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5 Reasons Companies Need Approval Software for Google Drive

When we think of electronic communication in the workplace, Google is one of the first applications we think of.

San Jose, CA, February 12, 2018 – When we think of electronic communication in the workplace, Google is one of the first applications we think of. With Google G Suite comprising one of the most versatile collections of applications such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms, it’s easy to see why Google boasts 3 million paying businesses for G Suite.

However, what happens if you need to file a leave request? Or if you need to view the file activity across your entire domain? Or if your budget proposal needs to be reviewed by five different superiors? With the large number of users, your workflow can easily become convoluted and unmanageable. An approval software solves this problem—you can continue to enjoy the versatility of G Suite while streamlining collaboration and eliminating inefficiencies.

1. Approval software organizes workflows

In a corporate setting, filing a simple report may require as many as three rounds of approval. An approval software that accesses a file from your Drive not only saves you the hassle of sharing a file through an independent application, but also helps you to organize the workflow.

Collavate offers a versatile workflow structure that generates a sequential or parallel approval process depending on your needs. As your report is reviewed by each approver, you and your reviewers will receive automatic notifications—just hit “Start Process” and watch your approvals pop up!

2. Approval software meets deadlines

Need a file to be approved by the end of the week? No problem! Simply select a file from the comfort of your Drive and set a deadline for approval. With Collavate, you won’t need to follow up with your approvers with frequent emails and reminders. You can even set individual deadlines for each reviewer to keep your file moving.

3. Approval software provides documentation on company activity

As a company manager, you should be able to monitor your business processes. Collavate allows you to view file activity and set preventative measures should your domain files be shared with external users. Moreover, easily track and share long and complex workflows by downloading CSVs describing individual file approval chains.

4. Boosts collaboration

While receiving feedback from individual reviewers, it should be easy to discuss and collaborate on files together. With Collavate, you can leave comments that communicate feedback every step of the approval process, and help to detail to future reviewers the changes made.

5. Integrated with Google Drive

As an administrator, you might be wary of sharing your files with an independent automated approval agency. However, by integrating your workflow software with Google Drive, you can continue to store domain files on Drive, greatly reducing the risk of exposing sensitive information. Collavate doesn’t save any of your files, allowing your files to be safely saved in the Google Cloud platform.


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30 Must-Have Features for Google Docs Workflow Application

Workloads can be complicated and overwhelming. In order to make collaborating easier, Google has introduced the Google Docs Workflow Application.

San Jose, CA, January 29, 2018 – Workloads can be complicated and overwhelming. In order to make collaborating easier, Google has introduced the Google Docs Workflow Application. While many businesses are turning to the time-saving, convenient application, a good number of features do not take full advantage of all that the application has to offer. Collavate has solved that problem by designing constructive workflow in Google Docs and Google Drive.

Collavate makes everyday time-consuming tasks a breeze. You can send automatically send out reminders, submit forms and much more. Say “Goodbye” to wasting time downloading and uploading files too—with Collavate, you can access files and add comments on files without having to do all that. And those are just a few of the benefits Collavate offers for seamless collaboration.

There are so many convenient, time-saving features on the Google Docs Workflow Application because Google has been doing their homework. They have dug in deep to find out what people, just like you, need in order to save time and frustration. Take a look at the 30 must-have features for the Google Docs Workflow Application that will make your workload process a breeze.

1. Workflow Automation

In many businesses, there are many repetitive, unnecessary tasks that take place every day, such as submitting forms and sending reminders. Collavate solves this problem, by providing an efficient workflow automation tool that submits files, reminds reviewers, and organizes feedback. Collavate is meant to be used by businesses of versatile industries, and can be used without coding or built integration.

2. Integration with Google Drive

In today’s corporate world, most files are stored online, in the cloud. Collavate offers an efficient workflow automation solution completely integrated with Google Drive, in which you can submit and comment on files without any downloading and uploading. From there, Collavate displays reviewer feedback.

3. Sequential and Parallel Approval

Collavate offers versatile functionalities for your approval processes. In our workflow automation setup, you can easily create sequential or parallel approval processes depending on your needs. With sequential approval, subsequent reviewers may only provide feedback after the first reviewer has done so. With parallel approval, reviewers may review simultaneously.

4. Multi-level Approval Process

It’s very common to need multiple people’s consent and feedback in order to get work done and to keep it flowing. This may entail approval from teammates or even from individuals outside of your company, like clients or partners. Collavate makes the process simple. You can set up as many approvers as you need, and bring in additional approvers too just by including their email address. The submitted file goes to the first responsible individual on the list who is notified of it by email. Then, it will go to the second reviewer who will also be notified via email, and so on.

5. Integration with Google Docs and Google Sheets

With the free Collavate add-ons for Docs and Sheets, you can submit documents and spreadsheets for review. This new function allows you to send documents from the comfort of your Google Drive screen, without needing to navigate to other pages.

6. Workflow Templates – my template, shared template and public template

Collavate offers templates in three different categories: “my templates”, “shared templates”, and “public templates”. While starting workflows you can easily select templates in one of the three categories. Templates in the “my templates” category are accessible only by you, “shared templates” can be shared among multiple users, and “public templates” include templates that we have created for your use and duplication.

7. Document Permission Control

Collavate maintains the initial document permissions to keep the original document rights. After a process is started with a document, approver permissions can be designated to edit or view/comment in order to protect document rights.

8. Attach reference files with workflow docs

For complex projects, it may be difficult to navigate and see previous work and references. For this reason, Collavate makes it easy to reference other processes. In iFrame mode, simply click “Add References” and add as many processes to be referenced as you would like.

9. Document Centralization

As a Collavate Administrator, you can manage permissions for submitted files. Submitted files will then be conveniently saved in a “COLLAVATE” folder. In addition, templates can be shared amongst administrators in the “Collavate Template” folder.

10. Document Ownership Control

Document control turnover should be easy. That’s why we have streamlined the document control permissions, so you can easily enter a new owner’s email address to quickly designate a new document manager. This feature is particularly helpful while employees are taking vacations or vacating their positions.

11. Resetting and Editing the workflow

While sharing or reviewing a document, it’s easy to accidentally make a mistake. Collavate offers features to edit a workflow that is already in-process, so you can change processes on-the-fly without confusing your reviewers with multiple submissions.

12. Reprocess rejected file

Need to add a finishing touch to your document? After receiving feedback from your reviewer, you can easily edit the document and visit the existing workflow file to click “Reprocess”. This helps to keep your submissions organized, and allows reviewers to easily identify your edits.

13. Adjust Workflow Settings

We understand that as an administrator, you want to customize the permissions and functionality of our workflow management tool. With this need in mind, we’ve created a “workflow functions settings” panel, in which you can enable/disable many features such as signatures, lower-level approvals, resets/edits, deadlines, and reminders. In addition, you can also edit initial access privileges to control ownership of documents during processing.

14. Workflow Deadlines and Reminders

To ensure that your reviewers provide feedback on a timely basis, you can add deadlines. Collavate offers versatile deadline functionalities, allowing you to add a deadline for reviewers collectively, or individually. In addition, you can even specify a reminder, that alerts your reviewers before each document is due.

15. Workflow Document Numbering Policy

While processing great quantities of documents, it’s important that you can customize your own document number policy. For your convenience, we’ve provided numbering codes such as current date, company, and team name that you can use to number your documents. From there, you can easily organize and locate processed documents.

16. Save Frequently Used Approvers

Contacts that are frequently added as grouped reviewers can be set as “Favorites”. Setting up favorites can save time by avoiding the need to individually enter multiple reviewers each time.

17. Customizable Workflow Action Labels

We’ve provided several default tabs for your workflow processes. However, we understand that your needs are unique, which is why we’ve made it possible for you to define custom tabs. Labels can easily be edited to better fit user understanding and use purposes.

18. Workflow Capability on Mobile, Tablets & Desktops

Collavate is available across mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Now, users can access, review, comment, and edit documents on the go, across multiple devices without transferring any files.

19. Workflow File Tagging for Classification

When creating new documents, users can classify their files into multiple categories through tags. From there, users can browse files according to tags and view tags to gain insight to files.

20. Add Workflow Group as Reference

Collavate makes it easy for you to share your processes with relevant team and group. That’s why we’ve provided the CC and Group CC functions, to allow you to easily forward your processes with a simple click. If you would like to designate a group or team to view a process, Group CC makes that process easy and efficient by allowing you to specify a group email.

21. Export Workflow Records

Now, you can easily save workflow history for your own personal records. We’ve provided a feature to condense all workflow history into a CSV file, keeping your workflow history organized. This is especially helpful when managing financial documents and signatures.

22. Establish workflow file as Permanent record

After creating a document, it’s time to share a polished copy. Collavate makes this process easy, by allowing you to convert all documents to PDF form for your downloads.

23. Share Workflow Results to Third Parties

Even after your process is complete, you can still access and share it with third parties. Simply specify the user’s email in the “Share” tab, and enter a custom message if you would like.

24. Workflow Automation and Connect to Database Reports

In many cases, workflow document contents and values are required to be collected and analysed for administrative purposes. For example, employees vacation usages or expenses should be calculated after internal approval. In order to avoid repetitive tasks, Collavate offers a feature to connect a workflow document to a report sheet. This allows workflow process information to be automatically transmitted to a template or spreadsheet, allowing workflow creators to easily view logged information such as submission time, submitter, and time of approval.

25. Workflow Dashboard

With Collavate, it’s easy to organize your processes to see the work that you have yet to complete. You can see all processed docs including approved and rejected files and check new docs to be reviewed or in-progress. This helps users to eliminate redundancies by giving users one centralized location to view tasks.

26. Workflow Activity Tracking

Collavate aims to promote discussion within the workplace, which is why we’ve made it easy for you to comment on edits, decisions, and tags within the “Activity” drop-down tab in workflows. There, you can view submitted workflows, edits to the workflow process, workflow decisions and even tags added and collaborate with other users there.

27. Workflow Revision History

Want to revert back to a version from a month ago? Collavate is one of the few workflow platforms that makes this functionality easy and smart. Under the “Revisions” tab of a workflow, you can easily download file versions of the previous edits, as well as see the the number of edits made by each contributor. You can even add a revision lock, that keeps the current version as is. Unlocking the lock will allow you to edit the file.

28. Workflow with Signature

Sometimes a signature is required. With Collavate, you can get a digital signature from those who are involved, when the file is approved. Collavate allows users to upload their signature images in order to digitally sign their processes. Once this feature is enabled, you can insert on your profile menu and when you approve, it will be signed with digital signature. All that needs to be done in order to activate the digital signature option is for the domain administrator to turn on the feature by turning on the Signature Setting in the Admin Menu under the Workflow tab.

29. Workflow Delegation

In the event that an approver is unavailable, the approval of a document can be delegated to someone else. Collavate has a function which allows a lower level reviewer to approve instead of an upper level individual who is absent. There is also an option that allows everyone to approve. The features can be enabled or disabled.

30. Workflow Gadgets for website

Workflow gadgets are very useful for seeing the entire workflow status at a bird’s eye view. If your company has an enterprise portal site or a company intranet website, you can embed Collavate workflow widgets to utilize as dashboard. To do so, you will be sure to edit the size of your widget so it’s the perfect width and height for your sidebar which will vary from user to user. Save the widget under whatever name you choose. On the dashboard, click on layout and then right click to add a gadget. The pop up will appear and you will scroll to find the HTML/JavaScript. Click on and then configure by entering the title you want and then, paste the code copied from the content section. Then you can go live.

From integration of worksheets to workflow with signature and workflow designation, once you have tried what Collavate has to offer, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. It’s not only convenient, it saves time and money too. Collavate has been working hard to make your work easier. With all the features now available, collaborating has never been so simple.


Harry Jung

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Collavate DLP Offers Security to Encompass all Levels of G Suite

Affordable Data Loss Prevention Solutions for Google Drive Tools Now Available

San Jose, CA, August 16, 2017 – According to Gartner CISO, a security and risk assessment organization, data loss prevention is a top priority of businesses today. As corporate data has an increasingly high risk of being targeted and breached, Collavate DLP (Data Loss Prevention) has stepped up to offer Google Drive security protection for all Google Drive users.

“With online communication more prevalent than ever and corporate applications being so popular, it is imperative to keep the information within the applications from getting into the wrong hands,” stated a Collavate DLP representative. “Google Drive security has been limited and costly in the past because it was only available for the more expensive G Suite Enterprise. We are pleased to introduce Collavate DLP which can be used with G Suite Basic and G Suite Business as well.”

Google Drive is a popular tool that many businesses use for real-time collaboration and data storage. However, since Drive lacks data loss prevention tools, the breach of information can easily devastate a business.

Until now, Google Drive users have been forced to go with the elite, most expensive collaboration package (G Suite Enterprise) if they wished to invoke Google Drive security measures. Collavate DLP now makes it possible to have data loss prevention services with any Google Drive platform, including G Suite Basic and G Suite Business.

It is estimated that the cost of cybercrime worldwide will top two trillion dollars by 2019, triple the estimated cost reported in 2015. Gartner CISO has identified risks imposed by point-of-sale devices, flash drive, mobile devices, file servers, databases, PCs and virtual servers. Potential access points include wirelines, wireless devices, VPNs and other similar avenues. Source codes, documents of product design, financial documents, customer data and other top-security data are all at risk of being breached.

It is increasingly imperative to have Google Drive security in place because the use of the collaboration tool often includes storage of critical information such as medical records, social security numbers, and credit card information. In many cases, just one breach may cripple a company.  Furthermore, upstanding businesses desire to be trustworthy with their employee and customer information.

Collavate DLP provides security detection in real-time, a key feature. The program also predefines keywords in files in order to monitor activity on viewing trends, another important measure. Rule setting and regular expressions are also defined for even stronger security.

All Google Drive suite editions, even SMB’s, are eligible to take advantage of Collavate DLP. Introducing Collavate DLP to the market serves as a welcome relief to collaborators who are aware of the the importance of cybersecurity.

To find out more about the services offered or to purchase, visit the Collavate DLP website.

PR Contact:

Claire Lin


About Collavate Inc.

Collavate is a cutting-edge enterprise social network with workflow management capabilities. Completely integrated with Google Drive, Collavate allows you to assign deadlines, share ideas, and review documents—all through a secure platform. Implement Collavate’s free seven-day trial from the G Suite Marketplace.


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Collavate Releases Google Machine Learning Based Auto-Translation on Collaboration Workflow for Google Drive

Collavate, Inc. (San Jose, Ca.) has announced the release of Collavate 3.9.1. The upgraded version includes improvements to enhance the use of the Collavate— an original Cloud-based document management and workflow processing solution with security for personal Gmail and Google G Suite.

San Jose, CA, April 13, 2017 – Collavate, Inc. has announced the release of Collavate 3.9.1. The upgraded version includes improvements to enhance the use of the Collavate— an original Cloud-based document management and workflow processing solution with security for personal Gmail and Google G Suite. This update includes website widgets, a fully-functional task master, an auto-translating feature and a new user interface.

“Adding Google Machine Learning based translation in our app is just the beginning. We will add more unique AI features to help our users improve their work,” said CEO and product evangelist, Justin Jung.

For those needing to build an enterprise portal or incorporate an intranet, the new version release makes incorporating group collaboration easier and more efficient than ever before. Now, users can copy and paste Collavate’s widget codes for workflow and post tools onto websites or Google Sites, and also add other gadgets for Google Calendar, Gmail, and other various features.

One of the most notable advances included is Post Translator, an auto-translate feature, powered by Google Cloud Machine Learning technology, lessening language barrier issues that may hinder work productivity. The translation button is located in the right corner of each post, and when clicked, the post will automatically convert the post to the user’s set profile language. Each user can use the auto-translate feature up to 10 times per day.

Usage of Collavate Groups has been improved in this new version. To organize a team project with a “to do list” approach, a team member simply fills in the project description on a post, uploads any relevant documents, and invites colleagues to the team project. A notification is automatically sent to each included team member. Once members accept the invitation, full collaboration features are immediately accessible.

Deadlines on posts has been added drive effective results-driven work. A deadline date can be assigned for the entire domain, a subgroup, or to individual(s) by clicking the clock icon, which automatically converts deadlines to the correct time zone date and time for each member. The individual(s) are notified of the deadline and are reminded accordingly when approaching the due date.

Another improvement is the updated user-friendly interface design to facilitate navigation. Contacts can easily be added to posts by directly typing @ followed by a contact’s name. Contact search suggestions has been greatly improved for the option to quickly select contact(s). Now, there is also the option to upload your own background wallpaper to customize your Home menu.

Security features are carried over from the previous version, in addition to a new designated Login page to accommodate future supportage of sign in for Google accounts and non-Google accounts. Now, non-Google users may now set up their administration screen to disable domain sharing for posts.

The improved Collavate version is made to be mobile-friendly. An icon web shortcut can be added to appear as an app on your smartphone.

Founded in 2014, Collavate, Inc. continues its upward momentum in taking the networking platform to the next level with newly released improvements. Users may login to start a free Collavate 3.9.1 upgrade by visiting the company’s website at www.collavate.com.


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Netkiller’s Collavate Reinvents Google Drive

Collavate Now Accessible by Personal Gmail Users

San Jose, CA, October 11, 2013 – Netkiller, Inc. is pleased to announce an upgraded version of its flagship product, CollavateTM, a Cloud-based document security, management and workflow process solution for Google Apps and personal Gmail users. This new version has an improved, easy to use user interface which makes CollavateTM easier to use and more readily accessible for any Google Apps or Gmail user. It will greatly enhance the user experience and make collaborating even easier to incorporate into business processes.

CollavateTM is the only solution which provides both document management and business process automation that is fully integrated with Google Drive. In other words, it allows business users to easily create, manage and share documents, and automate business approval processes, both within the organization and with clients and partners located outside the organization.

Collavate’s other unique features, such as 5-Tiered Security System, allow you to manage access to documents by security level designations to better secure your organization’s most important assets. Users can now keep track of all of their documents and files, and detect and track any access and editing activity related to the document in real time.

Collavate’s team of developers and designers are dedicated to making products that are more and more user-friendly, intuitive and collaborative. In that regard, they have developed a solution that is feature rich, secure, collaborative, and seamless.

Try out CollavateTM today! Sign in with your google account from the CollavateTM website at www.netkiller.com, or install the application for your domain from the Google Apps Marketplace at www.google.com/enterprise/marketplace/?. If you are existing Collavate user or cannot see the new design, go to ‘My Profile’ menu and enable ‘New UI (Beta)’

Harry Jung
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Secure your Google Docs with Collavate

Google Docs is an innovative Google service that lets users manage, edit, share and create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other file types.

San Jose, CA, September 13, 2013 – Google Docs is an innovative Google service that lets users manage, edit, share and create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other file types. However, even though Google Docs offers numerous benefits to all users, there are certain security concerns that arise when sharing documents outside the domain or when a sensitive document is mistakenly sent to the wrong user.

In addition to these “external” security issues, companies have also expressed concern that important documents can easily and inadvertently be deleted without notice, an event that has happened before. This is why many companies are still afraid or hesitant to use Google Docs when it comes to confidential documents.

One way to tackle the security issue is to have the Google Apps super admin disable outside sharing settings so that no one outside a certain domain level can access the files. However, the problem with this method is that you will no longer be able to collaborate with users outside the domain (e.g. clients or partners) once you switch off these sharing settings. Even if you were to disable outside sharing, users can still mistakenly or purposefully share documents with the wrong users.

If you are a Google Docs user and share these concerns, here’s some good news: a solution for your problems is finally here and its name is Collavate. Read on to learn more about what this Google Docs tool offers you.

Workflow with Document Ownership Change and Archiving
If you have to write a document and get it approved by your supervisor, all you have to do is define a workflow, edit the Google document and then submit it to your supervisor using the Collavate tool. Once the document is submitted, a unique document identification number is automatically generated as a prefix to the document name, and permission to edit the document is automatically sent to your supervisor via email. At the same time, ownership of the document automatically transfers to your domain’s designated document administrator and you will automatically become a viewer without permission to edit the document.

Your supervisor will have editing privileges, and can either accept or reject the document, or revise it and send it back to you. Once the supervisor has completed his or her review and takes action on the document, the supervisor’s editing privileges will end, and s/he will be able to only view the document. All changes to the document are stored in your domain’s Google Drive, and the document and all changes to the document will be properly archived and protected. If you would like to learn more about this security feature, try out the free version of Collavate.

Collavate’s 5-Tier Security Control System
Collavate’s 5-Tier Security Control System is designed to help organizations control access to documents. Each Collavate document is assigned a security access code number from 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest level of security access and 5 the lowest level.

Users are similarly assigned a security access code number by the domain administrator that designates the user’s level of access. So, for instance, if a user has a security access code of 3, that user may access all documents that have a security code number of 3, 4 or 5, but not documents with security code numbers 1 or 2. If users are not in your collaborative group, they will still be able to view the “S-Level” documents corresponding to their clearance level. However, they will not be provided with the option of downloading the documents.

This security level feature is developed and designed to give both individuals and corporate organizations total control of how documents can be viewed by employees as well as the public. By using this feature, you and your organization will be able to easily protect confidential information on Google drive.

Activating Security Levels and Labeling Documents
To further secure your documents, only administrative users can provide others access to the Admin menu of Collavate. If you have access to the Admin menu, you will be able to activate and customize document security by following these three steps.

* Enable the 5-Tier Security Control System,
* Set the security level or labels for Google Documents.
* Assign users to clearance level

Enabling the 5-Tier Security Control System
To enable the 5-Tier Security Control System on Collavate, all you need do is implement the following three easy steps:

* Click on “Admin,” which is located at the right top corner of your screen.
* Go to the “Collavate Admin” menu, which is at the left side your screen, and click on “Docs Security.”
* When the drop down menu of Enable Document Security Level is visible to you, click on it and proceed to switch on the 5-Tier Security Control System.

To learn more about Security level features, click here (https://sites.google.com/a/netkiller.com/docsguide/home/docs-tab/security) to read the Collavate user guide.

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