2010 Christmas Tree Revolution by Easyplants.co.uk

Easyplants.co.uk the leading supplier of Artificial Christmas trees has given the reason why they believe artificial Christmas trees are revolutionizing the festive period.

With the boom of interior design and decoration it was a natural progression that the traditional Christmas tree would make way to a Luxury artificial Christmas tree when dressing your living room for the festive period. Contemporary living spaces need different styles and colours to compliment the room, something that a traditional Christmas tree finds hard to achieve. Space could be of a premium, so you require a slim line tree, colour could be the issue, you need white, black, gold, theses are just some of the reasons why Faux Christmas trees are revolutionizing the way we dress our homes or office for the Christmas period.

Peter Drinkell Managing Director explains, “I have been involved with many debates over the last 6 years on whether the artificial Christmas trees is better or inferior to a real Christmas tree in both environmental, ethical and now interior design views. You may think I show some bias towards the artificial Christmas tree, especially with http://www.easyplants.co.uk being a leading supplier of artificial Christmas which is credible, but I honestly believe that the new generation of Faux Xmas Trees are revolutionising the choice in festive decoration for the modern home, something that a traditional Christmas tree simply cannot achieve. The Christmas Spirit portrayed through a contemporary artificial Christmas tree, can be exasperating especially when it is tailored in the perfect surroundings.”

Peter continues, “Take our stunning black Christmas trees for example, they look simply amazing within a contemporary backdrop of a clean white living space dressed with silver baubles and ornaments, same goes for our contemporary White Xmas trees too.

Artificial Christmas trees offer a better choice of Christmas decoration than any real Christmas tree ever can, traditionalists may not agree, but take it from the 10’s of thousands of people across the country joining the Artificial Christmas tree revolution this year,” concludes Peter.

Gordon ‘Grant’ Curtis Invited to Speak at Real Asset Investing Forum

Gordon “Grant” Curtis invited to speak at Opal Group’s Real Asset Investing Forum at the San Francisco Marriott on September 15th; representing a billion Euro Asset Allocation by CI Investments, a European Single Family Office, Mr. Curtis will be discussing International “Best Buys”.

New York, NY, September 13, 2010 — Across a panelist platform, Mr. Curtis will highlight some of the real asset investing opportunities in Emerging Markets, particularly in Latin America and Asia. His extensive travels and business acumen have propelled CI Investments as one of the top-performing Family Office Organizations.

Through a combination of merchant banking and private equity type strategies, CI has been at the forefront of many market opportunities around the globe. With a vast array of global interests, the Family has continued to capitalize on unique opportunities that require a hands-on approach to securitized transactions.

In conjunction with core business affairs ( http://www.CIInvestments.org ) coordinated from Europe and Asia, the Family Office continues to enjoy new ways of finding and creating value, while offering a socially responsible component to its investment philosophies.

During this Opal Group hosted conference, Mr. Curtis ( http://www.CIInvestments.org ) will also moderate a discussion from a panel of industry experts, and will pose questions related to business insights, forecasts and approaches that can be reproducible by other institutional investing entities.

This event marks one of the larger gatherings for major institutional investors seeking to have an advantage over the general market and who are looking for real asset backed approaches to higher yield potential.

Expected attendance will include representatives from: the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority; TIAA-CREF; South Carolina State Retirement System; University of California; Chevy Chase Trust; and over 100 other noted organizations. ( http://www.CIInvestments.org )

Press & Media Contact:
Jay Tipton, Public Relations
Gordon Grant Curtis
CI Investments Management Company
New York, NY

2010 artificial Christmas trees arrived at Simplemente Verde

With Christmas time fast approaching and the festive feel drifting through the air, now is the perfect time to plan your Christmas decorations. Every home wants to be the centre of attention, so get your order in first and make sure that your home is the topic of conversation this Christmas period.

Simplemente Verde the leading supplier of Christmas trees across Spain, has for this forthcoming festive period has added even more choice to its luxury collection of artificial Christmas trees. Stunning black Christmas trees are as popular as ever, especially when they are decorated with either silver or gold baubles, they are available in different heights, widths and styles with the highest being 8ft tall, and the smallest being 6ft tall.

With white Christmas trees looking like being the new black Christmas trees this year, simplementeverde.com has increased its collection by adding a white Scandinavian Fir Christmas tree to the range. It looks stunning when dressed with the contemporary colours of blue and pink baubles with colour co-ordinating tinsel.

Charlotte Riggott, Director explains, “We have been selling online at http://www.simplementeverde.com quality Christmas trees for over 4 years now, and year on year we have seen a significant increase with our sales, this is due to the ever improved collection we stock and also due to the quality of the artificial Christmas trees that we sell. This year we have the best collection ever; we have the New White Scandinavian Christmas trees which I am confident, will be an amazing success. We are also continuing with our large selection of Black Christmas trees in all sizes, and styles, and of course the ever-popular traditional coloured Xmas trees which will never go out of fashion.”

Charlotte continues, “Our latest Christmas trees with decorations are without a doubt a fashion statement, people want there homes looking just perfect for the Christmas period, they have there families around and want to show off there new Luxury Christmas tree, everyone wants a stylish Christmas, me included, “concludes Charlotte.