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Linqto and Western Independent Bankers Launch New Apps Store for Banks

Community Banks Brand and Distribute High Demand Apps to Consumers. New Revenue Model for App Vendors. Community Banks can now compete with Big Banks and Win.

San Francisco, CA, March 08, 2017 – Linqto, a leading Silicon Valley-based software firm that has created award-winning high-demand banking, video chat and business software since 2008, in partnership with Western Independent Bankers (WIB) have launched their new and cutting-edge WIB App Store for banks. This next-level platform offers a wide variety of high-demand lifestyle Fintech apps for member banks to rebrand and distribute to customers. In addition, the one-of-a-kind storefront supports a new revenue-generating system as vendors increase adoption and monetize their apps. With the WIB App Store, community banks can now compete with big banks by offering innovative technology to their market at a fraction of the typical industry cost quickly and easily. Now, community banks can attract new markets, develop existing customers and advertise their bank utilizing mobile device screens.

Check out the short informative video on: http://www.linqto.com/Linqto.aspx.

Why a WIB App Store is important

Typically, millennials do not visit a bank branch and instead discover banks using their phones. Large banks are responding. BBVA has 24 apps on the Apple Store. USBank has 43. Community banks and credit unions can only afford one app, their mobile banking app. Discoverability by non-customers is impossible since the user must be an existing customer to access the app. Linqto provides the delivery of new Fintech software as a service. The Linqto Platform creates a revolutionary new marketplace where banks can brand new software and use it with their customers. Automatically. In an online store. Community banks and credit unions can now afford to compete with the largest banks by providing customers the latest financial technology.

To meet growing consumer demand for progressive smartphone and app offerings, big banks have invested substantial resources in creating their own financial lifestyle apps, leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. Community banks, however, have been marginalized by development costs resulting in an inability to disrupt the market stronghold.

Now, with this new platform offered by Western Independent Bankers, member banks can compete and win with customized applications designed to appeal to a multitude of demographics. “Western Independent Bankers has a recognizable name and large footprint with community banks,” said Bill Sarris, CEO of Linqto. “Via this strategic partnership with WIB and WIB Service Corporation, more than 800 community banks will have “storefront” access to the latest Fintech apps. We can bring brand loyalty and market share to these banks through the Linqto Platform.”

Linqto will deliver the WIB App Store through its automated delivery platform. The Linqto Software Delivery Platform allows financial institutions to choose the latest high-demand Fintech apps from a digital storefront and within minutes, the app is uniquely branded with the bank’s name and logo. That app is then immediately available for internal bank testing and, upon completion, is automatically distributed to the major app stores, Apple and Google. With a process that is expeditious and fully automated, the WIB App Store also offers a collection of non-Fintech lifestyle apps that are rapidly gaining popularity with the millennial generation.

“All of our banks want to appeal to the digital generation and develop customer loyalty through service and innovation,” said WIB President & CEO Michael Delucchi. “By using the WIB App Store, banks can now transform the customer experience without the white-label and branding costs that have traditionally kept them confined to the standard banking transaction app. There is a framework of opportunity here, and we’re excited to see our members take advantage of it.”

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Linqto Contact:

Bill Sarris, CEO, Linqto, bill@linqto.com 831-521-3605

About Linqto

Linqto is a Silicon Valley based software company specializing in enterprise solutions for banking and new Fintech applications. Linqto’s engineers specialize in financial software; at Intuit working on Mint and Quickbooks and at NCR building ACH, wire transfer and bill pay systems. American Banker named Linqto one of the “Top Ten Tech Companies to Watch”. Linqto received the Top Award in the Monarch Innovation Awards, in previous years awarded to Chase. Wells Fargo, City and Bank of America. For more information www.linqto.com.

About Western Independent Bankers and WIB Service Corporation

For eighty years, Western Independent Bankers (WIB) has been the premier networking and educational organization for community banks across the Western United States. With over 22,000 members from 140 financial institutions, WIB advances a landscape of learning designed to inform, educate, and connect industry professionals with the resources and services necessary for maximum personal and organizational performance. WIB Service Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of WIB, conducts a strenuous selection process before putting the stamp of approval on an elite group of products and services that meet the highest industry standards and help WIB member banks to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and compete more effectively. For more information, visit www.wib.org.

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“Running Your Business From the Cloud” eBook Released

iBE.net announced the release of its first eBook aimed at small to midsized business owners who are grappling with the challenges, risks and rewards of migrating operations to the cloud.

New York City, NY (USA), November 05, 2013 — iBE.net, a developer of cloud and mobile-based business management software, announced the release of its first eBook aimed at small to midsized business owners who are grappling with the challenges, risks and rewards of migrating operations to the cloud. The free eBook, “New Rules: Running Your Business From the Cloud,” offers an objective step-by-step guide to evaluating, choosing and implementing the right cloud strategies for organizations looking to benefit from the latest cloud computing technologies.

“Whether you’re running a small or midsized business, have aspirations to start one, or are flat out frustrated by outdated and complicated software, by the end of this book you’ll be equipped with the know-how to manage your organization successfully from the cloud,” said author Richard Minney, a 20-year ERP consultant and co-founder of iBE.net. “With the downward pressures on IT budgets and the thirst for mobile and collaborative business apps, there’s a real need to run your business in the cloud—right now.”

Laid out In 13 chapters each ending with a list of top takeaways, “New Rules” follows the business life of a CEO and her chain of floral shops, revealing the trials and tribulations she faces as her team navigates the sometimes bumpy road involved with rolling out a cloud-based business system – all while keeping costs in check and her team in a collaborative mindset.

“New Rules” cover such business practices as defining requirements, creating an IT roadmap, selecting partners, signing contracts, building teams, designing for the long term, testing, the go-live process and making continuous improvements.

The eBook makes it clear how a proper investigation of cloud technologies must start with an air-tight definition of the business model, then determining what functionality is needed. This is followed by conducting research that will lead to the best options, evaluating and comparing those options, and finally implementing one or more cloud systems.

With more than 110 copies already downloaded in the first 48 hours, “New Rules” can be accessed at no cost by visiting: http://ibe.net/ebook/.

About the Author
With 20 years of ERP experience as a developer, architect, consultant and project manager Richard Minney was previously executive VP for Product Innovation at consulting firm HCL-Axon. Before that, he was co-founder along with iBE.net COO Simon Hopkins, of Feanix, a $20m SAP systems integrator with clients like Sikorsky Aircraft and Pratt & Whitney. He spent nine years at U.K.-based Druid Group plc and US based Synergy, building SAP’s first industry add-on solution for aerospace and defense. He began his career at Ford and Rolls-Royce. He has a Masters in computer integrated manufacturing from Cranfield University, and a MA in engineering from Cambridge University.

About iBE.net
iBE.net (Integrated Business Environment) is creating mobile and cloud-based business management software for Professional Service organizations that have outgrown QuickBooks but are not ready to tackle the likes of SAP or Oracle ERP solutions. iBE.net was designed from the ground-up using the latest technology to offer both enormous flexibility and broad out-of-the-box functionality. For more information, visit www.iBE.net. Twitter: @iBErevolution.

iBE.net is a trademark of iBE.net, Inc. All other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective holders.

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Press & Media Contact:
Victor Cruz, Principal
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iBE.net Mobilizes Business in the Cloud

New Solution Provides Enterprise-Class Capabilities at Cost Levels Tailored for Small to Midsized Businesses.

New York City, NY (USA), May 23, 2013 — iBE.net, a developer of cloud and mobile-based business management software, announced the general availability of Integrated Business Environment (iBE.net). The cost-effective solution enables organizations to run their businesses in the cloud on both web and mobile platforms.

iBE.netgives organizations with different requirements access to layered technology, an approach that enables mass customization within a common multi-tenancy environment. The integrated solution enables companies to run their businesses in the cloud using software tailored specifically for their operations and their industry. The initial release is aimed at professional services and includes the following key features:

* Project management
* Task management
* Customer and lead management
* Time capture, submission and approval
* Expense entry and approval
* Customer billing
* Big data analytics and reporting
* Workflow
* Real time messaging and alerts
* Collaboration
* Premier customer service

iBE.net is ideal for organizations that have outgrown Quickbooks but who shy away from the high costs of traditional ERP solutions such as those offered by SAP and Oracle. iBE.net’s solution also serves those looking for robust mobile capabilities, while similar systems are racing to catch up in the mobile space.

“With the continued mass adoption of SaaS and the explosion of mobile, we have created a truly revolutionary system,” says founder and CEO Richard Minney. “While legacy software vendors drag their systems into the cloud, we were born in the cloud. With the globalization of business, downward pressures on IT budgets and the thirst for collaborative apps, there’s a real need to run your business in the cloud—right now.”

iBE.net is taking an ‘empower the 99%’ approach, with a disruptive subscription-based pricing model that offers the system free for 1-3 users.

“Organizations that do not choose to invest five or six figures in business software need another option. They deserve to compete on a level playing field with access to the same software functionality typically reserved for large companies. iBE.net is able to offer the features and customization of a high-end solution at a price point that makes it affordable for everyone,” adds founder and COO Simon Hopkins.

iBE.net is available through http://www.iBE.net or in the Apple App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibe.net/id628094074?ls=1&mt=8.

About iBE.net:
Founded by 20-year ERP veterans, iBE.net (Integrated Business Environment) is creating mobile and cloud-based business management software for companies that have outgrown QuickBooks but are not ready to tackle the likes of SAP or Oracle ERP solutions. Unlike other solutions on the market, iBE.net has been designed from the ground-up using the latest technology to offer enormous flexibility and broad out-of-the-box functionality across a range of industries. For more information, visit www.iBE.net.
Twitter: @iBErevolution.

iBE.netis a trademark of iBE.net, Inc. All other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective holders.

Press & Media Contact:
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AppAuthority Connects Business Users with Software Applications

New website turns complex software solutions into easy-to-understand product showcases.

Ottawa, ON (Canada), Monday – November 21, 2011 — AppAuthority was launched today to simplify how software business applications are presented and searched on the web. The online service lists complex technologies in a minimalist manner to quickly highlight product value in one central location. Through these listings, online visitors can easily find, research and evaluate business applications that fulfill their needs.

“Web users are drowned in hard-to-understand product literature when searching for business software. This is where AppAuthority helps by presenting complex applications in a simple manner,” said Zaki Usman, CEO and co-founder of AppAuthority. “Visitors are given clear product information which they can act on by requesting trials, downloads or follow up calls.”

This also benefits software vendors who experience difficulty developing leads online. “With very little marketing effort, software publishers have beautiful showcases to generate new business. It’s the equivalent of GroupOn for the software industry, where vendors get leads without having to worry about online campaigns,” said Tyler Copeland, Creative Director and co-founder of AppAuthority.

The simplistic style of product presentation has a very quick turn-around time, with listings going live within hours. “We were most impressed by how quickly and seamlessly AppAuthority ( http://www.appauthority.org ) created a powerful product showcase for our ERP solution,” said James Casserly of ManuOnline. “Our solution has multiple facets and AppAuthority appeals to business users who want a simple overview.”

Business application listings are classified by solution sets including Project Management, ERP, CRM and File Transfer. The product showcase service is also useful for PR firms who want additional visibility for software clients.

About AppAuthority:
AppAuthority is an online service that connects business users with software applications. The site uses predictive search technology to help visitors find software solutions that best match their needs. Product listings have a minimalist approach that highlight the core business value. This is followed up with call-to-actions that generate qualified demand for software vendors. Learn more at http://www.appauthority.org

Press & Media Contact:
Zaki Usman
PO Box 91535
Otawa, ON K1W0A6 – Canada

Leadent Edge is proud to announce its SAP Services Partnership

3 Nov 2010 – Leadent Edge gains SAP services partner status.

Leadent Edge can now leverage its relationship with SAP focusing on SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization by ClickSoftware to jointly deliver better value and benefit for customers.

Leadent Edge announce their appointment as an SAP Services Partner, adding further to their credibility. This fully endorses Leadent Edge’s capabilities as a specialist consultancy providing a range of services to the SAP user community. SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization by ClickSoftware is a key application which enables Leadent Edge to implement strategic solutions with significant business value representing exceptional ROI.

Alastair Clifford-Jones, CEO Leadent Edge, said, “We are already established and proven in providing service organisations with enhanced Strategy and Solutions to optimise their workforce. However, this new relationship positions us strategically with SAP and presents a compelling value proposition for SAP users. Though there are other suppliers in this space, they are neither dedicated to this area nor have the depth of business strategy knowledge and skills required to transform businesses successfully.”

The key benefits Leadent Edge help organisations realise are:

* Increased revenues – eg. optimisation of elements of service chain, customer retention, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, existing customer promotion

* Reduced costs – eg. headcount, fuel, assets, overtime, reduce contractor reliance, travel time

* Achieving Regulatory compliance – eg. European Working time directive

* Improved customer service – eg. SLA performance

* Reduced asset TCO – eg. Asset failure reduction

* Increased Productivity through improved employee satisfaction – eg. giving employees effective and efficient tools for the job.

Alastair continues, “By working closer with the SAP teams we are confident of becoming the trusted partner of choice, enabling our mutual customers to derive the business improvement they seek in a shorter timescale for maximum Return on Investment.”

Colin Sharp, Director of Business User & Solution Sales, SAP UK commented, “I believe that working together Leadent Edge and SAP can address many of the challenges facing our customers in improving workforce efficiency and yet at the same time maintain or increase the quality of service.

“This important relationship complements Leadent Edge’s certification as an EMEA ClickSoftware Partner.”

About Leadent Edge

Leadent Edge is an independent consulting firm specialising in providing expert knowledge and hands-on guidance in the fields of:

* mobile workforce management

* business readiness for change

* programme management

* supply chain transformation

* training and education

Examples of clients who have benefited from our approach and skills:

Anglian Water, Bristol Myers Squibb, National Grid, Akzo Nobel, Thames Water, Diageo and Vodafone.

For more information visit www.leadentedge.com

About SAP

SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software, offering applications and services that enable companies of all sizes and in more than 25 industries to become best-run businesses. With more than 97,000 customers in over 120 countries, the company is listed on several exchanges, including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE, under the symbol SAP.

For more information visit www.sap.com

Novus Office – The Smart Alternative to Microsoft Office

BCG Software releases Novus Office, a robust suite of business software. Applications include Author, Mail, Spreadsheet, Database, Powershow, PDF Editor, Business Calculator and Zip tools.

FREE 30 Day Trial of Novus Office

Aiken, SC – USA – BCG Software, LLC, a developer of business class software releases its flagship product – Novus Office a fully compatible office automation suite designed for the small business user. This office suite includes a word editor, spreadsheet application, database software, e-mail client, PDF editor, finance calculator, zip application and slide show creator. These capable applications are fully compatible with Microsoft Office, Corel, Star Office, Adobe, OpenOffice and other standard office tools.

“BCG has created a stable, fast and low cost alternative to Microsoft Office. The Novus Office applications give small office and home office users the tools they need to be successful”, states Tom Uskup president of BCG, Inc. “Novus Office was also translated into Spanish to target business users in Mexico, Central and South America.”

Novus Office is fully compatible with numerous office applications. Users can open and save documents in many common formats including .doc, .pdf, .html, .xls, .ppt and others. Full integration with the Novus E-mail client provides users the ability to manage their business contacts with ease. Novus Office Premium includes a Business Calculator with many unique features including a point of sale mode and the ability to toggle between a basic or scientific calculator. Many Novus applications also include a voice automated feature that speaks to users as they calculate, build and modify their documents.

BCG offers an Affiliate Program for resellers and publishers looking to capitalize on the global release of the Novus Office. BCG recognizes the importance of partners, affiliates and its loyal customers. Visit http://www.novusoffice.com to learn more information about the company.