Santa’s Secret Wish Offers Message of Gratitude

“K” Stone has done it again. Taking inspiration from her grandchild, Charlotte, Stone has created a new twist on a classic holiday legend; Santa Claus.

San Antonio, TX (USA), September 29th, 2016 — “K” Stone has done it again. Taking inspiration from her grandchild, Charlotte, Stone has created a new twist on a classic holiday legend; Santa Claus. Have you ever wondered what Santa wishes for each year? Santa’s most loyal elf CB and Charlotte discover that Santa’s greatest wish is to receive as many letters after Christmas as he does before.

“I was inspired to write this story after my youngest grandchild, Charlotte, designed a colorful glitter and jewel bedecked thank you card for Santa,” said author “K” Stone. “She showed me her lovely creation filled with gratitude for all of the wonderful presents she had received and wanted to make sure that it was mailed directly to the North Pole. Her pure and grateful heart inspired this story that will hopefully encourage families to create a similar tradition in their home each holiday.”

Santa’s Secret Wish” is the second children’s story written by author and retired school teacher “K” Stone. Her first book, “’The Beach Fairy” was inspired by another true event, this one starring her oldest grand-daughter Georgia and their many treks to the beach.

Ms. Stone is a great believer in families and family traditions. She believes that literature should imitate life and wants to create wonderful memories for her grandchildren. “Santa’s Secret Wish” is a living legacy for her granddaughter and she plans to create a series of children’s stories steeped in family joy and love.

The message of being grateful is universal. “K” Stone’s story “Santa’s Secret Wish” is a great way of reminding children that, while it is fine to ask for what you want, it is just as important to be thankful and let the giver know just how much you appreciate his thoughtfulness. “Santa’s Secret Wish” is sure to become a classic holiday tale that families read to their children every Christmas.

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Pointe Claire, Quebec (realtimepressrelease) September 29, 2016 – Future Electronics recently hosted its 2016 annual employee appreciation summer barbecue at the company’s main headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Future Electronics and President Robert Miller invited the entire Future Electronics team to a free employee appreciation summer barbecue. The event was held outside and all 1,500 employees at the corporate location were invited to attend.

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