Can People Change? These Rough Bikers, Ex-cons, Addicts Did Through Accepting Jesus Christ As Their Savior

Bible Bikers: Live Ridin’ on the Road to Redemption offers hope to those who have struggled with crime, addiction, and prison.

Los Angeles, CA (USA), September 15th, 2016 — Bible Bikers: Live Ridin’ on the Road to Redemption offers hope to those who have struggled with crime, addiction, and prison. Members of the Live Ride Ministry and Motorcycle Club share their testimonies about their hard lives, re-conversion and baptism into Christianity, and how they are moving forward, one step at a time, to a clean, sober, and Christian life, under the guidance of Pastor Rick Fish, Sr., himself a biker with a checkered past who has reformed, been ordained, and now leads others onto the road to redemption. Michael Gotz believes these messages are so important that he recorded the testimonies verbatim, with no editorial comment. “These guys tell it best in their own words, and I wrote it down just as they said them,” said author Michael Gotz. “I am overwhelmed by the miracle that are these guys, and I want to share with those who need encouragement or enjoy validation of their Christian beliefs. One reader reviewed this book by saying: “This is a unique book that is inspiring, courageous and down to earth. Its theme is that it is possible for any of us to overcome great difficulties and character defects, if we are only willing to do so and have the bravery and courage to try.” Well, these guys try, and we follow them doing good works, abstaining from drinking, drugs, and crime, and being available to Hells Angels and other bikers who seek them out for help.

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About Michael Gotz:
Michael Gotz lives in Culver City, California. He is retired from the air freight industry and is currently a partner in the Contact Photo Lab, a fine arts retouching, printing, and film darkroom business in the Los Angeles Brewery art colony. He holds a B.A. degree in political science from UCLA and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Chinese studies from UC Berkeley. He is always looking for inspiring projects such as this one, where he can learn both specific and universal lessons. For instance, on this project he has learned that an important aspect of belief in someone or something is that the object of the belief also believes back in the believer, e.g., if you believe in Jesus, Jesus will believe in you. Just this one example can provide the basis, for example, in employer-employee relations: if workers believe in the company’s goals and objectives, to have a motivated workforce the company must believe in the employee’s abilities and motivations. There are many other examples of how religious principles can translate into universal secular application. Michael can be contacted at:

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Los Angeles-Based Indie Rock Band Cranky George to Release New Single “Nighttime” on September 16

“Nighttime” is the first single from Cranky George’s debut full-length album, Fat Lot of Good, out October 14 in digital, CD, and limited-edition vinyl formats.

Los Angeles, CA, September 15, 2016 – Cranky George, the folk-influenced indie rock band featuring actor Dermot Mulroney and co-founder of The Pogues, James Fearnley, will be releasing the first single from their upcoming debut full-length album, Fat Lot of Good, on September 16. This single, “Nighttime” draws from a variety of influences including legendary Canadian indie rockers Arcade Fire and will be accompanied by a music video, which will also be released on Sept. 16. Cranky George’s album Fat Lot of Good is their first full-length album and will be released on October 14.

Cranky George describes “Nighttime” as “Big in the way that Coldplay is big,” and says that the song is “A siren call for lovers – for anyone who’s ever slept beside someone they loved and wished the night would never end.” Featuring Kieran Mulroney on vocals, the song is a mid-tempo song from the heart and draws equally from groups as diverse as Elbow, The Decemberists, Coldplay, and Band of Horses while incorporating dripping guitars and horns at the climax. The accompanying music video features the five members of Cranky George as they perform the song and interweaves the story of a woman in distress, pining and longing for a lost love.

Recorded over a span of five years at Brad’s Seagrass Studio, Fat Lot of Good tips music from the bucket that dredges the confluence of the Danube, the Shannon and the Missouri. The album will be released in digital and CD formats, with a limited edition of 450 double gatefold albums of heavyweight vinyl, each signed and numbered by the band. The music on the record, while diverse, features common threads such as Cranky George’s signature folk-inspired instrumentation – including accordion, violin, mandolin, acoustic guitars and ukuleles.

As a perfect foil to the effervescence of the musicianship in Cranky George, the band’s blend of vocal harmonies, its cross-graining of voices – James’s chiselly drone, the honeyed timbre of Sebastian’s voice, Brad’s incisive falsetto, the Mulroney brothers’ baritones – Kieran’s urgent, Dermot’s lusty – is as sturdy as marine plywood.

Fat Lot of Good embraces fourteen songs, individually divergent, but which together ply a course from haven, round horn and back to harbor, by means of lullaby, torch song, sea shanty and murder ballad – an album which, with compassion, irony, humor and sometimes horror, tells stories of desire, love, loss, cruelty, ruination and pity.

About Cranky George:
Los Angeles based Cranky George has brought together members and musical styles from both sides of the Atlantic to create a unique take on folk-influenced indie rock that is as special and diverse as the members themselves.

James Fearnley, co- founder and accordionist for the London-Irish folk-punk band, The Pogues, and the Mulroney brothers, Kieran and Dermot, siblings from a large, Irish-American family from Alexandria, VA, first came together as neighbors in Hollywood, California. While both of the Mulroney siblings are known for their work on and behind the screen with movies, they are both classically trained musicians; Dermot on the cello, mandolin, and guitar and Kieran on violin, ukulele, and tenor guitar. In 1994, they formed the LA based band, The Low and Sweet Orchestra, which released an acclaimed record, Goodbye to All That, on Interscope Records in 1996. After The Low and Sweet Orchestra split, both Mulroney brothers and Fearnley formed the Cranky George Trio.

During this time, Brad Wood, who has produced records for artist from the likes of The Bangles, Ben Lee, Pete Yorn, and Veruca Salt, was added on bass. To round out the new line up of Cranky George, Sebastian Sheehan Visconti, a sound designer and sound effects editor who notably worked on the television series The Muppets and The Flash, joined on percussion. After five years of work, Cranky George’s full-length debut – Fat Lot of Good – will be released on October 14, 2016.

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October 15 – Molly Malone’s – Los Angeles – ‘Fat Lot of Good’ CD Release Party – Tickets
November 5 – Molly Malone’s – Los Angeles
November 19 – Molly Malone’s – Los Angeles
December 3 – Molly Malone’s – Los Angeles

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Angie and the Deserters Return with the Title-Track, “You” Off of their Upcoming EP!

Single Releases 9/16, EP Out 10/7!

Los Angeles, CA, September 13, 2016 – With their edgy style and entrancing vocals, Angie and the Deserters charmed listeners with their latest summer EP, titled Blood Like Wine. The band is ready to showcase to the world a continuum to their Nashville recordings which also produced their last record. The new title-track EP will be available on all digital stores on October 7, 2016. To give you a taste of the upcoming EP, the band will be releasing their first single, “You” on September 16, 2016 which will be followed by an accompanying music video, out later this month.

Already announcing a brand new single and EP “You,” Angie and the Deserters prove they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Produced by Jeff Huskins (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood), the single is filled with soring pain as Angie Bruyere highlights a time of realization in a withering relationship. The recurring secrets, the hidden thoughts can no longer continue as she delivers, “got to move on without you.” Bruyere’s chilling vocals are followed by enticing violins that bring brightness to this awakening.

“You” was written while I was touring with the London Quireboys in England. I was on the tour bus driving though the English countryside, and wrote it one long night with Guy Griffin about what was going on back home in Los Angeles,” Angie recalls.

The band’s latest releases have received some honorable recognition. Angie and the Deserters most recent single “The Gift” debuted on Radio Indie Alliance’s charts at #1 the first week of its release. “The Gift” also reached # 4 on The Alternate Root’s Top Ten Songs of the Week.

In addition, the band’s “Country Radio” music video reached over 32K views on Facebook and YouTube! The band also received phenomenal reviews from The Daily Country, No Depression, The Alternate Root and more! “This is as good as it gets in the genre, a raw-throated and well played shot of hopped up rockabilly that defies you to stand still. It’s infused with an added intelligence that helps strengthen the band’s overall presentation” says, Gas House Radio. The band’s new single, “You” is expected to receive a considerable amount of attention as well.

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