Your choice of browser can ruin your Internet browsing experience

Bellevue, Washington –  The internet is evolving fast, you need to pick a browser that can keep up with the growing needs of the latest and greatest websites.  At the same time, online threats such as attack sites, identity theft, viruses, malware, and spyware are also evolving at a rapid rate.  IxDownload, a leading authority website on Internet software and security issues, has compiled a resource page located at that reviews the four core needs of today’s Internet user and the challenges posed by the Internet’s evolution.

“As the sad experience of Internet Explorer 6 has shown us—evolution is key!”, says Oliver Thompson, IxDownload’s Communications Consultant. “IE6 was rendering pages wrong when design standards have moved on. This experience is the most dramatic example of how a user’s choice of browser can ruin their browsing experience.”  Not just ruin it but, given the explosive growth rate of virus, spyware, malware, and phishing attacks on the Internet, also cause serious financial damage or lost productivity.  Internet Explorer, after its stunning defeat of Netscape OWNED the browser space for many years but due IE’s ease of infection and bad page rendering, Firefox grew in market share.  In essence, IE’s success made it complacent and it lose marketshare to competitors who eagerly listened to their customers.  Firefox, open source and stocked with a huge array of safe browsing and extended functionalities helped IE’s marketshare shrink to close to 60%.  “Sadly, as our report indicates,” says Thompson, “Firefox has its own shortcomings as well.”

“The biggest trend right now is social media, social collaboration”, says Thompson.  This trend has given rise to Flock and related browsers.  “We see niche browsing as one of the biggest trends in the future.”  Regardless, online browsing really boils down to four issues:  security, speed, adaptability to current and future web design trends/standards, and add-on support.  “These four core concerns should drive every Internet user’s choice in browsers—they really make the difference between an enjoyable experience and a costly one.” IxDownload’s resource critiques the major browser brands using these criteria to help users quickly and efficiently identify their own needs and find the solution that best meets those needs.

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