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Santa’s Secret Wish Offers Message of Gratitude

“K” Stone has done it again. Taking inspiration from her grandchild, Charlotte, Stone has created a new twist on a classic holiday legend; Santa Claus.

San Antonio, TX (USA), September 29th, 2016 — “K” Stone has done it again. Taking inspiration from her grandchild, Charlotte, Stone has created a new twist on a classic holiday legend; Santa Claus. Have you ever wondered what Santa wishes for each year? Santa’s most loyal elf CB and Charlotte discover that Santa’s greatest wish is to receive as many letters after Christmas as he does before.

“I was inspired to write this story after my youngest grandchild, Charlotte, designed a colorful glitter and jewel bedecked thank you card for Santa,” said author “K” Stone. “She showed me her lovely creation filled with gratitude for all of the wonderful presents she had received and wanted to make sure that it was mailed directly to the North Pole. Her pure and grateful heart inspired this story that will hopefully encourage families to create a similar tradition in their home each holiday.”

Santa’s Secret Wish” is the second children’s story written by author and retired school teacher “K” Stone. Her first book, “’The Beach Fairy” was inspired by another true event, this one starring her oldest grand-daughter Georgia and their many treks to the beach.

Ms. Stone is a great believer in families and family traditions. She believes that literature should imitate life and wants to create wonderful memories for her grandchildren. “Santa’s Secret Wish” is a living legacy for her granddaughter and she plans to create a series of children’s stories steeped in family joy and love.

The message of being grateful is universal. “K” Stone’s story “Santa’s Secret Wish” is a great way of reminding children that, while it is fine to ask for what you want, it is just as important to be thankful and let the giver know just how much you appreciate his thoughtfulness. “Santa’s Secret Wish” is sure to become a classic holiday tale that families read to their children every Christmas.

To learn more about “K” Stone and her books, visit her on Facebook at http://www.Facebook.com/TheBeachFairybook.

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Writer Inspired on Facebook to Publish New Peace Book

Responses to writer’s inspirational Facebook posts result in book of ideas and insights for life balance and personal peace.

Columbia, SC (USA), March 02, 2012 — When Cynthia Legette Davis ( http://www.peaceinus.net ) began posting inspirational messages for her Facebook friends in 2010, little did she know the posts would wind up as a book. But that’s exactly what happened. The inspirational Facebook posts now make up Davis’ newest book entitled, Peace Tips for Life, and subtitled, Ideas and Inspiration for Personal Peace.

“I originally wrote the messages for myself,” Davis says. “Although they were initially for my spiritual growth and benefit, I always knew they were meant to be shared to also encourage others. I thought, ‘What better way than on Facebook?”’

Davis says she began posting the messages as “peace tips”—ones she had written over the years and new ones she wrote that year—on her Facebook page. She did that three to five times a week throughout most of 2010.

Along the way, she started a Facebook group entitled “Peace in Us,” through which to better share the peace tips with interested Facebook friends. Within less than two weeks, nearly 500 people had joined the group. Within a few months, the “Peace in Us” group had grown to more than 1200 people who wanted to receive the peace tips.

“Throughout that year, I received so many messages from my Facebook friends saying how much the peace tips meant to them and encouraged them,” Davis says. “By the end of that year, I was inspired to compile them into a book. I knew a book would enable me to share the peace tips with even more people in a bigger way.” Davis says she doesn’t know if she would have compiled the peace tips into a book had it not been for the encouragement she received from her Facebook friends.

Peace Tips for Life was recently published as a gift-sized book packed with nearly 200 thought-provoking inspirational messages for people seeking more peace and balance in their lives. Davis says many of the ideas are not necessarily new, but offer different insights and perspectives on familiar ideas about personal peace.

“I believe we know deep inside what to do in life to have peace. God is constantly revealing it to us, but sometimes we’re too busy to hear or sometimes we simply forget,” Davis says. “Peace Tips for Life is, therefore, a book of reminders—inspirational memory joggers for us all.”

Peace Tips for Life sells for $9.95 and is available at Amazon.com and on Davis’ website, http://www.peaceinus.net .

About Cynthia Legette Davis:
Cynthia Legette Davis is a nationally recognized writer and author who considers it her life’s work to promote personal peace. As an entrepreneur, she creates and provides products and services to help people enjoy more peace and balance in their lives. Davis is author of several additional books on personal peace and presents related workshops, seminars and keynote speeches. She can be reached at cldavis@peaceinus.net .

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Law Student Inspires Youth to Use Their Talents for Good

Law student Matthew Hebebrand’s passions include reading, storytelling and writing, and he plans to inspire other young people to find their own talents and use them to make the world a better place.

Houston, TX (USA), November 03rd, 2011 — Law student Matthew Hebebrand’s passions include reading, storytelling and writing, and he plans to inspire other young people to find their own talents and use them to make the world a better place. His recently published book, The Undergrads, is about students with supernatural abilities and the life-impacting choices they make.

“The Undergrads highlights problems that take place on all college campuses and ways students can solve them,” Hebebrand said. “Starting college can be a scary experience.” In The Undergrads, 10 freshmen at the fictional Pine State University develop amazing abilities after being exposed to a science experiment gone wrong. When someone discovers the source of their powers, each student faces the choice whether or not to use them and begins to discover who they really are, as well as the true meaning of friendship.

“Their powers are metaphors for talents,” Hebebrand said. “It is important for each of us to recognize our talents, understand what we are capable of doing, embrace it and use it, preferably for the greater good.” “Parts of my personality are in all of the characters in The Undergrads,” he said.

Originally a writing project for an honors program class at Miami University where Hebebrand earned his bachelor’s degree in political science, The Undergrads is available through Halo Publishing International. “Halo Publishing International is proud to have a role in getting Matthew’s book into the hands of young people who are seeking inspiration and guidance to become productive, giving citizens of what has become a high-tech, fast paced world,” said Publisher Lisa Umina. “It is my hope that Matthew gets the chance to talk to high school and college age students about what they can do to make our world a better place,” Umina said.

Hebebrand said the college life experience is ripe for storytelling and a school campus is the perfect back drop for a story that readers relate to their own educational journeys. A 2009 graduate of Miami University and presently a Cleveland Marshall Law student in his final year of study, Hebebrand was selected to participate in an externship with Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor of the Ohio Supreme Court, the highest judicial position in the state. The author has made presentations to honors students at Miami University as well as students at his high school alma mater, Padua Franciscan High School in Parma, Ohio. “I encourage people to look inside themselves and make a commitment to follow their dreams,” Hebebrand said.

To schedule an interview or author appearance with Matthew Hebebrand, e-mail him at matthewhebebrand@gmail.com or call (440) 665-2115. To order this book or get in touch with publisher Lisa Umina, visit Halo Publishing International at http://www.halopublishing.com.

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Hopeful Stories of Cancer Survivors Meant to Inspire

Book Sales to Benefit Fund that Makes Children Smile

Valley View, OH, February 16, 2011 — Motivated by a four-year-old relative who lost his battle to an aggressive brain tumor 20 years ago, lifelong salesman John Voso Jr. recently released a book he says is about “hope.”

Today’s Heroes, Surviving with Style, a compilation of stories from 23 cancer survivors, is meant to inspire people, said Voso, a Cleveland, Ohio native whose family was profoundly affected by the death of his nephew, Richie White, in 1991. Voso and his family continue to help others dealing with medical battles through the Richie White Pediatric Family Fund at the Cleveland Clinic, which will benefit from sales of Today’s Heroes. Voso said the mission of the Richie White fund is “Making Children Smile.” Each year, the fund pays for a summer picnic and Christmas party that bring great joy to families enduring the pain of sickness, the author said.

A former professional bowler who grew up in Cleveland’s working-class Collinwood neighborhood, Voso always wanted to write a book. Emotionally stirred by the many people he has met through the Richie White sponsored events, he decided to share the struggles and triumphs of cancer survivors. “It’s their story more than my story,” he said when describing Today’s Heroes. The people featured in the book range in age from 14 to 84 and live in several American states, including Ohio, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota and Washington. Voso interviewed most of them and wrote their stories, but a few of the chapters are first-person accounts, he said. The author borrowed the “Surviving with Style” tag line from ovarian cancer survivor Sheryl Stanowick, who developed Cancer Survivors with Style, a line of comfort products for chemotherapy patients.

An alumnus of St. Joseph High School, Voso is a senior vice president and agency relations manager at Old Republic National Title Insurance Co. He lives in Sagamore Hills, Ohio with his wife, Debbie, and has three children Angela, 24, John, 21, and Deanna, 16. He continues to bowl in a men’s league and is compiling an Italian cookbook featuring his favorite dishes that he plans to publish in the future.

To schedule an interview with John Voso Jr., call 216-408-8866 or e-mail todaysheroes831@aol.com. To order Today’s Heroes, Surviving with Style, visit Halo Publishing International at http://www.halopublishing.com.

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