Authority Pro Review: Beyond a Just a WordPress Theme

Montreal, Canada – 11/09/2010_ Needless to say that WordPress has gained much popularity as the best Content Management System among the Internet marketers and bloggers as well. Apart from its adorable features like the easiness to set up professional authoritative sites, it’s free and constantly updating. The numerous plug-ins that are made available to the users makes it more efficient and enhanced.

Authority Pro definitely is that type of WordPress theme engine, which has immensely slighted the existing challenges faced by endless WordPress theme users all over the world. WordPress themes by itself have certain loopholes which sometimes can be a hurdle to have a great site. In a growing world of effective internet marketing, this creates a huge void that stops from having good, professional sites and ultimately the true profits from your site. But this can’t be the situation when you use Authority Pro as a theme engine which can effectively take any site into success.

Since CMS itself provides a better site structure, good categorization of content and search engine friendliness, they are greatly favoured and have better things in the store for any user. For anyone who wants to have their WordPress sites more improved should better understand the drawbacks of these WordPress themes. Our Authority Pro review can greatly help people with this since it clearly talks about the pros and cons of WordPress themes and other Content Management Systems. The Authority Pro site not only establishes as one of the best WordPress theme engines but ensures the readers well informed about the many features, problems and limitations of wordpress and other Content Management Systems.

Authority Pro is created by Bryan McConnahea who have been a full-time affiliate marketer who works as a marketer and coder at the same time. His success as a coder builds the platform for Authority Pro. It’s this combination of backend coding, plus proven conversion approaches that make people want to learn more about Authority Pro. The site takes the reader through a journey revealing the ease of use many offers and promises of Authority Pro.

About Authority-Pro:

This website provides review on the WordPress Theme Engine Authority Pro. The site not only talks about with the features of Authority Pro but also the various features and drawbacks of WordPress Themes and other CMS.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Cheap and Secure Car Insurance? 90 Seconds – At

Gainesville, FL (November 8, 2010) – You might have heard people saying it requires greater skill to find the right insurance for your car than to drive it. Not without truth. Each insurance company takes into account its own criteria to factor in running costs and determine the premium, and many companies come up with rates that are cheaper than your existing car insurance rates, every year. So, are you not paying more with your current insurance than you would have if you compared the insurance rates year after year and switched to the right one?

But who has knack for finances and time to do all the research? It is here that Insurance 90 steps in. It does all the research for you and comes up with a really cheap car insurance quote. And how long does all this take? Hold your breath – 90 seconds!

Insurance 90 provides online insurance services for those who have newly purchased a car, as well as those who already own a car and have insurance on it. To the former it provides the benefit of getting really cheapest car insurance quote, while to the latter it offers the prospect of switching to a cheaper insurance and save money.

All the services of Insurance 90 are online – from application to approval, and payment of premium. People at Insurance 90 have an in-depth knowledge of the insurance policies of all major companies and their automated process finds the best and cheapest one for you in a matter of just 90 seconds. Further, they recognise the concerns of customers who may be wary of online transactions. That’s why they carry out all transactions through a high security page and keep all the information provided by confidential. With Insurance 90, you can rest assured that you are getting the cheapest rates possible, in a completely secure environment.

Even when you search for cheap car insurance, you want a reputable company so that you are assured of adequate protection. Insurance 90 takes care of this concern. It does not sacrifice security for the sake of low price. In fact, the companies on its data base are all highly reputable companies with proven track record of customer satisfaction.

The website of Insurance 90 is completely user friendly and even those who are not net-savvy will find it very easy to use. In addition to online application form, the home page contains information about all its three main types of insurance – car, home and life – as well as a link to latest offers. It also carries a link to a directory of extremely useful insurance articles.

About Insurance 90

Insurance 90 is a company that facilitates online car, home as well as life insurance with the most reputable companies at the best possible rates. To know more about it, please contact:

Nicolas Rife
PO BOX 385
Gainesville, FL 32601
Phone: 888.777.3939

How to market my website?

November 9,2010 – The internet is cluttered with a plethora of sites; it becomes daunting to run an e-commerce site, especially if it lacks exposure within the search engines. One service among the principal tools that provides visibility in all the popular search engines is search engine directory submission. is the blooming website marketing company specialized in manual directory submission. As the best directory submission service, it bestows the ideal website search engine optimization platform for your website, you can now stop wondering – how to market my website? Website SEO can keep a website profitable even under stiff competition in their niche markets.

Web directories incorporate an array of web pages that have similar content and subjects. A Website marketing company takes up the responsibility of manual directory submission in over several such directories, so that the prospective visitors cruising online can discover your website. In fact, you can be without worries such as how to market my website and how to submit your site to get hundreds of search engine directory submissions, if you opt for the Best Directory Submission services provided by website SEO experts in this experienced website marketing company submit exactly in the particular niche directory that fits your website, to make way for your success.

The qualified professionals at, a proficient website marketing company, start the search engine directory submission by picking the right types of search engines, according to the nature of your site. The website SEO includes the work of checking the parameters in the search engine submission of URL; verifying the placement and pursuing a regular agenda. AnaxIT is practiced and delivers the best directory submission services with know how that allows a new site to get listedon the top of search engines. In fact, how to market my website at the least cost– is the common question amongst online merchants and they depend on manual directory submission services, which eventually make sure to place quality links that are one-way and permanent within directories. In fact, currently trying to establish reciprocal links are outdated and the best directory submission companies with updated technology does not follow this technique.

The words Search engine directory submission may be easy to understand when you picture it, as it is also called manual directory submission without any software, but in reality it is quite debilitating since it involves various follow-ups consistently to regularly check and update the backlink that are submitted in 8000+ directories. A website marketing company such as, equipped with veteran website SEO professionals gives an advantage to website owners, as the team always diligently work to completely eliminate the common fear – how to market my website?

Simply submit your website to the best directory submission service providers like, which in turn will reward you with steady improvement in site rankings, indexing, website traffic, sales and branding. In fact, today almost all website owners trust manual directory submission services for website marketing. The best directory submission service provider is the safest, cost effective and easiest way to get your website marketed and connected to the internet community, questions such as how to market my website fades away instantly with this company.


Get Your Free Email Marketing Campaign Audit with Eco Agency

Receive all the latest email marketing services and advice tailored to your business with a free campaign audit, at Eco Agency.

The eco marketing offer includes content, creative, deliverability, timing and subject line advice to get top quality email marketing.

Whether it is email broadcasting, design, lead generation, website design, SEO, SMS campaigns or offline marketing, their wide range of services can truly benefit your business.

At Eco Agency, they believe that digitised products and services can make a real difference in cutting carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Ethical marketing means more than using less paper to cut costs. By using best practice in all services, they are able to make a real difference to the carbon footprint of the company and in the last eighteen months alone have planted over 1000 trees.

They have a wealth of experience and expertise in the email marketing services of email, web, mobile and interactive as well as the more traditional channels of mail, call centre, sales force and catalogue.

Eco Agency is well placed in terms of resources, market intelligence and consultative prowess to deliver ecologically responsible direct marketing solutions that don’t cost the earth.

They are ethical specialists in all abilities from consumer to business, International or UK based, to help you achieve your goals; with Online Marketing specialists and Data Analysts to make your email campaigns the best they can be; creative designers with years of experience, and copywriters who can create sparkling PR.

Well known clients who use our services include Creative Leisure Systems, The Data Partnership, DMRI and Marketing Data.

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KLM Distribution To Expand “Virtual Record Label” Services To Independent Music Industry

KLM Distribution, LLC announced that they are expanding their suite of products and services to the independent music industry.

Nashville, TN/Tempe, AZ, November 09, 2010 — KLM Distribution, LLC ( ) announced that they are expanding their suite of products and services to the independent music industry through the recruitment of 50 regional sales managers and 500 independent sales representatives throughout North America.

Scott Kelly, KLM’s National Sales Manager commented “KLM has been an industry leader in providing top talent and services to major labels and their artists and now through our North American expansion we can offer those same services to the independent community of labels and artists at an incredible value. In addition, we are now providing an opportunity for hundreds to have a career in the music industry”

Those wishing to apply for Regional Manager or Sales Manager positions may submit resumes via

About KLM Distribution:
KLM Distribution is a total music business solutions company that works with independent labels and artists worldwide, providing everything from major distribution (Sony®/RED) of a new release, to marketing, public relations, manufacturing, regional national radio promotions and more. Founded in 2008, KLM is based out of Nashville with additional staff offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Charlotte, Seattle and Dallas.

KLM’s strength is cemented in its veteran staff with over 100 years of major label expertise in all facets of the music industry, having worked with such artists as Carrie Underwood, Bon Jovi, KISS, Brian McKnight, Taylor Swift, Motley Crue, Kanye West, The Who, 98 Degrees and Led Zepplin, earning RIAA sales awards of over 100 million records.

Visit KLM Distribution online at

Press & Media Contact:
Scott Kelly
National Sales Manager
KLM Distribution, LLC
9920 S. Rural Rd. Suite# 108
Tempe, AZ 85284
(480) 206-3435

Specialists for Offshore Asset Management and Investment: Meyer International

Bangkok, Thailand – Meyer International Ltd has transferred its operations to Bangkok, Thailand in an effort to increase the quality of its entire range of services. The company is now able to offer customers a broader range of offshore financial solutions covered by full confidentiality.

With an extensive experience in working to provide customers from numerous countries around the world with the highest quality services, Meyer International Ltd specializes in asset building, tax sheltering/planning and portfolio management, retirement and education fee planning, confidential offshore private banking, Hedge Fund – ヘッジファンド and Offshore Hedge Fund – オフショアヘッジファンド investments, mortgages and loans, and numerous others.

The offshore investment – オフショア投資 provides anyone that disposes of a minimum capital to invest in a financial solution that is widely recognized as being one of most profitable options available. Whether you are looking to invest in an Offshore Hedge Fund – オフショアヘッジファンド, or any other type of Offshore Investment – オフショア投資, has the necessary expertise to you with all the necessary guidance and services.

About the company:

Meyer International Ltd, represented online at, is one of the largest international companies specializing in providing customers from all across the world with a wide range of financial services and financial consulting for offshore investment solutions including, among numerous others, Hedge Fund – ヘッジファンド, Offshore Hedge Fund – オフショアヘッジファンド and Offshore Investment – オフショア投資.

For more information and details about the company and its services, please visit the website or use the contact details below:

Digital Signage and Mobile Marketing: A Powerful and Unique Combination

Vivid Digital Concepts, the premier franchise-based digital sign network operator, is announcing a new addition to their digital marketing solutions for businesses: mobile text message marketing.

Richfield, OH. November 09, 2010 — Vivid Digital Concepts, ( ) the premier franchise-based digital sign network operator, is announcing a new addition to their digital marketing solutions for businesses: mobile text message marketing. The service will allow advertisers on Vivid’s digital sign network to create an opt-in list for customers. Once a customer has “opted-in”, the business can send targeted and timely coupons, specials and reminders directly to their mobile phone via text message.

Digital signage, coupled with mobile marketing, allows businesses to reach customers and potential customers while they are out of their home and in the consumer mindset. Both industries are on strong growth trends. According to recent research released by Arbitron, Digital videos in public venues reaches more Americans each month (70%) than video over the Internet (43%) or Facebook (41%). Additionally, CTIA: The Wireless Association reports that in the first half of 2009, over 4.1 billion texts were sent per day.

One hurdle to text message marketing is getting the keyword and shortcode that individuals use to opt-in to marketing programs out to the targeted audience. Deborah Naegle, President of Vivid Digital Concepts, ( ) sees both forms of marketing as highly-complementary. “Our digital sign ads are full-motion and high impact: they grab people’s attention. We think that our advertisers will see a huge uplift in exposure for their mobile marketing programs. Even though our core business is digital signage, we think offering mobile marketing, along with digital signage, is a truly powerful approach to branding and advertising. At the end of the day, we just want to deliver a better product to our clients and franchise owners.”

Vivid Digital Concepts franchise owner Brian Grega offered these comments: “The mobile text messaging service offers the best venue for connecting with consumers in an intimate, one-to-one relationship to deliver precise messages on current activities, events and promotions, which will result in increased business for our advertising clients. Once again, Vivid is providing its franchisees an opportunity to provide a great value to our customers.”

About Vivid Digital Concepts:
Vivid Digital Concepts, ( ) based in Northern Ohio, installs and manages Private Digital Screen Advertising Networks. Vivid Digital Concepts’ Advertising Networks focus on driving local business markets by providing relevant news, information and dynamic advertising for the community. Currently, Vivid Digital Concepts reaches thousands of network viewers per month in 11 cities. The company believes in “Thinking Outside the Screen”© to reach viewers and provide a much-needed alternative to print advertising for local businesses. Vivid Digital Concepts is also the first franchise company solely dedicated to Digital Screen Advertising Networks. The company has developed a unique B2B sales model, with a focus on reoccurring revenue, for sales-driven individuals. VDC franchise owners acquire the rights to develop exclusive advertising networks. Franchise opportunities still exist in many areas across the United State.

For information regarding franchise opportunities and mobile text messaging please call 866-997-6376 or email Visit: and for more details.

Press & Media Contact:
Deborah Naegle
Vivid Digital Concepts
3046 Brecksville Rd
Richfield, OH 44286
Tel: (330) 659-3585
Fax: (330) 659-3757

Link Building Still Has The Potential If Done Right

MONTRÉAL, CA (November, 2010) – As we were sure that manual link building always has its charm, we didn’t look for the opinion of the small time online marketers. We headed straight to hear the opinion of the experts who were offering manual link building service. Our first choice obviously is wmhaven who are masters in manual link building. According to t he spokesperson of wmhaven, “There is no SEO without manual link building and the success of the strategy depends on how you do it. Manual link building according to the search engine guidelines is not mastered by everyone out there. Such people just spread the false information that link building has no effect or even harmful for a sites rankings. It is just like a bad workman blaming his tools.”

The spokesperson added that, “We can say that manual one way link building is something like an art. Though you’d find several manual link building service providers today, most of them do not know anything about the search engine guidelines and they do it wrongly which results in either ineffectiveness of the campaign or even damage to the website for violating the search engine guidelines. But the effectiveness of link building cannot be questioned just because of these novice service providers. With the experts, manual link building still has great potential in building the site rankings more than any other strategy available today.”

“Building one way links from niche websites is always a challenge. You cannot just as a one way link and successfully get one. This is where our niche one way link building service comes into play. With our service, our clients can get targeted niche, high quality one way links back to their website. They don’t have to worry about anything while we get the links for them.”

Speaking on the move, the spokesperson said, “Niche link building is indispensable for site rankings. It is true that for many of them out there it is really an uphill task to get one way back links from authority niche sites. Just because of this, niche link building cannot be ruled out. Though we are not ready to tell the secret behind niche building, we’d offer the most successful link building service ever.”

About Wmhaven is the place to look for turnkey SEO services and the very best niche link building service. For more information, visit

Fascinating lego star wars at discount price

November 7, 2010 – Lego star wars is the most thriving in the series of lego games, and indeed it is esteemed as a milestone in the kid’s toys. The series of lego duplo has been in the market since 1999, which has been continuously expanded upon. The highlights of this series of toys are the characters and the vehicles, which imitate the real episodes of star wars trilogy. In fact, they frequently release new set of toys and it encompasses the latest episodes of lego city. The hottest release includes clone wars, the animated movie and TV serial. The regular updates make it more alluring.

Virtually all the mainstays presented in star wars franchise can be seen in the lego star wars. The characters try to sustain the typical characters in lego duplo, in other words, all of them are made with square body and block shape head, but there is slightest variation in the colors, accessories such as hats, helmets and caps. The sizes and shapes of star wars characters have wide discrepancy and hence the lego star wars include original molds to make them unique. For example in the lego city, Darth Vader have easily identifiable head shape and similarly Yoda, Stormtroopers and other aliens are in their original getup. It is fascinating to see the lightsabers with unique figures.

Beyond the characters in lego star wars, all the vehicles and ships are generated from the original star wars. lego duplo includes millennium falcon, the icon of lego city, as it has been enhanced and tweaked than its original attributes. The pack of lego star wars incorporates the X-wing fighters, Rebel Blcckade Runner and a lot other speeder crafts. The lego city location sets enclose the Hoth Rebel base, the Death Star and more. The enthralling movie of star wars is now in your hands, to play and it adds more enthrallment while playing.

Apart from the lego star wars vehicles and characters, the latest sets include a spectrum of star wars accessories like technic line, the intricate part with complex movement. They may be less reminiscent to the classical block feel, look and construction of lego duplo, but certainly entices many people. In addition to these toys, you can also grab mini characters magnet series which has about a dozen interesting characters. The ultimate collector series is quite big and extremely complex in the designs. The latest Millennium Series include more than 5,000 blocks, the biggest and complex lego star wars series. Although video games on star wars are available in the market, the rage for lego duplo never emasculates. is the site, where you can obtain almost all the series of lego star wars. The site has offered bulk discount, which is £350 per kit. This is incredible opportunity should be certainly taken advantage. Further, they include free shipping offer for all the games. The site has obtained E-mark, which is the symbol for safe trade. Make use of this prospect and grab your pack of lego city.

Michael Nielsen,
Fjordvej 27,
9220 Aalborg,
Phone: 24926810

A review of the Menorca Singles Holidays Facebook Fan Page

Menorca singles holidays really interact with their customers since the launch of their new Facebook Page.

People on its latest walking Singles Holiday on 15th October have uploaded all their pictures onto the site, to give other holiday goers a taste of what the single holidays are all about.

All their walks are enjoyed not endured and are around six miles long; taken at a comfortable and leisurely pace.

Accommodations’ are idyllic and tranquil, allowing people to kick-back, relax and fully appreciate the short holiday break away from home and working life.

Menorca Singles has all the latest holidays available for the end of 2010 and a full price list for all holidays taking place in 2011.

Singles Travel specialise in a wide range of holidays including walking, photography, painting and creative writing; so you are bound to find something to really immerse yourself into.

All of the activities take place in stunning outdoor locations and are followed by a lavish three course lunch.

The holidays are aimed at people who want to have a good time in the fresh air, with other like-minded single travellers.

Only a reasonable level of fitness is required and most guests are in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

But you don’t have to be single to go on the walking holidays. Menorca Single Holidays have many married men and women who come along, leaving their partners at home because they want alone time and independent space; or simply because their partner does not like walking.

For more information about what is available on going on a singles holiday visit or call 08000724832.

Or visit their Menorca Singles Holidays Facebook Fan page to view the pictures uploaded and get involved.