Auditude and Inlet Technologies Announce Fully-Automated Ad Insertion Solution for Live IP Streaming

Combined Solution Turns Any Live IP Flash Stream into a Revenue Opportunity

PALO ALTO, CA & RALEIGH, NC – October 12, 2010Auditude, a leading video advertising management and monetization platform, and Inlet Technologies, the leader in innovative solutions for digital media preparation, today announced a technology partnership to offer the first automated, end-to-end solution for inserting advertising into live Flash IP video streams.

Content owners can now easily plan, sell, traffic, and deliver advertising within live video, one of the fastest developing segments of the online video market.  This new approach breaks down operational barriers to monetizing this content, whether discrete events such as sporting events, or 24×7 simulcast streams of linear broadcast channels.

“Our goal is to help our customers build a scalable business in IP-enabled video, and by partnering with Inlet Technologies, we can offer a comprehensive and effective solution to publishers with live streaming needs,” said Mike Gaffney, Chief Revenue Officer of Auditude. “While working with clients like Major League Baseball or Comcast, we found that simulcasting live content is a rapidly growing area for content owners and publishers. With Inlet, we can now offer our customers a unified and simplified way to quickly get to market and monetize.”

The Auditude Connect™ platform enables ad serving, decisioning, and reporting to manage user experience, yield and analytics.  Auditude’s ad management platform allows for a wide variety of user and monetization experiences for live streams, including dynamic ad pod configuration, overlays, skins, and interstitial advertisements.

SpinnakerTM is Inlet Technologies’ family of award-winning real-time streaming appliances. Spinnaker’s robust, reliable platform can stream in multiple formats to any device, including iPhone®, iPadTM, feature phones and smart phones. Spinnaker offers full support for adaptive bitrate streaming, including Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming. Spinnaker is also able to detect SCTE 35 cue messages and translate critical ad metadata into ad markers appropriate for the Flash and Silverlight platforms, enabling ad partner Auditude to serve ads within live content.

“With this partnership, Inlet Technologies and Auditude are the first to provide an automated, end-to-end solution for inserting video ads into live Flash streams,” said John Bishop, Senior VP of Product and Business Development for Inlet. “This revolutionary offering gives content providers the operational workflow and ad serving solution to fully monetize live content on the most widely installed player platform in the world.”
About Auditude

Auditude is a video management and monetization technology provider that helps content owners and websites expand their video revenues. The Auditude Connect™ platform enables content owners and websites to rapidly scale the business requirements and ad serving needs around premium video content.

Auditude works with some of the largest names in online video to help grow their revenue opportunities. Clients include Comcast, Dailymotion, Major League Baseball, UK’s Channel Five, Sony Music Group, Universal Music Group and Yahoo!, among others. Auditude’s executive and technology team is made up of talent from some of the world’s most successful technology companies including DoubleClick, eBay, Google, PayPal, and Yahoo!, among others. Auditude has won numerous awards, including multiple inclusions in the yearly Always On 250 (one of the top 250 Private Companies in America), The Hollywood Reporter’s Digital Power 50 and Business Insider’s 2010 Top 100 Most Valuable Private Companies. Auditude is based in Palo Alto with offices in Los Angeles, New York City and London. For more information, please visit us at:

About Inlet Technologies

Inlet Technologies is redefining the online video experience with innovative solutions for media preparation that combine striking video quality with surprising simplicity and reliability, enabling content owners to expand their audience and realize greater value from their content. Industry leaders such as Major League Baseball, Microsoft, NBC Universal/Vancouver Winter Games, Yahoo!, France Télévisions and Home Shopping Network rely on Inlet for easy implementation, technical prowess and enterprise scale for their mission critical operations. For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter at InletTech.

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Sekonda Party Time Watches Arrive at Watchmad

Watchmad have now taken delivery of the much anticipated Women’s Sekonda Party Time watches. They are now available to buy on watchmad and are very competitively price.

Herefordshire, UK, October 11, 2010 — Watchmad have now taken delivery of the much anticipated Women’s Sekonda Party Time watches. They are now available to buy on the website and are very competitively priced at just £27 a watch.

There are lots of colours to choose from including: purple, pink, blue, orange, yellow, green, white & black. There is a Sekonda Party Time watch to complement any outfit no matter what your colour scheme may be. They are ideal for casual or formal events.

The launch of the Party Time watch ( ) has come on the back of the very successful Sekonda Summertime watch which was a huge seller for Watchmad throughout the summer of 2010. The new range is full of bright coloured straps with classic dials and coloured stones set into the bezel, this makes the watch not only a perfect party watch but also ideal for everyday use.

Sekonda have a long history in making quality watches for both men and women, Watchmad ( ) have been stocking Sekonda for a number of years and have just seen the popularity of the brand explode.

The Party Time watch ( ) is an ideal gift for a wife, girlfriend or daughter and if you are already thinking about Christmas, then why not take advantage of the great deals Watchmad have on offer. There is also free delivery available when buying the Sekonda Party Time watch which makes it a great bargain at only £27.

The watch itself offers all of the quality you expect from Sekonda but with the look and style of a watch with a higher price tag. Coloured watches have been a massive success in the UK throughout 2010 and the Sekonda Party Time takes advantage of this but also provides an elegant look and feel.

Backed with a 2 year warranty and a presentation box the Party Time watch makes for the ideal gift for a loved one, so buy yours online today at And be assured of the lowest possible price.

Press & Media Contact:
Mark Warr
3 The Maltings, Ross On Wye
Herefordshire HR9 7YB UK
01989 565526

Just Been Diagnosed With Dementia? Are There To Help You Understand

The newly launched Dementia Web website gives access to a wealth of current and reliable information to help you get in touch with the right support groups and local organistation that can help you understand.

Witney, Oxon, October 11, 2010 — Anyone dealing with a recent and somewhat raw diagnosis of a dementia or Alzheimer’s illness ( ) can often find it extremely difficult to truly know which way to turn for advice on what to do next. This is not just the case for the actual sufferer, the person or people caring for the sufferer will also often need a great deal of support and help when it comes to what to do next.

Luckily, years of not understanding or even dealing with the growing concern of dementia and Alzheimer’s is slowly coming to an end, with bringing the barriers down and openly discussing a condition that many people fear to accept.

The website now includes:
* Support for both sufferers and carers
* Information about Dementia and Alzheimers, including diagnosis
* Practical help and information about support groups and organisations
* Financial discussion and advice
* How to live with dementia

And so much more.

The newly launched Dementia Web website ( ) gives access to a wealth of current and reliable information to help you get in touch with the right support groups and local organistation that can help you understand and deal better with your current situation. Often, this can be by providing information about local support services through to putting people in touch with both national and locally based carer groups which can be used by those diagnosed or their family. was launched to bring all of the information you could possibly need under one roof, as searching through hundreds of sites when you are struggling to cope with the news of diagnosis is the last thing you would wish to spend your time doing. By bringing all of the relevant information together and placing it into understandable and logical sections means that the information you need is at your finger tips.

So, if you have just been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, ( ) or are careering for someone that has been, is your helpful home when it comes to getting the advice you need.

Press & Media Contact:
David Beck
Dementia Web UK
Dementia web
Guideposts Trust
Two Rivers, Station Lane
Witney, Oxon OX28 4BH
01993 700061

Meet a Scientologist: Sussex Inventor Saves Millions of Lives with Special Syringe

In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at Scientology, Marc Koska talks about his determination to make injection-transmission of HIV/AIDS a thing of the past.

East Grinstead, West Sussex, October 11, 2010 — In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at, Marc Koska talks about his determination to make injection-transmission of HIV/AIDS a thing of the past.

Inventor Marc Koska is a man with a mission-saving lives. In 1984, as the world was learning of a new disease called HIV/AIDS, Koska, then 23, read an article predicting that unsafe injections would spread the disease like a plague.

That’s when his life changed.

“Appalled at the prospect of such an avoidable catastrophe, I decided there and then to try and do something about it,” the father of three from Sussex, England, writes on his website.

He set out to invent an inexpensive syringe that could be used only once, thus thwarting the spread of the disease through repeat injections. Although his concept was in place, Koska had no idea how to go about it.

“My ignorance of healthcare systems and syringes was complete-and the only thing I had ever manufactured was excuses, Koska says. But he went to work on the problem and after many years of research, the “K1” was born-the world’s first auto-disabled syringe. In a nutshell, the syringe self-destructs after one injection.

In 2001, the K1 was adopted by UNICEF for immunization. Auto-disable syringes have since become the norm for disease prevention, but immunization accounts for just 5 percent of injections.

Koska, though gratified by the UNICEF adoption of his technology, was still concerned about the 95 percent of injections that still put lives at risk from re-used needles.

Traditional syringes are disposable, but unscrupulous doctors and desperate people, particularly in the developing world, buy used syringes and use them over and over. Every year, according to The World Health Organization, 1.3 million people die from diseases caused by non-sterile needles and 22 million more are infected with hepatitis and HIV.

“That is precisely why I formed the Safepoint charity in 2005,” says Koska. Safepoint’s mission is to inform parents and children around the world of the dangers of non-sterile injections and how to avoid them.

“We teach them that the syringe must come in a packet, be used once and then must be destroyed, put in a safety box and discarded properly,” Koska says.

With the blessing of numerous health ministers, Koska has set up Safepoint centres in seven countries including India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Each centre trains and employs local staff who spread the message in schools, clinics and local communities.

Koska became a Scientologist in 1992. “I was always absolutely certain there was a system out there that would help Mankind and I was very eager to find it. My wife and I read many, many books and listened to hundreds of tapes trying to find the answer from motivational speakers, religious leaders, philosophers. It became a fantastic mission to try to find the right solution. Nothing really satisfied us and we knew that there was something better and bigger out there,” he says.

A friend introduced him to Dianetics. “I read the first 50 pages and knew that I’d found the answer. It literally answered all the very sophisticated questions I had about life-questions I thought no one else had ever thought of. I knew that I’d found what I’d been looking for,” Koska says.

“You read a piece of data which is very true to you and it just becomes part of you-you apply it on a continual basis. I suppose the easiest way to explain it is it’s just easier to get over problems. You can handle things a lot better and if you confront a problem, you can get through it very easily and make progress very quickly.”

Koska feels Scientology has made it possible for him to accomplish his life-saving mission: “It’s being able to reach out and get in touch with people you would normally think wouldn’t be possible.”

He also credits the encouragement of those nearest and dearest to him. “I couldn’t have done any of it without the support of my family,” says Koska. “But parenthood only reinforces your determination to protect other families from what is an entirely preventable human tragedy. Preventable tragedy makes me angry. It’s a terrible waste, and there’s still so much more to be done.”

Koska was awarded an OBE in 2006 for his contribution to Global Healthcare, having successfully pushed to table legislation to prevent syringe re-use in over 15 countries.

View the Marc Koska video:

The popular “Meet a Scientologist” profiles on the Church of Scientology International video channel at now total 150 broadcast-quality documentary videos featuring Scientologists from diverse locations and walks of life. The personal stories are told by Scientologists who are educators, teenagers, skydivers, a golf instructor, a hip-hop dancer, IT manager, stunt pilot, mothers, fathers, dentists, photographers, actors, musicians, fashion designers, engineers, students, business owners and more.

A digital pioneer and leader in the online religious community, in April 2008 the Church of Scientology became the first major religion to launch its own official YouTube Video Channel, which has now been viewed by millions of visitors.

Press & Media Contact:
Graeme Wilson
Church of Scientology UK
Saint Hill Manor
East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4JY UK
+44 (0)1342 318229

Vanilla Ice, Flo Rida and an All-Star Line-up are On the Mike with Mike Sherman this Week

This week’s show is absolutely jam-packed with stars!: Jon Secada, Jeff Donovan , Kevin Rudolf, Dane Cook, Teairra Mari, Chill EB, Michelle Hurd, Rick Ross.

Miami, FL, October 11, 2010 — The celebrity-driven premier lifestyle and music TV show, “On the Mike with Mike Sherman” travels to Hollywood California to cover this year’s Video Music Awards with an all-star cast from Miami’s own Flo Rida, and Rick Ross, to pop rock sensation, Kevin Rudolf and the king of the college campuses, comedian Dane Cook, plus Jay Z’s newest diva protégé, Teairra Marie who talks to Mike about what it’s like to be signed by the king of hip hop, Jay Z himself.

Then Mike sits down with one of music’s most influential rappers from Oakland California, Chill EB. This magnificent humanitarian is travelling all over the world to promote his latest song “Y’All Busted” which highlights the dangers of ADHD drugs – known to cause aggression, suicide and even death – now being prescribed to children (especially black youths) on an epidemic level.

Mike and his staff then cover the anniversary party of one of the world’s most reputable watch companies: Tag Heuer – celebrating over 100 years of making magnificent watches.

Mike’s crew talks to Jeff Donovan, the lead actor of the hit TV show, “Burn Notice”, along with Grammy award winning artist and producer, Jon Secada. Mike also gets to speak to one of the originators of hip hop music itself about how the game has changed in recent times – Miami’s very own Vanilla Ice.

To wrap up the show, Mike covers the 10th anniversary party of one of Miami Beach’s most famous restaurants for the past ten years: Segafredo’s.

“This week’s show has a touch of everything – big stars, great music, high quality luxury goods, and even a humanitarian effort to help children. What more could anyone want out of a lifestyle TV show? Don’t miss it – Saturday night on TV33 – check your local listings,” says Mike Sherman.

About WFOR/WBFS Miami, Florida:
WFOR-TV/CBS4 and WBFS/TV33 are part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp. For local news, sports scores, weather updates, traffic reports, entertainment news and the best video experience available on the internet, 24 hours a day, visit Press contact is Lee Zimmerman (Director of Public Relations), WFOR-TV and WBFS on tel: (305) 639-4426 or e-mail:

About “On the Mike with Mike Sherman”:
“On the Mike with Mike Sherman” is produced by Mike Sherman Productions Inc. The show debuted on Saturday night on My 33, the CBS affiliate, in Miami in 2003 and is now syndicated all over the world. The show brings the South Florida market closer to exclusive interviews, VIP and red carpet events, concerts, and A-list celebs. Creator/producer: Mike Sherman. Executive producer: Matt Bodi Brenowitz

Press & Media Contact:
Mike Sherman
Mike Sherman Productions, Inc.
777 East Atlantic Avenue, Suite C2-239,
Delray Beach, FL 33483 USA
+1 561 243 0429

“I Had Every Excuse to Fail, But I Chose None”

I Had Every Excuse to Fail, But I Chose None is a motivational and inspirational book about Sebastian Young, a successful entrepreneur who refused to allow life’s unfortunate circumstances to dictate his future. Raised by his grandparents in rural Beaumont, Texas but determined to achieve a certain success, he experienced various trials and pitfalls that paved his chosen path. This authentic and inspirational biography is full of hilarious stories, encouraging statements, and enlightening situations.

Houston, TX, October 08, 2010 — Sebastian K. Young announces the release of his first literary work.

Out of an early life marred by tragedy and unfortunate circumstances, Sebastian K. Young has arisen to write an authentic, life changing and inspirational biography. The book chronicles the life of a young boy whose mother was brutally murdered when he was only a toddler and later grew to become a nationally recognized businessman.

Separated into three sections, Growing Up, Lessons Learned, and Forward Thinking, the book systematically progresses through the various trials that Sebastian ( ) experienced in adolescence, the witty relationship based anecdotes of his grandfather, and the business savvy chess game of life that he lives today.

Mr. Young ( ) hopes that his first literary work will inspire and motivate others to not allow unfortunate circumstances to cause them to fail in life. Every trial and experience should become a springboard for greater successes. He has a heart and a compassion for people and welcomes the opportunity to encourage others to achieve their greatest potential.

This book is the key to unearthing one’s buried potential. Through this book, individuals will discover landmark strategies to propel their personal and professional partnerships, as well as build their business with considerable success.

The book is now released and is available through Skybash Publishing.

Press & Media Contact:
Sebastian K. Young
Skybash Publishing
2616 South Loop West, STE 110
Houston, TX 77054
Tel – 713-364-2274 or 832-865-3104

Luxury Travel Group Ltd Announces Wholesales Tour Prices 2011 and Travel Agents Commissions

Luxury Travel Ltd offers a complete range of unique itineraries along with a tailor-made itinerary service, and can arrange all aspects of travels, right down to making dinner reservations, helicopter tours, or a private cruise, nothing is impossible.

Hanoi, Vietnam, October 08, 2010 — Luxury Travel Ltd launched their award winning travel experience, service, tours , wholesales tour prices 2010-2011 and Travel Agents Commissions, and announced that there will be a focus on Vietnam and the city of Hanoi due to its 1,000th year celebrations.

To better help agents sell the destinations of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand, Luxury Travel Ltd has dropped its tours prices online by an average of 15% for the coming year, due to better bargaining power from the wholesaler as well as hoteliers dropping their prices.

This month luxury travel operator announces wholesales tour prices 2011 and 15% Commission for Travel Agents and Tours Operators Worldwide who start selling luxury tours packages.

Luxury Travel Ltd ( ) offers a complete range of unique itineraries along with a tailor-made itinerary service, and can arrange all aspects of travels, right down to making dinner reservations, helicopter tours, or a private cruise, nothing is impossible.

The company luxury experience, friendly staff, and personalized flexible service ensure discerning travelers will receive the best possible knowledge & advice for luxury travel experience.

Expect to enjoy picturesque locations, stunning accommodation, fabulous international – standard wine & cuisine, along with fresh authentic experiences in friendly and safe environments.

This coupled with the fact that the Luxury Travel Team is available around the clock during their guests’ stay, ensures peace of mind while on vacation. Luxury Travel Company is committed to sell their hand-picked travel experiences and worry free tour packages to travel agents and tour operators.

To start selling luxury tour packages in Indochina, Thailand and Myanmar, travel agents log in and fill in their company information at ( ) and enjoy 15% commission of travel industry with given code. Luxury Travel Group Ltd is passionate about providing a luxury travel service that creates experiences of a lifetime.

“Luxury Travel Ltd will promote the premium travel products at Top Resa Paris, ITB Asia, ATF Cambodia, ITB Berlin, Luxury Travel Fair, WTM London, Luxury Travel Expo, FITUR. We have newest Luxury Travel’s brochure 2011 and luxury travel guide book to help you to generates sales. Interested travel colleagues can make an appointment with us and further discussion about this profitable market share in the emerging luxury destinations such as Vietnam and Cambodia,” said Pham Ha, Founder and CEO of Luxury Travel Company.

For more info, visit

Press & Media Contact:
Lee Thais
Luxury Trvel Group Ltd
5 Nguyen Truong To Street
Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi, Vientam

“Connected Souls” Packs the House at CD Release Party

More than 175 people attended the CD release party of Connected Souls, one of the Treasure Coast’s newest music duos featuring Mike Jordan and Doreen Poreba. The audience gathered to hear and buy the debut CD of the two singer-songwriters from Stuart.

Stuart, FL, October 08, 2010 — More than 175 people attended the CD release party of Connected Souls, one of the Treasure Coast’s newest music duos featuring Mike Jordan and Doreen Poreba. The audience gathered to hear and buy the debut CD of the two singer-songwriters from Stuart.

During the September 12th event held at Unity of Stuart, Poreba and Jordan began by thanking their producer, Albert Miller, an award-winning singer-songwriter and keyboardist who has performed alongside such artists as The Angels, Richie Havens, The Cowsills, The Rascals, The Lemon Pipers and Rod Stewart.

“This CD absolutely, positively would not have happened without Albert’s professionalism and guidance,” said Poreba, who is also known in the community as head of The PR Czar® Inc.,

“When I first heard Doreen and Mike sing together, I thought, ‘what a nice combination those two have.’ Maybe I should produce them because they could make a nice CD,” said Miller,, who is a member of the popular Critters Band with Don Ciccone and the Unity of Stuart music director. “I’m proud of the work we did together.”

Additional acknowledgments followed for Don Rowell, an award-winning guitarist from Stuart who played lead and slide guitars on the CD; Glenn Robinson for his Connected Souls logo design; Mitch Kloorfain for his photography featured on the CD packaging; and Rev. William Gill of Unity of Stuart and Rev. Janice Cary of Unity of Ft. Pierce for giving them steady performance opportunities.

“We appreciate all of the support we’ve gotten not only from those directly involved with the making of the CD, but also our growing fan base,” said Jordan.

The pair then told the audience about their musical backgrounds, how they formed their duo, and the inspiration behind each original song they wrote. For the first time, they played the songs featured on their full-length debut CD. To cap off the evening, the Unity of Stuart Joyful Noise Band & Choir joined them on stage for a live performance of “Treat Each Other Like God Would,” “The Miracle is You,” and “Time to Play,” the title track. The audience responded with a standing ovation.

The Connected Souls CD, described as positive thought, pop or easy listening music, features 10 original tracks, four written by Jordan and four by Poreba. A ninth song was co-written by Poreba, Miller and the late Walter Wurster. The CD includes a tenth original written by Miller and Geri Duryea, both Stuart residents. Jordan and Poreba handle all of the lead and background vocals and play guitar. They’re backed up by Miller, who provided a mix of keyboards and other instruments along with Rowell on guitar.

The CD is now available for sale online at, iTunes,, and and locally through local nonprofit organizations, including Unity of Stuart and Unity of Fort Pierce. A portion of the proceeds will benefit each of the participating nonprofit groups. Any retail store or nonprofit organization wishing to sell the CD should call 772-221-2425. For more information and to hear song clips of the CD’s 10 songs, visit the website,

Press & Media Contact:
Doreen Poreba
Connected Souls
610 SE Krueger Parkway
Stuart, FL 34996

With Help From Mortgage Funds The Real Estate Market Shows Signs of a Recovery

Investor confidence in the financial system has also been so badly shaken that many remain very cautious, with high levels of cash kept on the books by most fund managers as they ensure they are not caught out by a sharp downturn in sentiment.

Santa Rosa, CA, October 08, 2010 — Even big money hedge fund and Mortgage fund investors hate to lose money and many are seeking a more conservative way to make high returns on their capital in a sour economy.

Mortgage fund managers are increasingly embracing private commercial mortgage lending as a way to enhance yield and decrease the overall risk of a portfolio. The credit crisis has greatly reduced the availability of commercial mortgage capital and, at-the-same-time, made it harder for borrowers and buildings to qualify for financing. The result is a glut of good deals that should be funded but can’t be funded.

Some hedge funds and Mortgage funds are stepping in and helping fill this “funding gap”. This unprecedented move by private investment funds into commercial real estate finance was prompted by the demands of unhappy investors. When wealthy business people put several hundred thousand in a fund and pay a hefty management fee, they have the right to expect results. After being promised double digit yields, many investors lost large amounts of money and actually had trouble accessing the money they had invested.

Faced with disgruntled and disenchanted clients, Mortgage fund managers were desperate for a high return investment that offered at least some measure of real security. For many, private commercial mortgage loans have proved to be the answer. Unlike residential lending, commercial mortgage banking is largely unregulated and posed no barrier to entry for private investment funds. The credit crunch was (and is) keeping real estate investors, large and small, from obtaining the capital they needed to refinance their buildings or buy any new ones. Thousands of excellent deals with very reasonable risk parameters were (and are) going unfunded and the lack of institutional credit drove private lending rates high enough to pique the interest of even the most sophisticated and return hungry fund managers.With rates ranging between 10% and 15% interest only payments it leaves building owners a quality source to take their loans for funding.However some of these Private Money and Hard Money companies are recommended more then others.There are some in the Hard Money industry that charge a $25,000 to $ 50,000 retainer fee for their services whether or not they perform.So it is always wise to check the track record of the company you are using.One company that we can recommend for loans in the state of California is they have a sucessful track record of closing loans in both northern and southern California see below for the loan types and properties they are financing.

Purchases&Refinances with Cash-Out
* Equity Partners
* CD’s
* Hard Money Construction Loans
* International Commercial Project Loans
* Hedge Funds
* Insurance Money
* Joint Ventures
* Lines of Credit
* Overseas Commercial Loans
* Pension Funds
* Private Hard Money Lenders
* Private Lenders
* Private Equity
* Private Money
* Real Estate Lending
* Trust Funds
* Wholesale Hard Money
* Wholesale Commercial Mortgages
* And More programs out daily …

Land: with Entitlements
Construction and Rehab loans
No Pre-Payment Penalty Programs Available for a fee
California Bridge Financing
Short Term “Bridge or Gap” Financing
Acquisitions with Low Fee and Rate Hard Money
Cash Out Refinances
Tenant Improvements or Rehab
California Rehab Flip Hard Money Loans – Loan to cost
Residential and Commercial REO, Distressed Sale, Trustee Sale, Short sales.
Loan Amounts: $100,000 – $1,000,000 – No Prepay
Term: 6-months, up to two 3-month extensions
LTC: 70 (up to 75% exception)
ARV: 60-70%
Fico: 625+ (mid score)
Personal Gaurantee: All partners must sign a personal guarantee
Required Reserves: 50% of rehab costs * 6-months payments
Rehab Expenses: Must be fund controlled or suitable alternative
Rehab Draw: 2-3 draws permitted based upon inspection
Rehab Timeline: All rehab work must be completed within 75 days
Private Money in California
Fast private money loans California
Specializing in apartment private money loans California
We have hard money loans California
in as well for the very poor credit borrowers
Loan Structures – California Private Money – California Hard Money
Hard money loans are real estate collateralized loans based on the sale value of the property against which the loan is made. Private money lenders generally only lend in 1st positionLoans on Residential Properties *must* be for investment or commercial purposes non owner occupied or the maximum we will lend is 60% max.

Based in Santa Rosa, California – Our Funds Online is a residential and a commercial real estate lender providing fast, creative funding solutions nationwide.We offer bridge loans, mezzanine debt, construction financing (including land development) and occasionally equity participation. It specializes in non-conforming transactions ranging from $2 million to $100 million and above. Please visit us online for additional information operators can be reached 24 hours per day toll free at (877) 870-2676 or local office line (310) 984-0496

Press & Media Contact:
Jeffrey Martino Young
1585 Terrace Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Mob: (310) 984-0496 24 hour contact line
Tel: (877) 870-2676 Toll free line Offers Online Invitations that Let Guests Choose Where They Sit

Guest Management Services LLC is excited to introduce a new concept in online invitations:

Chicago, IL, October 08, 2010 — Guest Management Services LLC is excited to introduce a new concept in online invitations: The new Website represents a high-tech solution that simplifies the tedious invitation process for event organizers.

“We offer electronic invitations free of charge with the added functionality that the host of the event can create an interactive seating chart using our intuitive tools,” said co-founder Santiago Vazquez. “The host can then assign seats himself, or send the invitations and let the guests pick their own seats-just like when you buy an airline ticket online.”

IdealSeat is an innovative Website that can save time and effort for organizers of events of all types and sizes. Event hosts can use the site for a variety of tasks, including generating online invitations, create interactive seating charts, collecting payments (when required), managing guest lists and controlling the RSVP process. “Organizers of events can leave the burden of seating assignments to the guests,” Vazquez said. “Not only does this benefit the host, it benefits the guests as well. They can choose their ideal seat.”

The Website allows organizers to select from two event packages: Basic and Premium. The Basic package, which is free, allows users to send online invitations with interactive seating charts for up to 50 guests. The Premium package-available for just $9.95-is designed for organizers with more than 50 guests or who are planning a paid event.

Setting up an event at is easy. Users simply select a category and an invitation design and then enter their event details. They can add a custom URL, images and create their event layout based on the room size and furniture placement. The organizer can then define different sections such as “Family,” “Friends,” “Co-workers,” etc. If the event requires payment, the sections can be price points throughout the venue’s different seating options. If a guest is assigned to a specific section, he or she will only be allowed to select a seat with in that section.

The Website also features a “Poll Guest” option that allows hosts to create both private and public questions. Private questions help the organizer to better plan the event and can range from drink preferences and food allergies to favorite music and expected arrival time. Answers to public questions are viewable by all guests and are meant to stimulate interaction and facilitate seat selection. Public questions can range from sex and age to marital status and relationship to the organizer.

IdealSeat also offers custom developed solutions to give venues a cost-effective way to sell seats online. The Website’s account representatives and world-class programming team work closely with companies to provide hosting, site management, support and continuous enhancements to ensure their venue is optimizing ticketing revenue. With this solution, IdealSeat handles the ticketing, collection and seat assignment process, leaving users more time to focus on managing and growing their business. “We are the next generation of Evite and a do-it-yourself Ticketmaster all in one place,” Vazquez said.

Co-founded by Vazquez and Raul Quino, IdealSeat is supported by a solid management and advisory team with a strong background in startup ventures, event planning, international business, marketing and product development. IdealSeat is a product driven by the need for a better seating assignment system. In the past, creating seating assignments has been a cumbersome task for organizers of weddings, charity fundraisers and other events. In addition, event attendees can be quite finicky about seating arrangements. IdealSeat offers a simple online invitation and seating solution that is both affordable and hassle-free. “There is nothing like it out there,” Vazquez said.

To learn more about the Website’s online invitations and other solutions, please visit or contact Santiago Vazquez at

Press & Media Contact:
Raul Quino, Co-Founder
Chicago, IL