BusinessVibes presents its Functionalities

For those, who are not that familiar with it, BusinessVibes decided to provide you with some functionalities of this networking website.

London, UK, April 28, 2012 — BusinessVibes is a new international business directory combined with networking and trade platform. Its main concept is to help associations and companies from all over the world to find new business partners and form partnerships. The platform is a perfect fit for organisations willing to expand their activity and take the opportunity to make new deals. Many of companies already know this website. For those, who are not that familiar with it, we decided to provide you with some functionalities of this networking website.

Each organisation must fill in its profile when logging in for the first time in the way that other members have a good understanding of their activity and requirements. Once registered for free, the organisation is given two profiles. The first one, called the public profile, is accessible to all internet users. It can be found by means of search engines, has its own URL and contains condensed information about the owner organisation (or event /venue). The other profile, more detailed and customized is only shown to Businessvibes users. After organisation connects with another on Businessvibes, it can see more data displayed on the other’s profile.

Organisations can find and network with new or existing partners via the ‘connect’ button. Once connected, both parts have more possibilities to interact and exchange.

Two organisations on BusinessVibes can contact each other through the mailing system. This feature can only be used to get in touch with connected bodies to avoid receiving spam in the Inbox. To get more information about an organisation the platform offers the possibility to exchange customized profile cards. Connected members can also share documents or pictures, write testimonials and start negotiations on a business contract.

Networking online is cheap, fast and easy but there are still the ones who prefer face to face events. That is the reason why Businessvibes makes a comprehensive list of events available on its website. Members can find events related to their industry and held all over the world. Members have the option to register, pay for an event and add it to its own calendar (e.g. on Outlook).

Businessvibes profiles intend to increase online exposure of associations, companies, events or venues registered. Profiles created on the platform are free of charge and if well filled contain a lot of detailed information concerning association such as logo, description of activity or events. This free online promotion enhances members’ website rank on search engines due to an amplified online presence. Additionally members have access to ad slots they can use to go further on their communication scheme.

BusinessVibes lists of members are gathered into industry directories. Therefore, companies join BusinessVibes not only to increase their online exposure and be found easily but also, to navigate through the listed profiles with intention of finding the sought business partner. The directory includes as well events and venues profiles that users can browse easily. BusinessVibes globally covers the most important industries as: Automotive, Agriculture, Food Processing, Chemical, Textiles, Renewable Energy, Research and Development or Software and Internet Allied Services. Each month they expand their database of industries with the new ones.

For a long time there hasn’t been a website with so many features improving contact between companies and giving them possibility for additional free online exposure. BusinessVibes seems to be a great fit for those willing to contact partners, searching for new ones, looking for interesting events and willing to improve online exposure of the company brand.

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