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Shrine – Book Of Heaven

KUWAIT, Kuwait, 2020-Nov-06 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — After going through a personal experience when my father passed away, I felt the need for a way to express my feelings where ever I be.

I decided to invest in the development of a dedicated app to honoring and remember loved ones. The development continued for three years and produced an unprecedented app with outstanding features.

I named it Shrine. It is a free and easy to install. With Shrine you can express your feelings privately or publicly. You can send daily blessings to the deceased soul, It provides many options and features, you’ll discover yourself.


New Virtual Mentoring App, thirty2give, Anonymously Matches Mentors and Mentees Worldwide

The thirty2give mobile phone app facilitates an innovative mentoring approach that allows people to use their smartphone to become a mentor or mentee anywhere around the globe. The app uses anonymity to eliminate unconscious bias to ensure that the transfer of knowledge is optimized.

Philadelphia, PA, USA, July 2, 2018 — Recently, thirty2give LLC launched a ground-breaking mobile application that enables anyone with a smartphone to find or become a mentor anywhere in the world. The new app—called thirty2give—creates a global framework for transferring knowledge by bringing virtual mentors and mentees together in public and private chat rooms for the sole purpose of sharing their expertise.

“Anyone can be a mentor; it doesn’t matter whether you have zero or three degrees,” said CEO David Cain. “If you have a life experience, we believe that there is someone in the world that can benefit and learn from your experience. Our tagline, ‘Reaching back to pay it forward,’ reflects our belief that there are many successful people around the world who are eager to share lessons from their achievements.”

The thirty2give app facilitates the virtual matchup of mentees with mentors based on a number of factors, including generation, gender, geography, nationality, industry and expertise. Here’s how it works: Mentors simply complete a profile describing their experience. Mentees complete a similar profile and create a request detailing the type of support they are seeking. Then the mentee can query the list of available mentors and request the person who best matches their specifications. Thereafter, the mentor and mentee can access a chat room where they can interact in private.

With thirty2give, mentors and mentees can engage in a professional mentoring relationship that benefits both parties. Mentees can increase their productivity and performance, while mentors can receive an opportunity to give back, personal satisfaction and new ideas. Mentoring sessions involve two people giving each other 30 days of their time—which is how the app received its name. The 30-day commitment can be renewed if the mentee and mentor are satisfied with their relationship.

The thirty2give application is distinctive because it goes beyond the traditional match-making model and uses an anonymous method to pair mentors and mentees. During the matching process, no real names are given, and the participants’ gender, color and ethnicity are never disclosed. Therefore, the app can be used by people who normally would suffer from the notoriety of exposing themselves, such as celebrities, politicians, and even individuals who have physical disabilities. This not only protects the identity of both the mentor and mentee, but it encourages the most successful people in society to reach back and share their knowledge and wisdom with others without worry about someone exploiting their fame for personal gain. “The result is a transfer of knowledge on an even playing field that is free of unconscious bias,” Cain said.

In fact, unconscious bias—along with the reduced population of mentors due to the exodus of baby boomers from the work place and the work ethics of millennials—is a key factor that drove the creation of the new app. The mentoring relationship supported by the app relies on a “curtain concept” to foster anonymity in a way that makes the transfer of knowledge seamless, so both parties can talk freely without worrying about inadvertent prejudices. “Think about it: If you had a curtain between you and a mentor where you could not be influenced or biased by appearances, gender, or race, imagine the questions you’d ask,” said Chief Marketing Officer Al Robinson. “Imagine the knowledge you’d gain with an invaluable experience as the end result.”

The conceptual framework of the thirty2give app is based on the 1952 study by the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s use of a curtain to conduct blind auditions that shielded musicians from interviewers in an attempt to increase the recruitment of female artists. The interviewers’ evaluations were based solely on talent, resulting in an increase in the hiring rates of female musicians. Consequently, other symphonies began using the same tactic. Now thirty2give is using a similar strategy to benefit mentees and mentors who are taking advantage of its innovative application.

The thirty2give virtual mentoring app is currently available for download on iTunes for iPhone and Google Play for Android. For more information, contact David Cain at (855) 250-2355 or visit www.thirty2give.com.

About thirty2give LLC:
Established in 2018, thirty2give LLC was founded by five professional executives who represent four different industries and each have more than 20 years of mentoring experience. The company, which is based in Philadelphia, Penn., was originated from the concept of “make the world better”. Its overriding goal is to support a disruptive virtual mentoring approach that contributes to the success of people all around the globe.

Press & Media Contact:
David Cain, CEO
thirty2give LLC
Philadelphia, PA – USA
+1 855-250-2355

New All-Natural Supplement Proven to Help Prevent and Heal Liver Conditions

Highly-regarded company Kyotsujigyo Inc. recently introduced Yojyo Henshi Ko to markets outside of Japan, offering a natural-based liver supplement that is clinically proven to improve liver health.

Tokyo, Japan, June 3rd, 2017 — Highly-regarded company Kyotsujigyo Inc. recently introduced Yojyo Henshi Ko to markets outside of Japan, offering a natural-based liver supplement that is clinically proven to improve liver health.

Yojyo Henshi Ko, known as YHK, has a patented formula specifically geared toward being as natural as possible. The formula consists of the following powerful herbs: panax pseudo ginseng, euccommia ulmoides, licorice root and rhizoma polygonati. These ingredients are known in nature to have strong anti-oxidant and healing effects in the body. “Yojyo Henshi Ko is the liver therapy of nature,” said Kyotsujigyo Hong Kong Branch Manager James Ma. “Our company has more than 25 years of experience in inventing healing supplements, and YHK is one that is specifically designed for liver recovery.”

With more than 30 different clinical scientific studies conducted and many research papers published, YHK is the most advanced liver protection supplement currently available. The scientific-based supplement holds patents in the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and China. “Our product is suitable for people with all kinds of liver problems and conditions, especially for those who have chronic liver problems,” Ma said.

Published research data collected by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (PubMed.gov) indicates that YHK can help treat and prevent NASH. NASH, Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (a type of fatty liver disease), is becoming increasingly common for people who do not consume large amounts of alcohol. It is predicted to be the leading cause of liver transplants by the year 2020. This condition is caused by liver inflammation and damage due to the buildup of fat in the liver. The damage causes the liver to not work as well as it should. Additionally, NASH can cause scarring on the liver and lead to cirrhosis. Clinical data shows that YHK can strengthen and recover liver function and lower the ALT liver enzyme level.

Currently, there is no known medical treatment for NASH, which makes YHK a unique and viable option for people who suffer from liver problems. “When YHK is taken as directed, enzyme levels will lower and normalize,” said Ma, explaining YHK’s immediate results. “More than ninety percent of chronic liver disease patients saw liver improvement after 14 days of use.”

YHK has received a great deal of positive consumer feedback on its website. Customer reviews claim that the supplement does precisely what it guarantees to do, produces life-changing results, and improves health and liver function. Since it is composed of all-natural ingredients, YHK is safe to take with other medicines.

Professionally-recommended, YHK can strengthen and repair liver cells; recover and protect liver function; help the liver function properly; and prevent further damage—all with no health side effects. It is considered to be safe for long-term use.

Consumers can also experience the following benefits when taking YHK as suggested:

* Improved energy level
* Better appetite
* Improved sleep
* Improved skin
* Reduced side effects from other medications.
* Enhanced immune system
* Reduce risk of liver cancer

Kyotsujigyo was founded in the early 90’s by S.H. Sha, a Musashino University professor who specialized in health maintenance, anti-aging and disease prevention, and it is committed to helping people improve and maintain their health. The company has expertise in Japanese Kampo Medicine and many of its research work is listed in the U.S. National Library of Medicine. In addition, Kyotsujigyo is a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Liaison Program.

For more information about Kyotsujigyo or YHK, visit www.kyotsujigyo.net or www.yhktherapy.com.

Press & Media Contact:
James Ma
Hong Kong Branch Manager
Tokyo, Japan
+852 6702 2602

Social Travel Blog and Mobile App Helps People Experience the Best Paris Has to Offer

Novice and veteran travelers can now map out the ultimate trip to Paris, thanks to the unique and informative travel blog site: Parisbydavid.com

Tbilisi, GA (USA), May 31st, 2017 — Novice and veteran travelers can now map out the ultimate trip to Paris, thanks to the unique and informative travel blog site: Parisbydavid.com. Created by entrepreneur David Olliver, the picturesque website contains captivating pictures and an attractive layout that is easy for users to navigate.

Potential travelers seeking to go beyond the surface of the beloved French capital can visit the website and discover the city in a whole new way. Parisbydavid.com provides exclusive information about the world-famous destination affectionately known as the City of Light. It focuses on showcasing hidden treasures and the best that the city has to offer. “I list well-known places in Paris, along with some hidden places and other interesting attractions,” says Olliver. “My goal is to make people forget that they are tourists. I want them to feel like native Parisians, exploring the best of Paris.”

Each blog post on the website is written by a team of experienced travelers who have journeyed all over the city documenting their experiences and making notes of how to make it affordable and enjoyable for others. In addition, the team has created in-depth travel guides and travel books for the city to supplement the website.

Distinctive features on the site include personally-written guides and tutorials on the art of booking inexpensive flights, which is usually the bulk of travel expenses. Flights and lodging can easily be arranged through the site as well. Another useful feature of the site is the comparable deals and discounts on tours and transportation.

The mobile version of the website allows for more social connection features. While using the mobile site in Paris, users can share their location and invite other users to join them where they are. They can also post instant reviews of the locations they have visited while there to help other travelers. “The goal is to connect people from all over the world when they visit Paris through our mobile version so they can share and discover the city together,” says Olliver, summing up the benefits of the social connection features. “As a result, they can create lifetime friendships, find the most convenient accommodations, and experience the finest tours and the finest dining.”

Paris by David commits itself to delivering useful information and advice. Whether someone is looking to plan a meaningful trip, check out the local neighborhoods, visit well-known museums, admire the street art or indulge in the food culture of the city, Paris by David will help transform any trip to Paris—before and throughout the duration of the journey.

For more information about the website and its unique features, please visit Parisbydavid.com.

About David Olliver:
David Olliver, from the country of Georgia, is an entrepreneur who is passionate about Paris, France and connecting people to the city. In addition to being CEO of Paris by David, he is a technology writer and has developed web applications and 3D mobile games. Learn more about Olliver, his services and his love for Paris at parisbydavid.com

Press & Media Contact:
David Olliver
Tbilisi, GA – USA


New Online Social Network Offers Revolutionary WEsharesTM to its Members

What do you get out of online social networks? Probably nothing more than just that: Online social networking. A multi-billion dollar corporation is allowing you to communicate with others while using all your information to make huge profits. Not only are you helping them make loads of money from advertising, but you are guaranteeing that a few people make a lot of money off your efforts.

ExpatOdyssey.com is a new online social network that goes against this business model. We also want to make a few bucks, but we want you to share in the success. We want to share something sustainable, unique, and revolutionary. ExpatOdyssey wants to give you more than a few pointless prizes or vouchers. Let us help you help yourself!

You’re probably wondering how this works because it sounds a little too good to be true. Simple. You become a member and use ExpatOdyssey to do what you usually do on online social networks. However, this is the point at which ExpatOdyssey.com is completely different. You are also an actual owner. The moment you sign up, you are awardedWEsharesTM. You are contributing to the website by being a member, so you deserve a reward. Every time you upload photographs, invite friends, create forums, or any one of the innumerable things you can do on ExpatOdyssey, you accumulate WEsharesTM. Like shares in a company, they represent what percentage of ExpatOdyssey.com you own.

Carlo Jacobs, Founder of ExpatOdyssey.com comments: “When the Occupy Wall Street movement began, my wife and I decided that the time was finally right for a venture that included and benefitted everyone, the 99% who have been left behind. We decided not to accept venture capitalists to create ExpatOdyssey.com or any large investors and struggled along with some meagre savings. A few friends heard about our novel idea and invested some money so that ExpatOdyssey.com could be shared with everyone out there. From that point onwards, we knew that our decision for all members to have the opportunity to get or earn Free WEsharesTMor invest, was the right one.”

In fact, ExpatOdyssey.com has made investment so accessible to everyone that if they want, members can invest from as little as $5 with WEshares currently priced at only 0.1cents per WEshare. We are all passionate about changing the current status quo, or at least doing our part to make a significant difference and giving everyone the chance to own a piece of the future. Businesses usually offer shares when the price is already unattainable. Instead ExpatOdyssey.com is giving everyone the chance to get a piece of the pie at the beginning when it matters most! What’s more is that because our members are owners, we listen to our members’ suggestions, what they want and need and as a result, over time, ExpatOdyssey.com will end up being the world’s best online social network.


About ExpatOdyssey
ExpatOdyssey was founded at the end of 2010 with the purpose of creating a platform for Expats and holiday makers to manage work, play and relaxation. It is not only a social network, but also has bloggingcommunity fan pagesbusiness directory pagesonline TVand links to important information in major cities around the world, all contributed by members and businesses that join. We will even have online social shopping, and coming soon, a very unique email system. It is revolutionary and the first website of this kind to emerge. Expatoddyssey consolidates innumerable online application features into one easy-to-use website with a clear focus on the expat per geographical area. Members can also be part owners and attain financial reward with WEsharesTM for the time they would have spent online anyway.

PR Contact:

Sheridene Oersen
80 Strand, Suite 206, 2nd Floor, 80 Strand Street, Cape Town, 8001

Youzzers secure social network. Intelligent, educational and interactive

Steven Hori, a Swiss Internet and network specialist, is launching Youzzers, the first social network which is 100% secure and totally protects its members’ personal data. Thus when an account is deleted, the totality of all personal data is deleted. Youzzers is also available on iPhone, Androïd and notebooks.

A network that provides a large range of features and services.

Youzzers is both a professional social network and an interactive one. It provides a wide range of features and services. All of these are regrouped on a single platform and are managed at will by the user. It offers a higher level of confidentiality in comparison to other competitors. Ergonomic, simplified and secure, Youzzers does not require any particular skills to be used.

Youzzers offers a network to schools and universities which allows them to make their courses available online. The network users can take these courses starting from the modest sum of 1 to 2 €.

Safety Box
Directly incorporated into Youzzers, this function offers the storage of personal data which is protected by a security encryption ranging from 128 to 256 bits so that it is only accessible to the user himself.

Youzzers allows one to create an e-mail address my-email@youzzers.com to send/receive e-mails to/from members and non-members. It allows a POP connection on additional mailboxes, the sending/receiving of mail by SMTP, all of which is protected by antispam and anti-virus.

Personal multimedia albums
Youzzers accepts all formats (Photos, Audio, Video, Documents) on a simplified interface for better management of albums. They can be configured to be visible or secured and are available on mobile phones and notebooks.

Live meeting (audio/video)
Youzzers also includes an instant messaging service with incorporated whiteboard. This system allows “multiusers” to work together with bridges to MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, software.

Presently, Youzzers is available in French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Turkish, Dutch and Arabic will be available by May 15th along with other features.

Youzzers also provides news, e-commerce, creation and consultation of ads, forums and surveys.

The site is open: www.youzzers.com.


Contract Talk Launches Niche Social Network for Professional Contractors

Contractor Talk 2.0 is an enhanced social network for professional contractors. Contractors can join the site free, ask questions, get feedback, leave reviews and get product recommendations from their peers.

Houston, TX, April 29, 2011 — Contractor Talk 2.0 ( http://www.contractortalk.com ) is an enhanced social network for professional contractors. Contractors can join the site free, ask questions, get feedback, leave reviews and get product recommendations from their peers.

With over 700,000 absolute unique visitors a month, ContractorTalk.com is the most active community for professional contractors. Nathan Wingate, founder of ContractorTalk.com has expanded the site and made it more interactive. “We have launched a new version of ContractorTalk.com that builds upon the already successful forum-only model and adds many new features transforming the site into a niche social network.”

The new site launches Tuesday, April 26th 2011 at: http://www.contractortalk.com

Features include:

* Forums – to discuss business and get advice from other professionals
* Blogs – to share stories and experiences
* Projects – to show off completed projects with photos
* Reviews – to find and rate tools of the trade
* Customizable Toolbox – show off your toolbox and see what other contractors are using

Roofing contractors, landscaping contractors, plumbers, electricians, and even solar energy contractors can find and share valuable information in this online community.

“We have created a niche social network platform that will offer product reviews, customizable toolboxes, an area for showcasing projects, and many other engaging tools. With all of the new tools made available to our already engaged membership, we will see continued growth and expansion in the B2B sector, serving professional contractors,” says Wingate.

About Contractor Talk:
Contractor Talk™ is owned and operated by Escalate Media LP.

Escalate Media is a media company serving the construction, home and garden, shopping, and technology verticals. Our unique network includes some of the most visited websites in the industry including ContractorTalk.com, DIYChatroom.com, ElectricianTalk.com, PaintTalk.com and many others.

If you’re a professional contractor please take some time and browse through our site. We have worked hard to bring together a number of resources to help you in your business and trade.

If you are interested in promoting a product or service to professional contractors or do it yourself homeowners then Escalate Media can help you meet your goals. Every month our sites reach hundreds of thousands of professional contractors and homeowners and we offer targeted advertising.

Press & Media Contact:
Lee Dodd
Contractor Talk
PO Box 591928
Houston, TX 77259
(800) 888-8151