Emotions: Analyze & Report System for Emails and Voice Chat

A system that would add a new dimension to emails & voice chat.

Chennai, India, September 21, 2010 — Emotions: Analyze & Report System (EARS)© is scheduled for launch by the India based software company, Owtsar Technologies. The EAR System, would act as a silent listner with ‘iCube Office‘ emails and voice chat. When stress related emotions disturb communications between two persons, the system would deliver a soothing alert alongwith usable data, to enable the user to consider rephrasing the mail or speech.

“Computer Systems hitherto have only addressed the physical aspect in all human to human transactions. Be it mails, chat, emoticons whatever, they do not address the spiritual/emotional state of the user,” said Mr. Samuel Martyn, CEO of Owtsar Technologies. “We have developed EARS© specifically to address this aspect and by doing so have introduced a new dimension to enterprise and personal computing.”

When asked what uses EARS© would bring to Enterprise & Personal Computing, Mr. Martyn replied that providing a facility to listen to the emotions of the User is an innovative tool in itself with greater ramifications. In a stressed out situation a staff can vent his feelings on a customer, for which he may regret later. But the damage would have been done and it would take a lot of effort to undo it. EARS© would detect such a situation and alert the user to reconsider the sentence or conversation. It would also highlight the contacts history, such as period, business done in the past, expectations in the future with any photo, if available. This would certainly provide an opportunity for the user to calm down and get back to normal mood. Similar methods would be useful in personal and friendly contacts as well.

EARS© will be made available with iCube Office ver.2.( http://www.icubeoffice.com ) The system would be customized and personalized for invidual users. It would effectively respond to individual language and speech pattern. The user will be required to use the iCube Office voice chat ( http://www.icubeoffice.com ) for analyzing voice related data. EARS© can be configured to sense emotions in incoming mails as well. Should a customer get annoyed over anything, such mails may be automatically copied to Superior staff in the organization.

“We will offer the application in different formats” said Mr. John Martyn, the Marketing Director at Owtsar Technologies. “It will be made available as a SaaS model with individual company id and user package hosted in secure Data Centers in North America or Europe. Larger firms can host the system individually either in their premises or in hosted servers in data centers; they can also split their servers and host them in multiple places, based on geographical locations, applications or even offices and departments. We are very flexible in our offerings” he added.

More details on the features available with ‘iCube Office’, such as embedded email encryption, DMS, Corporate emails Management, CRM etc are available at http://www.icubeoffice.com

For more details please write to Sales@owtsar.co.in

Press & Media Contact:
John Martyn, Marketing Director
Owtsar Technologies Pvt Ltd / iCube Office-2
18 LB Road, Adyar
Chennai, India 600020
9144 42695457

Events and Happenings in Singapore in August

Singapore21/09/2010 – There are many exciting things to do in Singapore in the month of August. The country comes alive with a celebration of color and joy, as its citizens enjoy the wonderful events that happen through the month.

 There is the ‘Singapore Youth Olympic Games’ that are happening between the 14th and 26th of August. It is an exhibition of the strong sporting tradition present in the country. Watch as some of the best junior athletes vie it out for the Gold in many a grueling event. There will be representatives from 205 Olympic committees with over 500 athletes aged between 14 and 18 years. This event lays the ground for many a supreme athlete to cement his or her place in the national squad for the Olympics. The games promise to be exciting and a grand spectacle to watch.

 Continuing along the theme of youth centric events, the ‘Singapore Youth Festival 2010’ is another grand event that engages the students from schools all across Singapore in various interesting events. There are literary and musical events for students to take part in. The dance festivals are open to public as are many of the amazing amateur bands. It’s a great way to keep track of changing trends.

 Also, in August, is the ‘Singapore Fireworks’ celebration. This is one of the most spectacular events of the region. It will be staged at the Marina Waterfront Viewing Gallery. The Fireworks symphony will be based on that country’s specific cultural traditions and heritage, telling a story of that nation in spectacular color and detail. In order to celebrate Singapore as a major cultural and shopping hub, two award winning teams will be presenting the fireworks in sensational themes to dazzle the audience that will be required to buy tickets to witness the event. It is generally conducted as part of the National Day celebrations.

 Singapore celebrates its National Holiday on August 9th. The National Day Parade is an awesome spectacle to behold, and is a must watch for visitors to the country. The event is generally conducted in Marina Bay, and this should continue till 2016.

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 Make Singapore your holiday destination to witness the events in the colorful month of August!

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Hundreds of International NGO’s, Celebrities and Messengers Join the UN in Raising Awareness of the Ceasefire on September 21st. A Global PeaceDay TV Internet Broadcast

Peace In Our Lifetime a UK based organisation, are hosting ‘Global United Parties for Peace’ which will be part of the Peace Day TV Broadcast Collaboration for Peace Day. Their London and USA Music events will be live streamed into a Global Broadcast. PeaceDay.tv and production partners are inviting people from countries all around the world to participate in what may turn out to be the world’s largest ever humanitarian & entertainment Internet broadcast ever scheduled for September 17-21, 2010.

London, United Kingdom, September 20, 2010 — Hundreds of NGO’s, Celebrities and Messengers Join the UN in Raising Awareness of the Ceasefire on September 21st.

Peace in Our Lifetime are part of this year’s Peace Day TV Broadcast. A Broadcast which has gathered notable NGO’s, Inspiring Peace Messengers, Celebrities along with International Musicians playing uplifting music from around the world. All have gathered to raise awareness of the UN agreed Ceasefire, which is officially part of the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2010.

This year’s ‘Global United Party for Peace in London featuring musicians such as Mike Lindup (Level 42), Kuljit Bhamara (The Guru, Bend it Like Beckham, Bombay Dreams) joining other artists John Young (Asia, Scorpions), Ricardo Garcia, Two Spot Gobi, Tony Moore and Xander Nichting to celebrate the day when humanity lay down our weapons by conscious choice. The London Party will be live-streamed via their website but also into peaceday.tv which is also embedded into the United Nations Official website.

Standing with Peacejam, Good Will Treaty, Imagine Peace, Just Giving, Love is All We Need and many other peace pioneering organisations, Peace in Our Lifetime aim is to raise awareness of The International Day of Peace by and Peace One Day’s extraordinary work. Peace in Our Lifetime initiative founder Lynne Hazelden said, “We are Standing together as one collective intention and inviting people around the world to thank someone or people in their lives, community, services and families for acts of kindness. To bring attention to the peace being created everyday by ordinary people. Also, by inviting individuals to take a personal stand for peace by adding their voice, be counted and downloading their own personalised peace certificate which shows their unique voice inside.” Their aim is to count to one billion souls by acknowledging each individuals personal choice.

Betty Williams, Nobel Laureate – “I encourage everyone around the globe to recognize and celebrate International Day of Peace on September 21st. This is a day to honor all of those groups and people who work for peace everyday, all year long. I am a member of the PeaceJam Foundation and we are excited to be supporting Peace In Our Lifetimes’ “Global United Parties for Peace” in cities around the world and the United Nation’s annual global cease fire. Until everyday is Peace Day, it is important that we do all we can to create a safe and just world — we owe this to children across the globe.”

More information on the organisations partnering with Peace in Our lifetime with details on how to get Involved.


London Event page : http://thebedford.co.uk/EventView.aspx?ID=683ecfe6-e72d-44cb-b275-5498b9b87a78

Tickets: https://www.wegottickets.com/event/92289

PeaceDay.tv and Peace in OUR lifetime productions are inviting partners invite individuals around the world to participate in what may turn out to be the world’s largest ever humanitarian & entertainment Internet broadcast ever scheduled for September 17-21st.

The “Peace Day Global Broadcast” combines this year’s UN Millennium Development Goals Review Summit from the United Nations with the 2010 International Day of Peace celebrations from around the world. This five day celebration includes live coverage from the UN building in NY including the Millennium Review Summit with world leaders, a peace concert from London from Peace In Our Lifetime, the Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots youth event in Los Angeles, the planting of Peace Trees from Finland by Israeli & Palestinian Ambassadors, Art Miles Peace Murals from the Giza Pyramid in Egypt, a Peace Day Parade from Hawaii, and EarthDance festivals from over 20 locations globally.

Between the live segments are pre-produced documentary segments that cover the state of world affairs in areas ranging from ending poverty, peace keeping, the middle east, child mortality, 2010 disasters, bio-diversity, maternal health, indigenous peoples, world culture, the Millennium Development Goals, and much more.

Content is provided by CARE, UNICEF, ONE Campaign, Millennium Campaign, The Elders, Water.org, UN World Food Program, Peace One Day, UNIFEM, Action Against Hunger, Amnesty International, World Economic Forum, URI, Agape, Playing For Change, and over 50 more of the worlds most effective aid organizations listed on the http://www.peaceday.tv website. As part of the International Day of Peace promotion and education we will be airing the entire “Day After Peace” documentary created by the Peace One Day Foundation, and include a special film festival comprised of short films provided by the Global Oneness Project.

Celebrities appearing include Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Nelson Mandela, Bono, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jimmy Carter, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Al Pacino, Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, USHER, Justn Beiber, Jonas Brothers, Charlize Theron, Jane Goodall, David Beckham, James Cameron, Jude Law, Drew Barrymore, Roger Federer, Joan Baez, Jackson Browne, Michael Douglas, Muhammed Ali, Jeremy Irons, Sarah Jessica Parker, Richard Branson, Michael Franti, Kofi Anan, Ban-Ki Moon, Cameron Diaz, Princess Hussein of Jordan, Jackie Chan, Jamie Foxx, Mia Farrow, Lenny Kravitz, Kevin Bacon, Alan Rickman, Gordon Brown, Jennifer Connelly, Antonia Banderas, Orlando Bloom, Jet Li, and too may others to mention.

Celebrate the International Day of Peace with incredible entertainment and learn about the Millennium Development Goals by tuning in during the September 17-21st broadcast period.

The Peace Day Player is available for people or organizations to freely place on their own websites, Facebook pages, MySpace pages, even in blog pages such as WordPress.

The Peace Day Global Broadcast is an annual charitable humanitarian event coordinated through the cooperation of LiveSteam, Unity Foundation, ShockRa Entertainment, Xeden, PeacePortal.mobi, and GlobaLink TotalVision Network.


To find out more information, Download A Peace Certificate got to http://www.peaceinourlifetime.org/

Contact Nick Barr : peaceday@yourpersonalassitant.co.uk
Telephone: 0207 193 7615

Press & Media Contact:
Nick Barr
Peace In Our Lifetime
London, United Kingdom
(+44) 0207 193 7615

Boutique Agency Breaks New Ground in Cultural Expression Marketing

Los Angeles, California…September 20, 2010…The leaders in cultural expression and ethnic marketing, Unique Image, Inc., expanded their Cultural Expression Marketing division designed to help corporations target the 500 billion dollars of spending power that their demographic delivers.

Currently, the Middle Eastern market in the United States is experiencing its most important socio-demographic shift since its emergence as a powerful and distinct U.S. market segment. This shift has become evident in the marketplace as the Middle Eastern “generational crossover” takes place. Understanding the market is essential, but understanding cultural differences and tastes is vital to succeeding in new markets.  Through its vast experience, Unique Image, Inc. explores the generational differences among Middle Eastern immigrants and their U.S.- born descendants and what their differences mean for marketers of all kinds of products and services, government agencies and for non-profit organizations.

By 2016, it will be a different market altogether; the majority of Middle Easterners aged 20 to 29, will be born in the United States and will be well acquainted with U.S. culture. This will be a dramatic change for the Middle Eastern community.  Unique Image, Inc.’s  President, Wafa Kanan states, “these consumers are very often born to at least one parent who is foreign born and they are straddling two cultures! Communicating, selling, providing services to them, etc., will be nothing like the past two decades.”

Wafa Kanan, an international brand specialist, is recognized as the creator of the “In-culture” marketing approach. Through her vision, Unique Image, Inc. has published ALO Hayati for five years.  Despite a failing economy that has rocked the publishing industry, the magazine continues to increase visibility, readership and subscriptions.  ALO is the primary portal for the fastest growing community in the U.S.  “There has never been a publication that brings such diverse communities together to overcome barriers between nations,” states Kanan.

ALO has forged a new path for the Middle Eastern culture, as other now established ethnic publications have done for their demographics. The rich culture and positive influence of the Middle East is becoming more widely known. Middle Eastern-Americans have greatly contributed to the U.S. economy and to stakeholders of major corporations worldwide. Awareness of this achievement requires open communication, which ALO represents.

With the evolution of the Cultural Expression Marketing division, Unique Image, Inc. now offers this expertise to an expanded client base.  By continually defining, exploring and developing new markets among diverse cultures, they’ve become the widely recognized global outreach specialist and intercultural liaison.

About Unique Image Inc.

Unique Image, Inc. reveals core brand essence, delivering breakthrough campaigns to the corporate, consumer and ethnic marketing worlds. As an international communications and print media agency, we exceed client expectations while developing valued partnerships. Our passion is to design imaginative solutions for emerging market, consumer and business-to-business initiatives.

Website: www.uniqueimageinc.com




Jack Reed 818/727-7785 jack@uniqueimageinc.com

Paris Clothing added Love Moschino to online boutique

Online boutique of the designer brands Paris Clothing has a brand base with stunning collections available from Armani Jeans, Paul Smith, Ted Baker, Noa Noa, Velvet and many more online. Recently Paris Clothing announced the arrival of “Love Moschino” to their online ladieswear boutique.

New to this season’s collections is the classic English heritage collection from Barbour, a must have for any fashion conscious lady. Another new and exiting addition to paris-clothing.co.uk is the collaboration of Melissa Shoes with the great fashion designer Jean Paul Gautier.

Director Stace Vasey says, “It is going to be a great AW10 season with the new collections. The website http://www.paris-clothing.co.uk has been live for nearly a year and is constantly growing and developing. I can’t wait to see the reaction to the new product, it is going to be a very exciting season for Paris Clothing.”

Commonwealth Games: Special Delhi-Agra Shatabdi to run from 3 Oct 2010

New Delhi: Coinciding with the Commonwealth Games, Northern Railway will be running a special Shatabdi train between Delhi and Agra from October 3. The train will cater to tourists, athletes and officials who plan to the Taj Mahal Tours during the games. The railways said the special train that will run at a speed of 140 km/hr, will function non-stop. “The train will leave Delhi in the morning and will reach Agra in 75 minutes. It will return to Delhi in the evening the same day,” said a senior railway board official.

Talking to Times City, Manish Tiwary, CPRO, and Northern Railway said this train will have a capacity of 600 persons. “We are consulting the organising committee to fix the fare for the route. We plan to charge in accordance to the prevailing Shatabdi Express’ fares. In addition, we will be using LHB coaches, those used in Shatabdis and Rajdhanis, to give passengers a comfortable ride,” added Tiwary.

According to railway officials, an internal audit has found that the maximum foreign tourists rush to Agra and Jaipur. “Since we are an important sponsor of the CWG, we can use this opportunity to compete with the road transport. We want to keep the fares competitive so that we stand a proper chance against the road services,” said an officer.

The railways said they were also mulling the option of running a service to Jaipur if they get a positive response from the railway board. The railways has already announced that the special heritage, which runs with steam engines, will operate between Delhi and Rewari at the weekends.

Northern Railway officials said special care will be taken in deciding the food items in these trains. “We will prepare the menu keeping the tastes of international tourists in mind,” said a railway Bhavan officer.

Courtesy the Times of India Aug 13, 2010.

More information to visit: – http://wwww.tajmahaltours.com/and http://www.travelchacha.com

The Hunting Broker Provides New Options for Hunters and Outfitters Alike

The Hunting Broker is a membership site designed to provide the best hunting opportunities for hunters and the best value to hunters and outfitters alike.

Clackamas, OR, September 17, 2010 — The Hunting Broker ( http://www.thehuntingbroker.com ) was founded as a full service hunt consulting company to pair hunters with pre-qualified hunting outfitters and guides. The Company provides access to high quality guides and outfitters throughout North America. In order to provide assurance to hunters, the Company requires that all of the outfitters represented submit to their “Outfitter Quality Assurance” questionnaire.

Most hunting consultants charge their outfitters a percentage of each hunt they book, much like any manufacturer’s representative or commissioned sales person. The Hunting Broker has changed that model to provide outfitters a different option. Outfitter members pay an annual fee, plus donate a hunt every five years for their disabled hunting program and member giveaways. In return they receive benefits which include guaranteed hunt purchase if a hunter cancels their hunt and trade show representation nationwide.

On the other side of the coin, hunter members of the Company pay a small annual fee of $50 and in return receive benefits which include guaranteed hunt deposit returns, entry in to monthly hunt giveaways, and support for the Company’s disabled veteran and children hunting program.

For questions regarding all your hunting needs, please call – 503.956.5071. Or visit their website at http://www.thehuntingbroker.com

Press & Media Contact:
Bob Russell
The Hunting Broker
Clackamas, OR 97015

Time for an Autumn Clean – With Machines 4 Cleaning

Machines 4 Cleaning pride themselves on offering the lowest possible prices too which offers customers piece of mind.

Gloucestershire, UK, September 16, 2010 — With autumn now upon us and winter unfortunately not too far away, now a great time to get everything clean, sorted and ready. This can be a good thorough clean of the house, cleaning the patio down or maybe the cleaning of your commercial premises.

Machines 4 Cleaning have some great cleaning solutions for you on their website http://www.machines4cleaning.co.uk. You can choose from a whole host of products including:

* Pressure washers
* Vacuum cleaners
* Floor polishers
* Machine accessories

All of these products can be purchased online through the secure shopping cart accepting payments ( http://www.machines4cleaning.co.uk ) by either credit or debit cards. Standard delivery is also completely free.

The products featured can be used for residential or commercial purposes so no job is too big or too small. There are top brands to choose from including, Karcher, Numatic (makers of the famous Henry vacuum cleaners), Craftex, Prochem and Interpump to name but a few.

Machines 4 Cleaning pride themselves on offering the lowest possible prices too which offers customers piece of mind. By visiting the website http://www.machines4cleaning.co.uk you will see that there are good discounts on a lot of the top brands with regular special offers happening all the time and with free delivery, you can’t go wrong.

When buying online it is always difficult to know if you are getting the right product and whether another one would do the job better. Machines 4 Cleaning are there to help combining great customer service with great products.Machines 4 Cleaning have a vast experience in the cleaning market and can offer their professional advice on any of the products stocked, you can contact them by calling 01452 731630, they will be only too pleased to help.

If you are looking to buy some cleaning products such as vacuums, polishers or washers then be sure to check out Machines 4 Cleaning’s website first. ( http://www.machines4cleaning.co.uk ) Whether you are buying for commercial or residential purposes you can be assured of great prices and professional advice that is second to none. Visit http://www.machines4cleaning.co.uk today.

Press & Media Contact:
Ian Carter
G.P. Cleaners T/A Machines 4 Cleaning
Unit F3, Innsworth Technology Park
Innsworth Lane, Gloucester
Gloucestershire, GL3 1DL UK
Tel: 01452 – 731630
Fax: 01452 – 739212

JSF DRIVES ON – Driving School In Gloucester Offers FREE First Lesson!

If you are looking for quality driving lessons that are competitively priced in the Cheltenham, Gloucester or surrounding areas, then JSF Driving School is here to help. In fact, JSF is so confident in their approach to providing driving lessons, that they give the first hour lesson free to new learners.

Gloucestershire, UK, September 17, 2010 — If you are looking for quality driving lessons that are competitively priced in the Cheltenham, Gloucester or surrounding areas, then JSF Driving School is here to help. In fact, JSF is so confident in their approach to providing driving lessons, that they give the first hour lesson free to new learners.

Jim said: “We give learners the chance to see why JSF clients recommend us by giving a free, no obligation, trial session without any catches or gimmicks! During the hour the client can check out the car and Instructor, ask questions and discuss any concerns. Best of all, they will always get some driving under their belt! We even pick up and drop off from home, school, college or work as part of the offer. It is a win win situation for all!”

Established by Jim and Sharn in 2006, JSF Driving School ( http://www.jsfdrivingschool.co.uk ) has gone on to become one of Gloucestershire’s leading independent driving schools. The business is built on reputation, in response to demand for the JSF quality of service. Instructors are local, handpicked and trained by JSF who now have a team passionate about teaching to a high standard providing ‘professional tuition that gets results!’ Lessons are tailored to your needs, whether you are a complete novice, part way there or a driver nervously returning to the road after a gap.

JSF ( http://www.jsfdrivingschool.co.uk ) provides competitively priced driving lessons in Cheltenham Town, Charlton Kings, Bishop’s Cleeve, Shurdington, as well as the surrounding areas of Tewkesbury, the Cotswold’s and Cirencester. In Gloucester JSF provides lessons in Minsterworth, Highnam, Maisemore, Corse, Longford, Brockworth, Whaddon, Brookthorpe, Frampton on Severn, and Stonehouse, as well as the Stroud area.

Jim said: “We cover the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Monmouth Theory and Practical Test Centres. We can provide theory support during lessons, as well as DVDs, Cds and books for home study. Our mock tests are proving really popular as they are a positive preparation for the Big Day!”

Sharn runs the office side of the team: “As a family run business, we are proud of going that little bit further for our customers. Some call it good old fashioned customer service, but I like to think it fits in with our modern approach. Our Driving Instructors are CRB checked, follow the JSF and DSA Code of Conduct, and provide patient, one to one driving tuition. We are committed to providing a quality service with a personal touch, quality rather than quantity, an ethos which has kept our pass rates high. A sure sign of our growing reputation is the number of recommendations to friends and family we receive from delighted learners.”

“After using any offers, clients can then pay as you go, or get discounts by block booking. Recommend us to friends or family, and our loyalty bonus scheme provides even further discounts. Intensive courses are also available. Personalised gift vouchers are always popular, at no extra charge – great for Christmas, birthdays or as reward! We also offer Pass Plus, motorway and refresher driving lessons – there is something for all!”

Press & Media Contact:
Sharn Franghiadi
JSF Driving School
Gloucestershire GL15 5QW UK
+44 (0) 1594 845367

Elder Health Care Limited Forges Strategic Alliance with POLA Chemical Industries, Inc., a POLA-ORBIS Group Company of Japan for Skin Care Products

POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. a POLA-ORBIS Group company, is the world famous cosmetics manufacturing company receiving the research awards several times at the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetics Chemists. POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. supplies cosmetics not only to the group companies such as POLA Inc, ORBIS etc. but also to the world famous brands as OEM.

Mumbai, India, September 16, 2010 — * POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. a POLA-ORBIS Group company, is the world famous cosmetics manufacturing company receiving the research awards several times at the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetics Chemists. POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. supplies cosmetics not only to the group companies such as POLA Inc, ORBIS etc. but also to the world famous brands as OEM.

* This is Elder Health Care Ltd’s tenth in-licensing agreement for providing health goods with therapeutic properties through the OTC and Dermatology / Cosmetology route

* Rs 2300 crore Dermatology sector growing at 20% annually

Taking its thrust further into the approx Rs 2300 crore Dermatology sector in India, Elder Health Care Limited, ( http://www.elderhealthcare.in ) part of the Rs 800 crore Elder group, has entered into an in-licensing agreement with Japan’s leading advanced skincare, body care and cosmetic manufacturing company, POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. to introduce POLA‘s state of the arts skin care & cosmetic products in India. EHCL already has a strong marketing & distribution network in the skin care sector with Fairone Fairness Cream (Men/Women) & Fairone Soap, in-licensed from Shahnaz Hussain Herbals Pvt Ltd.

POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. is one of the leading cosmetic manufacturing companies in the world, supporting the $1.6 billion annual sales of POLA-ORBIS Group in year 2009. Established in 1940 in Shizuoka, Japan, POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. supplies highly prestigious cosmetics to the No. 1 direct selling cosmetic company, POLA Inc. in Japan and is an industry leader in Research & Development employing over 230 scientists and staffs working vigorously in developing high quality cosmetics & skincare products. POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. had long been looking to enter India with a credible partner and zeroed in on EHCL due to the EHCL’s commitment to in-licensed products and expertise in brand building in the self care sector.

Says Dr Anuj Saxena, Managing Director, Elder Health Care Limited, ( http://www.elderhealthcare.in ) “To begin with we will be launching “Bihaku” whitening range viz White Wash, White Lotion, White Gel and White Mask through the OTC as well as Dermatologist/Cosmetologists route within the next 2 months and are targeting the high end, socially active consumers. POLA Chemical first drew our attention when we learned that POLA scientists spend three to five years on basic research, development and testing for each product before releasing it to consumers. The facts that the brand-new findings in the field of skin fairness, obtained by the POLA Chemical’s long term, intensive research, are introduced and that the products are evidence based, also align with Elder’s philosophy.”

The organized skin care segment – currently valued at Rs 2300 crore, is growing at 20% and it has been found that quality consciousness is increasing with rising awareness levels and spread of literacy. EHCL is targeting sales to the tune of Rs 7 crore from “Bihaku” products by the fifth year of launch and in the long run, plans to develop a dozen complete lines of products with POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. and bring them into India.

POLA Chemical Industries, Inc. can produce an extensive product range covering Skin care, special care (anti-aging, night cream anti-wrinkle, UV Guards, Masks, Skin Brightening etc), make-up, body care, hair care and men’s care based on their superior technologies.

The in-licensed products portfolio of EHCL consists of Fairone Fairness Creams from M/s Shahnaz Herbals (Ms Shahnaz Hussain) of India, “Tiger Balm” from M/s Haw Par of Singapore, “Burn Aid” (a gel-based natural product for burns) from M/s Rye Pharmaceuticals of Australia, “Blistex” lip Balm from M/s Blistex Inc of USA, “Fuel for Men” deodorants from M/s VLCC, India, Dermatology/cosmetology products from M/s Uriage Laboratories Dermatologigues D’ Uriage of France, “BeYu” colour cosmetics from M/s Innovative Cosmetics Gmbh, Germany and “Just for Men” Hair colour for men from M/s Combe Incorporated, USA. Most of the products launched have garnered a market share of between 5% and 20%.

Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd, the parent body of EHCL, is credited with pioneering the concept of in-licensing pharmaceuticals products in India from International companies and took it one step forward by taking this business model to FMCG products under EHCL. EHCL’s success in in-licensed brands demonstrates the potential of the business model and speaks volumes of the company’s product quality, branding strategies and distribution network. Adds Saxena, “Extensive market research has given us valuable insights into consumer preferences enabling us to launch innovative and of high quality products. A well established supply chain – thanks to the support of our parent company – is an added advantage for EHCL is launching brands quickly.”

About Elder Health care Limited:
Elder Health Care Ltd (BSE – ELDERHCL), ( http://www.elderhealthcare.in ) part of the Rs 800 crore Elder group, is engaged in the manufacture of a range of FMCG and Skin Care Products through research and development and also products through licensing agreements with Indian and International companies. Elder’s consumer and skin care products have proven therapeutic capabilities. The product range comprises of OTC products in pain management, fairness segment (both men and women), oral care, lip care, burn categories, Men’s/Women’s grooming etc and Skin Care. Elder Health Care Limited, has been growing at a rapid pace of more than 50 % year on year for the past four years and is targeting a turnover of Rs 300 crore for FY 2013.

Press & Media Contact:
Mitesh M Kapadia
Sentinel Public Relations Pvt Ltd / Sentinel Advertising Services
B-603, Samajdeep,
Near Bhanu Park/Seasons Restaurant
Adukia Road, Off S V Road
Kandivli (W), Mumbai 400 067. INDIA
Tel: (91 22) 28625131/32. Cel: +91 98205 03876
Fax: (91 22) 28625133