Flip HTML5 to Easily Make PDF Flip Books Based on JQuery and HTML5

FlipHTML5.com presents to users the next software in e-publishing with its newest version of the Flip HTML5. Imbedded with many unique features, this jquery page flip software has been aimed to make e-publishing even more effortless and creative.

Guangdong, China (October 15, 2013) — Page flip publishing is catching on with the World Wide Web helping many writers and publishers to present their work to a global audience. However everyone is looking out there to have that special edge that will make their work easily readable, accessible, creative and give the readers that real experience of reading a book or a magazine. Flip HTML5 gives users all that with infinite potential. To list some of the features of this new software.

Flip HTML5 enables:-
– Fully customized HTML5 page turning book style
– Easily accessible anywhere online
– Easily performs in most Mobile Devices and browsers
– Fantastic animated reading experience
– Fast and easy publishing
– Social share feature integrated for marketing

Flip HTML5 is easy to use and allows makers to customize their e-book by offering options of predesigned templates, background and many more features. It has the unique flexibility of converting PDF to HTML5 and jQuery flipbook along with MS Office, OpenOffice and Images to HTML5 and jQuery based page flip ebook. To showcase their ability even better, they are offering a free version of flip book maker where one can convert any PDF to page flipbook conversion.

The benefits of Flip HTML5 are
– Never before flexibility in e-publishing
– Easy access and storage of E-books
– Elevates the reader’s reading experience to a new high
– Compatible with many browsers, mobiles and Tablets
– Excellent service at a very nominal price
– Marketing friendly

“E-publishing is no longer a non competitive field, with countless e-book makers vying for the reader’s attention, it is important for E-publishers to provide their readers with maximum flexibility to read, access and convert our works. Flip HTML does just that and it also has that social network integrated feature which makes marketing e-books very easy. An amazing software!!” Craig Dylan, Los Angeles (a Flip HTML5 user and benefiter).

Excellent jquery page flip software to promote and market products online, Flip HTML5 works fast and is simple enough for a newbie to create flipbooks within a short time. Flipbook readers can get a more enhanced experience with Flip HTML5’s feature to add videos of many formats to the e-book. It can help create flip books, online magazines, online catalog and e-brochure effortlessly. Even though the basic version has multiple features, the Gold and Pro version offers a wide range of options in conversion, analytics, social sharing and customizing, making it a must have software. Anyone who is interested in this software can now download Free Page Flip Creator on SourceForge.net.

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The Leading Active Specialist to Unveil a New Vietnam Walking Tour

The Leading Specialist (www.adventurevietnam.com) to Unveil Vietnam Walking Tour in Two Week With Each Day of Vietnam Walking Tour is a Unique Experience.

Hanoi, Vietnam, October 15, 2013 – Active travelers will discover the beauty of Vietnam in style, as well as with a little sense of adventure. They will arrive in Hanoi and will explore this beautiful city, with its dozens of little handicrafts shops. Trip highlights include Halong Bay, Sapa, Hue, Hoi An and HCM city and its sourroundings.

This Ultimate Vietnam Adventure Tour engages the mind, body and spirit of travelers. The beauty of our tour is the flavors of firsthand knowledge and authentic, unique, sophisticated service handled by local active travel experts.

A guaranteed minimum of two for departure at any given day, all departures are accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide. The Vietnam package tour is priced from US$1,531 per person, valid until 31 Sep 2014, on a twin-sharing basis, including domestic economy flights, 13 nights’ accommodation, most meals, porters, airport transfers and sightseeing tours. 153 USD voucher for the two first travelers who book this trip.

“In response to market demand, our set departure offering will enable our travel partners and their clients the opportunity to book adventure tours on a predictable and affordable basis. If you book, we guarantee you are going.” Says David Nguyen, Sales and Marketing Director of AdventureVietnam.com

“On this walking vacation, you’ll enjoy full amenities at our exceptional lodgings and relish the local cuisine from gourmet dinners to the simplest picnic lunch. Each day of our Vietnam walking tour is a unique experience. ”

www.AdventureVietnam.com — Vietnam’s premier adventure travel company— offers you a one-of-a-kind adventure in Vietnam and the Mekong region. It is not just a trip, it is an unforgettable experience which engages your mind, body and spirit. Adventure Vietnam trips combine soft adventure with unparalleled cultural immersion in unique and exotic places. Choose your dream trip from our extensive portfolio of private, small group departures, self-guided adventures or ready-to-book private itineraries for once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.

Linh Doan
Luxury Travel Ltd
05 Nguyen Truong To Str.,
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi 84444

Jubilee America: AD Project Calls for American Default On National Debt

The American Defense Project (AD Project) is calling on American citizens to contact members of Congress to encourage them to default on America’s debt as such an action would be in the best interest of future generations of Americans.

Raleigh, NC, USA (October 14, 2013) — Contact: AD Project (919) 964-0538 / http://www.AmericanDefenseProject.com

The American Defense Project (AD Project) is calling on American citizens to contact members of Congress to encourage them to default on America’s debt as such an action would be in the best interest of future generations of Americans.

This activism effort is called “Jubilee America” in a reference to Leviticus 25:8-13 and the Christian and Jewish concept of forgiving debts every 50 years in which slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven, and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest.

The current US debt is about to exceed 17 Trillion dollars which breaks down to more than $53,500 per citizen in federal debt alone before adding the burden of state, county, and municipal debts as well. These debts can have an enslaving effect on American citizens and future generations as our citizens are now beholden to those that own our debts.

A default is inevitable if America’s debt and spending addictions are not broken and it should be clear to all that DC politicians will not balance our budget on their own.

“Defaulting on our national debt is the only way to stop out of control borrowing and spending in Washington DC,” said Jack Lawrence, Director of AD Project. “It will be a painful and dangerous time for our nation, but facing the realities, through controlled debt default, will be more surmountable now than later if they keep increasing the debt levels. Each infant born in America today, each of our children, each of our grandchildren owe more than $50,000 and that is unacceptable. We owe it to them to abolish this debt.”

The American Defense Project hopes that other grass roots organizations and lawmakers will begin to adopt the call for America to engage in a “controlled default” instead of a forced default that will be more damaging at a later date and higher debt level.

There is also a great danger that future politicians will enforce repayment of these current and future debts by subjecting American citizens to freedom and economy crushing surveillance state technologies and authoritarian police state tactics.

“American citizens will have to be disarmed, have our freedoms severely restricted, and face police state oppression to exact the amount of servitude required to repay debts of this size,” said Jack Lawrence. “These debts are a threat to our national security and way of life. Freedom and default are preferable to slavery and oppression repaying these debts will bring.”

The AD Project contends that controlled defaulting on our national debt is a preferable option because it could decrease the influence foreign governments like China and Saudi Arabia have on American political leaders. Controlled Default could force politicians to balance the budget once they are unable to borrow from lenders. Default would benefit the American economy by unencumbering our citizens and businesses from these destructive debts that take money out of our economy without producing anything or returning any benefits for our citizens.

To learn more about Jubilee America, the American Defense Project, or to schedule interviews with Jack Lawrence please visit http://www.AmericanDefenseProject.com.