Christina Moss Naturals Takes All Natural, Organic Skin & Hair Care Line With Anti-Aging Results Mainstream

Christina Moss, Amazon best selling fiction author, just launched a new company, Christina Moss Naturals, with a premier line of all natural, organic hair care and organic skin care products that she has spent 13 years developing.

Los Angeles, California, October 24, 2013 – Christina Moss Naturals has taken their All Natural, Organic Skin & Hair Care Line With Anit-Aging Results Mainstream. Christina Moss, Amazon best selling fiction author, just launched a new company, Christina Moss Naturals, with a premier line of all natural, organic hair care and organic skin care products that she has spent 13 years developing.

Is it possible to stop or even reverse aging, one might ask? Could it be the chemicals in our shampoo, soap and moisturizer that are contributing to rapidly aging skin? Some people think so, and Christina Moss is one of them. “Yes, I have seen dramatic improvements in skin and I’ve seen wrinkles diminish and tired skin refreshed without injections and facelifts. Results are fast and it is not expensive. It’s important to use products that don’t contain petro-chemicals, and there are a few additional beauty tips* that not many people know.”

When asked why a successful author would suddenly branch out into the land of organics, Moss responded, “Actually my career in the skin & hair care industry predates my first book by about ten years,” says Moss. “I first began making products for my family in 1999 because I was concerned with harmful ingredients like parabens, SLS and propylene glycol. My friends found out and I began taking product orders from them. Before I knew it, word spread and I had a cottage industry business. Christina Moss Naturals Corp is now a partnership, and I’m happy about that. I really don’t see any products out there that are as natural as mine. I feel I have a responsibility to make them available to more people. My business partner is of the same mind, and he’s totally behind the cause.”

The new business venture with partner, Kenny Davies, is called, Christina Moss Naturals Corp. The company debuts with a line of five basic products: shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, soap and facial moisturizer. The newly launched line is touted as petro-chemical free, fragrance free and preservative free, as well as suitable for all skin types AND babies too. “I wanted to put together a complete package of organic hair and skin products so that everyone, even babies, can get the best possible skin care, and because our products are concentrated, a little goes a long way. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of safe and natural ingredients and it’s still easy on the budget,” says Moss.

With their latest promotion and for a limited time, customers who purchase a set of all five products will receive a second Facial Moisturizer for free ($24 value) through Amazon and through their website On the website use discount code: MEDIA.

*Moss says she is recording a series of videos that demonstrate her natural beauty tips. You can tune into, and follow her YouTube channel at ChristinaMoss2012.

We couldn’t resist asking Christina Moss if she would share one of her healthy skin secrets for our readers, to which she replied, “Gladly! Here is my absolute favorite face mask that results in firmer and healthier skin.”

Super Lavish Face Mask
1 egg yoke
1 teaspoon honey
1/2 teaspoon powdered collagen
1/4 teaspoon vitamin C
1 teaspoon pure butter melted
1 – 2 tablespoons rice flour

Mix all ingredients (except rice flour) in a small bowl. Gradually add the rice flour until you have a spreadable, non-drip consistency. Wash face with a petro-chemical free facial wash and pat dry. Apply to face, forehead and neck and leave on for 20 minutes. Gently rinse off and pat face dry with a clean towel. Apply a petro-chemical free moisturizer.

For more information and where to find Christina Moss Naturals products, go to:
YouTube: ChristinaMoss2012
Facebook: Christina Moss Naturals

If you would like to learn more about Christina Moss Naturals organic & all natural skin and hair care products, you can contact Christina Moss at or visit her website at You can also reach her by phone at 818-843-3427 or by mail at 1229 N. Lamer St, Burbank, CA. 91506.

Christina Moss
1229 N. Lamer St
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Protect Your Business with Google Apps Vault

Did you know that Google provides a backup and archiving tool for emails and chats? That tool is Google Apps Vault.

San Jose, CA, October 24, 2013 – Google Apps Vault (PDF) can help protect your business from legal and compliance risks. With Vault, you can be prepared to assess a legal matter or compliance issue in a timely, cost-effective way, with minimal disruption to your business.

Built on the Google Apps platform, it offers extended features, advanced functionality, and improved capabilities, such as domain-wide search of Gmail and on-the-record Gmail chat. This tool provides an easy way to create internal data management policies and automation to preserve and better protect an organization’s information assets.

The cost of eDiscovery (producing and searching through employees email, chats and documents) can be a drain on your business. Producing records can cost up to $30K per GB. If you’re using Apps and you need an archiving or eDiscovery solution, Google Apps Vault is an obvious choice. All the data is managed on premises: no need to duplicate it and move it to a third party solution and take on the risks and hassles that go with that. Google Apps Vault is the most comprehensive and secure information governance, risk management and eDiscovery tool for Google Apps in the market.

Here are main features of Google Apps Vault which provides:
* Gmail Archiving
-No storage limit on archiving (Yes it breaks 25Gb cap)
* Gmail Retention
-No time limit on retention
* Gmail Legal Hold & Preservation
* Gmail Export
* Google Search Engine based eDiscovery
* Chat Archiving/Discovery (“on-the-record” chat)
* Vault will add additional Google data sources as well as features and functions in the future

Here are some of use cases.

A manufacturing company wants to protect themselves from former employees suing them for wrongful termination. Google Apps Vault helps them by establishing standard retention policies for terminated employee email-data and allows them to have fast, secure access should they need to search the email.

A technology-services company with an average employee turnover rate of sales consultants wants to be sure that outstanding client commitments are handed off properly if someone leaves the company. Google Apps Vault has an access policy that would enable a user with the correct privileges to hold the former employees email and chat data, and share just that data with a manager to determine what should be passed on to another employee.

The cost for Google Apps Vault is only $50/user/year for business users and $10/user/year for Non-Profit and Education organizations. Netkiller is the Top Vault partner on Google Apps Marketplace. and have helped hundreds of clients to protect their businesses. To learn more about Vault and availability, contact Netkiller at

Harry Jung
Netkiller America Inc.
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San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 641-0114