Novus Office – The Smart Alternative to Microsoft Office

BCG Software releases Novus Office, a robust suite of business software. Applications include Author, Mail, Spreadsheet, Database, Powershow, PDF Editor, Business Calculator and Zip tools.

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Aiken, SC – USA – BCG Software, LLC, a developer of business class software releases its flagship product – Novus Office a fully compatible office automation suite designed for the small business user. This office suite includes a word editor, spreadsheet application, database software, e-mail client, PDF editor, finance calculator, zip application and slide show creator. These capable applications are fully compatible with Microsoft Office, Corel, Star Office, Adobe, OpenOffice and other standard office tools.

“BCG has created a stable, fast and low cost alternative to Microsoft Office. The Novus Office applications give small office and home office users the tools they need to be successful”, states Tom Uskup president of BCG, Inc. “Novus Office was also translated into Spanish to target business users in Mexico, Central and South America.”

Novus Office is fully compatible with numerous office applications. Users can open and save documents in many common formats including .doc, .pdf, .html, .xls, .ppt and others. Full integration with the Novus E-mail client provides users the ability to manage their business contacts with ease. Novus Office Premium includes a Business Calculator with many unique features including a point of sale mode and the ability to toggle between a basic or scientific calculator. Many Novus applications also include a voice automated feature that speaks to users as they calculate, build and modify their documents.

BCG offers an Affiliate Program for resellers and publishers looking to capitalize on the global release of the Novus Office. BCG recognizes the importance of partners, affiliates and its loyal customers. Visit to learn more information about the company.

“Conqueror” Launch Makes Big Waves

Madrid, Spain, September 23. – Less than a week after launch, the recruitment drive for the world’s first “virtual multinational” freight forwarders alliance has already netted scores of pre-applications and hundreds of website hits ( and requests for information.

“We are very encouraged by the response,” said Antonio Torres, himself a veteran freight forwarder and mastermind of the new Conqueror network, whose members will be obliged to work with each other on at least half of their shipments. “Our launch was reported widely in the specialized press, and seems to have become a talking point in the industry.”

This response from forwarders, Torres said, “is making us optimistic about our chances of meeting our first objective, which is to have the 60 most important cities covered within six months. That would already put us ahead of many of the medium-sized multinationals. Our target for the first year is to have 90-100 agents.”

Unlike other networks, Conqueror is designed to operate like a mega-forwarder, with exclusive territories, internal discipline, rules governing business relations between members, and a global brand.

“Some forwarders have complained about the paperwork involved in the application process,” Torres said. “This is because most other networks accept anyone who pays. We charge nothing for the first six months, and while we are prepared to be flexible, we can only accept applicants who meet reasonably high standards. Our whole business model is based on this.”

“It’s true that our entry barriers are high, and that we require evidence of solvency, reputation, business volume, and good credit,” Torres said. “But how else can we be certain that our members have the quality we are promising to all our other members and to shippers around the world?”

“We’re not like other networks,” he added. “Our members will have exclusive territories, and they will be assured of substantial increases in business volume, and many other advantages. Other networks ‘recommend’ cooperation, but we demand it –although our members can still use their old agents for half their shipments,” he explained.

“Most other networks take your money and give you little or nothing in return. We only ask you to show your qualifications to join what we call ‘the aristocracy of freight forwarders’. At the end of the six months, you will know whether you want to remain in this alliance, and we will know whether you are fulfilling your responsibilities as a member. No money will change hands until then. I don’t see how we can make it any easier, safer, or more transparent than that!”

One forwarder expressed doubts that Conqueror would manage to negotiate lower rates from carriers for its members, who retain their independence. “We answered by comparing Conqueror to a franchise, like Burger King, which is correctly perceived as a multinational chain by both customers and suppliers, though its establishments may be locally owned,” Torres said. “Conqueror is going to show that by working together under one brand, the best independents can beat the mega-forwarders at their own game!”

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Internet users to decide who gets $14,000 kitchen makeover

“America’s Ugliest Kitchen Contest”, sponsored by Mei Kitchens, was launched to renovate the “ugliest” homes as defined by web users in the wake of a sagging economy. A contest, which has endured accusations of cheating, personal attacks on the “ugliness” factor of individual kitchens, and a wave of recruiting in order to generate more votes, is now inching closer to the finale. With less than 25 more entries needed to close the contest, time is running out to be crowned the winner.

The contest has given exposure to all types of kitchens, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some of the kitchens appear smaller than a mop closet, while others appear decayed and decrepit, according to web users leaving comments at The owner of one of the kitchens describes it as wheel-chair challenged. A husband with a brain tumor can longer upgrade the kitchen from its shoddy state, she decries in the message forum.

“The beauty of this contest is that the definition of ‘ugly’ is in the eye of the beholder,” said Sean Lin, founder of Mei Kitchens, an online kitchen and bathroom cabinetry store. Some may consider a kitchen that is stuck in the orange and brown overtones of the 1970s and decorated with boxy and bulky countertops and cabinets as ugly. While others may argue that a kitchen that appears ravaged by a hurricane with layers of erosion, dirt, and slime is the ultimate indicator of ugliness. “Regardless of individual take on ugliness, because of the diversity of opinion, it leaves the contest wide open,” says Lin. “A new kitchen can appear on the site tomorrow that breaks away from the pack with its own distinct flavor of ugly features.” Hence, he adds, there is no clear winners at this point and the tide can shift dramatically.

The top contestants have pointed to social media networking sites as the source of their success. In their quest to solicit new votes, they swarmed big titans, including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Their motivation is to expand their reach and generate some buzz about why their kitchens are in dire need of an overhaul.

The contest is designed to bring relief to those homeowners who are in need of a kitchen renovation. The Grand Prize winner will receive up to $14,000 in products and allowance from This includes up to $7,000 in Mei Kitchens cabinets, knobs/pulls, sink and faucets, up to $2,000 in cabinet assembly and installation, up to $3,000 in countertop materials, fabrication, and installation, up to $1,000 in miscellaneous plumbing and electrical supplies, and up to $1,000 in professional, customized kitchen design. Interested parties are encouraged to enter the contest at

Mei Kitchens is a global online retailer which offers kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, and other accessories. For more information, visit