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San Diego, California, 11/01/2010: San Diego Lasik eye surgery has gained popularity among millions as the procedure is highly beneficial and is safe. It is one of the best medical advances in recent times with more and more people opting for the quick and painless procedure. It involves the use of Laser technology to correct farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. It is promoted by many celebrities and athletes who have undergone the procedure to achieve successful results.

The specialists at LASIK San Diego examine your condition carefully and provide the best solution by using the most advanced technology. The patient is examined to understand if they are an ideal candidate for the process and is offered treatment only if it is beneficial to them. The patient is updated with information regarding every step of the procedure. There are several benefits to making use of this advanced technology which include significant improvement in vision immediately after the Laser treatment and freedom from expensive glasses and contact lenses. A patient who has undergone the procedure successfully also has broadened recreational and professional prospects. One of the major benefits for the patient is the increase in self confidence which helps in improving relationships.

Dr. Charles W. Flowers Jr. completed his M.D. degree from Cornell University School of Medicine and received an internship in general surgery and residency training in ophthalmology at the Charles R. Drew University School of Medicine. He also received an esteemed National Eye Institute Fellowship and completed a fellowship in corneal and refractive surgery at the prestigious Estelle Doheny Eye Institute of the University Of Southern California School Of Medicine. He specializes in Lasik eye surgery San Diego. Dr. Flowers has conducted research on corneal surgical mapping and healing patterns and authored textbook chapters and articles on refractive surgery.

The treatment offers full value to the money spent considering the long-term benefits. The patient’s life will be made simpler without having to deal with glasses and lenses. Most of the cases take only for 20 minutes to complete. Companies specializing in Laser Vision Correction financing offer easy payment plans to make it affordable. Also LASIK eye surgery is a TAX deductible expense.

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