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Bookies Clamoring for Safe and Secure Ways to Collect and Get Paid from Players

San Jose, Costa Rica, 2020-Aug-07 — /REAL TIME PRESS RELEASE/ — After the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, U.S. based organizations created online sportsbooks to compete with offshore sportsbooks, also called post-ups.

Now the times have changed and as the local bookie business starts to gain in popularity, so do the demands of satisfying the players. And it’s PayPerHead’s proprietary Agent Payment Solution that is making it safe, convenient and practical for bookies from all walks of life to manage and grow their businesses.

Individuals have also become online sportsbook owners. In addition, existing bookies have taken their operations to the Internet. In most cases, bookies have become “pay per head agents”. A pay per head agent uses software to run their online sportsbook company. But although the software does some things well, most pay per head software struggles to meet agent needs.

Bookies must figure out on their own how to collect or pay players. In a social distancing age, that can cause major delays and disruptions in a bookie’s sportsbook operation. Not only that, but bookies cannot compete with offshore post-ups because they must keep their services at a local level.

Created in 1997, PayPerHead, a leading pph sportsbook software provider, has developed a mobile online payment interface, the Agent Payment Solution (APS®). PayPerHead’s agents can pay or collect from players via the APS in a matter of seconds. The APS works like PayPal but unlike PayPal, agents that use the APS mustn’t pay exorbitant fees.

The social distancing advantages are obvious. PayPerHead Product Manager Nate Johnson, though, said that’s just one advantage the Agent Payment Solution provides.

Johnson explains that, “We want our agents to be safe first of all. And not only that, but the APS allows agents to expand their businesses. It’s a mobile agent and player payment system that allows our agents to say, ‘Hey, you can pay and get paid in the same way as any offshore post-up operation.’ That allows our agents to increase their player footprint, which means they grow their sportsbook businesses, which means they make more money. Also, they don’t have to be restricted to the same area and can recruit players in other ways.”

Johnson noted that players can send money to their agents via credit cards, Bitcoin, eCheck, and even Moneygram. He added that PayPerHead believes the APS will revolutionize the pph sportsbook industry with its seamless technology. “With the APS, it’s all about confidentiality and security. We’ve created the PayPal for our industry. The difference is that the APS doesn’t charge a fee for every transaction the way PayPal does. In addition, our agents can make as much money as they want because they can promote their sportsbooks to players all over the world if they wish.”

Also, Johnson said the Agent Payment Solution provides peace of mind. “It’s a great thing to know that you’re going to get paid safely and securely. We’re the first and only to come up with an answer to that question, the most important question that pay per head bookies have. With the Agent Payment Solution, all our customers must do is go onto the system, go to Pay Me, then continue to the payout process and that’s it.”

About PayPerHead:
Founded in 1997, PayPerHead is the industry’s leading online sportsbook software provider. The company prides itself on being a sports betting tech leader and customer-centric organization with over 20 years of experience. Currently, PayPerHead provides sportsbook software solutions to over 15,000 bookies with over 75,000 players.

For more information, visit https://payperhead.com or contact:

Auditude and Inlet Technologies Announce Fully-Automated Ad Insertion Solution for Live IP Streaming

Combined Solution Turns Any Live IP Flash Stream into a Revenue Opportunity

PALO ALTO, CA & RALEIGH, NC – October 12, 2010Auditude, a leading video advertising management and monetization platform, and Inlet Technologies, the leader in innovative solutions for digital media preparation, today announced a technology partnership to offer the first automated, end-to-end solution for inserting advertising into live Flash IP video streams.

Content owners can now easily plan, sell, traffic, and deliver advertising within live video, one of the fastest developing segments of the online video market.  This new approach breaks down operational barriers to monetizing this content, whether discrete events such as sporting events, or 24×7 simulcast streams of linear broadcast channels.

“Our goal is to help our customers build a scalable business in IP-enabled video, and by partnering with Inlet Technologies, we can offer a comprehensive and effective solution to publishers with live streaming needs,” said Mike Gaffney, Chief Revenue Officer of Auditude. “While working with clients like Major League Baseball or Comcast, we found that simulcasting live content is a rapidly growing area for content owners and publishers. With Inlet, we can now offer our customers a unified and simplified way to quickly get to market and monetize.”

The Auditude Connect™ platform enables ad serving, decisioning, and reporting to manage user experience, yield and analytics.  Auditude’s ad management platform allows for a wide variety of user and monetization experiences for live streams, including dynamic ad pod configuration, overlays, skins, and interstitial advertisements.

SpinnakerTM is Inlet Technologies’ family of award-winning real-time streaming appliances. Spinnaker’s robust, reliable platform can stream in multiple formats to any device, including iPhone®, iPadTM, feature phones and smart phones. Spinnaker offers full support for adaptive bitrate streaming, including Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming. Spinnaker is also able to detect SCTE 35 cue messages and translate critical ad metadata into ad markers appropriate for the Flash and Silverlight platforms, enabling ad partner Auditude to serve ads within live content.

“With this partnership, Inlet Technologies and Auditude are the first to provide an automated, end-to-end solution for inserting video ads into live Flash streams,” said John Bishop, Senior VP of Product and Business Development for Inlet. “This revolutionary offering gives content providers the operational workflow and ad serving solution to fully monetize live content on the most widely installed player platform in the world.”
About Auditude

Auditude is a video management and monetization technology provider that helps content owners and websites expand their video revenues. The Auditude Connect™ platform enables content owners and websites to rapidly scale the business requirements and ad serving needs around premium video content.

Auditude works with some of the largest names in online video to help grow their revenue opportunities. Clients include Comcast, Dailymotion, Major League Baseball, UK’s Channel Five, Sony Music Group, Universal Music Group and Yahoo!, among others. Auditude’s executive and technology team is made up of talent from some of the world’s most successful technology companies including DoubleClick, eBay, Google, PayPal, and Yahoo!, among others. Auditude has won numerous awards, including multiple inclusions in the yearly Always On 250 (one of the top 250 Private Companies in America), The Hollywood Reporter’s Digital Power 50 and Business Insider’s 2010 Top 100 Most Valuable Private Companies. Auditude is based in Palo Alto with offices in Los Angeles, New York City and London. For more information, please visit us at: www.auditude.com.

About Inlet Technologies

Inlet Technologies is redefining the online video experience with innovative solutions for media preparation that combine striking video quality with surprising simplicity and reliability, enabling content owners to expand their audience and realize greater value from their content. Industry leaders such as Major League Baseball, Microsoft, NBC Universal/Vancouver Winter Games, Yahoo!, France Télévisions and Home Shopping Network rely on Inlet for easy implementation, technical prowess and enterprise scale for their mission critical operations. For more information, please visit www.inlethd.com. Follow us on Twitter at InletTech.

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