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BusinessVibes features Online Business Cards

BusinessVibes, new B2B networking platform invented to connect businesses; traditional business cards have been replaced by online created ‘profile cards’.

London, UK, March 20, 2012 — Every business needs to build up a good network in order to facilitate overall growth. In fact, networking is also essential to great interactions and can often lead to a competitive advantage. There are many ways to do networking from trade shows to online webinars and new ICT have provided several tools helping to achieve good results. The business card remains the most widespread instruments even though it is one of the oldest.

A business card gives recipients information on who you are and what your activities consist of; it represents your business frontage, therefore a lot of importance must be given in terms of visuals as well as content. It is essential to constantly have some in the pocket so as to avoid missing opportunities to network. Keep in mind, any encounter could turn into a deal!

At BusinessVibes, new B2B networking platform invented to connect businesses; traditional business cards have been replaced by online created ‘profile cards’. Those Profile Cards are customized and include information filled on the profile. These are more convenient than conventional ones as they don’t need to be manually gathered in one place and can’t be lost.

In real life it is customary to ask for the other interlocutor’s business card before handing yours. For that reason, a BusinessVibes member can request – not send – a ‘profile’ card from a company he is not connected with in order to know more about it. Members can browse their industry directory, find prospects, and ask for their profile cards. Once collected, after examination the member can connect with the company matching the most its company requirements and start discussing business together.

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Network in Moderation at Holiday Social Events

Networking at holiday social events varies from general business networking. Learn the ins and outs from master networker Lillian D. Bjorseth, who gives you practical advice on how to look and act polished and professional.

Lisle, IL, December 02, 2011 – “It’s okay to network at holiday social events so long as you do it in moderation and eat and drink in the same manner,” said Lillian D. Bjorseth, business networking advisor, coach, author and president of Duoforce Enterprises, Inc.

“Whether it is office parties, neighborhood open houses, country club dances or professional organizational luncheons and dinners, keep the conversation about the event, the holidays and the other person,” Bjorseth said. “It’s even more unforgiveable to focus on yourself at social affairs than at business events.”

She advises that you also look and act professional because others are still deciding 10 things about you within 10 seconds of seeing you. Furthermore, they will carry that impression with them into the boardroom or onto the telephone when they again speak with you or about you.

“Don’t overfill your “little” plate. Snacking ahead of time can curb your appetite. Keep cold drinks out of your right hand (the one you use to shake hands!). Ice and condensation will likely make it feel cold and moist. Holding the drink in your left hand is a far better solution than wrapping a napkin around the glass. If seating is available, sit down for a few minutes to eat. When you rise again, sans foods, your hands will be free. And don’t forget to wash them before you start shaking again,” Bjorseth says.

Her other professional advice includes:

* Don’t tell off-color jokes or use crude language just because the atmosphere is more relaxed. Such behavior offends many people, including coworkers, their spouses, partners and families who can carry a lot of weight.

* Dress properly for the occasion. Find out ahead of time the appropriate dress for men and women. And, women, don’t show excessive cleavage if you want to be taken seriously in the office or want to use the event to lay the groundwork for future employment.

* Remember the behavioral basics. Exhibit good posture. Give a firm handshake. Maintain eye contact at least 85 percent of the time. Keep your gestures understated, especially in a crowded room where expansive gestures can lead to touching someone else or even spilling your food or beverage … or theirs!

Additionally, Bjorseth suggests you don’t make the head honcho your only target or feel as if you need your token minutes or two with him/her. Have longer and more meaningful conversations with those who are lower on the totem pole and aren’t besieged by everyone else. Top brass seldom gets involved in the day-to-day hiring, promotions and other managerial duties. Make a positive impression on everyone you meet so you will be memorable long after the event is over.

Carry your business cards,” Bjorseth says. “Women, keep at least a small supply in your holiday bag. If attending with a male partner, have him keep some extras in his inside suit pocket. It’s so much more professional than writing your vital information on a cocktail napkin. Hand them out only if asked.”

Bjorseth shares three final suggestions:

• Don’t press people on the spot. If you want more information, a referral or an appointment, get the person’s business card and ask if you may email or call him/her later. Networking is planting seeds. A holiday event is not the place to sell. Follow up during normal business hours.

• Don’t be the last to leave. Unless you are close personal friends with the hosts, don’t be the last to leave the neighborhood open house. Similarly, unless you have volunteered for clean-up duty, don’t be the straggler at company or organizational functions. It’s like pushing back from the table when you are still hungry: leave while you’re still making a positive impression.

• Send holiday cards. Bypass the pre-printed, sterile ones. Take the time to sign your name and write a short personal note. As appropriate, send to your clients, prospective employers and, particularly, to those people at any level who are vital links in your networking chain.

Lillian D. Bjorseth
Duoforce Enterprises, Inc.
2221 Ridgewood Rd.
Lisle, IL 60532

MyFacebookPageDesign.com is Ready for FB Iframe Changes

MyFacebookPageDesign.com is now providing Facebook fan page branding services using the new iframe platform rolled out by Facebook this month with a money back customer satisfaction guarantee.

Kansas City, KS, March 14, 2011 — MyFacebookPageDesign.com has become one of the first social media design firms to announce complete design integration and compatibility with the upcoming changes to Facebook. On March 15th Facebook will make the exciting improvement of allowing the use of iframes in personal and business profile pages. By making this announcement MyFacebookPageDesign.com, already one of the leading firms in the new field of social media page design, looks to cement its status as a major player in the future of online marketing.

With over 500 million potential customers, Facebook has become a key component of most companies marketing strategies. But just having a profile and sending out the occasional update is not going to cut it in the future. Every company must take full advantage of every opportunity offered to compete in a crowded marketplace. Having a dynamic and exciting Facebook design is the first step in achieving that end goal of transferring profiles to customers. By offering its partners unlimited design revisions, different packages to suit any budget, a seven day turnaround from concept to completion, and a money back guarantee, MyFacebookPageDesign.com is setting a new standard for what can be expected from a social media design firm. They even offer initial marketing packages for companies who want to get started right away collecting fans and followers. No business should be without a great Facebook page. And with this announcement MyFacebookPageDesign.com is committed to delivering great custom Facebook page designs, for the foreseeable future.

With over a decade of design experience, from websites to business cards, from newsletters to Facebook fan page designs, MyFacebookPageDesign.com has the portfolio and references to satisfy any interested partner. Based in the United States and with a 24 hour support team, MyFacebookPageDesign.com was founded on the principle that customers should expect results. That is why their unlimited design revisions and money back guarantee have led to so much success. Rest assured with their vibrant creative team and skilled programmers, MyFacebookPageDesign.com and their partners will continue to accomplish great things with changes in Facebook’s iframe fan page platform rollout.

Press & Media Contact:
Michael Lynn
12740 S. Pflumm Road
Kansas City, KS 66062 – USA

Unique Designz – specializing in business cards, flyers, web design, customized logo creation and promotional items

Ramsey, New Jersey, December 23, 2010 – Unique Designz, a full service graphic design and print company specializing in business cards, flyers, web design, customized logo creation and promotional items, has showed incredible growth since the company’s inception in 2006. Owner Henry Kaminski, Jr. has single-handedly transformed Unique Designz into a top notch graphic design business, with a prominent client base that includes the Jon Bon Jovi Fan Club and BonJovi.com, DJ A-list Unique, the Benjamins, Rise in Lodi, NJ, Tiffany’s Restaurants (multiple locations) and DJ Johnny Budz/Elite Sound Entertainment.

While Kaminski prides himself on his strong work ethic,fast turnaround time and close client relationships, he says the best part of his success has been his ability to give back to the local community. Kaminski has worked with and continues to support the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center through charitable giving.

“Unique Designz is by far one of the best graphic design companies in the area,” says Gary Yip, owner of Vision Entertainment. “Anyone looking for quality work will certainly find it if they choose to work with Henry.” Long-standing clients include 46 Lounge in Totowa, NJ, 84 Park in Stamford, CT, EYE to EYE Entertainment, SO GOOD Entertainment, Black Bear Saloon (multiple locations), Franklin Steakhouse in Nutley, NJ, and The Hot Shotz.com. In 2010, Unique Designz added Wicked Wolf Tavern in Hoboken, NJ and Sizzle Tans (multiple locations) to its impressive following, and recently expanded its client base overseas, with the addition of international house DJ Raffi Lusso, of Zurich, Switzerland.

2011 shows much promise for Unique Designz as it enters into the niche wedding market with customized save the date stationery and magnets. Unique Designz offers highly competitive pricing, excellent quality and superb customer service. For more information visit www.uniquedesignz.net.

Contact Details: Henry M. Kaminski, Jr., Owner/Graphic Designer
Email: uniquedesignz1@yahoo.com
Web: uniquedesignz.net

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