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ISO Extortion: Threats To Silence Guberman Backfire On Accreditation Oppressors

Guberman continues to expose an anti-American accreditation scheme despite threats to silence him.

Milwaukee, WI (USA), August 10th, 2017 — Daryl Guberman, the CEO of G-PMC Group, LLC, the leading independent ISO registrar accredited by the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) has a simple message to the individuals that is threatening him and his company for exposing an international accreditation scheme involving The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). “I won’t be silenced,” said Guberman.

Yesterday, Guberman published a video (https://youtu.be/Mkn11hw2gjs) in response to those that are desperately attempting to restrain him and his company from having the moral and legal right to certify American businesses for ISO certification. In the video, Guberman said he has received harrasing phone calls and threats from anonymous individuals he believes to be profiting from the accreditation racket.

“There are a number of individuals profiting significantly from the accreditation scheme that do not want me to tell the truth about having a choice.” Citing one of his favorite quotes Guberman said, “What the accreditation oppressors need to realize is the truth always rises to the top, just like oil.”

Guberman’s company G-PMC, LLC (http://www.g-pmc.com) specializes in providing complete and fully accredited ISO certification services for businesses that do not want to be certified by a registar belonging to the Chinese-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF) which is under the leadership of Chinese National Xiao Jianhua, according to public records at http://dguberman.com/IAF_tax_report.pdf

Studies show the majority of U.S. manufacturers certified to ISO 9001:2015, AS9100, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 16949, and other standards are unfortunately not aware their registrar belongs to Chinese-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF). In contrast, the only recognized US-based accreditation body that does not belong to Chinese influenced IAF is the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC), which happens to be the fastest growing accreditation body in North America.

Guberman said those profiting from the accreditation scam and attempting to harm his business should realize their strong-arm tactics only motivate him and other businesses to push back and stand against the corruption.

“I’m bringing to light the biggest industrial scam this country has ever seen, so their threats to silence my message only motivates me further to inform and protect the American people, and the thousands of misled businesses that have been swindled by the accreditation hyperbole.” He concluded, “It’s appalling how this foreign influenced accreditation racket is hurting American businesses, killing American jobs, wasting tax dollars, and weakening the quality of American made products, and therefore, those behind the racket should be locked up for treason.”

Guberman’s Youtube channel has dozens of videos in which he talks about the accreditation scheme hoodwinking U.S. businesses by registrars belonging to ANAB-IAF at at http://bit.ly/2ugQBr1

Press & Media Contact:
Henry Kroger, Media Relations
American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC)
41 Madison Avenue,
31st Floor, Manhattan,
New York, NY 10010-2202, USA
+1 212-726-2320


ABAC, Others Call For FTC To Investigate Lockheed Martin For Antitrust Violations

The American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) is calling for the the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Competition to investigate Lockheed Martin for allegedly colluding with two other organizations in effort to restrain competition.

Washington, DC (USA), April 6th, 2017 — Daryl Guberman, CEO of Connecticut-based G-PMC Group, LLC, and a possible candidate for U.S. Senate (http://www.DarylGuberman.com) asked the FTC to investigate whether the aerospace giant Lockheed Martin violated antitrust laws and possibly engaged in espionage by colluding with China-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and Wisconsin-based ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). Both IAF and ANAB are currently under investigation by the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC), a private non-partisan accreditation body and observer group that over-sees, investigates and sets rules for recognized certification and accreditation bodies in the United States.

Guberman and MFGpartners president Don LaBelle have submitted complaints to the FTC’s Bureau of Competition alleging Lockheed Martin is restraining competition by only accepting a single accreditation body group for its suppliers certified to the AS9100 standard. Guberman said Lockheed Martin’s leadership will only recognize certificates of suppliers and prospective suppliers with certification bodies recognized by the Chinese led International Accreditation Forum (IAF). The Chairman & President of IAF is Chinese national Xiao Jianhua (See: http://dguberman.com/Lockheed_Weakens_US_Defense.pdf)

“It’s a slap in the face to every American citizen and taxpayer knowing Lockheed Martin, the country’s largest federal contractor receiving billions in tax dollars is forcing the hand of American manufacturers by requiring their ISO certification is accredited and/or recognized by China-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF),” said Guberman. He added, “The FTC must investigate this matter for the possibility of corporate espionage, collusion with a foreign led entity, and perhaps treason.”

If elected Senator, Guberman said he will push for a new Antitrust Act, a bipartisan bill to hold organizations accountable, particularly federally-funded corporations shown to be restraining competition by utilizing an anti-competitive accreditation scheme designed to limit the recognition of certification bodies lacking accreditation and/or membership of a particular non-governmental organization or collaborated group. In short, the bill will ensure equal opportunity for registration companies certifying businesses to quality management standards set forth by The International Organization for Standardization, which is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations.

The Sherman Act already outlaws every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade, and any monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize. The penalties for violating the Sherman Act can be severe, individuals and businesses that violate it may be prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

ABAC warned the quality community last year of a strategically designed and well funded accreditation program that is potentially enabling corporations such as Lockheed Martin to violate antitrust laws without appearing to be in violation by claiming the accreditation is an “option” or simply a “preference” over alternative sources. Guberman said in Lockheed Martin’s documentation, the company is allegedly concealing its antitrust activities by claiming its requirement for IAF recognition and/or ANAB accreditation is only a “preference” for its suppliers. Suspiciously, none of Lockheed Martin’s first-tier suppliers appear to be certified by an ISO registrar independent of the ANAB-IAF collaboration. The complaint cites even more troubling is Lockheed Martin management sits on the board of IAF as an associate member, and enjoys voting privileges on policies. Conflict of interest? See http://dguberman.com/fff.pdf

ABAC reported last year both ANAB and IAF may be controlled by the same individual. Tax records show Randy Dougherty, an individual believed to be living in Michigan serves in leadership roles for both the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). See: http://dguberman.com/IAF_tax_report.pdf

“Lockheed Martin has monopoly power in the aerospace industry and it’s possibly using that dominance to coerce its suppliers to pay ANAB and IAF accreditation and membership fees without an option for an alternative source,” said LaBelle. He concluded, “Anti-competitive practices have a negative effect on the economy, pricing, and quality because of limited options for the buyer, and therefore, the Federal Trade Commission needs to investigate if Lockheed Martin is engaging in anti-competitive business practices, and whether or not the aerospace conglomerate is aware of the widely unknown collaboration between IAF and ANAB and it’s leadership connection, especially the China-led International Accreditation Forum.”

Guberman’s complaint warns the accreditation scheme could be defrauding taxpayers more seriously than originally reported. Public records show The Department of Commerce NIST (National Institute of Standards Technology) has awarded millions of dollars to the Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP) which has 60 NIST-MEP entities in 50 states. Guberman said all of them follow the same anti-competitive accreditation scheme by “recommending” only certification bodies accredited by The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), without providing an alternative source. The NIST-MEP-ANAB collaboration is designed to shut out ANAB competitors in which NIST sends millions in federal funds to MEP entities across the country, and in return MEP exclusively promotes ANAB by claiming it to be their “preferred” accreditation body for ISO certifications. The NIST-MEP-ANSI-ANAB accreditation scheme was first exposed by Guberman-PMC at: http://dguberman.com/NIST_ANAB_ANSI_ASQ_IAF_IAAC.pdf

A spokesperson for the American Board of Accredited Certifications said ABAC will continue to push the Federal Trade Commission to do its job and protect taxpayers by pursuing anti-competitive conduct as violations of Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, which bans unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices such as the ‘pay-to-play’ accreditation scheme running wild in the certification of quality management systems that has spread without checks and balances to private, public and government sectors. See http://dguberman.com/Pay_To_Play_In_Quality.pdf

About American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC):
The American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC) was founded by a group of quality professionals in 2003 as a division of the Industrial Leaders Group with roots dating back to 1993. Today, ABAC is the leading independent accreditation board in the United States with association members, signatories, regional accreditation groups, and international observer organizations. As a private non-partisan accreditation body and observer group, ABAC over-sees, investigates and sets rules for recognized certification and accreditation bodies in the United States.

Press & Media Contact:
ABAC Headquarters (US)
41 Madison Avenue,
31st Floor, Manhattan,
New York, NY 10010-2202, USA
+1 212-726-2320

First Nations Self-Defense, SAFE International Self Defense Certification For First Nations

SAFE International Self Defense experts have expanded their self-defense services to include First Nations self-defense certification for those living and working in the First Nation communities.

Toronto, Canada, December 08, 2014 – (Straight Line PR) – SAFE International Self Defense experts have expanded their self-defense services to include First Nations self-defense certification for those living and working in the First Nation communities.

1. Aboriginal people are two times more likely than non-Aboriginal people to experience a violent victimization such as an assault, sexual assault or robbery.

2. Those aged 15 to 34 years were nearly two and a half times more likely to experience a violent victimization compared to those who were 35 years and older.

3. Aboriginal people were almost twice as likely to be the victim of spousal violence as non-Aboriginals. The homicide rate for an Aboriginal individual was almost seven times higher than that for non-Aboriginal people.

SAFE International™ First Nations intends to change these statistics by ensuring that all Aboriginal people are free from harm and get home to their families daily… safe and sound. SAFE International has taken the first step to making this possible. Recently SAFE International certified some members from the Timiskaming First Nations so that they can instruct members of their community in how to better protect themselves. The SAFE™ philosophy of self-protection is unlike any other. This is not a martial arts program, nor is it designed with complicated techniques that require hours and hours of practice. For starters, the main focus is not even on the physical component of self defense, but rather, on the awareness and avoidance aspect. At SAFE International™ they believe in providing individuals with the skills that can help prevent situations from getting physical in the first place. Unfortunately this preferred outcome isn’t always possible so there is hands-on training as well, based on real-life scenarios.

Another thing that distinguishes the self-defense program for First Nation communities from so many others is the approach they take. All of their seminars are taught by incorporating a great deal of humour, yes, humour. Without a doubt self defense is a very serious topic, however, the instruction of it doesn’t have to be intimidating or frightening. If you think back to some of the previous lessons you learned, I bet you would find that the ones you recall, and retained the most knowledge from, were the ones taught in an entertaining and memorable way.

What are the benefits to becoming A SAFE Certified Instructor?

1. You will give the residents of your First Nation community the skills to feel, and be safer!

2. You will be able to teach participants how to recognize and avoid violence before it begins!

3. You will have the ability to teach others how to verbally de-escalate violence!

For more information, you can go directly to their main website at http://safeinternational.biz/first-nation/. You can also call them toll free at 1-800-465-5972 or by email at info@safeinternational.biz

Chris Roberts
Managing Director
SAFE International
22 Spruce St.
Ingleside, ON K0C 1M0

Advanced Data Systems’ MedicsDocAssistant™ EHR Receives Quest Diagnostics Quality Solutions Certification

Advanced Data Systems (ADS) announced today that MedicsDocAssistant v. 7.0 is certified as a Silver Quality Solution by Quest Diagnostics under Quest’s Health IT Quality Solutions™ Program (the “Program”).

Paramus, NJ, USA (June 12, 2014) — Advanced Data Systems (ADS) announced today that MedicsDocAssistant v. 7.0 is certified as a Silver Quality Solution by Quest Diagnostics under Quest’s Health IT Quality Solutions™ Program (the “Program”). Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services.

As a certified Health IT Quality Solution, ADS and MedicsDocAssistant have been recognized by Quest Diagnostics as meeting or exceeding advanced industry standards for health IT quality and for providing a streamlined, interoperable solution that enables secure clinical laboratory ordering and results reporting through Quest Diagnostics connectivity solutions.

Quest Diagnostics created the Health IT Quality Solutions Program to collaborate with providers of electronic health record (EHR) and other clinical technologies to achieve optimized levels of clinical and operational quality for the benefit of physician practices, hospitals and integrated delivery networks. The Program is designed to maximize data quality and data and business process interoperability between Quest Diagnostics and select EHR solutions that meet Quest’s high standards.

David Barzillai, President of ADS, said, “We take pride in working with Quest Diagnostics and in being able to have our MedicsDocAssistant EHR attain certification as a Quest Diagnostics Silver Quality Solution. In addition to that, MedicsDocAssistant v. 7.0 is certified as a complete EHR for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, and excellent for a wide range of primary care and specialty practices of any size.”

To be eligible for the Program, an EHR solution must have an approved and commercially viable interface to Quest Diagnostics web services Data Exchange Service which processes both lab orders and results.

An EHR solution can then qualify for one of three certification tiers-Silver, Gold, or Platinum-by meeting an increasingly stringent and comprehensive set of criteria related to EHR solution functional capabilities, implementation processes, and other mutually-beneficial business activity.

“Certified vendors have clearly demonstrated their commitment to helping healthcare providers use technology at the highest levels of quality and process excellence in order to meet a growing set of challenges relating to information technology, regulatory requirements, and industry demands,” said Keith C. Drake, Ph.D., Quality Solutions Program Executive, Quest Diagnostics. The focus of ADS on quality and lab interoperability validates their leadership in the marketplace.”

For more information on Quest Diagnostics Health IT Quality Solutions Program, visit QuestDiagnostics.com/QualitySolutions.

About Advanced Data Systems: ADS is a leading provider of interoperable automation solutions to medical practices, behavioral health practices, imaging centers, and to revenue cycle management companies. The Medics Suite from ADS includes MedicsDocAssistant, certified as a complete EHR for Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use (visit http://www.adsc.com for details on our certifications), MedicsPremier™ and MedicsElite™ for comprehensive practice management, and MedicsRIS™ for radiology. The Medics Suite is integrated as a unified solution or can be obtained separately per the needs of the practice. They can be utilized in Client Server or Cloud / ASP format. ADS provides quick Implementation, comprehensive Training and excellent ongoing US-based Support with Updates. Thousands of providers rely on solutions from ADS.

Media Contacts:
Marc E. Klar
800-899-4237, Ext. 2061

Alison Mark

AuraPortal, the World-Class, Acclaimed BPM Software, Receives Certification from TEC

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), global leaders in the research, evaluation and selection of enterprise software solutions, have awarded AuraPortal their certificate for BPM Systems.

Boca Raton, Florida, June 26, 2013 – AURA (www.auraportal.com), a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software, has announced that after a thorough analysis, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) have accredited AuraPortal as a Certified Product in the business process management software field.

To achieve this certificate AuraPortal surpassed the questionnaire prepared by TEC covering 100 features and functions of the application and made a profound demonstration of the product to TEC analysts.

According to comments from TEC in their blog:
“As from the demonstration for the certificate, AuraPortal’s characteristics for the model were evident, as was its ease of use and task transition. AuraPortal differs from the competition thanks to its powerful process modeling tool and its wide but easy adaptability, configuration and use. Its powerful tool for managing workflow (creating, editing and monitoring) gives it great potential for both simple and complex projects in the process management field.”

To access the full article, click here (http://bit.ly/12Q8xKE)

About Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC):
TEC provides software selection services to companies throughout America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

TEC has more than 50 partners throughout the mainstream media.

The TEC Web sites have over 3 million registered members and more than 1 million visitors per month.

TEC newsletters reach around 1 million subscribers worldwide.

More than 22,000 senior decision-makers trust in TEC Advisor for assistance with their evaluation and project selection software.

About Aura (http://www.auraportal.com)
AURA is a global BPM (Business Process Management) software provider delivering a solution that creates, without the need of IT programming, Business Process Workflow Execution Models. AuraPortal is 100% Web-based, and is complementary to existing ERP and CRM systems.

AURA has a presence in 40 countries with more than 300 customers including, among others: Toyota, General Motors, Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos), Carrefour, ArcelorMittal, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Danone, Sodexo, Kimberly-Clark, Yamaha, Eletrobras, Royal KPN, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc., as well as many Government Agencies and Departments in several countries. All of these customers benefit from maintenance contracts.

Its headquarters are in Europe (Spain and Holland) with an executive branch in North America (Florida). It also has offices in several countries and a vast network of partners who locally attend customers throughout the world.

Nina Moon
400 Trade Center
Woburn, MA 01801-7472

Innova Biosciences is Proud to Announce Award of ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Innova Biosciences has had its work processes accredited to internationally recognised quality management system (QMS) standards.

Cambridge, UK, January 16, 2013 – Innova Biosciences the original manufacturer and provider of high quality bioconjugation services, used primarily in research, diagnostics and the biotech industry, announced today that it has recently achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Innova Biosciences has had its work processes accredited to internationally recognised quality management system (QMS) standards. In working towards this, every operational process within Innova Biosciences was analysed and challenged resulting in a more efficient and agile organisation.

Innova Biosciences Executive Director, Andy Lane stated ‘We are extremely proud to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification, which is an important milestone in the development of the company. It is a significant achievement, but more importantly, demonstrates the commitment to a level of excellence upon which our customers in all sectors can depend. Our attention to quality and continuous improvement of our QMS is reflected in Innova obtaining this accolade.’

About Innova Biosciences Limited;
Innova Biosciences is a growing, dynamic business based in Cambridge, UK. At the core of Innova’s business are Lightning-Link® and InnovaCoat® technologies that simplify the production of antibody-based reagents. The expanding portfolio of products is sold to research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and diagnostic companies worldwide. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

For more information, please see www.innovabiosciences.com

Mathew Taylor
Algorythm Solutions Ltd
10 Torkington St
Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2UY
+44 (0)773 403 2112

HealthEdSolutions.com Preps Healthcare Professionals for Certification with New PALS and ACLS Practice Questions

Leading Provider of ACLS Certification Releases ACLS and PALS Practice Tests and New Certification Preparation Special Section

Lincoln, NE, January 10, 2012 – Health Education Solutions, a leading provider of advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and pediatric advanced life support (PALS) online certification, has released a series of ACLS and PALS practice tests to help healthcare providers and first responders prepare for their certification or recertification exam.

Available practice materials include:

* ACLS Certification Practice Test
* ACLS Recertification Practice Test
* ACLS Certification Free Practice Quiz
* ACLS Recertification Free Practice Quiz
* PALS Recertification Practice Test
* PALS Certification Practice Test
* PALS Recertification Free Practice Quiz
* PALS Certification Free Practice Quiz

The free ACLS and PALS practice quizzes each offer three, five-question sample tests. Full ACLS and PALS practice tests, both complete with 50 timed, multiple-choice PALS or ACLS practice questions, are available for $35. A full 50-question PALS recertification practice exam and ACLS recertification practice test are also available for $35. A portion of this fee can be applied to the purchase price of the full certification course. Practice tests are available at http://www.healthedsolutions.com/practice-tests.aspx.

“Health Education Solutions’ practice tests are a convenient solution for healthcare professionals and first responders who are preparing for the ACLS and PALS exams,” said Melissa Marks, president of Health Education Solutions. “With ACLS and PALS practice questions that closely mirror those that will be included in the exams, the tests and quizzes offer these busy professionals the opportunity to preview questions and practice skills prior to certification.”

Immediately following the test, the practice tests and quizzes provide test-takers with answers to the questions that were incorrectly answered to help them identify the areas that may need more study time and attention prior to the full certification exam.

Accompanying the ACLS and PALS practice tests and quizzes is a new Practice Tests Special Section, complete with information about ACLS practice questions (2012), studying techniques, comparisons of the test options and advice for test-taking success.

ACLS and PALS courses and practice tests were developed in partnership with medical faculty at Union College in Lincoln, Neb. To meet the needs of healthcare professionals whose employers require American Heart Association (AHA) ACLS certification, Health Education Solutions now offers HeartCode® ACLS courses, the official, self-directed, comprehensive e-learning program from the AHA. Individuals taking this course will receive an official AHA ACLS provider card after they complete part one (cognitive) and parts two and three (practice skills and skills check).

For more information about online ACLS certification, online PALS certification and practice exams, please visit http://www.healthedsolutions.com/articles/acls-practice-questions-2012.

About Health Education Solutions
Health Education Solutions (HES) is a leading provider of continuing education solutions for healthcare professionals. HES, a subsidiary of Nelnet Inc. (NYSE: NNI), offers ACLS and PALS courses developed in partnership with medical faculty at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Shannon Fern
3225 East 2nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

Nominations Invited for Requirements Engineering Workshop (December 11th 2010 at QBI Noida)

QBI Institute (www.qbi.in) a leading training provider in Disciplines of Quality, Business Analysis & implementation with a focus on Software, Electronics and IT industry is conducting a workshop/Seminar for Requirement Engineering on 11th Dec 2010 at Noida (NCR Delhi) India. The workshop will address various requirements Engineering issues with special focus on Software, IT, Hardware and Electronics Industry. Requirements engineering is primarily a communication activity with significant consequences. Communication problems can begin early on if project participants have different ideas of exactly what “requirements” are. Requirements management is important in reducing the time and cost of system development. Requirement Engineering contains some scientific processes by which it is possible to discovering, documenting and maintaining user’s requirements very effectively. It is the first step in Software Business Analysis and has significant impact on the project success. Right Requirement Analysis results in solutions capable of meeting expectations and satisfaction of all the stake holders in both short and longer terms.

A project needs to address three levels of requirements, which come from different sources at different project stages: Business Requirement, User Requirement and Functional Requirement. Requirement Engineering Workshop from QBI Institute will focus on how Requirements Elicitation, Documentation, Validation and Management Techniques. This workshop is primarily intended for Solution Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Technical Writers who have to engage in this activity. IT, ITES, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), KPO (Knowledge Process Sourcing) professionals who have interest in Business Analysis and Requirement Management are also welcome. Further details can be obtained from www.qbi.in or From Mr Akhil Sharma Deputy Dean, email: deputy.dean@qbi.in, Mobile No.: +91-9818783209

About QBI Institute:

QBI Institute focuses on Quality, Business Analysis and Implementation Disciplines. It is through these three specialization areas QBI wishes to achieve Business Excellence for its program participants and clients. At QBI our focus industries are Software, Hardware and Electronics and Services. The flagship program of the Institute is Certified Software Business Analyst Program which is available in both on campus and distance learning modes. The Institute follows a practitioners approach and conducts Industry workshops and seminars on a routine basis.