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Everyone loves receiving gifts. It is not just the giving that we take into consideration it is the thought that the gift giver has given to the purchase. Especially when we are younger on Birthdays at Christmas and on other special occasions we eagerly wait for the postman to come wondering what gifts and cards we will receive. I remember when I was child I had difficulty sleeping on Christmas Eve and would wake early with excited anticipation of what Gifts and Presents Santa had left for me. These days the emergence of online gift shop offering thousands of gifts many that can be personalised using different techniques has made gift buying simpler and more convenient than it has ever been. It is always great receiving gifts and if the gift has been personalised for you it is warmly received as you can see the thought and effort the giver has put into it. Personalised Gifts need not be an expensive alternative to shop bought gifts and all it takes is a little thought and online access to create gifts that are suitable for any family member, friend or business associate. So when you are looking for Christmas Presents and Gift Ideas then you must take a look at some of the gift personalisation sites and choose gifts that show you really care about them and that you have taken time to purchase a gift that is truly unique. Not only will the recipient be delighted with your gift choice but you will feel good about yourself. Studies have proven that there is a distinct noticeable improvement in peoples self value when they send personalised gifts for they know these types of unique gifts will be gladly received.

The giving of gifts throughout out time has always been about making emotional connections. The function of gift giving can be broken down into four attributes; Communication, social exchange, economic exchange and socialization. In a recent report retail analysis Unity Marketing stated this;

“Gift shopping is the ultimate in ’emotional consumerism,’ since gift giving is all about emotionally connecting gift givers and gift recipients. Whenever consumer shopping behaviour is driven by emotion, the overall goal of the shopping experience is for the customer to buy a thing in order to achieve a special feeling, enhance an experience or to deepen an emotional reaction. In other words, the gift itself is the means to an end, and that end is to strengthen the emotional connection between individuals.”

In 1979 Russell Belk published a research paper on gifts. He stated; “The function of gift giving serves to allow a message to be passed on from the giver to the receiver. This form of symbolic communication acts as both the message and the channel, therefore reducing the possibility of distortion. Due to a lack of flexibility in the specific meanings that can be conveyed by a gift, as well as different encoding and de –coding perceptions, gift giving is not always an effective method of communicating messages.”

This maybe so with shop bought gifts but a personalised gift can become a very effective means of communication as the message is applied directly to the gift.

As Gift giving is a personal emotional gesture that sends out different sentiments then it is imperative that you send out the right sentiment and there is no better way to do this than with gifts that are personalised. There are no excuses, look for websites that provide all the functionality necessary to select and personalise Unique Gifts. As the nature of gift giving isaltruistic one should always attempt to maximise the pleasure of the recipient and onlyPersonalised Gifts can achieve this.

References: Belk, Russell (1979), “Gift-Giving Behaviour”, Research in Marketing, Volume 2, ed. Jagdish The Author Paul Lakeman from FunkyBears constantly studies gift giving and he is compiling a report on how the internet and emerging personalisation techniques are altering people’s perception of gift giving.

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