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CELEBRATION ’69, a Multimedia, Rock and Roll Experience Featuring Live music, Images and Storytelling, is back by Popular Demand

CELEBRATION ’69, a multimedia, rock and roll experience featuring live music, images and storytelling will hit the stage again July 12, 13 and 14 at Monterey Peninsula College as a benefit for the MPC Theatre Company.

Salinas, CA, May 27, 2019 – CELEBRATION ’69, a multimedia, rock and roll experience featuring live music, images and storytelling will hit the stage again July 12, 13 and 14 at Monterey Peninsula College as a benefit for the MPC Theatre Company.

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Band with Hendrix – From L Justin Noseworthy, Mark Shilstone-Laurent, Dustin Carroll, Jeff Covell

“The Celebration ’69 band rocks a Jimi Hendrix song.”

Band plays zep – From L Justin Noseworthy, Rod Wilson, Mark Shilstone-Laurent, Dustin Carroll, Jeff Covell

“The Celebration ’69 band rocks Led Zeppelin.”

Credit: Richard Green

CELEBRATION ’69, a multimedia, rock and roll experience featuring live music, images and storytelling, is back by popular demand. The show will hit the stage again July 12, 13 and 14 in the Morgan Stock Theater at Monterey Peninsula College as a benefit for the MPC Theatre Company Charitable Trust. Performances start at 7:30 on the 12th and 13th, and at 2 pm on Sunday, the 14th. VIP Experience tickets are available for the Friday evening performance.

CELEBRATION ’69, which played to sold out audiences earlier this year at Hartnell College, celebrates the Golden Anniversary of 1969, the single most amazing year of the 20th century. The show focuses on stories about six of the year’s most iconic historical events, including, among others, Woodstock, the Apollo 11 moonwalk and the Manson family murders. As transitional links, a live band on stage plays medleys of songs released that year including hits from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Cream, Santana and more. And all the while, visual images, both historical and musical, bring the era back to life.

Mark Shilstone-Laurent, the show’s creator and lead singer for the on stage band says of the show, “We try to recapture the essence of that crazy year by flooding the stage with music and images and stories. And although this thing may LOOK like a play, it’s definitely more of a party. We’ve chosen songs we think audiences will be familiar with and we encourage them to sing along whenever they like. And if the performances earlier in the year at Hartnell College are any indication, audiences aren’t the least bit shy about joining in!”

The show features photos from the collection of rock photographer/journalist Stephen Robert Caraway who passed away in 2015 but left a treasure chest of iconic images from rock and roll’s biggest stars dating all the way back to 1967. The show is a memorial to Mr. Caraway’s photos as well as his spirit that never really lost track of what the 60’s tried to be all about – peace and love.

Again, Shilstone-Laurent, “Although CELEBRATION ’69 plays right into the wheelhouse of the Boomers who lived it, it’s a show for anyone who may be curious as to why the 60’s and its music are considered such a big deal – or for history buffs that understand just how crazy unique 1969 was, and want to relive it both musically and historically.”

For reservations, go to mpctheatre.com. Or you can call the box office at 831-646-4213. For more information and to view photos from the Hartnell performance in February, go to celebration69.com.


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GC Learning Services, LLC Celebrates 20th Anniversary by Launching New e-Learning Library

New Comprehensive Courses will Streamline the Entire Training & Development Process.

Orlando, FL (USA), July 21, 2016 — GC Learning Services, LLC, a leading provider of e-Learning solutions, announced today that in recognition of their 20th anniversary of proven expertise, they have launched a new library on the Coggno platform offering universal, affordable, off-the-shelf generic training courses for sale. To extend the celebration to all new and existing GC Learning Services clients, a discount is being offered to companies who purchase a minimum of 10 licenses.

The new platform enables companies to easily download licensed courses for immediate use for one, ten, or hundreds of employees at a time at discounted bulk rates. The first course, titled Effective Meeting Strategies, takes the learner through a five-step process on how to conduct an effective meeting. From creating an agenda to assigning action items, participants learn how to have successful and effective meetings. Courses include audio, video, offline activities such as worksheets, graded assessments and printable certificates upon passing completion of each course.

“I anticipated the need for alternative eLearning solutions to serve both large and small businesses with an easier, more efficient process,” says Cheryl Powell, founder and CEO of GC Learning Services. “The needs of companies are constantly evolving, and I have successfully expanded the offerings to meet and exceed those demands.”

By using cutting edge technology and e-Learning industry-standard best practices, GC Learning Services will continue to develop new courses weekly that will enable businesses to reach their internal goals, and better serve their employees and clients. In the new courses, Subject Matter Experts offer their expertise and years of industry leading experience to a global audience and GC Learning is excited to share this knowledge on the new platform. Some of the course topics include Project Management: Back to the Basics, Balancing Your Work and Life, The Benefits of Stress Management, Safety in the Mental Health Workplace, and Good vs. Bad Termination Processes.

To experience the high level of information offered, professionals can tour the Effective Meeting Strategies training course in the new library on the Coggno platform by visiting gclearning.coggno.com. The free 3-minute preview highlights the topics that will be covered and discusses the benefits of optimizing every meeting you attend.

On a global scale, GC Learning has enabled thousands of companies to improve their performance and stand out from the rest through unique theme and character-based eLearning solutions. The dedication to providing custom e-Learning and instructional design solutions has made them the trusted and established leader in the industry.

“A lot has changed in 20 years, but one thing that hasn’t is my commitment to my clients and my pledge to find increasingly better ways to serve them,” Powell says. “I look forward to discovering new ways to serve my clients over the next 20 years.” For more information, please contact Cheryl Powell at gclearningservices@gmail.com or visit http://gclearningservices.com

About GC Learning Services, LLC:
Since 1996, GC Learning Services has been one of the leading providers of e-Learning solutions and instructional design products and services across the US and overseas. With twenty years of experience in the online training sector, GC Learning continues to be a fierce competitor in the eLearning solutions marketplace. The company, based in Orlando, works with a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, banking and finance, call centers, human resources and solutions, information technology, government and state agencies, telecommunications, cable and media, product manufacturing, food service, property management, non-profit organizations, software developers, staffing agencies, professional and life coaches and business consultants. For more information, visit http://www.gclearningservices.com

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ThingLink Launches 360/VR Editor to Embed Multimedia Content in Panoramic Virtual Reality Images

New Virtual Reality Editing Suite Is Being Packaged for Professional Users With Special Offer for Educators Following Introduction of ThingLink VR Lessons.

Dublin, Ireland — Interactive media platform ThingLink (http://www.thinglink.com) today announced the release of its new 360/VR multimedia editor that allows users to annotate 360 images and 360 videos and view them in virtual reality. The company is introducing its new 360 image editor during the Mobile Journalism Conference in Dublin.

ThingLink’s 360/VR image editor allows users to annotate 360 panoramic images with text, image, and audio annotations as well as web embeds for mobile view. Audio and video annotations play as the viewer aligns a pointer with an icon that is displayed in the picture. The tool is ideal for online publishers, journalists, marketers, educators, and others who want to add rich content to virtual tours, news, sporting events, retail experiences, educational programs, or any application where annotated content can enhance the virtual reality experience.

Users also have capability to create a multi-spacial navigation experience by connecting several 360 images or videos together. This allows them to create truly immersive experiences, making viewers feel as though they are moving from one space to another. The new 360/VR editor also includes a new automatic icon creation feature that make the story creation even faster.

“Virtual reality is rapidly gaining popularity in online publishing, education, and marketing, and ThingLink’s 360/VR Editor is a powerful, cost-effective way to enhance any mobile VR experience,” said Ulla Engestrom, founder and CEO of ThingLink. “Our editor makes it possible to add in-depth information to a virtual documentary, enhance a tour of a property for sale, explain strategies in virtual games, expand VR lessons for use in the classroom, and do so much more. And built-in engagement tracking and statistics can help content creators refine their VR experience and provide metrics for future VR applications.”

The new VR/360 editor will be included as part of ThingLink’s new Premium business package ($1,500/year), which provides online publishers with a multimedia tagging platform that supports customized text, audio, video, and more, complete with engagement analytics. Advertisers and marketing creative teams who would like to integrate customized call-to-action options such as eCommerce experiences in the mobile VR view also can work directly with ThingLink’s New York-based VIP services team.

Schools have a special version of the new 360/VR editor that is being bundled with the recently launched ThingLink VR Lessons, which is a collection of high-quality, interactive, 360° image and video journeys on a variety of topics including science, language, and arts. The 360/VR is included with the Premium school subscription package, starting at $500 per year per school.

To get a promo code for reviewing VR editor or VR Lessons, please contact: press@thinglink.com

About ThingLink
ThingLink, founded in 2010, is an interactive media platform that empowers online publishers to create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos, videos and virtual reality. With over 3 million content creators, ThingLink has become the most popular cross-platform solution and creative community for interactive images and videos. For more information, visit http://www.thinglink.com.

Media Contact:
Tom Woolf
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TourOn, A Multimedia Guided Tour App, Makes Its Debut

Taylor Software Development launches multimedia guided tour app for zoos, parks, museums and other venues.

Miami, FL – April 17, 2012 — Taylor Software Development today announced the launch of its multimedia guided tour app, TourOn. Designed for zoos, parks, museums and other venues, TourOn extends the visitor’s experience by making audio tours, exhibit information and other multimedia content available directly on the visitor’s smartphone.

“Integration of mobile tactics is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses,” explains David G. Taylor, founder of Taylor Software Development. According to recent studies, mobile data usage is on the rise. It is expected that mobile devices will be the primary connection to the Internet by 2020.

“This new wave of media consumption presents a unique opportunity for venues to create a robust experience for guests. Especially on a device that is readily available. It’s a game changer,” says Taylor.

TourOn celebrated its official launch at the recent Hatsume Festival at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach, FL.

TourOn’s features include a GPS enabled map for outdoor venues, an audio player for guests to access audio tours, detailed information for stops and exhibits, and a photo gallery amongst others. It also allows venue administrators to easily update information with a user friendly back-end. TourOn is compatible on most smartphones including iPhone and Android.

For more information please visit http://www.touronapp.com.

Media Contact:
David G. Taylor
Taylor Software Development
P.O. Box 430854
South Miami, FL 33143