Jake Kamuonka CFO

Fortunecube.Com and its affiliate Cubefortune.Com announced today the re-launching of the Cube-3D Database, an expansion of the now popular object oriented databases. “The Cube-3D Database will be part of the increasingly popular Object Oriented Databases. There has been a huge debate about the benefits of adding objects into mainstream database management. The ability to pre-build real-world objects will allow the database and 3D designers to model the world as it exists, without having to re-create objects from their pieces each time that they are needed. These real-world objects also have ramifications for SQL programmers,” said Jake Kamuonka, CEO of FortuneCube and the project developer. Jake Kamuonka who is currently the CFO for Classic Group, a real estate development company in New York City.

Mr. Jake Kamuonka is an object oriented database expert, a Java, SQL, XML, C++, and PHP developer with solid background in all aspects of web applications. The high level Java and SQL code was mostly written by Mr. Kamuonka, whereas the generic XHTML, CSS, and XML code was written by programmers from Russian and India. This is a disruptive and creative database application and all the Relational Databases Management Systems Oracle should take notice.