Release of my e-book: ‘The Cowboy’s Common Sense Guide to Being Self Employed and Rich.’

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Writing a book and getting it published is an interesting job but definitely not a hassle free job. It has a lot of hurdles that the author has to cross before seeing the benefits of his/her work. Our author too Mr. Robert Hathhorn has seen his best days and worst days with the writing and publishing of his book on marketing.

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Get the safest online advice on matters like Rabid Customer Leads, Hybrid lead Capture systems, Marketing Rocket Fuel; Sales on Auto Pilot and how to choose the right company that would bring adequate returns for your hard word and skill.

Everyone is fed up with the economic crisis and the recession that is still prevalent in most parts of the world. Lack of finance has become a loud cry in every household with more and more people losing their jobs, business and property. This book comes as a reprieve to all the financial constraints that people face today.

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Take pride in reading up the facts and secrets of the online business myths that are carefully laid out in 7 parts. This provides the best step by step information on how to make money online the easy way. No doubt almost every individual or at least every household has a PC or a laptop with an internet connection. This is all that is required to gain access to the land of milk and honey, where money is the King. Download your e-book copy today, log on to and start earning money online using the beneficial information available from the first page to the last page of the book.

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