eBay Sellers Should Make Their Views Known, Says Parcel2Go

Online auction and retail website eBay has recently launched a consultation with its sellers, asking them for their thoughts on how the company should provide customer service in the future, in a bid to improve people’s experience. According to online parcel delivery service Parcel2Go, this is an ideal opportunity for sellers to really get their points across and make their thoughts known.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “This is one opportunity that should not be missed. Sellers have everything to gain by making their feelings known to eBay and providing constructive feedback that can be used to improve the website and customer service processes.”

The survey has thrown up some potential new services that eBay may be looking to introduce, such as making customer support available though social media channels. The survey also asks sellers how important 24/7 customer support is to them, what their thoughts are on improved email support and how they feel about the possibility of mobile phone support.

Richard added: “eBay recently unveiled its new virtual shopping basket and a Christmas shopping wish list feature is set to be available at the start of next month. These are all things that can help sellers to maximise revenue and hopefully this new survey will help to streamline the selling process and allow eBay sellers to go on and provide a better experience for their customers.”

The team at Parcel2Go is continually looking for new ways to make buying and selling on eBay quicker and easier. Earlier this year the company launched its quick quote shipping tool which sellers can embed in their item pages to allow buyers to access speedy shipping quotes. By providing quick quotes on domestic and international shipping services, users are provided with the widest possible choice of services and are far likelier to receive a good service.


Parcel2Go Warns Online Christmas Shoppers Not To Cut Corners When It Comes To Deliveries

With a recent survey from HSBC revealing that more than one in ten people plan on making use of online shopping outlets this Christmas, Parcel2Go has urged shoppers to use a trusted courier for deliveries.

The survey also found that despite the state of the economy, people intend on spending just as much on Christmas this year as they have in the past, with an average spend of £560 per person.

Richard Mercer, marketing director of Parcel2Go, said: “In the current financial climate Parcel2Go understands that people want to be able to enjoy Christmas as much as possible, and that means they may end up feeling forced to cut corners elsewhere in order to buy all of the presents, food and other things they need to make the season special.

“As HSBC’s survey shows, many people will be turning towards the internet when buying Christmas presents this year, but when it comes to getting purchases delivered we just want shoppers to be absolutely certain that they are using a reliable delivery method so that their presents arrive on time and in good condition, which all of the couriers that we work with can provide.”

He continued: “We’ve seen it before – shoppers buy Christmas presents from foreign sellers over eBay and other online auction websites and choose a cheaper delivery method, thinking that they’re saving money. They end up having to wait weeks for their items though, whereas if they had chosen a courier, their purchases could have been with them in a matter of days.”

Many different courier services work in conjunction with Bolton-based Parcel2Go, and shoppers buying online can pick between them to get the best value for money on a high-quality delivery service that will save them having to put up with any heartache over the Christmas period.

To find out more about the parcel delivery service offered by Parcel2Go visit the official website now.


Customer Received Free Services for Query How Can I Export Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX

Gothenburg, Sweden, October 28, 2011 – Vis this release, this software development company like to bring into notice that support department of the company is completely dedicated to their work and never say no when clients come and ask for queries like how can I export Outlook 2011 OLM to MBOX. This US based client need to convert entire Outlook Mac data from OML file format to MBOX, and thus contacted support department of the company and asked for help. He sent an email in which he asked for complete process to migrate Apple mail OLM to MBOX. Also he asked that whether this email conversion process lead to successful consequences or not.

One of the support executives replied, “This is for sure that our software will export folder from OLM to MBOX effortlessly and will not leave your single data from conversion. To know how to import OLM to Thunderbird, simple take free trial visit of the software, which help you to conclude that this external tool is applicable for your need or not. Go to our official website www.systoolsgroup.com, and get the tool from the left pane, from email conversion domain. After getting to the software, click ‘Download Now’ and clear the air conveniently.”

This time Evan Swans is proud to announce, “My views regarding my whole team are always positive. I know there are no chances of getting inapt answers, as the training under Joseph Cain, our support team head never, ever goes wrong, the way he gives training to his fellow members is with mind & soul and dollops of efficiency. The best part of this feedback is that he sent another feedback in which he praised our executive answered him the query.”

For more queries, contacts support section of the company via dropping an email or via chat: http://www.systoolsgroup.com/support.html

First Aid Bags – Precisely Why They Ought To Be Present In All Homes, Workplaces And Vehicles

Accidents happen, they can’t be prevented: in the office, within the shop, in the club, at home – wherever, whenever. First aid bags may possibly just be the “invention” of the decade First aid boxes always avert and help you avoid the major consequences of an injury or an accident. Bleeding nose, paper cut, hurt heel, sores, headaches, bumps, bruises and cuts can all be treated having an effortless first aid kit There is one main benefit to using a first aid kit inside your office, residence or shop – to avoid the consequences of an injury. You never know, you may well just end up saving your own or somebody else’s life by having and utilizing it.

Our family ought to be the most crucial component of our lives, and if you are a mother, you would need to protect your kids every day, no matter where you are. Luckily, these first aid bags is also kept inside a vehicle underneath a seat or in the trunk. Should anything happen to you or your little ones while within the vehicle, you will have the first aid kit on hand, able to treat any injury Treating a gash, bruise, cut or any other sort of injury may well prevent bacterial infection, which may well result in far more severe problems.

So, what precisely should first aid bags contain? Well, whatever you want in your first aid kit, can be put in there. However, they’re the most popular content:

Safety Pins
Bandages (Various lengths)
Plasters or Band-Aids
Antiseptic Swabs
A CPR Mouth Piece
100ml Antiseptic Solution. This is quite important, because it will likely be applied a lot more often than any of the other items.
Cotton wool balls or rolls

With regards to first aid bags inside the office, there’s a proper process that should be followed mainly because of the simple fact that people’s lives could be at stake. First aid ought to be applied in an office or workplace in case of any emergency or injury to anyone within the building. First aid staff needs to be identified and trained so that the correct first aid skills can be employed in an emergency. These skills ought to be acquired from a recognized, dependable training institution.

According to regulation, first aid kits need to be provided wherever more than five persons are working inside a building or workplace. These kits ought to be visible and offered by most of the staff in the office, as time is essential in the case of an emergency or injury.

Some workplaces might need more than 1 or two first aid kits. This would depend on the following: – The type of injuries most likely to occur in the office; – The amount of staff within the office; – The nature of activities and duties within the office and between staff. A greater risk occupation will obviously require more first aid kits than an occupation that’s not so high risked.

First aid kits are crucial in each home, office or car. You never know when an accident, injury or emergency may perhaps occur.

For more information about first aid bags and also AED, click the relevant link

The Wealthiest City In Europe | Venice Italy

Venice Italy

The key artery of the city, the Grand Canal, sweeps in an stylish curve via its centre. A vaporetto (water-bus) trip down the Grand Canal will reveal the faded elegance of over 300 palaces, revealing the city’s gorgeous blend of Europe and Byzantium. And it truly is these private palaces and homes, instead of the public monuments, which make Venice Italy so attractive. Explored by gondola or on foot, the narrow alleys and backwaters from the city reveal all its decorative detail which reflects its past wealth and importance.

Venice was governed by the Wonderful Council, made up of members in the most influential households. The Great Council appointed public officials and elected a Senate of 2-300 men. The Senate chose the Council of Ten, an elect group which handled the administration of the city. 1 member was elected’ Doge’, the ceremonial head from the city.

The Doge’s Palace, the ducal house and seat of energy for 700 years, was largely constructed from 1309 to 1424 and can be a stunning Gothic creation together with the canal on 1 side and St Mark’s Square around the other. Subsequent to the palace on St Mark’s Square is St Mark’s Basilica, will be the most well-known with the city’s churches and one particular from the best-known examples of Byzantine architecture. The cathedral has been the seat of the Patriarch of Venice, archbishop with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice, because 1807. It’s popular for its sheer opulence, and its amazing gilded Byzantine mosaics. Venice Italy boasts some excellent functions of Renaissance art. The best galleries are the Accademia, the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti within the Gothic Ca’ d’Oro as well as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Venice Italy could be one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world, but however busy it truly is, number of visitors aren’t overawed by its beauty, elegance and grandeur.

Population of Venice Italy:
271,000 (2006)

When To Visit Venice Italy:
The two weeks ahead of Lent for the Carnevale.

Don’t Miss This Place In Venice Italy:

– Murano – this island just north of Venice is famous for its glasswork.
– A gondola ride.
– Torcello – essentially the most intriguing and atmospheric with the islands inside the Venetian lagoon. Do not miss the spectacular Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta on the dusty piazza.
– The Lido – Venice’s seaside.
– La Fenice opera property, 1 of the most lovely in the world.

You need to Know About Venice Italy:
The city is an UNESCO World Heritage Internet site.

Determine much more details about The Wealthiest City In Europe | Venice Italy at www.getintravel.com

The way internet users search is changing, can your business keep up?

Any business or website owner that has looked in to search engine optimization will know that achieving a front page or top 3 results is hard work and requires patience, investment and expertise. For some business, just being found somewhere within the search results has been enough to keep the traffic flowing to their website. However, some business owners are likely to find driving traffic to their site more of a struggle now that the way internet users search has evolved.

Recent research by the Georgia Institute of Technology has identified that when users are searching for a particular topic on line, 75% of them will not look at the answers displayed beyond page one of the results. In modern times, as more of us start to carry out daily chores such as grocery shopping, staying in touch with friends and family, banking and gift buying on line, we have become more impatient with the internet. Most internet users do not have the time to browse through millions of different websites to find the answers they are looking for, and thanks to Google’s relevant search results, they no longer need to.

Businesses that have achieved front page or top 3 results will certainly achieve more hits on their websites that companies whose sites are buried deeper with in the search results. If the businesses that have carried out the best search engine optimization also have the best prices and products, then there is no reason for consumers to look any further.

To achieve front page results, businesses need to enlist the help of experts such as SEO Phoenix AZ firm Dynamic Search. Dynamic Search specialise in a holistic approach to search engine optimization to ensure that the positive results and improvements in search engine rankings that are achieved for your business are long lasting and a good return on investment. Focussing on a professional SEO campaign will allow your business to stand out against the very many competitors working behind the scenes to knock you off the top spot, to ensure your company remains visible and your sales and conversion results improve month on month.

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MORCon 2011 Seo Search engine marketing Seminars

There are plenty involving Search engine optimisation meetings right now such as MORCon 2011 or perhaps Learn On-line Position Meeting. It is because Search engine optimization has grown to be a fundamental element of site acceptance, in addition to regarding Online marketing. There are many of methods that you can create your standing on the web and create a web site that will enhance your reputation inside the world wide web.

More often than not, inside weblogs and also Web message boards, one particular issue occurs: Would it be worth the cost to shell out profit joining conventions regarding Search engine optimization? For the reason that you would need to devote lots of take advantage joining a single.

The answer then is indeed. There are many involving benefits to going to Search engine optimisation seminars. Since Search engine optimization marketplace is beginning at the moment, you will need to ingest all the info as possible. It really is over boosting your recognition. You must discover several things to enable you to profoundly evaluate how are you affected within the Search engine optimization region — MORCon 2011

Conventions make the perfect path so that you can change details online websites within the Search engine optimization world. You’ll study the most critical reasons for Search engine optimisation by simply contacting people who find themselves interested in this go to activities similar to MORCon 2011.

A celebration can be another good spot that you should begin to build functioning interactions. You may meet up with a few Search engine optimisation business owners and possess these people use anyone later on. It’s vital for you personally likely be operational in regards to the options that you would like to get. Contacts and also interactions are necessary within the Search engine optimisation market, because it is a comparatively tiny part of target.

This will make it crucial that you provide a lot of business card printing that you can share to those that you might fulfill. This can be a memory throughout In addition, make sure that you are usually look great, and become informed associated with how we bring your self. Most of all, preserve a balanced view. Inquire, become thrilled to switch tips and never be reluctant to share with you everything you recognize to those that you might satisfy generally there.

By visiting MORCon 2011, you may also require some aspect excursions round the section of the location. Get pleasure from the expertise along with improve your live in the actual convention locale. It may help anyone blend your own creative imagination and make any well-rounded point of view.

MORCon 2011 is MORCon 2011 an SEO event in the Philippines for Filipino SEOs. MORCon 2011 Seo Search engine marketing Meetings

The Mom’s Choice Awards® Names Sharon Lechter’s YOUTHpreneur BIZkit Highest Honor In Family-Friendly Products

The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) has named the YOUTHpreneur BIZkit among the best in family-friendly media, products and services with a Gold award, the highest honor from Mom’s Choice.

Tempe, AZ (USA), Friday – October 28th, 2011 — The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media, products and services.

Designed to inspire innovation and spark the entrepreneurial spirit, the YOUTHpreneur BIZkit is a self-paced guide that walks a young person through launching a part time business. The kit includes a mentor guide, quick start guide, step-by-step activities, a tote bag and a calculator, pen, business cards, letterhead, envelopes and postcards.

An esteemed panel of judges including education, media and other experts as well as parents, children, librarians, performing artists, producers, medical and business professionals, authors, scientists and others collaborate to review materials considered for awards. (Visit http://www.momschoiceawards.com/ to discover more.)

“We are thrilled to receive such a distinctive award and ecstatic to be recognized by MCA for the second year running. My passion is to inspire today’s youth to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit, and adopt the skills that will empower them to thrive today and into their future. The gift of financial education is the gift of a lifetime.” Lechter said.

Lechter received her first MCA award in 2010 for Pay Your Family First’s board game, ThriveTime for Teens. Acclaimed author, speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator, licensed CPA and mother, Lechter founded Pay Your Family First, to empower families with resources and education to achieve financial independence.

Co-author of the bestselling book, Think and Grow Rich – Three Feet From Gold, with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Rich Dad Poor Dad and 14 other books in the Rich Dad series, Sharon’s most recent book project was the annotation of Outwitting the Devil, by Napoleon Hill, also in tandem with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

For further information, visit http://www.sharonlechter.com. Product available on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/Its-My-BIZkit-Entrepreneurial-kit/dp/B004HL72J0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1319666661&sr=8-2

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