2020 Associations have become a Member of BusinessVibes

Last week number of associations being a member of BusinessVibes website has exceeded 2020.

London, UK, February 24, 2012 — Six months ago BusinessVibes, new B2B platform providing its users with possibility to search for suppliers and business partners, has announced that they reached a level of 1400 associations in their directories. That time it was already a great success, but BusinessVibes didn’t let its users to wait long time for even better results. Last week number of associations being a member of BusinessVibes website has exceeded 2020! Increasing number of organizations has forced management of http://www.businessvibes.com to increase number of industries available for different foundations. Currently users can search for potential partners, suppliers and event visitors through 67 different industries. The most popular industries browsed by users are: Textile, Plastics, Chemicals, Information Technology and Automotive.

Number of industry directories has increased by 22% within last 6 months; increase in number of association members has reached 44%. Here are some highlights proving incredible growth of BusinessVibes website.

Textiles – 156 associations comparing to 134 six months ago
Plastics and packaging – 156 associations comparing to 127 six months ago
Chemicals – 96 associations comparing to 94 six months ago

The more and more associations appreciate the benefits of being a member of http://www.businessvibes.com. Not only is it a place when new contacts can be established, but also it is a great possibility to promote association itself, promote events, manage its members and collect membership fees.

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