization. The well trained and certified staff of confidently leads customers through successful implementation and integration of cloud computing. It also analyses and monitors the cloud environment of its clients. Routine tasks are also managed.

Customers that embrace the variable cost model that cloud computing provides no longer suffer from the worries of resource allocation and expansion that come with traditional hardware deployments. A majority of’s cloud computing offerings utilize a value computing model that is quite similar to the process of utilization of Public utility services (Pay per use). Clouds often appear with single points of access depending on the needs of the customer. also provides various virtualization consulting offers to their valued customers.

About is a Vmware Service Provider Partner (VSPP). It is a pioneer in cloud infrastructure. Apart from providing cloud computing, has also many other sectors such as virtualization of business infrastructure, Vmware hosting, Vmware dedicated virtual desktops, managed IT Services, and much more. For more information, visit:

Contact Details:
New Brunswick
New Jersey, USA
Phone: 1-866-574-1711

Did you know that Link building services can create Buzz for traffic?

Link building has a prominent place in search engine optimization of any site as it plays a very important role in search engine position and ranking of keywords. It not only helps in the ranking improvisation but also improves and targets traffic boosting and promoting sales of any organization.

You need to do a lot of research and analysis before you get into any kind of a link building campaign. For this research and analysis we at RAH marketing have all the information that you require.

In case any website has a link to your website and they go through a drop by the search engines then that will reflect on your website in the like manner. Therefore a good link building strategy is a definite one. Hence it is appropriate to have a healthy website like that will show you around the entire process of link building.

The purpose of link building services is to improve the website search engine ranking visibility, to attract traffic and to make it a popular site which would be very much effective.

Some types of link building services available include one way link building; Reciprocal link building and three way link building.

Web directories are nothing but a set of web pages with same subjects and same content. They help in various ways as they are very much known to Internet users since it is considered a source of valuable information .If you get listed in the directory then it will improve the chance of your page ranking too. Once it is listed in the web directories then the search engines have more scope of finding your site and getting in added on their listing for free.

The many types of buzz traffic that you can get acquainted with using our site would be:

Click-through traffic where people who go to the web directory page can see all your website information and then might visit your site.

Index your site. Once directories index your web site then they can come later bringing you traffic as they do.

The last method is the directory will increase the traffic by increasing your ranking on the search engine themselves as they find the volume of references and also links to your web site.

On the whole link building is an important step in building a site; by getting quality links it improves your PR and exposure to search engines. It gains you traffic to your web site. Just visit us at and click through our pages to know what you have missed all this while. It is very simple, you can just build a site and get yourself good links then automatically the traffic will follow. Link building increases your page ranks enabling you get more traffic.

Company Name: RAH Marketing
Company Locations: Fredericksburg, Texas, United States
Company Contact: Robert Hathhorn
Company Email:
Company Phone: 830-285-9778
Website Name: Round Em Up Marketing
Website URL:
Website Description: see website
Second URL:

Prepaid Credit Cards and 2011 Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards by Emotion Associates

Nottingham, United Kingdom November, 2010 – Prepaid365, UK’s leading Prepaid Credit Cards Comparison Portal and one of the best resources for all things prepaid, recently announced the call for entries for the 2011 Prepaid365 Prepaid Credit Card Awards. The awards are voted for by consumers and reward the best prepaid credit cards in the UK.

The awards announcement marks the culmination of a period of frenetic activity which has seen the launch of leading prepaid cards such as the Kalixa Prepaid Credit card and the NETELLER Net+ Prepaid MasterCard via the Prepaid365 portal and led to the unveiling of Prepaid365’s new affiliate channel proposition affording web publishers across the UK, the opportunity to launch their own prepaid cards comparison channel in under 5 minutes.

Since its launch in 2008, Prepaid365 has been widely regarded and lauded as the leading prepaid portal allowing consumers the opportunity to compare, review and buy prepaid credit cards but also by the industry with prepaid programme managers describing it as the “most informative and useful web site for our industry” and “It should be a mandatory bookmarked site for everyone in the industry”.

Amit Sharma, CEO and Senior Consultant at Prepaid365 commented, “We are extremely pleased to announce the call for entries for the third edition of the Prepaid365 Prepaid Awards in 2011. The 2009 and 2010 editions of the awards were hugely successful so we have a lot to live up to over the next few months as we research over 200 products in the market. The awards grow bigger each year and we expect 2011 to be the biggest awards night yet. ”

Divya Sharma, Marketing and PR Director at Emotion Associates stated that “Over the last couple of years, we have worked extremely hard with consumers and prepaid card issuers in developing Prepaid365 as a portal that serves both the needs of the consumer and the industry. Consumers find our independent prepaid card reviews an excellent tool for decision making and our business sections provides those interested in prepaid credit cards the opportunity to find a business partner from within our prepaid business directory. The launch of our new affiliate proposition ensures that not only will there be greater visibility across the web for prepaid cards assisting consumer education but there will also be a growing number of prepaid stakeholders assisting the growth of the industry and sharing in its success”.

Prepaid Credit Cards look and feel just like credit cards, but work differently as you can use them everywhere Maestro, MasterCard or Visa is accepted (depending on the type of prepaid credit card) but you can only spend up to the available balance on your card. With prepaid credit cards, you load funds onto your card and use that money to make purchases and get cash – you are not borrowing money from a bank or other financial institution. There are no credit checks involved and you do not need a bank account to get a prepaid card.

Prepaid365 is the UK’s leading prepaid card comparison site providing reviews and comparisons of prepaid credit cards for businesses and consumers in the UK and a comprehensive FAQ section. Review and compare cards for Money Transfer, Travel, Gaming, Shopping, Payroll and Expense management, Privacy, Gifting and Business. The NETELLER Net+ Prepaid MasterCard and the Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard are the latest in a series of market leading prepaid credit cards which were recently reviewed and launched on the Prepaid365 portal.

For further information , visit or contact the company via email at, phone number: +44 (0)7834726087 and address: Prepaid365, c/o Emotion Associates, 14 Levertons Place, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

GuardTime and Joyent Introduce Enhanced Trust and Integrity in the Cloud

Leading Cloud Provider Builds Keyless Signature Technology Into Cloud Infrastructure.

Singapore and San Francisco, CA, November 15, 2010 — Joyent, a leading global provider of cloud computing solutions, and GuardTime, creator of the patented Keyless Signature™ technology used to validate the world’s data, today announced a partnership that delivers unprecedented security enabling enterprises to safeguard some of their most valuable assets in the cloud: code, logs and data.

GuardTime’s Keyless Signatures provide proof of signing authority, time of the signature, and integrity of all data located in the cloud. The signature never expires and its verification is based solely on mathematics, eliminating the need for secrets, keys, or human intervention.

As part of this partnership, Joyent customers will be able to purchase GuardTime SmartMachines, which will allow organizations to:

* Secure an application by signing its gold master code, preventing compromised applications from executing
* Safeguard the SmartMachine’s logs (e.g. administrative, policy, configuration, or events), making accidental changes or malicious tampering impossible to conceal
* Protect data backups, turning private and public cloud storage into safe, tamper-evident archives

“This partnership delivers unparalleled security and authenticity in a massively-scaled cloud environment,” said Jason Hoffman, Founder and Chief Scientist of Joyent. “Organizations can now access a mathematically driven solution that cannot be compromised by human error or breached by cyber miscreants.”

“The integration of our unique Keyless Signature technology within the Joyent SmartMachine gives organizations the unprecedented opportunity to trust their applications, logs, and data in the cloud,” said Mike Gault, CEO of GuardTime. ( ) “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Joyent to provide independently verifiable proof of operating integrity in the cloud for both cloud-based service providers and cloud-consuming institutions around the world.”

The partnership was made possible by Singapore’s Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL), which brought the two companies together. IIPL is also an investor in GuardTime. ( ) Dr Kuo-Yi Lim, CEO of IIPL, said, “The GuardTime-Joyent solution addresses a key security concern on the public, private or hybrid cloud. We believe that this collaboration will bring security in cloud computing to a new level and in turn spur the development of the cloud computing industry in Singapore.”

The GuardTime SmartMachine will be available in December, 2010.

About Joyent:
Joyent is the premier Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider, offering cloud computing solutions worldwide since 2004. Delivering billions of page views per month, Joyent’s Smart Technologies improve performance, scalability, manageability and security for thousands of web and mobile applications. Serving a network of service providers and thousands of customers, Joyent is the only company that runs a major public cloud infrastructure, builds the technologies that power that infrastructure, and uses those technologies to enable multiple third-party public, private, and hybrid clouds. For more information, visit:

Joyent PR Contact:
April Conyers
Brew Media Relations

About GuardTime:
Founded in 2006 by cryptography experts Dr. Märt Saarepera and Dr. Ahto Buldas along with Internet visionary Joi Ito, GuardTime provides an infinitely-scalable and completely-available Keyless Signature engine designed to deliver authenticity and integrity for the data that the world relies upon: as it sits on disk, moves throughout the network, and is used in the Cloud. Visit for more information about delivering operating integrity for your public and private clouds.

Press & Media Contact:
Sean Martin, CISSP
GuardTime Pte Ltd
6 Marina Boulevard #44-18
Singapore 018985