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Aisha K. Guiles Empowers Others to Fulfill Their Walk with God

With a background in biology and pre-medicine, Aisha K. Guiles has a unique perspective on spirituality that she is using to empower others.

San Antonio, TX, USA, Jul 11th, 2018 — With a background in biology and pre-medicine, Aisha K. Guiles has a unique perspective on spirituality that she is using to empower others.

“I incorporate my own biology background by using spiritual senses through finite revelation,” Guiles explains. “I had serious issues following traditional worship. Instead, my path was to follow a supernatural walk with God.”

From her experience as a child in the Nation of Islam and then the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Guiles is now an ordained minister in the non-denominational church.

Of her ministry, Guiles comments: “I’ve worked with several ministries in different capacities. My true mission is to spark the attention of those who are either new to learning how to pray, weary with their prayer life, or seasoned and need a refresher course.”

To fulfill this mission, Guiles was called to write a prayer book to guide others on their walk with God entitled, “Heavenly Father, Will You Teach Me How to Pray? A Prayer Journal on How to Develop a Closer Walk with God”.

“I want readers to be inspired to develop their own personal journey and self-reflection on past issues that may conflict with walking with God in a divine way,” says Guiles, who hopes to empower readers. “I want those who are curious about understanding the Scriptures to realize that they can interpret and understand the context of the Scriptures as well as receive their own revelation from the Holy Spirit.”

She advises that “If you grasp early on that effective prayer has to be with a truly sincere heart and spirit when you go before the Lord without hatred, bitterness, envy, resentment, or malice, you can make an impact in the Kingdom of Heaven and here on earth.”

Publisher Lisa M. Umina adds, “Aisha Guiles has a fresh voice that is adding something new and different to the current conversation on spirituality in our society.”

For more information about Aisha K. Guiles visit www.halopublishing.com. “Heavenly Father, Will You Teach Me How to Pray?” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million in Paperback for $19.95 and as an e-Book for $6.99.

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Apocalypse Continues in Newly Published Novel Sage Against the Machine

Halo Publishing Author Brian Newberry Brings Story of Cain to Life.

Long Beach, CA (USA), February 5th, 2016 — Dr. Christian Sage and his team of archaeologists are at it again, this time discovering a tablet that confirms the biblical story of Jonah in the hostile territory of Iraq. However, they are up against former friend and colleague turned radical imam, Jabari Saal, who is empowered by demonic forces and is leading a worldwide campaign to restore the ancient religion of Cain en route to world dominion.

“It has been fun and adventurous to take the ancient biblical narratives of Cain and Jonah and integrate them into a modern geopolitical context,” said Brian Newberry. “Sage Against the Machine, the sequel to The Battle of Pneumatika, follows Dr. Sage and his children on an epic political adventure that pulls the curtain back on the evil that lurks within unlikely leaders.”

In Sage Against the Machine, Dr. Sage’s grown children—Alex and Alicia Sage—are being pursued on both national and international fronts. In the United States, Alicia Sage has become a dangerous thorn in the president’s side and a threat to his plan to reduce American dominance and radically bring about the New World Order.

Now on the run abroad, Alex Sage travels from Italy to Egypt and Israel, encountering a barrage of opposition that includes CIA operatives, a remnant of giant demi-gods from ancient times, and the infamous Jabari Saal himself. Sage Against the Machine, the sequel to The Battle of Pneumatika, is not only a thrilling apocalyptic novel, but it also explores ancient biblical narratives, theology, and spirituality and places them within a thrilling tale of suspense in a modern political context.

“In my first book, the under-lying theme was asking the question ‘why does evil exist,’” explains Newberry. “In Sage Against the Machine, we find our characters struggling to understand with whom they align themselves. Choosing evil over good isn’t always the clear or easy choice. The combination of extensive research and creative storytelling hopefully provides an entertaining read while offering thought provoking considerations.”

“It has been such a pleasure working with Brian on his sequel to The Battle of Pneumatika,” said Lisa Umina, founder and publisher at Halo Publishing International. “Brian has an ability to take well-known biblical stories like Noah in his first book and Jonah in this new adventure and create a world of angels and demons that are intriguing and entertaining. He introduces controversial theological topics without offering a right or wrong answer, which allows the reader to come to their own conclusions.”

Spoiler alert: the story doesn’t end here. Look for the next installment in the Pneumtika series coming soon. Sage Against the Machine is available at Amazon.com for $18.95.

* Paperback: 500 pages
* Publisher: Halo Publishing International (January 26, 2016)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1612444253/ ISBN-13: 978-1612444253
* Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 9 inches

About Brian Newberry:
Brian Newberry graduated with high honors from Biola University, receiving a B.A. in Psychology and becoming inducted into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Society for scholastic achievement. He is currently pursuing an M.A. in Theology and Biblical Studies at Azusa Pacific Seminary. He is also a catechist at St. Pancratius Roman Catholic Church in Lakewood, CA. He lives with his wife, son, and daughter in Long Beach, CA.

About Halo Publishing International:
Halo Publishing International is a self-publishing company that publishes adult fiction and non-fiction, children’s literature, self-help, spiritual, and faith-based books. We continually strive to help authors reach their publishing goals and provide many different services that help them do so. www.HaloPublishing.com

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Best-Selling Author Karma Peters Gives Away Inspiring Book on Aug. 26, 27 and 28

Famed inspirational writer Karma Peters makes best-seller “98 Powerful Affirmations to Awake the Inner, Happier You” available for free download from Aug. 26 through Aug. 28.

Newark, NJ (USA), August 26, 2014 — Karma Peters, the author of critically acclaimed and Amazon best sellers “100 Success Tips to Live Fully, Influence People and Achieve More” and “The Power of Patience: 96 Traits of Highly Effective People,” makes the next book in The Wheel of Wisdom series free to millions of readers around the world.

The book, “98 Powerful Affirmations to Awake the Inner, Happier You,” which is regularly priced at $22.57, will be free on Amazon.com ( http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KXC370A ) from Tuesday, August 26, 2014 through Thursday, August 28, 2014.

“98 Powerful Affirmations to Awake the Inner, Happier You” teaches readers potent techniques and affirmations to awaken their happier, crazier, more jovial personalities. It also instills in people the essential elements of a stress-free life, so they can smartly isolate themselves from the collective feeling of gloom and doom to which we all are accustomed nowadays.

About The Author:
As an author, philosopher and life coach, Peters writes books that inspire, motivate and teach people how to reconnect with their inner energy and ignite their outer potential. The books have improved the lives of millions of readers around the world, and generally center on self-awareness, spirituality and behavioral psychology.

For more information about Peters and other books in the Wheel of Wisdom series, visit the author’s Amazon page at http://amzn.to/1oSs5Ca.

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Justin Ligeri Launches New Web Site to Bring Together Einstein’s Quantum Theory and Spirituality

Many people find it hard to reconcile science and spirituality, even though both are big parts of the human experience. Entrepreneur Justin Ligeri has launched a new blog which he hopes will help people more easily integrate both spirit and science into their lives.

Tampa, FL, February 17, 2013 (Straight Line PR) — Anyone who saw the movie “The Matrix” can understand and appreciate how revolutionary the idea of quantum theory can be. Most people who have an appreciation for science can have trouble reconciling age old spiritual principles with scientific dogma. They often find the the two approaches to be mutually exclusive.

Justin Ligeri has launched a new web site to bring together the scientific and spiritual wisdom that he has found over the last twenty years. “I have been a seeker of truth since I was a little boy,” says Ligeri. “My goal in launching this site is to share the most revolutionary spiritual and scientific concepts and ideas in a blog format. My goal is to simply share the things that I have collected on my hard drive hoping that others can benefit from them as well.”

The new web site and blog, http://www.JustinLigeri.net/ , is intended to help close the perceived gap between spirituality and science.

“Over the last twenty years I have attended hundreds of seminars and lectures as well as read hundreds of books that have attempted to bring together the latest cutting edge research of science with spirituality. My purpose is to be a content curator where I comment on what I find and share it with subscribers and people of like mind hoping that they too will enjoy it,” explains Ligeri.

An avid reader, researcher and traveler, Ligeri hopes that by curating content that inspires and challenges the status quo, better things will be produced from the experience.

“I am a huge believer in Albert Einstein,” enthuses Ligeri, “but I am also a big fan of the Dalai Lama. While this may appear contradictory on the surface, I find that both of these visionaries share a perspective that is hugely inspiring and empowering. On each and every post, I invite readers to share their feedback and comment their thoughts and opinions. Over the last twenty years I have collected what I think are the top insights from scientists and spiritual thinkers. I always look forward to the feedback I receive.”

A recent post on Ligeri’s site shared a performance between Brad Paisley, and a hologram of Carrie Underwood. Subsequent posts provide insights on holograms, the holographic universe, and much more. Read more, and see the video, at http://www.JustinLigeri.net/metaphysics/nashville-country-meets-the-hologram/

Ligeri draws for his inspiration from research by Amit Goswami, Leonard Susskind, David Bohm, Karl Pribram, David Albert, Richard Feynman, William Tiller, John Hagelin, Stuart Hameroff, Nick Herbert, Andrew Newberg, Fred Alan Wolf, Dean Radin, Jeffery Satinover, Micheal Ledwidth and Brian Greene. His blog can be found at http://www.JustinLigeri.net/

About Justin Ligeri:
Justin Ligeri was born wanting to be an entrepreneur. However it took him about twenty years of living to understand that desire. He has since taken that desire and turned it into business success. Ligeri’s most recent joint venture with his brother, Yagoozon, has earned a spot on the 2012 Inc. 500 list of 500 fastest growing companies in the US. Now, Ligeri plans to share his desire to unify quantum physics and spirituality. For more information, visit Ligeri’s web site and blog at http://www.JustinLigeri.net/

Press Contact:
Justin Ligeri
380 Jefferson Boulevard
Warwick, RI 02886

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Labyrinth of Emptiness – A Novel by Simon C.H. Lai

May 25 2011 /RTPR/ – Our Journey Begins From Within A Labyrinth is the symbolic name of the journey that leads us to find the center of ourselves.

We encounter many obstacles in life. By reading this enlightening book, you can find a road that may bring greater well-being to your life.

The Labyrinth of Emptiness is a place hidden deep within ourselves that holds nothing. But there is significance in this nothingness. And, you will find how salvation can be found in a place that is empty.

LABYRINTH OF EMPTINESS (ISBN: 978-1-60976-975-8) is available on March 30, 2011, for $22 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website:
http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title… or at www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com.

Wholesalers please email BookOrder@AEG-Online-Store.com.

About the Author: Simon C.H. Lai Mystic Buddha is from Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the Supreme Buddha, he wrote this book to promote self-help and inner understanding. He is working on his next book.

Contact Details: Simon C.H. Lai

Author channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/sclai


NOAH’S ARK TO LAND IN DANIA BEACH – Hop, Slither or Fly On Over to This Pet Blessing Event. (Don’t Forget Your Humans)

The Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida will hold their Annual Pet Blessing Event on Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The event offers pets a day of Gratitude and Blessing with their provider families.

Attendees to the Pet Blessing Event will have a chance to peruse several pet-oriented vendor booths as they consider the unique services offered. Among the interesting booth “offerings” there will be Canine Therapeutic Massage, Pet Transportation, Pet Jewelry and Feline Rescue, to name a few.

During this special event, at 12:00 p.m., Rev. Sherry Jankelevich will deliver a welcoming introduction followed by the Pet Blessing Ceremony. Each family of pets will receive an individual blessing along with a Certificate of Participation.

The Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida is looking forward to producing this and many other Community Service events. The Pet Blessing event serves as a way of remembering the love and concern that St. Francis (Patron Saint of Animals) held for all creatures.

With free admission, free parking and all the attention your furry “kids” desire, guests are invited to bring their most behaved pets with them to experience this exciting event. Visitors may also bring along photos of pets too weak to attend or those that are in Spirit for inclusion in the Blessing Ceremony. For the safety of all present, please use collars and harnesses if your pet is not in a pet carrier.

Founded in 1983, the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida, formerly known as the Hollywood Metaphysical Chapel (until 2008), has served as a Center of Light and Truth to thousands of people seeking to learn and experience “All Things Metaphysical”. Known as Divine Metaphysics, this denomination is one of 14 established U.S. churches and study groups within its parent organization, the United Metaphysical Churches Association. The Metaphysical Chapel offers numerous weekly metaphysical classes/workshops, a monthly Psychic Fair and programs by noted spiritual authors and speakers. Recently held classes include: Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible, Comparative Religions, Psychic Development,  Principles of Healing, Meditation and Numerology/Astrology.


For more information about the Metaphysical Chapel’s Pet Blessing Event or to be considered as a Pet-Oriented Sponsor/Vendor, please contact them at: Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida, 233 N. Federal Hwy, #51, Dania Beach, FL 33004. 954-923-0066, www.MetaphysicalChapel.com