New Research Has Found That Some Overweight People Have A Greater Sense Of Smell For Food Which May Cause Them To Struggle With Diets And Weight Loss

New research has found that some overweight people have a greater sense of smell for food which may cause them to struggle with diets and weight loss.

Carried out by the University of Portsmouth , the study found that those who were overweight, or had a high BMI, had a far heightened sense of smell for food compared with slim people.

Volunteers took part in the study where they were asked to join in with a series of mini experiments that tested their smelling ability.

The results revealed that most people are better at detecting food odours just after they had eaten rather than when they were hungry with experts citing this as one of the reasons many people continue eating long after they are full up.

Scientists believe this new research could help explain why some people struggle to stay slim or stick to a strict diet.

Lead researcher Dr Stafford, said: “It could be speculated that for those with a propensity to gain weight, their higher sense of smell for food related odours might actually play a more active role in food intake.

“Hopefully this research will stimulate more work in this area with the potential to help those who struggle with their weight and those who treat people with weight problems.”

Those who are worried about being overweight should book a consultation with an expert bariatric surgeon at The Hospital Group.

The Hospital Group is the UK ‘s biggest provider of weight loss surgery, including gastric bands, gastric bypasses and gastric balloons.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “Many overweight people struggle with their food intake and often find themselves in a vicious cycle of over eating.

“It can be a daily battle to try and stick to a diet and this can often cause people to binge eat and then feel bad when they don’t reach their goals or targets.

“Being overweight can have a huge impact on your life affecting every aspect of it. Your health can suffer health as a result but it can also impact a person’s confidence and self esteem which can cause their social life to suffer too.

“Bariatric surgery can change a person’s life for the better giving them back their health and also restoring their confidence.

“At The Hospital group our consultants ensure that, as well as having an absolute need for a gastric procedure, the patient understands that weight loss surgery isn’t a miracle cure and they would need to work with the band to achieve the healthier lifestyle they desire.

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Clean Your Office or Commercial Premises With Machines For Cleaning

Machines4cleaning offer a massive range of cleaning machines from the leading brands.

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Now Aromhuset’s great flavours are available for the water dispenser at work

As a manager it is important to have alert, focused, happy and thankful employees. To foster company growth it is important to show appreciation to employees and give clear indications that they are important. By offering employees free access to cold, fresh water they will get not just refreshment when they need it, but a clear gesture that their health and well-being is important to the company.

A water dispenser that delivers flavoured, carbonated water is a small investment with a big payoff for the office atmosphere. The dispenser acts as a social hub where people can pause a moment, take a few breaths, exchange a few words with colleagues, and top up the body’s water level. It is a pleasant break that every worker should be able to enjoy at regular intervals before returning to their station feeling refreshed and with renewed focus on their work.

Flavoured water at work is a new concept being launched by Aromhuset. Water dispensers have been around for some time – even dispensers that deliver carbonated water – but flavoured sparkling water in the workplace is new. There are six flavours in Aromhuset’s selection for the workplace: apple, pomegranate, melon, peach, raspberry and blueberry. They all come in pump bottles containing 270 ml of essence, which is enough for 385 glasses, or 58 litres of carbonated water.

The flavours in Gert Strand’s selection work best in cold, carbonated water, where the carbonation helps bring out the flavours, and water keeps its fizz best when it is cold, meaning these flavours work best in dispensers with both cooling and carbonation units – things most dispensers have today. Strand also points out that he is on the lookout for new importers for his innovative essences.

Gert Strand AB has, under the brand name Aromhuset, previously launched 16 flavours in smaller bottles of 30 ml aimed at private consumers. These have been a great success because of the rich tastes, and the fact they contain neither sugar nor artificial sweeteners – a fact today’s health-conscious consumers are constantly on the lookout for.

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eGestalt SecureGRC Voted Runner Up at XChange Tech Innovators Event

eGestalt Technologies Inc., today announced its SecureGRC application was voted as a runner-up in the Managed Services Category at the Xchange Tech Innovators November 10-12 event in Las Vegas.

Santa Clara, CA, November 29, 2010 — eGestalt Technologies Inc. ( ), a provider of IT security and governance, risk management and compliance (IT-GRC) solutions for small to mid-size businesses and enterprises, today announced its SecureGRC application was voted as a runner-up in the Managed Services Category at the Xchange Tech Innovators November 10-12 event in Las Vegas.

Everything Channel’s exclusive 8th annual Tech Innovator listing celebrates technology vendors that have introduced new solutions to drive advances throughout the technology channel. These companies implemented innovative methods to bridge the gap between current problems and solutions facing channel executives today.

“We’re proud to announce this as our third recognition in four months,” said Anupam Sahai, president, eGestalt. “Clearly there is great pent up demand in the channel for a Cloud computing and SaaS-based IT-GRC solution that services the largely underserved SMB market. Already nearly 50 channel partners have signed up since June to join our Managed Compliance Provider program, offering this compelling IT security and GRC unified solution to their customers.”

Ed Moltzen, managing editor at the CRN Test Center, and Eddie Correia, technical editor at the CRN Test Center, Friday closed the Xchange Tech Innovators conference by presenting the Tech Innovator Awards to vendors with products ranging from cloud offerings to digital signage to managed services.

“The awards were presented based not only on technical merit, but also on how much the vendors invested in providing their solution provider partners the tools and programs to bring their products to customers,” said Moltzen.
The company was recognized for SecureGRC, a patent-pending cloud-based SaaS solution that addresses all the enterprise needs around information security, compliance and risk management and provides automation and integration of policy controls to manage security and IT-GRC related issues. The combined security monitoring and IT-GRC solution provides automation and integration of policy controls in a ready-to-use framework that includes context-based inference engines, alert processing, logging and monitoring.

Of interest to channel partners is that SecureGRC reduces the total cost of ownership by as much as 10x, making it ideal for cost-conscious small and mid-size organizations. For the first time the channel can now deliver low-cost, high-value compliance services to their clients with unparalleled economics that are unprecedented in the industry.

Available since June 2010, SecureGRC has already received several awards. Earlier this month the company was selected by SiliconIndia among the “Top 10 Security Companies to Watch” in its annual si100 ranking and in August, SecureGRC was voted as a finalist in the Breakthrough Technology Vendor category by Everything Channel’s XChange Americas, Dallas.

About eGestalt Technologies Inc.:
eGestalt Technologies Inc. is a world-class, innovation driven, leading provider of cloud-computing based enterprise solutions for Information Security and IT-GRC management. eGestalt is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has offices in US, Asia-Pacific and Middle East. The Consulting and development team in eGestalt Technologies in India was founded in 2007 by former Intel and IBM executives.

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Free Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers – The Perfect Gift!

JSF Driving School vouchers are a wonderful gift for anyone of any age, whether they are starting to drive at 17, returning to the road after a gap, or just wishing to polish their skills at parallel parking

Gloucestershire, UK, November 29, 2010 — JSF Driving School ( ) vouchers are a wonderful gift for anyone of any age, whether they are starting to drive at 17, returning to the road after a gap, or just wishing to polish their skills at parallel parking, motorway driving or bad weather driving.

Whatever the occasion, be it Christmas, a Birthday, special Anniversary, or as a reward, could there be a better surprise for a friend or family member than a local driving lesson voucher? The unique gift of driving safely whilst enjoying the freedom of the road will always be remembered.

The Free Gift Voucher Card is available in a choice of two full colour designs as shown, with a page insert containing the redeemable voucher and your own verse or message, delivered straight to you or your lucky recipient. The voucher itself can be detached to present to the Instructor, leaving the card and insert as a memento, all at no extra charge beyond the usual lesson prices.

JSF lessons are very competitively priced, so all you have to do is decide on how many lessons you wish to gift ( ), take a moment to think of your verse or message, and then have a chat with Sharn on 0800 1690 138 or email, and the personalised JSF gift voucher card is FREE!

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DHA is for Lowering Triglycerides Naturally: Source-Omega Praises EFSA Judgment

An internal Source-Omega report suggests at 3 months, high triglyceride reductions with DHA are temporally correlated with omega-3 essentiality, or saturation levels of omega-3s in red blood cell (RBC) membranes, also called the omega-3 index.

Chapel Hill, NC, November 29, 2010 — An interview this week with Baldur Hjaltason, chairman of leading marine-sourced omega-3 group the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED), and strategic business development manager at EPAX, and Adam Ismail, GOED executive director. On November 23, 2010, when asked by Nutraingredients reporter Shane Starling about the 2.0 g DHA claim for triglycerides management, Baldur Hjaltason said, “The omega-3 industry has been driven by solid science. That is the reason we are seeing so many approved claims, because we have such a great amount of scientific data to support those claims.”

The long-chain omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA; 22:6 n-3) comprises over 80 percent of the omega-3 composition in the human body. This fact has not escaped non-fish-based advocates of algae oil DHA treatments for high triglycerides. The literature shows over 16 studies of algae oil DHA supplements providing significant improvements in hypertrygliceridemia (HTG), commonly known as high triglyceride levels above 200 mg/dl triglycerides in plasma in a fasting state.

Since high triglycerides are commonly found in type 2 diabetes subjects, Source-Omega ( ) recently conducted a study of the mechanisms and evidence for how DHA might protect against diabetic etiologies affected by high triglycerides. “We observed that DHA-rich microalgae oil is more effective than fish oil mixtures low in DHA at lowering high postprandial triglyceride levels,” said Scott Doughman, Ph.D., Chief Scientist at Source-Omega.

Source-Omega has also been looking at the need in Asian Indian urban populations particularly at risk for HTG and diabetes onset due to factors such as urbanization, dietary changes and genetic factors inherent to the traditionally non-fish-eating population.

Source-Omega’s Report Findings:

1) Clinical studies in the United States and elsewhere show DHA from microalgae oil targets HTG.

2) At 3 months, the HTG reductions with DHA are temporally correlated with omega-3 essentiality, or saturation levels of omega-3s in red blood cell (RBC) membranes, also called the omega-3 index.

3) DHA reduces triglyceride levels over 25 percent when taken at levels greater than 1000 mg daily for 3 months, doubling total omega-3 levels.

4) 1200 mg DHA per day gives about 1000 mg bioavailable DHA.

5) DHA is the major omega-3 present in neuroendocrine beta-cell membranes and in immunological cells.

6) While microalgae oil DHA studies have not been performed using insulin producing cells, fish oil studies clearly show DHA is the only accretive omega-3 in pancreatic beta-cell membranes.

7) While DHA does not affect glucose homeostasis in diabetic subjects, increases in DHA levels over time correlated with improvements in insulin secretion and insulin function, suggesting beta-cell dependent and independent mechanisms.

8) The utility of 1200 mg DHA as an optimized dosage for the reduction of moderately high HTG and a low plasma omega-3 index for optimizing health status was supported by several independent studies as a near-maximal metabolic dose for greatest results per dose.

About Source-Omega, LLC:
Located in Chapel Hill North Carolina, founded in 2007, Source-Omega developed the Pure One™ Formula out of the published academic work and innovations of Scott Doughman, Ph.D., Lipid Biochemist and a former National Institutes of Health funded omega-3 researcher, previously also an American Heart Association fellow with over 12 years of lipid research experience. Since 2007, the company has rapidly grown with a focus on high triglycerides and their Omega-3 DHA Therapy™ for results oriented omega-3 dosages. The product stability, ecological sustainability, vegan and Kosher registrations and research behind Pure One™, each lend qualifications that provide value added advantages. The Pure One™ Brand and Formula are available for licensing from Source-Omega.

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Gert Gambell has published his free betting system from years of experience as a sport betting winner

Gert Gambell has published his free betting system which offers free betting tips even to beginners. The mathematical system that has been introduced requires no prior knowledge on the betting process and it is absolutely free. In a website dedicated to the tips, Gert Gambell explains how it becomes easy to win and extremely difficult to loose. The author has also published a good bookmaker list which is also free, besides offering information that is aimed at helping gamers avoid the escalating cyber crime rate. All the tips are offered in a systematic manner that starts from the decision making part, all through the game.

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