Singapore Internet Marketers sets to Win Regional Challenge to Reaffirm Internet Market has Potential

Singapore, (September 2, 2010) – A team of internet marketers from Singapore will pit their skills against members from countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand to win the 30 days Cost Per Action (CPA) Singapore challenge in September 2010.

CPA is a form of advertising where the advertiser pays based on specified actions taken by the end user. An internet marketer would market a product relevant to the needs of the consumer and earn a commission when the user purchase the product.

According to a recent survey done by ADD Marketing Group, 95% of internet marketers and affiliate marketers fail to make any money online.

Jonathan, an internet newbie who is in this scene for less than half a year, said: “When I started to learn the ropes, it seems that everyone has already done everything and all the stuff was gone and over-done.”

A group of internet newbies from Singapore have decided otherwise and come together to make money online together as a team. They set a challenge with their coach and apply various internet marketing strategies such as SEO marketing to promote their chosen product. They extended the challenge to nearby countries and the nation with the highest sales generated will emerge the winner.

The Singapore team has set a sales target of US$18,000 by the end of the 30 days challenge.

Asked what the team will do with the money earned, they said: “At this moment, we have decided to donate ten percent of the profit to a local charity organization but we have yet decided which organization will receive it.”

The team leader, Aaron, added: “This is in line with our mission to make a contribution back to the society. At the same, we want to reaffirm that money can be made online. Most people want immediate results and as soon as they hit any form of roadblock they give up.

“With our newly gained experience, we want to replicate our success and help more people to blast through their roadblocks towards success in their internet marketing journey. After all, teamwork makes dreams work.”

Will this group do Singapore proud? For additional information on their product idea, visit

New single So in Love on digital sale!

Singer, songwriter and composer Moh Dediouf is a world traveller. Born in Dakar in 1974, his influence is international. Through his music he has proven to be the personal manifesto of/for the Africa renewal.

From his early years in Dakar to his life in Europe, Moh Dediouf explored multiple influences (pop/rock, house music), that he blends with his African roots, thus creating a unique sound.

His debut, self-produced album, released in 2007, has already gained recognition: Moh is the first French artist to win the First Prize in the World Music Category at the International Songwriting Competition. His song Adouna was chosen among more than 15000 tracks and 100 countries.

Moh Dediouf is now working on his second album, Smile Way of Life, a humanistic project that gathers artists from the African continent but also North Africa, Switzerland, France…

And the winner is…

His talent was rewarded again this year, his track Africaaa being the only song from a French artist to be featured on the 2010 official World Cup Compilation Hello Afrika. The lyrics, which are both in Wolof and in English, convey the energy and the diversity of the African continent. Africaa has received full attention because it represents the richness of African music and symbolizes the African unity that so many artists want to promote.

I have a dream

A hopeless dream? Not so sure… A wind of renewal is blowing on Africa, putting African artists together, including Moh dediouf, all willing to reinvent the continent in their own way by promoting its cultural strengths. With his track So in Love, which is a hymn to universal love and a true call for brotherhood, the artist makes his mark for bringing peace to Africa.

Release of the single So in Love: 15th august 2010

For more info:
La Clique production
Contact Details: Arnaud Amat
La clique production
CMCI, 2 rue Henri Barbusse13001, Marseille

Selling Your Home Quickly Couldn’t Be Easier When Using Equity Fast

Equity Fast are the leading quick property sale specialists and all it takes is an email or call to get the ball moving.

Gloucestershire, UK, September 02, 2010 — Selling their home quickly is a situation that property owners may find themselves in from time to time, for whatever reason; they just need a quick sale. Most people need to sell their houses quickly for financial or health reasons and should this situation ever occur you only need to speak to one company…. Equity Fast. ( )

Equity Fast are the leading quick property sale specialists and all it takes is an email or call to get the ball moving. They don’t hang around, they don’t offer false promises but they do stay true to their offer meaning that the moment you get the offer from them, that is the value you will achieve for your home.

They are THE quick house and land buyers with access to substantial funds and over a decade of experience in fast property purchases.

So, if you need to sell your home quickly for one of the following reasons:

* Facing repossession
* Divorce
* Ill Health
* Financial Difficulty
* Broken Sale

Call Equity Fast ( ) now on 0800 012 28 29, they are there to help you.

It doesn’t matter when it comes to the reason you need to sell your property quickly; Equity Fast ( ) are going to be there to deliver the results you really need and always respond to enquiries with an offer within at least 24 hours of the first phone call or email enquiry.

True to their word, the price they offer is the price you get. Equity Fast ( ) understand that each property seller has their own reasons for selling their home and their requirements are practically unlimited. They buy houses, flats and apartments for cash both new and old, in any condition and in any area, as well as land with or without planning consent.

So, if you are looking to sell your home quickly and want it to happen now, ring 0800 012 28 29 now or visit the website – as Equity Fast are the only company you need to sell your home…. fast!

Press Contact:
Arv Soar
Equity Fast
Gloucestershire, GL16 8JX UK
+44 (0)800 012 2829

Buying An Investment Property Couldn’t Be Easier With Property Investment Portfolio – THE Property Investment Specialists

Property Investment Portfolio have access to a wide range of investment properties in the north and with their unrivalled lettings management service.

Nottingham, UK, September 02, 2010 — Looking for an investment property that ticks all of your investment criteria, offers a brilliant return and can also be rented quickly and efficiently?

Property Investment Portfolio have access to a wide range of investment properties in the north and with their unrivalled lettings management service, they can also get a tenant in place if you are looking to rent the property out.

Property Investment Properties ( ) have a large selection of properties available to buy or rent now in:

* Derby
* Doncaster
* Gainsborough
* Hull
* Mansfield
* Nottingham

They also have a large stock of international properties available for overseas property investors alongside their excellent collection of UK properties.

Property Investment Portfolio ( ) hold a multi million pound portfolio of buy-to-let properties from the Midlands to the North of England, managed by their in-house team and highly approved external management agencies. This means that not only can you buy a rewarding investment property from this company, but you can also let them find you a tenant and manage the tenant for you as well.

With many years of experience in the property business, Property Investment Portfolio ( ) use their knowledge and expertise to buy and develop property, from single homes in regeneration areas to blocks of flats, HMOs, student accommodation and other investment property all over the country. With this leading investment company you can now buy property investments from a leading specialist and then have your property let by a specialist team of management professionals, it really is an all in one service.

So, if you are in the market for an investment property that really stacks up, give Property Investment Portfolio a call on 0115 928 9333 or visit their website –

Press Contact:
Arv Soar
Property Investment Portfolio
223a Trowell Road
Wollaton, Nottingham NG8 2EP UK
+44 (0)115 928 9333

Software Reduces Contact-Handling Costs to Just 10¢

iCube Office-2 ( ) launched by Owtsar Technologies, a Chennai, India based software firm, will deliver such a performance, according to the company.

Chennai, India, September 02, 2010 — Does an organization’s contact-handling performance, for phone, correspondence and face-to-face communication, answer 90% of incoming calls in seconds and reply to incoming correspondence immediately. Can a customer’s contact experience with a business provide a face to face discussion with all relevant records, at just 10¢.

iCube Office-2 ( ) launched by Owtsar Technologies, a Chennai, India based software firm, will deliver such a performance, according to the company. ( ) When a Customer contacts a firm, it is expected to reach the right person in time and complete the purpose of the call. Research shows that only 20% of the calls reach their destination and that Costs vary from $25 for face-to-face to 10¢ for online contact. With work shifting to home and mobile, it has added to the problem. Voice-mail according to experts has addressed the symptoms and not the problem. The ‘ problem being how to access the right person in a timely manner at a minimum cost to the organisation.’

iCube Office‘ solution enables an instant face-to-face contact with the right person online . It would also retrieve and display all emails and documents shared between them on both computers. License is based on number of users, but any number of customers can be added with a customer id linked to a customer relations officer within the company. ‘It cannot get faster than this’, said Mr. John Martyn, Marketing Director at Owtsar. ( ) A face-to-face meeting makes sense only when records are available for reference, he added. If the CRO is not available the Customer can opt to discuss with any other person within the organization.

Every company wants to retain its customer base and ensure that every need of their customer is provided by them. Providing access to the right person in a timely manner at a minimum cost and immediately answer their queries would ensure that the customer base is intact. That is the concern ‘iCube Office’ would address. ( ) The current market need has necessitated such a system. When it is available at competitive rates without the need for trained personnel or new hardware, it then is an ideal solution.

“We will offer the application in different formats” said Mr. John Martyn, the Marketing Director at Owtsar Technologies. “It will be made available as a SaaS model with individual company id and user package hosted in secure Data Centers in North America or Europe. Larger firms can host the system individually either in their premises or in hosted servers in data centers; they can also split their servers and host them in multiple places, based on geographical locations, applications or even offices and departments. We are very flexible in our offerings” he added.

Together with this comes a email system with total corporate management features and an embedded encryption. One can send encrypted emails to any email account including hotmail, gmail, yahoomail etc. The recipients need not be registered or install any software in their computers, but can also send an encrypted reply. A full fledged Documents Management System (DMS) is also available with the facility to upload and edit documents such as doc/odt and convert to pdf.. Version control, access control, link control and audit trail is available. Legacy Applications that are currently in use can be integrated with the system. Third party applications such as accounting, bill collections etc can also be linked with the system. A basic CRM for customer data, Staff interactive tool for discussions, Admin Control, multilingual facility, RSS feeds, desktop version and Mobile access for Win OS only, are some of the other features available now.

For more information write to and ask for a free 15 days trial.

Press & Media Contact:
John Martyn, Marketing Director
Owtsar Technologies Pvt Ltd / iCube Office-2
18 LB Road, Adyar
Chennai, India 600020
9144 42695457

Virtosoftware Presents a Set of New Components for Batch Operations with Files in SharePointSharePoint

Virtosoftware has released three new Microsoft SharePoint web parts for batch file operations – Virto Bulk File Delete, Virto Bulk File Download and Virto Bulk File Copy&Move compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

San Francisco, CA, September 01, 2010 — Virtosoftware has released three new Microsoft SharePoint web parts for batch file operations – Virto Bulk File Delete, Virto Bulk File Download and Virto Bulk File Copy&Move compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

Virtosoftware continues to expand its SharePoint web-parts line, offering new products for Microsoft SharePoint. This time Virtosoftware presents not just one, but a series of new web parts that provide SharePoint users with additional convenient tools for batch operations with files. With the new Virto Bulk File Delete, Virto Bulk File Download and Virto Bulk File Copy&Move web parts it is much easier to download, to delete, to copy and to move large groups of files in SharePoint file library.

The new web parts are not the first Virtosoftware ( ) products for group operations with files in SharePoint. In April 2010 the company released Virto Multiple File Uploader, a Silverlight-based component mainly designed for batch file uploading which is not available among the standard SharePoint features. Relatively high demand for the component gave Virtosoftware additional incentives to work on other products for effective SharePoint file management, which has resulted in the release of Virto Bulk File Delete, Virto Bulk File Download and Virto Bulk File Copy&Move ( ) web parts.

Now, Virtosoftware ( ) offers a whole series of four product for group file management in SharePoint 2007 and 2010. Virto Multiple File Uploader , Virto Bulk File Delete, Virto Bulk File Download and Virto Bulk File Copy&Move, fully compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010, are easy-to-install and easy-to-use components. Once the components are installed, additional upload and download as well as delete and move options will be available in all the list of your SharePoint file library. With these options one can easily perform operations with a large group of files with just a few clicks.

All the components, Virto Multiple File Uploader Virto Bulk File Delete, Virto Bulk File Download and Virto Bulk File Copy&Move, are already available for purchasing at at a price of $150 for each component or at a price of $500 for the whole series of four products. Visit the web site for more information about other Microsoft SharePoint web parts by Virtosoftware, trials, news, special offers and updates as well as installation and user guides, and do not for get to follow us on Twitter:

About Virto Software:
VirtoSoftware, ( ) a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, designs and builds innovative web parts for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007 and 2010. Our comprehensive lineup includes calendar, alerts, collaboration, workflow and administration capabilities for SharePoint users.

More than 1500 users around the world have chosen our products to enhance their SharePoint activities. Virto Software is headquartered in 4 with offices worldwide. For more information or to browse Virto Software’s products, please visit or contact us:

Press Contact:
Ms. Olga Kiner
PR Manager
San Francisco, CA 94101
+1 323 319 511

LAN Systems Participates in the BIG Expo

LAN Systems, a leading Atlanta Computer Consulting company, participated in the Business in Gwinnett (BIG) Expo held at Gwinnett Center in Duluth.

Norcross, Georgia, August 30, 2010 — LAN Systems, a leading Atlanta Computer Consulting company, participated in the Business in Gwinnett (BIG) Expo held at Gwinnett Center in Duluth. The BIG Expo is a one day trade show designed to attract businesses from the Greater Gwinnett area. Held in conjunction with the Expo is the Gwinnett Job Fair. The event is the Gwinnett Chamber’s annual one-day business tradeshow and job fair featuring more than 250 exhibitors and attracting 5,000 attendees.

“The BIG Expo is a great way for us to meet customers in a fun and friendly environment.” said CEO Mary Hester of LAN Systems. “We enjoy picking out the theme and giveaways each year. We all look forward to seeing our old and new friends.”

About the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce:
Gwinnett County remains one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States and has led the state of Georgia in job creation for the past five years. At the center of Gwinnett’s growth and development is the Gwinnett Chamber. As one of the largest and most successful chambers in the Southeastern United States, the Gwinnett Chamber has a finger on the pulse of the community and is able to identify and target issues of importance to businesses in the county. Within the Chamber, businesses of all sizes have a strong voice and powerful impact on important community issues. For more information, visit:

About LAN Systems:
LAN Systems ( ) provides people-focused IT solutions. As technology experts, LAN Systems helps companies make the most of their existing IT investment and choose the right solutions to fuel growth. LAN Systems is a leading provider of IT Solutions for growing businesses in the Metro Atlanta. For more information, visit:

Press & Media Contact:
Lauren Maxwell
Business Development Manager
LAN Systems
6015-D Atlantic Blvd
Norcross, GA 30071
770 662-0312

Payroll Outsourcing Services Save Small-Business Owners Time And Money

Small-business owners often have to wear multiple hats: boss, human resources representative and payroll administrator, just to name a few. Thanks to National PEO, small-business owners can remove that last hat by outsourcing their company’s payroll administration. National PEO leads the payroll outsourcing services industry, offering payroll administration, tax payment and filing, online payroll entry, and EVerify, among other payroll-related tasks. The Scottsdale, Arizona, company helps small-business owners across the country save both time and money, as payroll administration is neither revenue-producing or an effective use of their time.

August 2010 – National PEO allows small-business owners to do what they do best: Run their companies. It does this by taking over all payroll services, including the important task of verifying work eligibility of employees. To determine whether or not a small business will benefit from payroll outsourcing services, including EVerify, National PEO does the following:

Performs a detailed analysis of the small business’ payroll operations and delivers an action plan showing the potential savings of time and money.

Outlines the many payroll outsourcing services National PEO provides, including:

Input Options – National PEO clients can decide how they want to upload payroll information. They can opt for WebPay, an online payroll entry solution, or they can fax, call, email or drop off their payroll information to be input.

Reports – National PEO’s powerful accounting software eliminates the task of compiling payroll reports.

Direct Deposit – Among National PEO’s payroll outsourcing services, is this versatile option: Small-business owners can give their employees the option of direct deposit, whether into one account or multiple, or via a pay card.

Deductions and Garnishments – National PEO handles health-care benefit deductions, child-support orders, levies and other deductions and garnishments.

PTO Tracking – Perhaps one of the most important of National PEO’s payroll outsourcing services, this system accurately tracks employee sick, vacation and personal time based on the policies of the small business.

In its action plan, National PEO also stresses the importance of employee verification. Not complying with state and federal law in this area can result in suspension and/or loss of a small business’ license. As part of its payroll outsourcing services, National PEO offers EVerify, which processes all new hires and consults with employees if they have questions. It also audits a small business’ I-9 forms and its employee filing system, and it follows up on discrepancies to comply with federal guidelines. EVerify also keeps small business owners informed of changes to federal and state laws regarding immigration.

National PEO also uses case studies to show small-business owners how they can save time and money through payroll outsourcing services, EVerify in particular. One case study focuses on a construction company that used National PEO to determine whether or not it was compliant with immigration rules and regulations. Through its audit, National PEO found potential violations that would have resulted in legal and financial consequences for the company had they been uncovered during an audit by a federal agency. Thanks to National PEO, the construction company was compliant within days and has since earned perfect scores on EVerify follow-up audits.

About National PEO: When it comes to payroll outsourcing services, National PEO leads the industry thanks to its successful leadership and innovative practices. To schedule an interview with a member of the National PEO team, call John Rico at 480-429-8098. To get more information about the payroll outsourcing services the company provides, including Everify, go to or call (480) 429-8098 or toll free (888) 221-0945.

Contact Details: National PEO
John Rico

Dementia Web UK Launches New Online Shop – Accessories Which Can Help You Live Well With Dementia

Dementia Web now offers a selection of award-winning specialist care products for positioning and pressure care, dementia, incontinence, end of life care, learning difficulties and special needs.

Oxon, UK, August 30, 2010 — The team at Dementia Web ( ) has recently launched its new online shop with the aim of helping people with dementia, their family carers and professionals who care for them.

Dementia Web now offers a selection of award-winning specialist care products for positioning and pressure care, dementia, incontinence, end of life care, learning difficulties and special needs.

You will find a wide range of practical products for the disabled and elderly to improve your quality of life in nursing and residential care homes and to extend that range into your home. By combining local UK production and overseas manufacture we can provide a specialist service at an affordable price.

The current best sellers include:

* Ladies’ All-In-One Nightwear – Cotton Embroidered Pyjamas
* 16 Chamber Seat Cushion
* 9 Chamber Seat Cushion
* Finger Separator
* Ladies’ all-in-one Daywear
* Ladies’ Eyelet Knickers
* Snooz

There are various items suited to a wide range of uses specifically focused on the care of people who have a dementia. By using purposely engineered products these can make life so much easier and more comfortable. Any product that can offer a practical solution is worth its weight in gold, and the Dementia Web ( ) team has gone that extra mile to find items that can really make a difference.

From sleeping products all the way through to catering solutions, we hope you will find every kind of product you could need to care for a person with dementia. Dementia Web ( ) UK has tried to keep the prices as low as possible to make sure these amazing products are available to everyone who needs them, with innovative products, quick delivery and low prices the main aim of this new online shop.

So, if you are looking for products to make life easier at the lowest possible prices, visit the Dementia Web UK online shop at

Press Contact:
David Beck
Dementia Web UK
Dementia web
Guideposts Trust
Two Rivers, Station Lane
Witney, Oxon OX28 4BH
01993 700061

Brainloop Helps Businesses Identify Compliance Risks when Sharing Information

New white paper published by secure document collaboration vendor.

Boston, MA, August 31, 2010 — Brainloop, the leading supplier of software solutions for high-security management of confidential documents ( ), today issued a white paper titled “Ten Questions to Identify Compliance Risks When Sharing Information.” Authored by Cheryl Klein, CPA, CISA, CITP and founder of GRC Consulting Services, the paper analyzes 10 common business scenarios that expose companies to potential compliance risks when sharing documents with partners, auditors, vendors, or any other individuals outside the corporate network.

Traditional information security controls provide protection behind the firewall for most of a company’s documents, yet fail to address the issue of protecting documents that must be shared outside the enterprise.

“Corporate and regulatory compliance policies require companies to ensure information flows are documented, auditable, and highly secure,” said Klein. “Yet at the same time, companies must share sensitive information outside the firewall in order to conduct business, which introduces serious potential information risk.”

To help businesses address this challenge, the Brainloop ( ) white paper presents 10 questions that help businesses identify compliance risks and explore mitigation strategies, along with best practices suitable for each scenario.

The questions guide businesses on how to deal with compliance regulations, and how to interact with external auditors as well as regulatory bodies. The white paper also discusses extending centrally-defined policies to the departmental level, implementing appropriate access controls for diverse document types and user roles, managing personal information, and controlling external collaboration as well as other security measures to consider.

“Identifying compliance risk is crucial because even the most conscientious people can breach security policies unintentionally,” added Klein. “People are human, so it’s critical to confirm document access with audit trails and logs to ensure compliance regulations are followed correctly.”

To view the Brainloop white paper, “Ten Questions to Identify Compliance Risks When Sharing Information,” visit:

About Brainloop:
Brainloop, ( ) with offices in Boston and Munich, is the leading supplier of software solutions for high-security document collaboration. Brainloop’s secure online workspace is a virtual document safe that enables secure filing, editing and distribution of highly confidential documents within a single company, and beyond. All contents are powerfully protected from unauthorized internal or external attacks, and all actions within the application are documented by a tamper-proof audit trail. Frequent uses include contract negotiations, collecting data and compiling quarterly reports, collaboration with external auditors and counsel, and any other communication that contains confidential information.

Brainloop ( ) is used internationally by hundreds of renowned companies including BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Eurocopter, Galileo Industries, Premiere and ThyssenKrupp. Leading law firms and investment banks use this solution for the complete life cycle of M&A transactions. Strategic partners of Brainloop are HP, IZB, Microsoft and T-Systems Business Services.

Copyright © 2010, Brainloop Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Press & Media Contact:
Victor Cruz, Principal, Inc
Boston, MA 02142
(401) 349-3369