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Hays PureWater Launches $10,000 Campaign To Save Lives

WASHINGTON, IA, November 25, 2014 — /REALTIME PRESS RELEASE/ — 783 million people live each day without clean water and 3.4 million die annually from a lack of pure water. To combat these staggering statistics, Washington-based nonprofit, Hays PureWater, launched a crowd-funding campaign. The money raised will fund 30 Khlor Glen technology units to purify water for 150,000 individuals. The organization hopes to raise $10,000 by December 1st.

Hosted on crowd-funding platform IndieGoGo, the project offers nine sponsorship levels. Each level includes novelty “rewards” for donors, ranging from stickers to t-shirts to a trip to Haiti. The rewards are unique, innovative and hands on, giving donors a sense of ownership in the project. For just $2,500, an investor can travel to Haiti (all inclusive) to see the life changing benefits first hand.

The Khlor Glen is a simple unit that turns salt water into chlorine. The chlorine treats infected water, removing deadly impurities and toxins in just one hour. It’s solar powered and easily used in remote areas, where clean water is most needed. “It will also impact malaria zones as it can be used as a bug repellant and protect from disease,” says founder John Hays. “Even just using the chlorine produced by the unit as a sanitizer can cut down on so many infections that the natives in these areas don’t even know exist.”

In the last eight years, Hays PureWater distributed over 4,000 purifying units around the world, changing entire communities by implementing this system. It’s proven to work. Hays builds each system with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers. Nothing is outsourced, ensuring the most effective product for the lowest cost. Now all they need is help from their community to change the lives of those in need once more.

See the crowd-funding campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hays-purewater-providing-clean-water-globally

ABOUT Hays PureWater
In 2006, after traveling around developing nations on missions trips, John Hays began to create a low cost, portable solution for water purification. John, who worked with municipal water works for over 30 years, put his experience to use and developed the Khlor Gen system. Through the years, the design and look has been changed and improved, but the mission has stayed the same. The organization exists to provide people with clean water, reaching out to them through word and deed. Eight years and 4,000 units later, that mission continues full steam ahead. For more information, logon to www.hayspurewater.com.



Contact-Details: TJ Widbin

Having Taken the Internet by Storm Createlinkusa.com Is Launching a Month-Long Top Recruitment Strategy (August 15 through September 15, 2014)

For Award Winners Writers, Journalists, Fellows, and Interns To Staff Its Newsroom & Blog – Investors Welcomed: 8-12-2014

Forget Everything You Knew About the Internet & Online Browsing & Shopping Home-based in Massachusetts – This Website is The Newest Best Thing on the Internet Today!


With an idea, a telephone, and a computer network, new entrepreneur, Marie Y. Winfield is revolutionizing the internet and challenging major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as Alexa Ranking. And based on its popularity among internet users and its exponentially increased traffic and engagement in its first year, createlinkusa.com stands alone as: What the Web Was Intended to Bring! Forget Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, EBay, and some of the biggest online news websites, U.S. and worldwide users, web designers, and online marketers, all agree that this website offers the most creative, innovative, and integrated approach to browsing and shopping on the internet and the worldwide web today.

In a safe and relaxing online setting, users enjoy shopping for unique products and items that cannot be found anywhere else in store or online. The site includes a Fashion Hub where visitors can browse the website Runway, purchase Red Carpet and New York-style fashion, designer gowns, cocktail and soiree dresses, and casual outfits designed by the website’s designer fashion, Jillian Winfield, a TMD graduate of the University of Rhode Island in Costume and Fashion Design. This Super Hero fashion designer is available to consult with clients on items to meet their style and taste, and she also works on location for theater and film projects.

The website’s Writing Services department offers a wide range of writing services, graphics, photo, and video production for businesses and individuals. Business plans, reports, speeches, dissertations, Grant proposals, news and blog articles, reviews, and webpage content can be produced on any subject, in any language, deadline from Coast to Coast. These services come with an extensive free library of literary, writing, and publishing resources, as well as free remote coaching to meet customers’ needs.

The website’s News-Views & Archives department is phenomenal and is likely to change how news and opinions are written and presented to readers online and in major newspapers, as well as through the electronic media. All news items are real, editor-produced and written for the on-the-go reader. The news is presented based on a print model of the Daily Show, and views and opinions are written with unique angles, and are objective but hard-hitting. The site’s Entertainment Page includes select games and video on the art, politics, science, culture, lifestyle, and events. The site’s Photo Gallery is a sports, art, celebrity, and culture and lifestyle enthusiasts’ hub with three pages of posters that can be customized for gifts and wall decor.

Invitations are now opened for the public to join the Website’s Philanthropic Circle in support of the company’s “Pass-it-Forward Crisis & Emergency Fund” for creative and project workers, such as writers, artists, designers, models and production crew, as well as low-wage workers, with a focus on new graduates, older workers, and those living away from their home base of support.

A limited number of investors will be accepted between now and December 15, 2014.
You may link in to this website via http://www.createlinkusa.com/

Contact Details: 17 Redspring Rd – Andover, MA 01810

Marine Corps Veteran Will Schmidt Will Attempt the First Solo Stand Up Paddle of the West Coast of the United States to Raise Funds for Wounded Service Members

Marine Corps Veteran Will Schmidt, a survivor of non-service related depression, is attempting the first solo stand up paddle of the West Coast of the United States to raise funds and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. The athlete expects the trip, starting in late May 2014, to last close to five weeks and span close to 1400 miles.

Dana Point, CA, USA (April 03, 2014) — Former United States Marine and endurance stand up paddler, Will Schmidt, has scheduled an attempt at a ‘first ever’ for the sport of open water Stand Up Paddling. From May 23rd – July 4th, 2014, Will is slated to stand up paddle the West Coast of the United States from Canada to Mexico solo and largely unassisted to raise funds and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project and military service members that suffer from post combat anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, and traumatic brain injury. With the aid of SICMaui, NEMO Equipment, GU Energy, Swiss Barefoot Co, and Flow Sports, Will is able to pack and transport all survival gear on his SIC F-16 stand up paddle board throughout the estimated 5 week adventure.

In September of 2013, Will solo stand up paddled the inner California Channel Islands Chain from Oxnard, CA to Dana Point, CA consecutively to benefit charity. He covered a distance of 225.6 miles, crossed 9 channels, and landed on 6 islands. Escorted by a 34’ Catalina sailboat, he set 2 and broke 3 stand up paddle records within the span of a week.

Schmidt will be filming this journey to produce a documentary film based on the trip as well as planning many public appearances along the way. Visit Will’s website and click on the banner to view his fundraising page for this trip or directly link to the fundraiser. All proceeds from his fundraiser after expenses will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, a 501c3 nonprofit charity.

Contact Will at will@AreYouInspiredYet.com to schedule an interview, appearance, receive press ready photos, or to explore sponsorship opportunities.

Media Contact:
Will Schmidt
30001 Golden Lantern #221
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Singles Charity Ball to Cure 200 Blind People

The leading singles organizations of the San Francisco Bay Area co-sponsor their annual fundraiser for The Seva Foundation, July 28, 2012.

San Rafael, CA, June 5, 2012 — Contact: Tom Andrews, 415/507-9962

The leading singles organizations of the Bay Area are co-sponsoring The 6th Annual Singles Charity Ball, Saturday, July 28, 2012, 8pm-Midnight, at the Westin St Francis Hotel on Union Square, California Ballroom, 335 Powell Street, San Francisco CA 94102. 100% of the donations will go directly to the Sight Project of The Seva Foundation, located in Berkeley, CA.

Seva specializes in curing blindness by performing low-cost cataract eye surgeries in the poorer countries of the world, such as India, Nepal, Tibet, Cambodia, and East Africa. Eye surgeries in the USA typically cost thousands of dollars, but are now being performed for only $50 in the Third World, due to innovations created by Seva. This year’s goal is to raise $10,000, which will finance 200 eyes surgeries. More information about Seva is available at http://www.Seva.org.

“Due to the bad economy, our charities are in crisis,” says Rich Gosse, Chairman of The Society of Single Professionals, and organizer of the Ball. “People just aren’t giving enough. We are hopeful that our singles will make up for this shortfall by attending the Singles Charity Ball in large numbers. All of us are donating our time promoting and running this event, so that all of the money raised can go to charity.”

A donation of $20 is requested, which is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The Ball features dancing to today’s hottest hits and the greatest songs of yesteryear. Adults of all ages are welcome. Everyone is encouraged to dress in their finest for this elegant soiree!

The Ball is co-sponsored by The Society of Single Professionals, the world’s largest non-profit singles organization; Singles Supper Club, BayAreaSingles, Wine Socials, MatchYourKey, Singles2Couples, Sierra Singles, Apres Ski Club, What’s Happening Calendars, and other major singles organizations in the Bay Area. Anyone wishing more information about this and many more events for singles may visit http://www.ThePartyHotline.com or call 415/507-9962.

Rich Gosse
Society of Single Professionals
205 Mark Twain Avenue, San Rafael CA 94903

$50 Restores Sight to Blind Person in Third World

Singles Charity Ball, March 24, 2012, Aims to Cure Blind People.


The leading singles organizations of the Bay Area are co-sponsoring the East Bay Singles Charity Ball, Saturday, March 24, 2012, 8pm-Midnight, at the Marriott Hotel Bishop Ranch, 2600 Bishop Ranch Drive, San Ramon CA 94583. 100% of the donations will go directly to the Sight Project of The Seva Foundation, located in Berkeley.

“Every $50 we raise will enable Seva to perform a sight-restoring eye surgery in the poorer countries of the world,” says Rich Gosse, Chairman of The Society of Single Professionals, the world’s largest non-profit singles organization. “Eye surgeries in the USA cost thousands of dollars, but are now being performed for only $50 in the Third World, due to innovations created by Seva. More information is available at http://www.Seva.org.

“The Singles Charity Ball is a great opportunity for single professionals to meet new friends who care about others,” says Mr. Gosse.

A donation of $20 at the door is requested, which is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The Ball features dancing to today’s hottest hits and the greatest songs of yesteryear. Adults of all ages are welcome. Everyone is encouraged to dress in their finest for this elegant soiree!

The Ball is co-sponsored by Society of Single Professionals, Singles Supper Club, Wine Socials, BayAreaSingles.com, MatchYourKey, East Bay Singles Over 45, Doctors of San Francisco Meetup, and many other organizations in the Bay Area. Anyone wishing more information about this and many more events for singles may visit http://www.ThePartyHotline.com or call 415/507-9962.

Rich Gosse
Society of Single Professionals
205 Mark Twain Avenue, San Rafael CA 94903
Tel: 415-507-9962
E-Mail: richgosse@richgosse.com
Web: http://www.ThePartyHotline.com

On Friday September 30th MyDish.co.uk Will Be Turning To Its Baking Recipes In Support Of The Macmillan Cancer Support Event The ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’

Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity close to MyDish.co.uk’s heart and as such is urging all to offer their support this coming Friday for the Macmillan ‘Coffee Morning’ event

Established in 1990, the Macmillan Cancer Support’s ‘Coffee Morning’ event quickly grew in popularity and soon became known as the ‘world’s largest coffee morning’. Last year alone saw 43,000 people get involved in this great cause helping to raise over eight million pounds.

Cancer is still a huge health risk for the UK population with statistics showing 1 in 3 people suffering from the illness at some point in their lives. These individuals require financial, emotional and medical support which Macmillan attempts to address and provide.

It is for this reason and many others that the founder of MyDish.co.uk, Carol Savage, is a big supporter of the charity and will be baking her favourite recipes for the Coffee Morning this coming Friday. Donning the chef’s hat and sourcing her favourite baking recipes, Carol will be baking her best cupcake recipes and selling them to support the Macmillan trust.

Asked about the Coffee Morning event Carol Savage said ‘Cancer is something that affects us all in some form or another.  My Mother-in law Maureen died of Leukeimia and she inspired me with her recipes to start MyDish.co.uk. Cancer is a very real illness that is just too common and we should do what we can to help and offer support .A few cupcakes here and there is not much to ask’

Making even the smallest donation can still make a big difference.  £25 alone can pay for the cost of a Macmillan nurse for an hour, helping to provide essential medical, practical and emotional support for cancer sufferers.

£51 can purchase a liquidiser for someone who can unfortunately no longer eat solid food as a result of their cancer treatment. These services and many like them are just some of the essentials cancer sufferers need and the Macmillan trust helps provide them.

If you need some recipe ideas this coming Friday then visit MyDish.co.uk.  Home to thousands of good recipes, MyDish.co.uk has hundreds of baking recipes and cupcake recipes ensuring that everyone can find the perfect baking recipe for the Coffee Morning .

You can add your own suggestions if you feel the MyDish.co.uk com munity would benefit. In addition to this you can also see loads of great recipes on MyDish that have been donated to Macmillan by big name celebrities. Check out Eva Longoria’s lovely Churros and Gwyneth Paltrow’s gorgeous Pancakes. Alternatively Judi Denchs’ delicious Rum and Chocolate Fudge may be more to your taste.

So this Friday spare a little extra change, get your baking gloves on, drink some coffee and join Carol Savage and www.mydish.co.uk in supporting this extremely worthwhile charity, as together we can make a difference.



National Gold Group Attends the Bright Lights Benefit Gala for Postpartum Support International

Woodland Hills, CA, March 7, 2011 – National Gold Group has attended the Bright Lights Benefit Gala for Postpartum Support International on January 15th. From the website, “The Bright Lights Winter Gala is a wonderful way to connect in a beautiful venue with other dedicated advocates, families, and providers who share the commitment to increase support and services to all childbearing families.”  The event, which was held at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA featured celebrity guests Carnie Wilson and Ciro Hurtado.

Along with their attendance, NGG donated to the foundation in order to aid in the continuing of such events in the future. “It really touches my heart to know that we are helping to make a difference in the lives of the women and families that struggle with postpartum,” says Trevor Gerszt, the companies COO. Trevor has experienced the results of postpartum first hand, as his sister-in-law was affected by PPD.

National Gold Group is a full-service precious metals firm specializing in the acquisition and sale of gold and silver coins and bullion. For more information about NGG or the importance of a diversified portfolio, please contact them by email at info@nationalgoldgroup.com or by phone at (877) 515-1050. You can also visit their website at www.nationalgoldgroup.com or their affiliate website at www.nationalgoldnews.com.

Intranet Connections turned to Social Media tools to organize and run a charity campaign

Intranet Connections (www.intranetconnections.com), provider of the popular intranet CMS software, turned to Social Media tools to organize and run a charity campaign in conjunction with the recent holiday season. During the month of December, CEO Carolyn Douglas and Online Marketing Manager Rachel Lai connected with Intranet Connections clients over Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with an offer to donate $100.00 to a charity of their choice.

“Intranet Connections would not be the company that it is today without the feedback and input from our clients. We wanted to recognize their efforts and support the causes that are important to them over the holidays,” reported Carolyn Douglas. “By using social media, we hoped to introduce clients to new ways that they can connect with us and build community with our other intranet software users.”

The aim of the ‘Give Back’ campaign was to contribute to a cause that customers are passionate about in an easy, no strings attached way. There was a great response to the campaign and donations were made to charities ranging from a local animal rescue shelter in Nova Scotia, Canada to large national charities such as the American Cancer Society. This was the second year in a row where Intranet Connections has run this campaign over the holiday season.

About Intranet Connections
Intranet Connections Intranet 2.0 Software is out-of-the-box intranet software that combines core tools, intranet tasks and employee collaboration in an easy to use and turnkey environment. More than 1400 organizations world-wide have chosen Intranet Connections as their intranet software provider and the company has a strong vertical within financial and health sectors.


If you’d like more information about this topic, please contact Carolyn Douglas at 604-924-9770 or visit the Intranet Connections blog at

Contact Details: Suite 230 – 1000 Roosevelt Cres
North Vancouver, BC
V7P 1M3
Tel: 604-924-9770
Fax: 604-924-9740
Email: clientservices@intranetconnections.com
Web: http://www.intranetconnections.com

CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia set for 4th year edition March 1-9

CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia set for 4th year edition March 1-9, 2011


Kampot, CAMBODIA – The 4th edition of CamboFest: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia, Cambodia’s first film festival since the end of the Khmer Rouge era, will be held March 1-9 in Kampot, Cambodia, featuring new international films from around the world screening alongside local Cambodian movies.

Programs will include feature and short documentaries, long and short form fiction films, animation, a Local Showcase,  a Universal Language program (movies with little or no dialogue), and social issue and edutainment movies co-programmed in broad-themed sections.

In keeping with CamboFest’s mission of utilizing vintage and alternative spaces wherever possible, he 4th CamboFest will be held once again at the vintage ‘Royal’ cinema house in Kampot, on Cambodia’s south coast.

The ‘Royal’ was re-discovered and revived by CamboFest staff for the 2009 festival edition, after remaining unused as a cinema venue since 1989.  The old cinema house had been a popular local attraction in Kampot since the 1950’s, exhibiting a variety of Indian, Chinese, and local movies until being shuttered by the Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia in 1975.

The 4th edition of CamboFest will support the increased collaboration and training of Cambodian partners, including the Kampot-based Youth Association for Human Resource Development (YAHRD) and other principals, in order to transition the festival into a more sustainable event in the future.

Since launching in 2007, CamboFest has inspired a number of other film festival events in Cambodia and internationally, and is the regional ‘friendship’ festival of the Bangkok IndieFest in Thailand. A selection of films from the 4th edition of CamboFest will be featured at the next Bangkok IndieFest, forming the basis of an anticipated ASEAN-wide Southeast Asia Filmmaker’s program to launch in 2012.

As a privately funded, grass roots, independent film festival operating in a very challenging developing environment, CamboFest welcomes the support of contributors around the world who pitch in each year to make the festival happen.

501 (c) 3 year-end tax deductible contributions to CamboFest can be made here; normal direct contributions from global supporters are welcomed here.

Interested contributors, sponsors, volunteers and media please contact CamboFest at info@cambofest.com / www.cambofest.com with inquiries.

[NOTE: schedule and program may be subject to change; please refer to the official CamboFest website at www.cambofest.com for any significant date or program adjustments]

Some Very Good Car Donation Advice

There are a lot of good reasons to donate your car to charity. You get rid of a car you do not need, you get a tax deduction of $500 or more and you help a needy charity. It should be very easy and it is easy if you know how to do it properly.

Before you just hand over the title to your car to a stranger, you need to do some research first. Find out what the charity will do with your car donation. Most donated cars need a lot of expensive repairs. For that reason most charities sell car donations. If the charity you choose uses a car donation center, ask them how much of the actual sale price of your donated car the charity will receive.  The term “net sale price” means the actual sale price of your car minus the auction fees, selling fees, or other fees charged by the car donation center. In some cases, these fees will be more than the selling price of your car. If that happens, the charity you donate your car to will have to pay the car donation center the difference and will lose money on your car donation. You will not know if you do not ask them!

You should also make a copy of your cars title and make a record of the name and phone of the towing service assigned to pick up your car. You should also mail the title directly to the charity. It is safer for you to have the title in the hands of the charity rather than the hands of the towing service. If you have to give it to the towing service, make sure your only give it to them after you receive your receipt. Never, ever just leave the title in the car! If you do that, you may never get a receipt and in that case you will not be able to provide proof of your car donation.

You should remove your license plates and any stickers on your windshield of your car if you live in one of the many states that require you to do so. In those states, you will not be able to cancel your car insurance until you have returned the license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles or transferred them to another car. You may also receive parking tickets from the next owner if you forget to remove the stickers from your car’s windshield.

You also need to keep all the correspondence between you and the charity. If you do not keep that correspondence, you will not have any record of your car donation and the IRS may not allow you to claim a tax deduction for your car donation

The donate car process will be a lot easier if you educate yourself a little first. Avoiding the pitfalls of the car donation process are more that worth the time you will spend on that education.