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Short Vacation Golden Triangle Tours

We arrived in India for the shooting of a documentary and once the shoot was over the crew decided to take a short break. As we all were divided over the choice of place, ultimately the group divided into three small ones and decided to proceed to three different Golden Triangle tour destinations-Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, and what a short vacation that was!” wrote Amma to her friend in an email.

What Amma mentioned is actually what many tourists like her feel when they convert a business or a personal trip to India in enjoying a short vacation Golden Triangle tours in the country. This break not only helps them rejuvenate their tired soul, but also gives them an opportunity to understand the country.

Delhi being the capital of country has so much to offer. To many, it is like a country in itself-the city is spread so far and wide that it seems to encompass sea of humanity. With vehicles zooming in and out of different and almost all the roads at any point of the day, it is difficult for anyone to guess when Delhi sleeps. Yet beneath that never ending cloak is an invisible spirit that needs to be explored and for that one needs to spend a little more time roaming around the streets and visiting various nooks and corners that contains reminiscence of footsteps of royalties and kingdoms that have ruled, or have dreamt of ruling Delhi. Even the difference between Delhi built by Britishers, the old Delhi and the ever expanding Delhi needs to be experienced to be understood.

Similarly, the glory of Taj Mahal in Agra is always beckoning and is actually worth taking a short yet memorable vacation. It is difficult to comprehend the feeling that one gets standing in front of this love monument. The exquisite grandeur, the aura and the overwhelming and overarching feeling of love is always in the air even in the near vicinity of the structure. Even modernisation and accomplishments in the field of architect can’t diminish the stateliness of the structure and till the time these feelings remain, it is difficult to either circumvent, or diminish the importance of this short but very fulfilling vacation.

Jaipur on the other hand is a class in itself. To begin with, it is the colour of the city that mesmerise the tourists. Nick named as the ‘pink city’ of the country, houses are mostly coated with pink colour adding a unique symmetrical ambience. To add to the beauty are the plethora of forts and palaces and interesting monuments dotting the skyline of the city that spread from one corner to another. This short break normally is a wonderful cultural and historical vacation in a place where hospitality is at its best.

To add to the grandeur are the numbers of heritage havelis that have been converted into homely hotels offering a glimpse into the life of erstwhile royalty. In fact to be served by staff dressed in old royal costumes and in the manner in which it was once done is an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. After all such is the glory of India’s short but fruitful vacations!

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Rajasthan Luxury Tour Packages

Rajasthan (the land of colours), is the largest state of the Republic of India by area. It encompasses most of the area of the large, inhospitable Great Indian Desert (Thar Desert), which has an edge paralleling the Sutlej-Indus river valley along its border with Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful states of India which attracts very large number of domestic and foreign tourists in India. The state is bordered by Pakistan to the west, Gujarat to the southwest, Madhya Pradesh to the southeast, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to the northeast and Punjab to the north. Rajasthan covers an area of 132,150 sq mi or 342,239 km². The proportion of the state’s total area to the total area of the country is 10.41 per cent.

Jaipur is the capital and the largest city of the state. Geographical features include the Thar Desert along north-western Rajasthan and the termination of the Ghaggar River near the archaeological ruins at Kalibanga, which are the oldest in the subcontinent discovered so far.

It is perhaps the most famous India Tourism destination. What make Rajasthan the most famous travel & tourism destination of India opn your Rajasthan Luxury Tour Packages is charming mix of its rich cultural heritage, rich flora & fauna, the charm of dazzling deserts, and hospitable Rajasthani people.
Its Tourism is able to grab the heart of its visitors. There is something for every tourist in Rajasthan, India. India Tour Packages ,Luxury Honeymoon Tours, Luxury tour India, Luxury Holidays India,Luxury Tour Packages,Luxury Tours India,Holiday Packages India,Wildlife, Desert, Hill Station, Fantastic Forts, Royal Palaces, Heritage Hotels, Adventure, and Sports! These all you will get in the Rajasthan Travel Package. What a tourist can demand for spend their holiday or what more should to be the perfect destination?

The tourism in Rajasthan, India never fails to impress its visitors with its various attractions. One of the most important things you are going to meet on your Tours to Rajasthan, India is its rich cultural heritage and no doubt the best way to experience its rich cultural heritage is visiting its magnificent monuments like forts, palaces, temples, shrines, havelis, etc. In whatever the region of India you will travelling, you will meet magnificent forts & palaces welcoming you and singing the saga of heroism and romance of bygone era in your Rajasthan Holiday Packages India.

Besides forts and palaces of Rajasthan India , on your tour travels you will also have opportunity word known wildlife sanctuaries & parks, like Ranthambhore, Sariska, and Keoladeo Ghana National Park. Kumbhalgarh, Mount Abu, Jaisamand, and Darrah wildlife sanctuaries are also worth exploring. The rich flora and fauna of Rajasthan, India offers scenic beauty, fun and adventure to its visitors. Embark on Rajasthan Tours and explore its rich flora and fauna and capture the majesty of majestic tigers in Sariska or Ranthambhore or the spectacular view of birds in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Truly the wildlife of it is photographer’s delight. It is a heaven for nature lovers, too.

One of the most amazing things on your Tour Packages , which you will enjoy on your Rajasthan India Tour Packages is camel safari to the romantic Sam Sand Dunes visiting en route the isolated villages of Rajasthan. Every tourist wants to enjoy camel safari to the Sam Sand Dunes to view the spectacular view of sunset. Besides Camel Safari you will also have opportunity to enjoy elephant safari to the dense forest of Rajasthan, India or Jeep Safari or Horse Safari. Don’t miss this opportunity on your Rajasthan Luxury Tours India.

If you want to enjoy cool climate of Rajasthan in the Travel Packages besides scorching sun and burning sands, select one of Rajasthan Travel Packages for Mount Abu – the only hill stations of it blessed with mind-boggling natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, and cool climate. Mount Abu is also very popular among honeymooners as its offers several picturesque locations. With the boom of tourism in Rajasthan, India, tour operators began to cater it Tourism at a large scale. They offer a range of attractive packages and provide valuable information about tourism.

Interested in Rajasthan Tourism or Luxury Tour Packages ?? Embark on Rajasthan Tour and Travels Package which is a true package of countless attractions.

Kerala Golden Triangle Tour

One of the most beautiful creations in architecture is undoubtedly the Taj Mahal which has been a source of inspiration and a subject of awe for thousands of art lovers from around the globe standing for more than three centuries. No amount of praise is enough for this marvelous creation which is a symbol of eternal love between the two lovers even after their death. If someone is looking for Golden Triangle Tour , Taj tours & south India, Wildlif Tour, Taj Mahal Tour, Luxury Tour, Kerala Tour with Taj Mahal Golden Triangle.

This piece of architectural wonder was built in Agra, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The colossal structure is located on the banks of the river Yamuna. The Taj Mahal was built by the emperor Shahjahan in loving memory of his beautiful wife Mumtaz Mahal. The emperor and his wife loved each other so much that they never wanted to stay away from each other; she would even accompany Shahjahan when he went for wars. Mumtaz Mahal, who had given birth to about fourteen children, had to face death during childbirth at Burhanpur when she was only 39 years of age. The king was devastated after this tragic incident and no matter how much he tried he could not forget his wife and then he decided to build a beautiful and splendorous monument in the remembrance of his beautiful wife.

He wanted to build a huge monument which would be made up entirely of marble to be the only one of its type in the world. The construction of this building began in 1633. It took 20,000 workers and 17 years to finish this monument. Beautiful calligraphy has been done on the marbles and various designs have been carved into the stones by skilled craftsmen. It is impossible to describe all the beautiful and intricate work done here.

You have to see it with your own eyes in order to admire this piece of architectural wonder. People from around the world visit this site throughout the year and experience the everlasting love that Shahjahan had for his wife. Come for yourself and visit this monument for the experience of a lifetime.

Talking about this monumental structure it would be only right to mention here about a state which is as beautiful. Kerala Tour with Taj Mahal Tour packages can enable you to experience both of these scintillating tourist destinations. Kerala is one of the most fascinating states of India being gifted by nature with scenic natural beauty is a tourist destination unmatched by any other in the world.

Blessed with wildlife Tour parks and sanctuaries, attractive landscapes, tea trees and sunny beaches Kerala is a perfect getaway from this busy lifestyle. Each year this state is visited by swarms of travelers and tourists from around the globe. When on a tour to this state the tourists can explore and enjoy the charisma and beauty of the picturesque hill stations of Wayanad, Ponmudi, Vagamon, Devikulam, Idduki and Munnar. Endowed with rich flora and fauna and extraordinary charm and beauty these hill stations always live up to the expectations of the curious and adventurous traveler. With its captivating tourism attractions and locations Kerala is also called the Kashmir of the South.

In addition to the hill stations many other attractions such as the bird sanctuaries, wildlife parks, and temples dedicated to gods and goddesses, scenic backwaters and the rich tradition and culture make Kerala a destination of almost all the seasons. Come and have a time of peace and quite in this beautiful state and take back home wonderful memories.

Kerala Tour with Taj Mahal Tours package is the best option for you to explore these beautiful destinations. To get lost in time and also to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

Book Golden Triangle Tour vactions

Want to enjoy Golden Triangle Tours this vacation? Book your India tour with Taj Mahal Tours agents. There are several India Tours operators offering good Tour packages to various destinations. Tour operators in India are known for providing well designed tours to India. These operators provide you an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights, culture and explore India.

Booking your tour with these operators makes everything smooth and convenient for travelers. Once they book their tours with operators, only thing left with them is to enjoy their travel to the maximum. With the help of these tour operators you can enjoy a tension-free tour anywhere in India. The most important fact is these tour operators are working in this field for a long time and have an extensive experience. They offer well researched and well designed India Tour packages that enable you to discover India deeply.

Among the hundreds of tours, some popular India travel tours include Golden triangle tour, hill station tours, North India tours, south India tours, beach tours,Wildlife tours, spirituality tours, adventure tours and more.

If you are not sure of which travel package to choose, you can take the help of these experienced travel operators. They will provide you with a query form where you can mention about your requirements and expectations you can fill this kind of form online from the website of a particular India tour operator. Once you fill and submit this form, they will contact you soon with most appropriate tours solutions. There are all kinds of travel tours suiting every budget and every expectation.

You can choose a tour according to your budget or duration or theme such as Golden triangle tours,Delhi Agra Jaipur Tours,Agra tours,Luxury Tours,India Wildlife Tours,North India tours,South India Tours,adventure, hill station or beach or any other. The most beautiful thing about booking tours with Taj Mahal Tours operators is they have travel solutions for every traveller whether you are a backpacker or a luxury traveler.

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Golden Triangle Tours packages

Taj mahal Tours cover various Golden Triangle packages options that are available with the travellers opting to travel to this country. As India is known for a variety of places, cultures and people, it is overwhelming to choose an option that satisfies your notion of a holiday to the fullest. Taj Mahal Tour operators help you design itineraries that match your taste and travel plans.

India is a magnificent country with an interesting assortment of cultures, people and places. Here one can find the long living monuments and religions and also the contemporary buildings and fads. This is a country where people are not only high on life but also deep rooted to their culture and beliefs. India offers a colourful palate of regions and destinations to all the travellers who wish to take a journey across a land where east meets west and where the old meets the new.

Golden triangle Tour packages consist of places from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, taking you across the length and breadth of this country. You will be surprised to see the geographical and cultural diversity that resides in this small country. From deserts to beaches, from mountains to valleys, from cities to villages and from the ancient to the latest, India takes travellers off guard with a mix of emotions and feelings. Some of the most popular Taj mahal tours packages include Golden Triangle tour taking you to Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, the home to the famous Taj Mahal. Himachal Pradesh Tour takes you across the state known for its unbelievable natural beauty and salubrious mountains. Tour to Kashmir and Leh Ladakh presents the best and the most serene facet of India, taking you to its valleys and ancient monasteries.

Another highlight of Golden Triangle Tour packages is the Kerala Tour, or a journey across the ‘The God’s Own Country’. This state is popular for its emerald backwaters, beaches and Ayurveda. Nothing can get better than a relaxing and refreshing tour across Kerala. Other beach destinations popular in India are Goa and Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Goa is also known for its amazing water sports, casinos and annual carnival. It is ‘The’ travel destination for all the fun lovers in India. Many foreign and domestic travellers also opt for Rajasthan Tours known for the historical treasures residing in this state. The Havelis or mansions, forts, palaces, museums, etc taking you to the times of kings and kings make this tour the highlight of all India Tours. If your idea of a holiday is adventure and sports then besides Goa, you can opt for river rafting in Rishikesh , trekking in Ladakh, camping in Himachal or Uttrakhand, and jungle safari in Ranthambore, Periyar , Gir or Jim Corbett National Parks.

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Delhi City History of India

<p>Delhi has a rich historical background. Many dynasties had witnessed the   glorious bygone era. Since last decades, <a href=””>Delhi</a> has seen rise and fall   of many empires, each ruler has left behind a plethora of marvelous   architectural wonder. The city had been under the reign of dozens of   powerful rulers such as Tomara-Chauhans, Mamluks, Khilji, Tughlaqs,   Sayyids, Lodhis, Mughals and lastly, it was ruled by British empire.   Delhi had been plundered and rebuilt during the regime of several   dynasties. <br />

<br />

Early History<br />

Early history dates back to 2500 B.C., during the time of great epic   Mahabharata, when Pandava brothers built highly sophisticated fortress   called Indraprastha in 2500 B.C., the main administrative centre. Later   on, in 19th century, the British demolished the ancient village for the   construction of <a href=””>New Delhi</a>. <br />

<br />

8th Century to 16th Century<br />

The Rajput Tomars dynasty founded Lal Kot, near the Qutub Minar, at   Mehrauli. Lal Kot also referred as Quila Rai Pithora, was built in 1060   A.D. The opulent fort witness to the glorious bygone Tomars era. In 12th   century it was captured and enlarged by Rajput King Prithviraj Chauhan.   After this great Hindu emperor, the city was under the slave dynasty,   headed by Qutub-ud-din-Aibak, which lasted from 1211 to 1227. He   established one of the highest minarets of the World – Qutub Minar.   After the end of the slave dynasty, the Delhi Sultanate was under Turkic   Central Asian and Afghan Dynasties such as the Khilji dynasty, the   Tughluq dynasty, the Sayyid dynasty and the Lodhi dynasty. <br />

<br />

17the Century to 19th Century<br />

In the mid sixteenth century, Delhi was sacked by the Mughal ruler, Sher   Shah Suri, after defeating Babur’s son Humayan. The construction of   magnificent Old Fort, also known as Purana Qila is accredited to him. It   is an architectural marvel hosting the rich Mughal culture. Soon after   the death of Sher Shah, the empire was once again successively conquered   by Humayun. Later, the throne was ascended by his successor Akbar, who   shifted the capital to Agra. In the mid seventeenth, Shah Jahan   transferred the capital back to Delhi. During his reign, many   architectural wonders were erected such as <a href=””>Red Fort</a> and the Jama Masjid.   Shah Jahan was dethroned by his Son Aurangzeb and crowned himself as   emperor of Delhi in 1658, which lasted till 1707. Marathas took over the   empire, after the decline of Mughal rule.<br />

<br />

20th Century<br />

Delhi was under the control of British rule after the first war of   Independence in 1857. All the territories were annexed by the   Britishers, who moved the capital to Calcutta. Later, in 1911 the   capital was shifted back to Delhi. The myriad faces of the city in form   of government buildings, designed by architect Edwin Lutyens are simply   fascinating. Main British buildings include the large Bungalows, the   President’s House, the Parliament and the Supreme Court. After a hard   struggle, India gained Independence on 15th August 1947 and Delhi was   declared as the seat of the Government of India. </p>

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Famous Agra Tours India

Taj Mahal Tours presents a multitude of different tour packages. Tour packages as varied as north India tour to India culture tour to adventure tour, golden triangle india , south India tour etc; it is a vast gamut of colorful experiences. India is land with rich diversity, as one travels from one part of the country to the other part, one can discover all the new avatars of the wonderful country called India. An ideal travel packages provider should be able to offer different tour packages that capture India in all its glory and beauty. Travel packages to India contours varied kind of experiences.

Kerala tops the itinerary list for many travelers. They are drawn by the pristine beauty and rich variety of the land. Spices of Kerala tour package is designed in manner that tourists get to taste Kerala in its fines flavors. The God’s chosen land, which is how Kerala is described, greets its visitors with all its beauty and charm. The swirling palms, the lush greenery, abundant Wildlife Tours, the vast expanses of paddy fields, cashew plantation, coconut trees and the rubber plantation all seem to contribute towards the rich splendor of the land. It is here that some of the most coveted spices are found. There is rich antiquity in the smell of different spices like turmeric, cardamom, ginger and pepper. It has been the signature of this splendid state for years. It is for these exquisite spices that it is called the spice capital of India. But what makes Kerala truly heaven on earth is its backwaters. Tourists cruise the backwaters in lavish houseboats is a piece of memory that one cherishes forever. As tourist travel back home they carry back a bit of Kerala in the ivory works, bell metal lamps and sandal wood carvings, these form a large section of the handicraft industry located here.

The next name is that of Rajasthan, the land of Kodachrome hues, jewellery, swaying skirts and lot more. Here the past stands as tall as the present. Lavish palaces, artistic splendor and rich heritage create distinctive appeal for the land of royals. Rajasthan is one of the most preferred destinations included in the India Tour packages.

If beauty is the body, then culture is the soul of India. A cultural tour india takes on to varied destinations like Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rishikesh and Haridwar. The tour that truly touches the heart and soul of the tourists is the golden triangle tour. It takes one to the cultural hub of India. To make the tour all the more interesting one can include places like Harminder Sahib, Pushkar and Mandawa. To make the tour all the more lively they can include several sets of activities like tiger tour, odyssey of forts and palaces, Indian dish cooking classes etc. All these acquaint tourists to the culture of the land. This part of the land offers different types of means of transport to its tourists. They can avail buses, trains, air and car etc.

Tour packages to India is beautiful collage of royal cities, historical ruins, wildlife adventure, golden beaches, festivals, peace havens in the Himalayas, sightseeing and other soaking in the culture of the land.

World Famous Golden Triangle wildlife parks

Ranging from national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries and national parks, India caters to the taste of the Golden Triangle wildlife lovers. The thick lush areas which are home to varied flora and fauna attracts enthusiasts from all over the world and offers them the opportunity to experience Golden Triangle wildlife adventure.

Check out some best wildlife Golden Triangle travel destinations in India and choke out the one, preferable to you.

Known as the regal place of India, Rajasthan boast of some world-famous Golden triangle wildlife parks like Ranthambore and Sariska. Both the wild abode are designated as the well-maintained national parks and tiger reserves of the country. Travelers, on visiting here can encounter wild animals like tiger, leopards, chinkara, panthers and exotic birds. A halt in the nearby Ranthambore Fort and Jogi Mahal is worthy enough. Besides, jeep safari across the narrow lanes of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary offer cherish able memories to the bird watchers. A visit here, during winter, offers an exclusive view of Siberian Canes, twittering in Bharatpur Bird Park.

The famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve is one among the tourist attractions in Kerala. The jungle is blessed with a lake and visitors can see wild lives during the joyfil boat-ride on the lake. They can also enjoy the trumpet of elephants, the chirping birds in the early morning.

This westernmost state in India offer the mesmerizing beauty of Gir National Park. The park is inhabited with the famous Asiatic lions, chinkara, chital, nilgai, sambar and many more. It is also place to exotic flora like Jambu, Karanj, Umro, Vad, Kalam, Charal and Amli.
Besides the breath taking winter sports, Uttarakhand is also known for Jim Corbett National Park. It encompasses 1318.45 and is home to wild tigers, elephants and various species of birds. Golden Triangle Wildlife enthusiasts has tagged the park as ” Land of Roar, Trumpet and Song”. The best way to explore each minute aspect is by means of nature walk and a bumpy ride on elephants back. If time permits, visitors can make a visit to Askot Sanctuary, Binsar Sanctuary, Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Kedarnath Sanctuary, Nanda Devi National Park, Rajaji National Park and Valley of Flowers National Park.

This northeastern state in India best known Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park. The wild parks are home to world’s largest population of one-horned rhino and has been rewarded with the tag of World Heritage Site, later in 1985. The best time to enjoy a wildlife Goldne Triangle tour in Assam is from November to April.

Besides, Sunderban National Park in West Bengal and Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. All the major wildlife Golden Trianlge destinations in India are developed with lodges and resorts. Therefore, travelers can arrange holidays in the jungle and take full advantage of the tour package.

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wonderful Golden Triangle tours

Are you planning for tours and travel in India? Are you also a first time to this country India? If you answer is yes, plan your tour booking the tailor made Golden triangle tour from the leading tour operator and explore the colorful facades of India treasuring incredible experince of lifetime.

Golden Triangle tours offer you wonderful opportunity to see and explore the rich heritage and cultural beauty of the favored cities of India that include Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. These three Golde Triangle cities are very important Golden Triangle tours and travel destinations and are visited by tourists from cross the corner of the world.

Amongst all the cities Agra is the most visited as it is the seat of the world famous monument Taj Mahal which is also the crowning glory of India tourism. Taj Mahal is amazingly beautiful and it very sight is enough to cast a magical spell on the mind of the visitors who travel from across the world to India to experince its richness of tourists and heritage attractions. To create this wonder it took nearly 22 years with 20000 laborers continuously working night and day to gift this world a master piece which it till date unmatched by any other monuments in the world. Apart from Taj Mahal one can also enjoy visit to Agra Fort, Itmad-Ud-Daulah’s Tomb, Akbar’s Mausoleum, etc. Apart from that one can also enjoy visit to Fatehpur Sikri which was once the Capital City during the reign of Akbar, the Greatest Mughal Emperor. .

Golden Triangle Tour packages also offer you to see and explore the colorful city of Jaipur which is lovingly called the City of Victory and most popularly the Pink City of India.Golden Triangel Jaipur is amazingly beautiful and is dotted with magnificent forts and palaces, cenotaphs, sprawling courtyards and several inspiring temples which depict the rich heritage and culture of Jaipur in Rajasthan India. Here one can enjoy visit to some of the magnificent attractions that include Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, City Palace, Laxmi Narayan Temple, etc. In additional tourists can also enjoy shopping in the bustling markets and take home lots of souvenir of Jaipur tour on Golden triangle tour. .

Apart from these favored Golden Triangle cities, Delhi is also very important and is dotted with several world heritage monument and Mughal Building whose architectural magnificence are beyond words to describe. The major tourism attractions in Delhi are Red Fort a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Qutub Minar the tallest brick minaret in the world, Huyamun’s Mausoleum a UNESCO World Heritage Site and much more. Apart from these there are many other tourism attractions that include the famous Lotus Temple the Bahai’s House of Worship, Chattarpur Temples, Akshardham Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Santi Van, etc. In additional after the glorious sightseeing tours tourists can also enjoy shopping in the bustling local markets of Delhi as well as try out some lip smacking delicacies in Chandni Chowk also said to be Gastronomical Paradise. Truly enjoy tours and travels in Delhi will be an outstanding experince which you will love to treasure and relish in forever. .

Surely you will have wonderful time in India with Golden triangle tour which you will love to share the experince with your dear and loved ones with much glory and pride. .

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Famous Golden Triangle Cities

Golden triangle is a famous tourist circuit of India that covers three historical and important cities as its destinations. They are Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. These Golden triangle cities are globally noted for its cultural heritage monuments and make golden triangle one of the most sought after tourist circuits of India. The starting point of golden triangle tour is Delhi. After sightseeing tour of Delhi tourists are taken to Agra and then Jaipur. Finally Golden Triangle are taken back to Delhi. The tour package is generally designed for 5 to 7 days. The travel circuit golden triangle is very famous among first times to India. Golden Triangle Tourists from all over the world embark on Delhi Jaipur Agra tour. Have a look at attractions of this exciting cultural journey into India.

Delhi – Delhi, the capital city of India, is a metropolitan city of India. It is noted for historical and heritage attractions with many other modern attractions. Red Fort Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple, etc are key attractions of Delhi city tour.

Agra – Agra is an ancient and historical city of India located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Taj Mahal (one of Seven Wonders of the World), Agra Red Fort and Itmad-Ud-Daullah Tomb are attractions of Agra city tour. There is Fatehpur Sikri on the outskirts of the city where you will visit Buland Darwaza (the largest gateway in the world), Panch Mahal, Jodha Bai Palace, etc.

Jaipur – Also known as the Pink City, Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and the first well-planned city of India. Jaipur is the famous Golden triangle Cities. Major tourist attractions in Jaipur city tour are City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Albert Hall Museum, Rambagh Palace, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Birla Mandir, etc. You will certainly love to explore Jaipur and its attractions on your golden triangle tours in India.

These days, many tour operators and travel agencies also cater golden triangle with other major tourist destinations of India. Lots of golden triangle tour packages are available in the market today to choose from. You can customize golden triangle with other destinations like Ajmer Dargah Sharif, Ranthambhore National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Kashmir, etc. So, plan a tour to golden triangle and explore attractions of historic and historical cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Be sure, the charm of golden triangle in India will never fail to lure you. You will have a unique lifetime experience, it is certain thing.

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